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Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Zac Efron instantly sheds his Disney by getting down and dirty in the April 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute even gets naked and lays on top of the 21-year-old actor in one of the shots.

“I think it went pretty cool,” Zac said of the shoot. “There was, like, a giant sandbox in the middle of a studio, and then I just got to roll around in the dirt for a couple of hours. I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before.”

The former High School Musical star gets interviewed byMilk director Gus Van Sant in the cover feature. Pick up the latest issue, on stands next Tuesday (March 24).

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Photos: Mikael Jansson/Interview Mag
Posted to: Edita Vilkeviciute, Zac Efron

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  • lol

    #94 I agree he does’nt even look like a REAL man and yet still he think’s so high of him self. To me he’s a boy that is an imature ass that would rather Vanessa to get shot and die then giving up a quick fu ck. with some whore.

  • ashlee

    artistic or not, this is an enormous step away from his thousands of tweenie fans. most of them think it’s yucky. but maybe that was the reason for the shoot. to move as quickly as possible away from the young fans.

  • yuck


  • susanne


    You are no adult. You are making assumptions that this is pornography, it is far from it. I am quite intelligent and articulate. NOT horny like you suggest or imply. It’s quite obvious most of you are not culture enough to distinguish Art from Trash.

  • Becca

    that’s racy for a Disney kid!

  • go sox

    Really, though, what is accomplished with soft-pornographic pics? What kind of image is he shooting for here? The pics of him alone were great….they portray him as sexy and gritty. But naked, sexually provocative pics?? Just not necessary. We all get he’s “breaking free” but this is a bit much.

  • go sox

    susanne, just so you know, I’m older than you, and I still don’t find these pics “artsy” or tasteful in ANY way. The ones of him alone, yes. And this has NOTHING to do with Vanessa. At all. This is all about what he is portraying here, and it’s crossing the line.

  • christine x3

    random model but i love zac

  • for # 98

    I’m not that young, If that’s art, then i make art everyday i take a shower, no wait, let me go outside, rub mud all over me take a hot shower get my man to take a picture and oh what do you konw i got art to be sold…. that’s the biggest scam if I ever heard one susanne. getting naked isn’t artistic, then every single person who gets naked is essentially art. You use the word “art” in the wrong context, its actually an excuse so someone else can fulfill their fanatasies that’s wut your “art” is….

  • zacisdesprate

    He trys way to hard.. what a pathetic peice of sh it he looks like he belongs in the trash can.I will start to hate Vanessa if she continues going out with this THING it’s like she’s insulting herself even dating him.

  • Rosie

    Ewwww… this bastard is nowhere near sexy to me. No offenses, lol.

  • C

    First I never said i think this is pornography what i did imply was that this image of two people rolling around in the mud AND to point out the obvious, the woman is the only one naked, is what I consider to be exploitation of women. If this photo shoot is all about Zac and his ability to be an adult, why is he covered and not at least showing a naked upper half. Its not sexy, unless you are of the variety that is into so called “edgy” photos which really is just another word for attention seeking in the most unoriginal setting. This has been done before, and to claim its art is a fallacy.
    let me reiterate this is not art its just a libido indusing photo

  • Blair

    i wonder vanessa has to say about these. :P
    he’s hot, period.

  • go sox

    I consider it soft-pornographic, because there isn’t complete nudity of both, but a sexual act is certainly implied in these pictures.

  • ha

    It looks like Zac is coping a feel. he is touching some side boob.

  • pop86

    Susanne, most of the people outside of NYC and art circles are not familiar with Interview. Until the Zac cover, most fans didn’t know the magazine existed. I see nothing wrong with pictures(even with the naked model) and compare to the magazine previous photoshoot this is pretty tame.

    Also, the magazine editors decided on the photoshoot not the Zac or his management. The editors presented their vision of the photo layout to Zac and explained how this layout fits into the overall look of the April issue. Zac will either agree to do the photoshoot or not. If editors had chosen two unknown models, the photos still would have worked. The layout is more a reflection of Interview than it is of Zac.

  • kimo

    I’m an older as well . Maybe that’s why I don’t see the appeal or get the artsy feel from this picture. I still see high school musical zac trying to come out and make a huge impression on older fans. Unfortunately, I see someone who’s uncomfortable in his own skin. Why is he all covered up? Maybe I would see art if he was exposed in some way. In my opinion, he still played it safe. Maybe if he buff up a little more and take a topless picture, then I could picture him in an artsy manner. Until then, he’s still looks like a tween trying to be a man. I see him as being more cute then sexy. This is just my opinion.


    Clearly most if you girls on here are really young. There is nothing wrong with these pictures, they clearly do not misrepresent women (again I am 45 years old) much older then most of you, and I find nothing wrong, degrading or otherwise. It’s called art children. Interview is an Art magazine first started by Andy Warhol, of which I know most of you will not know who he is or was, as he has long past away. Andy Warhol was an artistic visionary and quite the genius, a jerk to most people, but genius none the less. As far as you girls thinking that Vanessa would have a problem with this, then you clearly are no fans of her’s cause your inferring that she is less then educated to know this is just work. So does that me anytime he does a movie with another female that there is some king of romance going on. Of course not again it’s work it’s part of the publicity promotion So all these other actors and/or actress that work with people other than their spouce, would that apply also. Of course not it’s part of their job. Does that mean when your mommy and daddy go off to work and speak with another person at their office of the opposite sex that their having romance. NO!!!


