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Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Zac Efron instantly sheds his Disney by getting down and dirty in the April 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute even gets naked and lays on top of the 21-year-old actor in one of the shots.

“I think it went pretty cool,” Zac said of the shoot. “There was, like, a giant sandbox in the middle of a studio, and then I just got to roll around in the dirt for a couple of hours. I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before.”

The former High School Musical star gets interviewed byMilk director Gus Van Sant in the cover feature. Pick up the latest issue, on stands next Tuesday (March 24).

For more Zac goodness, visit the official mag site at

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Photos: Mikael Jansson/Interview Mag
Posted to: Edita Vilkeviciute, Zac Efron

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  • Hmm it might just be better if Vanessa stays away from him. Not so much because of Zac but his fans. If they weren’t together then those hypocritical, whiny, scums of the earth would leave her alone. Whether they “ship” him with someone else, Vanessa, think he’s gay, or only care about him, what sites/groups they belong to etc, at the heart they are all the same. And in a negative way.

    OF COURSE Zac and Vanessa (or most normal people) wouldn’t really make life decisions based on those morons or things like that so..

    Either way I do have to laugh at the specific moronic Zac fans in certain places who are complaining about Vanessa even being mentioned anywhere. He’s been in a 3 yr relationship with her and now there’s a permanent picture of a naked girl on top of him. Yeaa what vanessa thinks or w/e will cross most people’s and especially fan’s minds. It doesn’t mean those people/fans aren’t capable of being happy for him, supporting his career etc.

  • eww

    If I were Vanessa I would break up with him….asap.

  • kimo

    Oh the price of fame = sexuality. I hope zac doesn’t sell his soul to hollywood. I feel so sorry for him. I can almost sense desperation in these pictures. Is it really worth it? Is this what will make him the next Leo or Brad Pitt? Society is really screwed up.

  • bet betty

    No. Matter. How. Dirty. He. Got. His. Face. Into.









  • gracemarie


    Vanessa has no need to worry about Zac fans she hasn’t before now and she won’t in the future. And people aren’t going to leave her alone anyway. She is beautiful and talented there will always be a group of jealous, insecure, silly people who can’t handle it.

    She and Zac should just go on with thier lives and relationship.

  • WICked wench


  • bet betty




  • and reading back at the comments the last part of mine was not directed at you Naomi although you have said something to that effect. had some others /from somewhere else on mind. And the point behind their statements wasn’t exactly the same as yours.

  • WICked wench


  • vacrazed

    I am so sad for the lot of you who think that this comes as a surprise to Vanessa. Not only would she have known about it, but I am sure she has been supportive towards it. She understands the industry and what it takes to survive. It is different for men then women, if he felt this was a move he needed to make, then good for him.
    I personally find it very artistic though I wonder if he took it too far. Only time will tell However, good for Zac for taking his career into his own hands,and finding a way to be aggressive and forward.

  • pop86

    This photoshoot is not about Vanessa, Zac or even the naked model. If this photo layout had been in a mainstream magazine then I would understand the criticism of the photos, but this is INTERVIEW MAGAZINE. Interview Magazine is known to be edgy and provocative because the magazine is the STAR( it was founded by Andy Wahol, “The everyone is famous for 15 minutes” guy). Even though the magazine is under new owners, the editorial vision is still be outside of the mainstream.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    I agree with you 100%
    zac could do sexy photos
    without being abusive
    not everybody has the ability to understand
    the artistic direction of the photo


    is too mach no necesario no me gusto el ya es un hombre sexi para esa pblicidad definitva mente no necesaria

  • susanne

    Go Sox

    I agree with you, but in all fairness it’s not Zac it’s how this world is turning every where you look. I know you have to agree with me on that at least. Sure there probably could have been another way just to apease his younger fans, but that still would not have changed anything. There are alot of actors and actresses who at one point or another have done photoshoots like this. Zac is not the first nor will he be the last. It is how hollywood works. Especially when they are trying to transition, ultimately he is going to alienate some of those fans cause they don’t understand they still see him as Troy. I believe alot of people are under the misconception that Zac works for Disney and he does not nor has he ever, he just did three movies distributed by Disney. If that were the case, then Johnny Depp works for Disney. Pirates of the Carribean is distributed by Disney. Tom Hanks in 84 did Splash where Daryl Hannah (the mermaid for those who are not familier with the movie) was in fact distributed by Disney. Does that imply they are Disney employees, no…cause then they would not be able to do other movies for other studios. I think it cause it’s just a little difficult for them to assimalate (sp) he’s growing up he not that charactor he’s a real person.

