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Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Zac Efron instantly sheds his Disney by getting down and dirty in the April 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute even gets naked and lays on top of the 21-year-old actor in one of the shots.

“I think it went pretty cool,” Zac said of the shoot. “There was, like, a giant sandbox in the middle of a studio, and then I just got to roll around in the dirt for a couple of hours. I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before.”

The former High School Musical star gets interviewed byMilk director Gus Van Sant in the cover feature. Pick up the latest issue, on stands next Tuesday (March 24).

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Photos: Mikael Jansson/Interview Mag
Posted to: Edita Vilkeviciute, Zac Efron

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  • Karen

    First, it certainly got attention and got people talking and when it comes to publicity and promoting yourself that is a key factor in Hollywood. So, I would say that mission was accomplished with this.

    Secondly, you know the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, so it what people think of art. Go to an art museum. Centuries ago, what did artist paint many times? Naked women. How many times did you see naked wome and clothed men? A lot. Inothr words for many years the nake body of women seems to have fasinated people. Now, I don’t think it is needed BUT I do understand what people would find artsy about these photos. So, there is going to be no winning here. People are going to see it as their mindset is. Some willl find it way to the left, some will see it way to the right, and there will be a few who will go the middle of the road. But Zac will get what is needed—noticed. We all could start naming how many a young performer—singer or actor—has broken out of the “kid” mold in just this way. Zac is not the first young person to do so. I believe, however, he has been made out to be such a “darling” and fairytale character that he is taking a lot more ridicule than he should.

    Lastly, we have not seen 17 Again yet but it is rated PG13 so obviously there are adult situations there which require more explanation from an adult to the “kids”. SO, right there it shows he has moved on into things away from his “G” rated Troy Bolton. Also, in MAOW which nobody has yet seen his character loses his virginity. We don’t know what that scene holds either and how it was done with Claire Danes. So, maybe we should not be so ready to say this kind of photoshoot is moving him in a direction too quickly or trying too hard.

  • sheila

    well, my particular point wasn’t how zac would feel if vanessa did a shoot like this. i just can’t help but feel that some of you who think this photoshoot is all great for zac would turn around and slaughter vanessa for doing the same thing. i’m talking about them as individuals here, not as a couple.

    quite frankly, i think the nipple shot could have been avoided and was done just to up the shock factor. either just show the side of her breast or whatever. it still would have been “artful” and perhaps moreso, instead of verging on soft porn.

    to me, the “story” these pics are tryting to convey are that these two are about to have sex. i don’t know why zac and his PR people felt they needed to go quite this extreme. if she would have even had bottoms on, like jeans, it might have been a little more artful and a little less “playboy”

  • sarahi

    karen you are so level headed I always agree with what you say.

  • ashlee

    #202, i agree. i don’t know why zac and his PR people felt they needed to go to this extreme.

  • gracemarie

    All I’ve seen are people wondering if Vanessa knows about it. Of course she does and she probably approved. She probably saw the stills first.

  • Merrrr

    i don’t like that girl thats naked on top of him. not happy jan :(

  • Trina

    Well, one young girl, after seeing the pics, commented that she was going to cry. “What happened! That isn’t my zac! I can’t believe he did this type of a photo shoot.” And “didn’t know he would do that kinda photo shoot.”

    So, yes, a lot of the young fans will be disappointed and disillusioned with Zac the same way they were the first time he uttered the word “f-u-c-k” in Detail Mag.

  • Karen

    I so agree with your comment. The truth is many people ARE more concerned with the fairytale image of ‘Zanessa” than with Zac Efron or Vanessa Hudgens. When people go on about “I wonder what Vanessa thinks” it goes to show where their mindset is. She obviously knew all about this as he is being interviewed from his new house and we know for the past several months he and Vanessa have not be separated. We also know he has been busy with more than one photoshoot.

    Those who go on about “if it was by boyfriend” should understand it has nothing to do with the way you are thinking. Vanessa is in this business and understand this is about WORK, clearly something people that are not in the business understands. When you all say you would not do this, I believe that. Most of us probably wouldn’t but again we are not in this business. Even some that are in the business do not appear naked in a movie but many do. We shouldn’t have to mention Kate Winslet here and how many times she has appeared without clothes in her movies. I could not do it but she views things differently. And some will say this is about a photo and not a movie but actually in this sense and the circle it is done in does apply to “acting” and the arts just the same way a Kate Winslet movie does.