  • zacishotttt
    i wish i was that model.

    damn hes fricken hott. just look at those arms!

  • Trina

    It kind of goes against what Zac always said about not doing anything to alienate his young fans. And most of his young fans do consider it weird and are take aback by it. I guess the right word is confused. They are confused by it.

  • vixen

    Hahah this is funny. Poor kid is trying just a bit too hard to fit in with the big boys. You know, he would be more convincing if he did a porno with a women AND man-just to show everyone there’s no hard feelings and he likes both sexes equally.

  • dalia

    Go Sox I completely agree with you…soft porn is not going to catapult Zac into mature roles…A good solid acting role will.

    Of course it may create more stories about him and Vanessa again, which is what he does not want…The thinking behind these pics is debatable.

  • susanne

    Go Sox and C

    We have a difference of opinion. I don’t find anything wrong with them. I understand you may feel he’s jumping the gun, but in that industry especially with regards to teen idols, it has never been an easy transition. Only very few have made the leap. Unfortunately now a days cause there are so many new up and comers if he does not do something he will be left behind. I know and do understand how you might feel. But from someone who has followed hollywood history for along time have seen to many tragedies amongst those how could not make it. Not saying Zac would ever fall into that path, he has clearly shown at his young age intelligence and he has the love and support of his family. But it society I am referring to more so then Zac and how things are moving from when we were younger.

  • go sox

    Very debatable, dalia! I don’t think these pics concern Vanessa in any way, but I certainly wonder about the thought process in choosing to do this. He’s had plenty of other TASTEFUL photo shoots, that are totally sexy and adult. Just question this move. And I’m a Zac fan!!

  • ZN3

    Damn! Zac’s growing up! But… i’m not very comfortable with the pic…

  • ashlee

    true, most of his young fans won’t ever see the magazine, but they have already seen them posted on all the fans sites. they are making comments that they are disappointed in zac, pleading with him not to “go bad” and asking if the naked model was necessary.

  • ha

    lol I love how bi*tches are proud of him. what proud for being a sell out who could care less about talent and the work like he has always said. Whatever it’s obvious that the “zac” fans are only happy that this is what they consider a slap in the face to Vanessa who they wish would burn in hell.

  • Vannie

    I’m 21 and i find these pictures sexy. He looks more rugged and less pretty boy. The model, she’s sexy but i agree with some of you in that she was not really needed. It would have been a fine photoshoot without her, but I guess they are really trying to shake the Disney and Zanessa image from him, i dunno. However i really wonder what Vanessa thinks about these photos. If she’s fine with them then i really don’t know what to think, if it were my bf i would be a tad bit jealous and ask why the hell do you even have to pose with a naked model on top of you? There’s no reason for that, but the pics are sexy anyway. He looks hot and so does her boob lol Oh and so what if he’s not being a good role model for the ‘younger kids’, its not his job. He can do what he wants, he’s an adult and it’s the parent’s responsibility to monitor what their kids do and see. It’s not like he’s under 21, so he can pose with naked women if he wants.

  • Boji

    I dare say Brad Pitt started off as a pretty boy and took his clothes off for some of his movies and look where he is now. Zac is shedding his pretty boy image albeit slowly. I guess a lot of producers/directors want to capitalise more on his good looks than his acting skills. He’s still waiting for his big breakout, I guess.

  • go sox

    susanne, I agree with your points. I just feel Zac could make his transition with good PROFESSIONAL moves, hard work, and learning his craft. NOT with pics like these. Others have done it and did not have to resort to this. I have faith in Zac’s TALENT, not just his looks.

  • desiree

    everytime that fool For Real almost convines me that this jackass is a man with honor who loves and respect his ole lady he does some nasty crap like this.

    i don’t know how this helps his caereer it just is an advertisement “hey world i’m screwing around on my supposed girlfriend and i want her and the whole world to know , line up houchies

    vanessa is a beautiful woman whether you like her or no and she deserves better than this joke of a man

  • susanne

    I agree it should be about his talent as he not doubt is. Unquestionable. But it’s society and how things are perceived. Look at all the programs now. It has changed so much. Right now he is early in his career. I even remember an old interview Brad Pitt gave when he was just starting out and that was 20 yrs ago since he began mentioned about the taking off the shirt, portraying the sex symbol, etc., but cause he explained early on he did those things. Now as we all know at time progress he became older things changed and look were he’s at now.

  • Naomi

    First of all, I really don’t get the concern about Vanessa. This is not about her, let’s not make it about her. this has nothing to do with Zac’s personal life.

    This is about Zac’s career choices. It’s promo for his work that’s why his older fans want it to be about acting and talent.

    Like I’ve said before, I like the pics but in the context of longevity in the industry and public image, it’s questionable.