  • WICked wench

    People are so transparent on this site. Tons of Edita sock-puppets pushing her career via Zac Efron. I admit, I’ve never looked at Zac as anything other than a school boy – but something happened just recently – he metamorphosized into a pretty, hot guy overnight.

    I wonder where he’s been hiding those cheekbones this whole time – and the razor stubble which he is attempting to grow (sorry Zac; Chace has you on the facial hair.) Anywho, welcome to manhood, Zac. Now, if you want to play with another’s manhood that’s fine with me – esp if that other man is 23 and a blonde-haired blue-eyed babe like yourself.

  • tom

    Can’t believe he agreed to pose with a naked model.
    Lot of girls will be disappointed…

  • marie

    I think it’s a great photoshoot to get rid of that Troy Bolton image and show the whole world Zac Efron is ready for more mature projects :)

  • sarahi

    I have to go with suzanne and pop86 on this one. most of you are being closed minded and way too judgmental. Most people have never heard of interview magazine yet alone teens and it’s not meant for them so it is their parent’s responbility to monitor what they’re reading. and the magazine and photographer control the shoot, not zac. and this is no way implying to me that he isn’t going to use his talent to get mature roles. he already has great reviews for me and orson welles and I’m sure once it comes out his acting skills will shine. stop being so critical people. I love the pics he looks good with or without the model but she doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers everyone else.

  • Soni hannigan

    I think that Zac should have had Vanessa naked on top of him. Why in the world would he want to ruin his relationship with vanessa by doing a photshoot like this, especially after that beautiful photo of him and Vanessa as Prince and Sleeping Beauty? It makes no sense. I have been married to my husband like i have said before, for 23 years and we have always had a policy, “Look, but no touching”
    I know this is not about Vanessa, but right now, I feel very sorry for her and her relationship with Zac. If anything was going to break them up, this would be it. The photoshoot with the girl was wrong, and Zac should have taken Vanessa’s feelings into this before doing it, after all she IS his girlfriend.

  • Malia

    I have no problem with the picture itself. In a sense, it’s acting. A role Zac is playing. It’s not anything he wouldn’t do in a movie. If the script of “MAOW” follows the book, Richard wears a robe while Sonja is completely naked and they kiss and make out. Mike may also be partially nude in “17 Again” with his wife Scarlet. The characters do kiss and make out. And, yes, Vanessa knows all about this as well as this photoshoot.

    However, I’m not sure it’s a good idea to have the shot with the n-a-k-e-d model lying on top of Zac in a “simulated s-e-x” act posted on all the Zac fan sites that young kids visit.

    It is obviously a decision Zac made, knowing the picture would not sit well with his young fans. He couldn’t NOT know that.

    But losing young fans and possibly gaining older ones may be what he’s aiming for. No slow transition, just exit the parking lot with tires squealing and take the on ramp at full speed ahead.

    I just hope he watches where he’s going and makes good decisions about what movie roles he chooses.

  • Riley

    I’ve always wanted to see a naked girl on top of Zac Efron. Oh the joy i’m experiencing right now.


  • jamin

    dude, if vanessa did a shoot anywhere close to the one zac did, she would be called bad names. it’s called a double standard.

  • susanne


    You said your married. How old are you really. Cause the way your stating things, your implying something that clearly is not there other than work related. It’s obvious you have not been a fan of Vanessa or Zac and are not fully aware that they have been in a relationship for three years. If that’s not commitment, then I don’t know what is. They have been through alot together and are still together. This in no way is going to make Vanessa feel bad. Nor does it imply Zac has no feelings for her. The reason Vanessa is not the women in the shoot and we will repeat again, it has nothing to do with her. This is for his movie not theirs.

  • poor V

    He can burn in Hell for all I care.I just don’t want Vanessa to get hurt.

  • Pit

    I am with Go Sox on this one – the pics of Zac are good but the naked girl on top of him is a bit of a shock. and I am no young gal and also no “older prude”.

    I agree that Vanessa has to have known about this photoshoot and probably knows more than anyone what Zac was trying to achieve professionally with them. Maybe this is why we have not seen her out a lot the last few days – can you imagine the nasty questions the paps will be aiming at her the next few times they see her. They are bad enough already. She has a tough skin though and who knows what she has in store herself and Zac as they “break out from Disney”.

    I just don’t care for this photoshoot with Zac and I am sure his younger fans and their parents are somewhat put away with the nudity of the shot. My 15 year old is looking foward to our going together to see 17 Again on the 17th of April but I KNOW she is going to see these pictures and I am going to have to make an explanation of “what is going on”.