  • logics

    You can’t insult the young fans for feeling the way they feel. Put yourself in their shoes. You were young once too and of course if you had ever seen your idol with another women, you would feel kinda jealous. There’s no need to be ashamed or embarrassed-it’s human nature-something completely out of our control.
    I see where the kids are coming from; they adore Zac AND Vanessa as a couple and want to see them together. When they see another person step into the picture, they feel like that person is a threat to the relationship. They’re kids! They grow out of crushes and fascinations all the time. This year is Zac Efron and Rob Pattinson, next year it’ll be someone new and more exciting.
    Instead of calling them “stupid”-explain to them you know where they’re coming from BUT….
    Like I said before, I’m more concerned about the image he’s selling. It’s not shocking though. Every Disney person went ‘dirty’ to rid their girl/boy next-door image. Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff are just some examples. We’ve seen the backlash that happens from such a drastic move too sudden. They all used their sexualitys to sell themselves instead of using their skills to do the job they were hired to do which is Act! Perform.
    If you want to be a art figure, then take up that job. Actors and modeling are different things. If a Model was in the place of Zac in that photoshoot, it would be no big deal. But this is somebody who wants to be an Actor; a field in which skills and talent is required, not necessarily good looks. Which is why he needs to determine what he wants to be seen as.
    As a non-superficial human being, I question that kind of behaviour. To me, it’s no different then a person using sex in the workplace just to bump their career.

  • sheila

    karen, while i agree about 17 again being pg 13 and therefore it being important to remind people that zac has moved on from being the g rated “troy bolton” these pics make me feel more like they’re trying to make him believable as dirk diggler rather than mike o’donnell.

    oh well, as you say, people will always have varying opinions on art and its different forms whether it be painting, movies, sculpture, photography etc. i guess i just would have preferred a more gentle transition for zac.

  • Soni hannigan

    #202 I agree with you
    #200 Suzanne: The difference between the vanessa pictures and this of Zac is in Vanessa’s it was only Vanessa. She didn’t have a naked guy laying on her.
    #199, I am sure you are implying your response to me. But I am very secure in my relationship with my husband, or I wouldn’t be married for so long.
    #205: Everyone is saying vanessa knows about the shoot, how do they know? How do you know? The truth is no body knows for sure.

  • Karen

    LOL, I posted my #208 comment before I read your #170 post concerning this photoshoot is about acting and the fact !7 Again has more adult themes, etc.

  • sheila

    all i can say is, i hope zac has gotten this out of his system. he has shed the disney image once and for all. he has proven to the world he definitely having sex since he needs economy sized boxes of condoms and now he has had a naked woman sprawled on top of him. we get it. you’re all grown up.

    now let’s get focused on that acting career shall we? i’m hoping we’ll hear about a good role with some substance so you can start being appreciated for your work.

  • gracemarie

    I do have to agree with one point if that was Vanessa in a similar pix with a male model she would have been crucified.

    There would have been post after post about how everyone knew she was this or that since the last pixs of years ago and now how she’s proven it and he needs to dump her.

    I don’t happen to believe that this photos effect their personal relationship in the slightest and being from NY I’m use to Interview and how they do things so I guess I’m not as shocked or worried as some of you..

    I will admit however there is a double standard.

    And I wouldn’t have minded had the model not been there but I don’t think it’s the end of the world or Zanessa. I have not yet decided how I feel it effects his career. I

  • sheila

    shocked about the pic? yes. worried about their relationship? not in the slightest. if neither of them can stand the heat of hollywood, they had better get out of the kitchen and fast cuz its only going to get hotter as time goes on.

  • Trina

    I, too would love to hear about what interesting roles he has lined up rather than see him with a naked model shoving her boobs into his face.

  • Tippie-Toes

    And what exactly does this photoshoot say? What is the message it’s supposed to convey?

  • Naomi

    #213, LMAO!

    I’ve got to say I agree with you. Enough with the fluff already. Let’s keep the focus on his career.

    MAOW is being shown at SXSW in April, hopefully it gets picked up by a distributor.

    I’m also of the camp that think he’s pushing it with the musicals and high school roles. It would be great if he gets a good action role or serious drama/thriller.