    It can never be a slap in the face to Van. In the first instance, she’s apparently being pursued for roles in R-rated movies like Sucker Punch and Dead @ 17 without having to resort to stunts like this.

    I’d say Zac might be the teen hyped sex symbol, but she’s got a head start on mainstream roles and is probably encouraging him to break out of his hearthrob image. The sooner he transitions as well, the better for both their images so she’s probably encouraging him to do what he can to shed the image and advance his career.

    Anybody thinking it’s a slap to her must be a bigger fool than I’d imagined. people need to get it into their heads that producers don’t think like tweens. Being adored by tweens is a big hindrance to getting serious roles and Zac fans should be more concerned about his getting serious roles and longevity than sexy photoshoots. Way to be myopic.

  • sweetie

    umm excuse me???????????? what about vanessa? if i was her i’d be pissed…. but he does look hott

  • luuuuck


  • kami

    these pics shouldn’t have anything to do with vanessa but they do. if you look at some of the internet articles popping up, they are bringing a pic from vanessa’s past to light. i don’t like that. hope she has a tough skin.

  • lynn

    i would like to know what vanessa and his mom thinks about thes pictures

  • desiree

    the least he could have done was stop home so when this broke vanessa had him there. she has to be a little embarrassed her friends have probably all called.

    where is the violin “zac is a saint” choir tonight, “understanding” karen, “defense guard “for real, and “they are still a couple in love “poppy, and “pseudo intelligent” gracemarie.

    don’t tell me he finally shocked them into reality.

    he told rove he “was not that big” who the hell gives a damn. vanessa get a real man

  • hihi

    131- I agree.It’s obvious Zac does’nt give a sh it about Vanessa if she were to die he would’nt even go to her funeral. He’s a dirty bastard and deserves to rot in hell. Vanessa needs to wake up and realize the person she is REALLY with before the cut get’s to deep.I don’t want her to get hurt ..she’s had enough.

  • kimo

    Lets face it, zac is a role model to younger fans whether he wants to be or not. Many celebrities have to be careful and watch the steps they take because people are watching them and taking note. Kids are looking at these fan sites and will see the pictures. Yes, they will be shocked and mostly confused becuase of him and vanessa. It would be better to shed his image in an R rated movie. At least parents can pick and choose what films their children can watch. I loose repspect for actors when they don’t take into consideration their self image.( lindsey lohan) . Would you say she was someone who tried to shed the disney image? Look at all of her sexy photoshoots, drugs, and club hopping. Where is she today? Sometimes trying to shed the image just doesn’t work. I hope Zac’s future projects. And guys, he’s a role model whether he wants to be or not. Most celebrities and singers are.

  • kimo

    I meant to say that I hope his management is careful about choosing Zac’s future projects. He’s at a crucial point in his career.

  • susanne

    For all you little girls and you know who you are. Your quite bold, are you mind readers now. So apparently you know what Vanessa thinks now. Please go read a book do something constructive with your life. This has nothing to do with her. There is nothing going on, but a photoshoot. So when an other actor poses with another actor whether it be a co worker or model now he’s having an affair. Quite frankly it’s getting old and redundant.

  • mhay

    this is a post disney Zac.
    for me the picture is ok
    zac is so Sexy.

  • kimo

    I meant to say that I hope his management is careful about his future projects. He’s at a crucial point in his career.

  • erin

    i mean yeah he looks good.. but if i were vanessa hudgens i’d be pissed. theres no reason really for him having a naked model in the photo except that its a naked model. its just weird. if i were him i wouldn’t want to do that. why would you want to roll around with a naked girl that wasn’t your wife/girlfriend when you HAVE a girlfriend? its just weird to me.

  • TitanicGirl

    here’s the not marked or anything picture.

  • gracemarie


    Unless the pixs of Vanessa are the original ones everybody already knows about they were photoshopped. There are no others if there were they would have surfaced before now and how amazing they are going to surface now. Sounds like some more jealous ravinous zac fans.


    I am proud to be a member of the violin chorus with my “pseudo intelligent” self. Did you check the dictionary to find those words?

    BTW ravinous means insatiable but I’m sure you don’t know what that means either.

  • yets

    i love Vanessa.
    but i think zac is in the next level of his career
    i know they talk about this already.

  • Naomi

    That is why none of you are Vanessa and why Zac will never date you.

    He obviously went for someone sensible who uses their brain and understands what a photshoot is. Gee, how daft can people get!

    I still don’t get why she has to be brought into this at all. People are way more obssessed with this relationship than the participants.

  • go sox

    I’m sure Vanessa knew all about this photoshoot, and is proud of how good her man looks. But this isn’t about her.

    I think transitioning between teen and adult roles is very delicate, and some actors do not make it. This was a VERY risky career move, as it’s very controversial and may alienate some of his fans. Vanessa’s photo scandal did, and her pics were innocent and not meant for anyone to see. These photos are in a major publication, and pretty explicit.

    I just would rather Zac have used his good sense, work ethic, and talent to transition. Not his sexuality.