  • Pit

    also – maybe this is Zac’s way of NOT being on Just Jared Junior – these are not the kind of pictures that should be on that site. A little humor here to lighten the mood tonight.

  • marie

    I just think Zac has to stay at least a bit true to his fans.. Most of them are teenagers that wouldn’t like or understand that those pictures are art, not pornography or cheating… Zac, I think you should warn your publicity that you might need to change from a teen to a man a bit slower, at least till your fans can follow it without freaking out. :D
    It doesn’t change the fact that the pics are beautiful, yeah, we the older fans get that is art and he wants to be seen as a mature guy, but not necessary the breasts and stuff lol

  • Pretty Paige

    #170, I don’t think Zac agreed to photoshoot to gain older fans or to lose younger ones. I think he agreed to the photoshoot because it was different from anything he had previously done.

    Malia,(as you probably know)like most 21yr old men, Zac is going to do thing his way whether anyone like it or not.

  • desiree

    i still don’t think vanessa knew about the naked model. why would he tell her when he could embarrass her and laugh in her face. it’s all about him anyway.

    i told you guys the violin chorus would stay away. how could they defend this.

  • ha

    I just started diggin zac and my only problem would be his skinny jeans. They make his lower half look short . He needs a better pair of man jeans. I always say do i really think he’s hot after I see him wearing skinny saggin jeans.

  • Soni hannigan

    #173 Suzanne,

    For your information I am 48. I have known about zac and Vanessa since the first HSM movie came out. I have followed these two every step of the way, because they remind me of my husband and i when we first dated, and my husband is the same now as he was when we dated and got married. My point, I guess, was did Zac take in to consideration what this might do to Vanessa? Which like someone said ” Maybe that is why Vanessa has not been seen in awhile” Whether she knew about it or not? How would Zac feel if she did a photoshoot like that?
    And how do you know this is not going to make Vanessa feel bad? And what movie is it for? Certainly not 17 again or Me and Orson Wells, so what movie? The end is, I DON”T want anything to happen to Zac and Vanessa, and I just feel this was a very bad choice on Zac’s part.

  • sheila

    i just wonder what some of you who are touting this as a great PR move for zac would be saying if this was vanessa with a naked guy pressed up against her….hmmm i thought so. double standard never ceases to exist.

  • ha

    Like this. what? and those shoes. ugh! he looks like a child when he dresses like that. Get him better pants and shoes, please. :)

  • Tina

    All i have to say as an older mature woman of (31) is that alot of you are so young, dumb and naive! Give the guy a break, he’s not a child, he’s a grown man! he doesn’t have to please all of you with what he is doing in his life, its no ones business but his own. You guys are rediculous! These pictures are very sexy and hot! it’s not a bad thing that he’s getting out of that whole teen image, it happens with all actors, so get over it! he is getting older now and is much sexier than ever before there’s really nothing wrong with what he’s doing, alot of actors have done it in the past and everyone loved it, you guys are bashing way too much, your really not true fans of his if your acting this way, that’s all i have to say.

  • birdie

    I subscribe to “Interview” and it always contains “Artful Nudity” but most
    of the time it is not the cover star. This is not about who Zac’s dating or
    even his transition to adult roles, it’s about what kind of career does he
    really want. Of coarse I don’t know Zac apart the his interviews but it
    seemed to me that he wants to be taken seriously as an actor. He says he wants to follow actors that I also admire. He must know he
    is already thought of as a sex symbol since he always makes the list
    of the Sexiest Men. I even feel that in “HSM3″ and “17 Again “the shirtless scene were entirely gratuitous because the directors know
    the women love his body. I just hope this was his idea and maybe he
    should have waited ’til his film actually opened, I honestly think it’s
    going to be #1 and then he could have his choice of adult roles. Also
    I’m not against nudity in films Emile Hirsch was stark naked in “Into
    the Wild” and it was beautiful and not gratuitous. Listen to your heart

  • Naomi

    This sure is generating no small controversy with all sorts of weirdos adding their two cents.

    He’s never going to please everyone and needs to take certain risks. Some of us like this, some don’t. The main test is what it achieves. If this is able to persuade non-teens to go see his movie, then it has achieved a short-term goal.

    If this would open up opportunities for serious, adult roles with good producers then it’s achieved a long-term goal. Ultimately, the important thing is that he keeps his eye on substance and longevity.

    Not every fan will always agree with his decisions but they’ve got to work for his long term career. He also doesn’t have the luxury of doing just whatever he wants, he is in a very competitive industry with lots of spare talent as the interview mentioned. nobody is guaranteed sustained stardom.