    This is the only way imo he can be taken seriously as an actor.

  • Karen

    #197–Soni hanningan:

    That is basically the problem in a nutshell. Just like you wanting the model to be Vanessa… This is not a PERSONAL photoshoot and neither Zac or Vanessa would agree to expose anything so personal just because people would feel better about it. They will either survive or they won’t and the relationship will NOT come to an end over something like this. Both of the are adults now and will be having adult roles. Some of those roles will require them most likely to be in various compromising positions with other actos. They’d better be able to deal with the business they are in. It is important for them to TRUST each other whether their fans do or not.

  • Soni hannigan

    #219 Karen:

    Oh I want to, believe me

  • ayen

    lol. If people can’t handle this, I wonder how some of you will handle the situation when Zac/Vanessa get roles where they’re being sexual with other people.

  • zac is a rat

    Yet again Vanessa will no doubt will have to deal with nasty questions and unpleaseness from the pap’s with these latest photo’s of why her bf has a naked woman on top of him and again she will have to deal with it on her own while Zac is away having notes stuffed in his pockets and no doubt having a great time. He would have known before he went away that this shoot would come out so you would have thought he would have given Vanessa’s feelings some considration but no he jets off and she will cop the flack and we all know how nasty the pap’s were with her ‘ incident’ and how upset she was and I can’t see this being any different.

    Moving away from Disney is one thing but doing this kind of pose is something else, Zac was’nt forced to do it he knew what he was getting into to and no doubt could’nt wait. As it’s been said if it was the other way round Vanessa would get a load of crap thrown at her for doing the same thing, but as usual Zac does it and women are all ‘ ohh Zac looks so sexy’ againdouble standards with Zac being able to do no wrong he won’t be able to relie on his pretty boy imagine for ever and the next thing you will see him in is x-rated films becuase that’s what this photo shoot implies. Again Vanessa’s feelings don’t get taken into account by her bf just so long as he looks good and get the women swooming over him that’s all he cares about.

  • awurbii

    nobody wants the model to be vanessa. Thank God it isnt!!! I believe she’s above that and has matured from her mistakes and i’m proud of the way she is carry herself.

    and being okay with the picz. STRONG GIRL!!!!!

  • awurbii

    nobody wants the model to be vanessa. Thank God it isnt!!! I believe she’s above that and has matured from her mistakes and i’m proud of the way she is carry herself.

    and being okay with the picz. STRONG GIRL!!!!!

  • Victor

    Hopefully next time it will be Zac who is naked!!

  • Karen

    Soni hannigan:
    Why would you believe that Vanessa wouldn’t know about this shoot? These photos and interview was done long before he left LA. Since last April—nearly a whole year—these two have nearly been connected at the hip. Believe me, they KNOW what each other is up to. Considering they are getting older and will be in mature roles that are not rated “G” they’s better be able to handle things like this or they might as well go their separate ways. But they have been more open with their relationship in the past couple months. We have seen them appear together on some very impressive red carpets like the Golden Globes and the Oscars. The premiere of Watchmen was very telling of their relationship and their feelings for each other. One problem is, the majority of us do not live in their type world and since we would not do something like this we can’t always understand how it could work. Believe me, they are younger and think a little less strictly and they are more from an “artsy” type mindset.

    I do understand youngsters who will not understand or be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable but in all truth Zac cannot continue to to cater after the youngsters since he is not one and has not lived as one for some time. The time has come for those who only see him as Troy Bolton and are 12 and 13 or so will have to understand life if different for him than it was for Troy Bolton. And if they are so sensitive and parents keep them from seeing a movie that is rated R what are they going to think anyway if they are told that “Troy” isn’t doing things in a particular movie that they(the young kids) shouldn’t see. Won’t they be confused and disallusioned then too?

  • Boji

    Did any one notice? Zac is fully clothed. The model maybe not. Doesn’t this tell us a little something about Zac. I’m sure the Mag was more than willing for Zac to at least remove his top with that naked model. I’m guessing that this was Zac’s decision. And it is artistic if you can ignore her nipples.

  • Auberii

    Just beautiful ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAC <3

  • zac is a rat

    Maybe not is aunderstatement the model is a naked as the day she was born. Wonder if Zac told her she had georgous eyes and that boys hand love to wander.

