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Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Zac Efron instantly sheds his Disney by getting down and dirty in the April 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute even gets naked and lays on top of the 21-year-old actor in one of the shots.

“I think it went pretty cool,” Zac said of the shoot. “There was, like, a giant sandbox in the middle of a studio, and then I just got to roll around in the dirt for a couple of hours. I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before.”

The former High School Musical star gets interviewed byMilk director Gus Van Sant in the cover feature. Pick up the latest issue, on stands next Tuesday (March 24).

For more Zac goodness, visit the official mag site at

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637 Responses to “Naked Model Tops Zac Efron”

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  1. 51
    cocoa Says:

    wow he’s hot! Disney shouldn’t care. He’s not working for them anymore. I love post disney Zac though

  2. 52
    gracemarie Says:

    Time to read haters:

    On playing a 30-year-old guy in 17 Again:

    “Well, I couldn’t really relate to the character in a lot of ways, so I didn’t have that to work from. I worked a lot with Burr [Steers], the director, and Matthew [Perry], and just tried to think in terms of an older guy. He’s experienced life. He’s been through a lot that I haven’t been through yet. So it was a big change from High School Musical. You know, I’ve fallen in love, and I’ve not known what I want to do with my own future—I still don’t know. But I’ve never had a daughter who I’m looking out for. I’ve never been proud of my son. I’ve never gotten a divorce. It was interesting trying to figure that out. It was definitely a change of pace. And it was great working with Burr, because he’s got this huge imagination, and this sense of people—not what they seem to be, or what they’re defined to be, or what they want to appear to be, but as they actually are.”

    He says, “You know, I’ve fallen in love” – not “I’ve been in love” or “I was in love” or I fell in love” all of which would be past tense. But “I have fallen in love” it’s called the present perfect tense. What’s that? It denotes something that has happened and continues in the present.

    V is not going anywhere

  3. 53
    Zanessa Fan!!! Says:

    wow!!! Zac looks sooo sexy!!! Man i love him!!!

  4. 54
    Stephany Says:


  5. 55
    Karma-kameleon Says:

    It’s obvious he wants to shake his HSM image. Not sure this is the way to go, though. The photos won’t get him there, it’s kickass acting that wiil. Zac, don’t get wrapped up to tight in trying to prove the “sexy.” You have a ways to go.

  6. 56
    Zac Says:

    Why couldn’t they use naked male model ?

  7. 57
    Tiptoes Says:

    i enjoyed the snippet of his interview. his answers are mature, intelligent. van is always supportive of Zac’s career, and vice versa. they are in the same business together, and understand what it takes to be a major player. i won’t be surprised if Van will also come out with her own sexy photoshoot.

    And love the way the “us’ always slips out of him (about the Brazil vacation)…

  8. 58
    tina Says:

    I would assume that Zac’s GF knew about this photoshoot. I doubt she is insecure as some would like to think so she knows this was work. It is so funny because anytime Zac does a movie, photoshoot, goes to lunch, or does any kind of promotional event with a female, there is this segment who want it to be something more. Here I was thinking that all actors and actresses do sexy photoshoots at some point in their career.

  9. 59
    tiff Says:

    omg!!! wen i first saw it i thought it was disturbing but then i realized that zac wouldn’t do something like that without vanessa knowing oh and on the interview thread he said that he has FALLEN IN LOVE okay so let’s see if rat face can say something about that. oh and to the losers who kept saying vanessa watch out you always say that she’s been watching out for like 3 years now since ppl keep saying that and yet they are still together!!!!!!!!!!!!! which obviously means that zac would not run away with som other girl because he has fallen in love with her!!!!!!!! take that rat face and desiree

  10. 60
    Deb Says:

    Nessa cant say crap after her cell phone pictures getting sent everywhere!

  11. 61
    Tiptoes Says:

    #52 gracemarie – good post.

    go Zac for giving us a hot photoshoot. and underneath all that nice body is a smart guy who seriously contemplates on his career moves. Zac knows he has everything going for him now, and he wants to capitalize and translate this to long term opportunities like getting serious movie roles and going for mature audience.

  12. 62
    watch out Vanessa! Says:

    “which obviously means that zac would not run away with som other girl because he has fallen in love with her!”
    Zac will run away with some cute boy.

  13. 63
    Malia Says:

    #52 gracemarie @ 03/16/2009 at 6:26
    OMG, someone who actually KNOWS grammar. And can read!!!! Present perfect tense! Bless you!!!!

    I figured most people under 40 would not catch that. But, then I knew that Zac and Vanessa’s fans are sharp cookies.

    Do you go to a private school?

  14. 64
    tiff Says:

    #62 um your’re an idiot.maybe u should run away with one and fill that empty void u call a life. don’t wanna be mean but come on your’re and idiot!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 65
    ha Says:

    Efron and pattison.

  16. 66
    Will Says:

    Calm down, tiff.
    Zac is gay and there is nothing wrong with that.

  17. 67
    camie Says:

    It’s been a while since I came on, but anyway the picture are a rugged and fine piece of art. ok, and to all the haters out there she’s naked so what, it’a a photoshoot. A photoshoot has nothing to do with his personal life, he’s growing up he’s 21, he can do whatever he wants. And it’s really cute that he talks about his relationship without even knowing that he does. The fact that he says i’ve fallen in love show how much respect he gives to Vanessa. Anyway, the photoshoot is amazing.

  18. 68
    zac is a rat Says:

    I bet Zac was rubbing his hands together when they told him he was going to have a naked female on top of him and getting paid for it too.

  19. 69
    seth Says:

    He sooo had a hard on in this shoot!!!
    Vanessa is doomed!

  20. 70
    gracemarie Says:


    Yes I went to private school. LOL Grammar was required LMAO!!!

  21. 71
    tiff Says:

    will he is not gay anyway just to make things clear i am not an obsessed fan i just think it’s stupid when ppl say he’s gay
    wait…… will and vanessa watch out are u the same person

    p.s. i am calm okay

  22. 72
    kimo Says:

    why didnit he just pose with his shirt off or something in the mud? That would have been more hotness for everyone. Why did they have to use a naked model on top of him whose totally exposing her boobs? Especially since most of his fans are women.

  23. 73
    brie2009 Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Zac looks HOT in these pics!!!

  24. 74
    kgg Says:

    Will #66….you’ve been on here before and have stated that you are gay. Just because you are does not mean Zac is…..think about it!

    Zac is looking very sexy in these shots….I’d say he is as far away from Disney as the sun is to the next galaxy. I’m sure V is fine with these pics…they are both professionals and know that these types of photoshoots and publicity are normal.

    And whoever brought up the “pics” again, needs to wash your. mind with soap. Not her fault….got it?

  25. 75
    Tina Says:

    Vanessa is a good beard.

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