    This is what should concern fans, not his personal life.

  • logics

    For me personally, this isn’t about his girlfriend-it’s about how he’s selling himself. He is using sex to gain acceptance and get into the mainstream market. Yes, sex sells, but it depends on how it’s displayed and how you present it. This type of move in the industry always gets slammed. People didn’t take Jennifer Anistons’ GQ shoot too lightly. A lot of people thought it was a very desperate cry for attention and she was using her body to keep interest alive instead of relying on her talent. You begin to pity people who use such cheap tactics just to up their career. If you were in the workplace, this type of behaviour would be condemned and your ethics would be questioned-not be praised.
    What hes’ doing is bascially the same thing as a person using their sexuality at work just to be promoted-or sleeping with the boss.
    Being a fan does cloud a persons judgement. We’re all guilty of that, but you have to take control of your thoughts and follow what’s right.

  • kimo

    zac is a young unmarried man. he seems very curious at this age in his life. i hope this is not a glimpse of his future explorations. i have nothing more to say.

  • ha
  • ha

    logics, zac is young. Aniston is like 20 years older than him and she still thinks the only way to sell a movie is to get naked and airbrush her old leathery skin. Shudders! Can’t compare the two.

  • logics

    Why can’t people have a decent conversation without bashing anybody just to prove their point. It’s funny that the “older lot” is slamming the younger kids when they’re no better.
    Stop insulting peoples intelligence and calling them names just because they don’t agree with our point of view.
    If you want people to take you seriously-be nice…

  • gerard Vandenberg

    SORRY FOLKS, there is no other option possible.

  • kimo

    I’m entitled to my opinion and I don’t think posing with a naked woman was a good move. This could be so because I have two small kids. Whatever zac chooses to do, I hope its done with class. I’ve seen provocative photos taken of celebrities in such magazines as GQ. Yet, I saw the phots done in good taste. I don’t remember seeing any nudity in the photos. Maybe close to nudity but nothing totally done with a shock value. I’m sure there are some out there. Anyway, I see this photoshoot as being totally classless. I gues I’m having a hard time shaking his good boy image. Maybe this will help him, maybe not. Who knows.

  • kaylie

    why couldn’t it be the other way around?
    haha instead of her naked…

  • sarahi

    Naomi and logics seem to be the voice of reason tonight. I agree with everything you guys said.

  • Pretty Paige

    #181, What do you mean Vanessa has not been seen in a while. She had lunch with her mother over the weekend at a Japanese restaurant. Vanessa is living her life and she is good at hiding from the paps. You may not have known about the photo shoot but I’m sure Vanessa knew about the photo and probably saw the proofs before they were even published.

    How would Zac feel if it was Vanessa? probably very proud that his girl isn’t playing it safe and it doing something outside of the box.
    Please don’t place your insecurities on Zac and Vanessa. You because you feel threaten by a model( who is simply doing her job btw) doesn’t mean Vanessa should be.

  • Soni hannigan

    #182 Sheila:

    I think the same thing would happen if this was vanessa instead of Zac. They would be calling Vanessa hot and worried about what this was doing to Zac. I think the bottom line is that no one wants to see this adorable couple have anything happen to them in there professionaly or personal life.

  • jamin

    dude, i agree. if vanessa did a shoot with a naked guy draped over her that way all hell would break loose. she would be crucified and vinegar poured on her wounds.

  • pop86

    My points:

    1) I find it very amusing how some fans(especially older who should know better) who place their insecurities on Zac and Vanessa.

    2) The insecure fans are mad at Zac because they just discovered Zac is a real person not some “Zanessa” fantasy.

    3) How small-minded the some older fans are when they are always preaching to the younger fans not to be small-minded and overly criticial.

  • susanne


    I am glad things are perfect for you and your husband and have over the years remained the same. But you can’t place your way of life and things are for you and your husband on Zac and Vanessa that is not fair. For one thing your older so obviously you got married in a different time. Meaning long ago I presume. Now while no one wants anything bad to happen to them. Just as you mentioned I don’t know whether she feels bad or not. Nor do you. As for the reason no one has seen her, how can you imply that the reason may be because of the photoshoot. There have been many times when he was doing something and she did not get photographed and visa versa. If you think they are going to break up cause of this, then Zac should have broken up with Vanessa over the photos that were released over the internet, but instead as soon as he landed in LA and obviously was very tired of the long journey, who was he with, Vanessa. That in and of it self should give you some indication of how committed they are in their relationship. Bottom line is it is their relationship not ours, and I like to think they are mature enough to not make a big deal about this. He’s not cheating on her, it’s just a photoshoot.