    I hope the pap’s don’t hassle Vanessa becuase of this photo and make crude comments to her, becuase this photo shoot could make or break their relactionship after all Vanessa is human and there’s only so much a person can take about what their partner get’s up to before enough is enough and Zac has given her numerous things printed about him to make her walk away.

  • AlfaAlfa

    Geez, why doesn’t this boy just rent a plane for a month and fly around with a sign saying: Zac Efron is no longer a kid~he’s a ‘man’ looking for work (and attention).

  • AlfaAlfa

    btw what does he want to do? Act in movies or do Porn? So far, all he’s done after his singing and dancing routine has been sexual. Everything from talking about sex shops, condoms, and now posing with a naked chicks.

  • Alicee


  • Antonella _vanessa rules

    I agree completely with zac is a rat . Zac can die if he wants he ll do the whole world a favor

  • tizzfan

    great photoshoot
    but of course haters have their way of criticize every single thing any “disney” stars do (even though they’re not with disney anymore)….

    vanessa might or might not know about this – but it’s none of our bussiness
    come to think of it, is zac that stupid ? was he thinking that he can keep it as a secret ? of course not.. it’s a mag photoshoot. meant to be seen… lol…. so one way or another, vanessa has bigger possibility to know about this…

    on other note, i think zac needs to stop with all his trying to shed disney image thingy…
    enough with condoms story and then this …..
    unless he just wants to be known as the sex symbol….. or something like that….

  • Karen

    One more time, Vanessa is NOT affected in the least about this photo. She has known about it for weeks. She’s OK with it. Do you think he just did this photoshoot since he left LA to go to promote his movie in Australia? These things take time. Look how long it’s been since Zac and Vanessa went to Brazil for Vanessa to do that photo shoot and we still haven’t seen those photos. Several weeks ago the fact that Zac had done a couple photoshoots was discussed right here on JJ and JJJ. We are not seeing the fruits of that labor. Since this was done we have seen Zac and Vanessa on the red carpet together on the red carpet at the Golden Globes and the Oscars looking very much the intimate couple not to mention the Watchmen premiere. Stop with the Vanessa speculation.
    Those who have problem with this saying they couldn’t handle it if it was their significant other just think about this. What if your significant other was a gynecologist? Would you have problems knowing he was looking at certain parts of women’s bodies all day and touching those parts upset you? Before you jump me and say they are doctors and they are doing their job just know that this was a JOB for Zac, nothing more and Vanessa understand that regardless of whether you do or not. He did this job and went home to Vanessa and this woman did not affect them in anyway before or after the photoshoot. Some of you may not LIKE they type job he did but it was still a job.

  • Boji

    Well, this is a wake up call. Zac is 21. Let’s also not forget he is fully clothed so this photoshot is tastefully done. I’m sure Vanessa sees nothing wrong with this pic. He is not touching this model intimately. Frankly, I find the photoshot of him with Vanessa on the grass more sensual.

  • rentonsgirl

    Really what is the big deal? Its a photoshoot and it was a job. Its that simple. He doesn’t get to decide how the photos are taken, the photographer does.

    He might get to have some input and say if he’s not comfortable with something but that’s really as far as it goes. The photographer would have already had an idea of the shots they wanted to get, not Zac.

    The pictures with the model aren’t disgusting, they’re artistic.

    I for one don’t think he’s going too far to shed the disney image, he never really played up to it anyway.

    The fact that he’s not shying away from doing stuff like this will show people in the industry that he’s ready to move on from squeaky clean roles.

    If you want him to survive in this industry then you’re gonna have to put up with nudity with other actors. It doesn’t mean they’re involved personally, it means they’re doing their jobs.

  • Karen

    Hi Boji! Long time no hear and that is my fault I know. Lots of family matters going on right now.

    But I totally agree with you. This photoshoot is sexy and all of that but the pictures of Zac and Vanessa in the Elle shoot was far more sensual because you could tell they were totally drawn to each other with their whole self. The Sleeping Beauty photo is the same way—totally into each other in a personal way. This simply looks like a sexy photo.

    I think it is time for people to get used to seeing both Zac and Vanessa being with other people doing a job. And I believe a lot of people need to understand that since this couple has become such an icon that it will be hard for many to watch either of them do anything with anyone else even if it is in a movie. Remember the outcry last year over the kiss scene when Vanessa was filming Bandslam? I know a lot of people don’t want to think they will get upset like this over seeing them with others in a movie but I fear a lot of people will do just that. And they need to get over it.

    I understand that some think Zac did not move ahead with his career in the right way that he is using his sexuality to get noticed as being an adult, etc, instead of his talent. BUT the fact is this happens more often than not when it comes to Hollywood. Face it, the more handsome or beautiful an actor is the more they get noticed—the same goes with the sex factor. It may not be the right way to think but the majority of people do think that way even if they don’t want to think they do.

    People talk all the time about sexy Zac, the hotness, and his body and make insinuating remarks bout his and Vanessa’s relatinship. Everybody thinks that is fine but suddenly when he has a picture taken like this then everyone gets angry and says he sold out, he’s trying too hard to be someone else other thatn Zac, or he’s just using sex to get ahead and be seen as an adult, etc. But when you all wanted him to be sexy or be more than a G rated actor it was a different story. Now that it hits you in the face as a reality you people don’t like it. It’s “too fast, too much, too soon” you say. This is a fact of Hollywood if it be good or bad. Zac can’t possibly please you people. You want him hot and sexy but you want it to be innocent in some way. Whether you like it or not this is a respected artsy publication. This is the type pictures they do and many people do not look at it as just someone showing off their sexuality.

    In the Hollywood sense of things do you think Brittney Spears or Justin Timberland would have gotten so far so fast if they had not shed their teen appeal? Yes, one got caught up into the wrong things but that isn’t the issue here. Can you honestly say Justin Timberlake isn’t taken seriously even though he does some really crazy things in my way of thinking. You know the bottom line is this, Hollywood ways are not our ways in most cases. But it is in Hollywood that Zac is trying to create a career. I’m sure he is not trying to offend, just show there are other sides to him. And remember many of you were clamoring for this type thing whether you think you were or not.

  • elle


  • Boji

    Hi back at you, Karen. Miss ya. Dont worry. Just email when you can.I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve commented.

    Elle,#239, what in the elle are you talking about? Closet? 13 yrs?Beats me.

  • Zacfan!

    Just died and gone to heaven. He’s freakin amazing. What a… can’t speak… drooling…

  • Tippie-Toes

    The Interview mag photoshoot was done on January 21, 2009.

  • NYAY..

    he’s hot though wonder where is vanessa..

    JJ are not posting any news..
    Is she avoiding the pap?

  • Lissy

    Oh my dear lord. Hot, hot, hot, freaking hot, Efron. I think that you are going to be hot for the rest of your life.

  • go sox

    ~~I think what disappoints me the MOST, is that Zac Efron has set himself apart from this kind of trash, with the way he lives his life, his work ethic, and his behavior,. It was the reason I was a fan. IMO, this put him right into the pot with EVERYONE else.

    ~~ I STILL think he should have worked his BUTT off, instead of this cheap kind of controversy. He could have asked they take out just the pics with the naked chick, and this ALL COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED.

    ~~ I STILL don’t get what kind of image he’s trying to create with this. Does he want to be constantly cast in skin flicks, with directors knowing he’ll do ANYTHING for the sake of artistry? Is that how he wants to be known? I don’t think so. :o( I really think Zac has more integrity than this.

    ~~Sadly, when the day is done, I just hope Zac knows what he’s doing. I know he’s trying to make choices that are best for him, and only he knows what those are. But missteps will happen, and I do think this is one of them. Just could have been avoided, if a few pics were removed.

  • gracemarie

    Boji & Karen:

    Great posts.

    Though I could have done without the model I’m not tripping over it and I think V isn’t either.

    What is funny is how many of the “poor V’ posters on both sites are some of the same people who would be burning her at the stake if it was her photoshoot .

    She can more than handle her own life and the paps as she has proven time after time.

    As for him, his only 21 he’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t just like every person his age. Only time will tell if this was a good move or not but it’s of no real matter he’s young enough to course correct if he has too.

  • Lauriinha

    FUCKKKKK !! hOt as hell! Who iss the girl ?! Luckk her !!!

  • HsM_GiU


    No words! xD

    Zac :Q___________________

  • HsM_GiU


    No words! xD

    Zac :Q___________________

  • ********

    Of course the man gets to keep on his clothes and the woman gets to be stark naked