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Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Zac Efron instantly sheds his Disney by getting down and dirty in the April 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute even gets naked and lays on top of the 21-year-old actor in one of the shots.

“I think it went pretty cool,” Zac said of the shoot. “There was, like, a giant sandbox in the middle of a studio, and then I just got to roll around in the dirt for a couple of hours. I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before.”

The former High School Musical star gets interviewed byMilk director Gus Van Sant in the cover feature. Pick up the latest issue, on stands next Tuesday (March 24).

For more Zac goodness, visit the official mag site at

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Photos: Mikael Jansson/Interview Mag
Posted to: Edita Vilkeviciute, Zac Efron

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  • cubur

    zac is getting more hot everyday :)

  • len

    yeah. the skinny blue-eyed bitch just had to be completely naked because why?
    wow. all these white blue-eyed chicks (taylor & now edita) publicity with zac…they might as well tell him to dump vanessa. she’s just not white enough for him!

  • cyria

    way to shed the disney image, but there are other ways other than having a completely naked chic spread her patuties all over your dumbbaas

  • rosileee9


    Hi Go Sox, hope your well.

    Like you I have been a fan of Zac since day one and part of that reason is like you said is that he never came across as the typical young hollywood crowd of doing things that really had no point to them and I’m sorry to say that I don’t see the point in the photo of him having a naked women sprawled across him like you said he could have asked to have the naked pictures taken out as I’m sure that Zac is well aware of the comments and stories that this is going to generate with the press and the state of his relactionship and feelings for Vanessa, especially as well since she has’nt gone to the promo tour with him.

    I’m not saying that there is trouble in their relactionship and I’m sure that they talked about the photo’s and Zac wouldhave had to see them before they got published and they would need his permission and I to think that Vanessa saw them but seeing them before they get put in a magazine andtalking it over is very different to when the photo’s actually appear and everyone else gets to see your bf have another women naked on top of him even though it’s work related, and I just hope that if Zac is with Vanessa when any of the pap’s say and we all know they will say crude comments about the picture and make assumptions about Zac and the model which again we know they will that he shows her the support that she derserves becuase after all Zac has a partner which should be taken into consideration. I’m not saying tht he needs Vanessa permission as to what photo shoots he does but nearly 4 years togetheror not seeing your man in that position can still make you feel uneasy as I’m sure it would if the role was reversed.

    Zac did say at the ocscars that this weas going to be a year of change for him and I guess that this is the start. But I was hoping that he meant in his work as a actor not as a pin up and I’ll admit that he has got a great body but if he wants to be taken serious and go for serious roles I honestly don’t see how this kind of photo shoot is going to help his ACTING careeer.

    I get that he and his PR people want to get him out of the teen image so that he can go for older and more serious roles but it’s his younger fans that he is always saying are the best and he is grateful well this sort of photo can really confuse some kids and it could also been seen as way of Zac saying ‘ thanks for getting me noticed and for all the opportunitys but byee I’m going for the older women’ and I get that some fans are growing in age just like Zac but some are still young and this could be a bit hard for them to understand.

    I hope that Vanessa is’nt staying inside becuase of the photo but I can understand if she is cautiuous about going out while Zac is not there as she will be the one who will have to deal with the pap’s andas strong as she is if I was her I would’nt want to when after all it’s her bf’s photo shoot that involves another female.

    Zac I think could have just shed his image a bit slower and if his fans are true fans then they will stick with him and accept that he is growing up and can’t be Troy Bolton for ever but it’s that job that brought him to people’s attentions and gave him the chance to do the job in a industries that he loves to be in so I just don’t think he should be in such a hurry to run away from it.

  • zac is a rat

    Of course Zac thought the photo shoot went okay he had a naked woman sprawled across his body and he was’nt to bothered about where he put his one hand either, it was’nt even on her waist it was geared more towards her breast that boy serioulsy has wandering hands.

    Again he has showed no regard of Vanessa’s feelings as it’s not just him that will get the crude questions and things shouted at him by the press Vanessa will to and she should’nt have to deal with it, if Zac was’nt going out with anybody and only had himself to deal with the presss then that’s one thing but to put your gf through it and we all know that the press will have a field day with Vanessa then I’m sorry but Zac should’nt have allowed the picture of him and the naked woman to be published. Vanessa has feelings to and he should have taken that into consideration, after all he is halfway round the world and is’nt having to deal with it but Vanessa will, so I for one don’t blame her if she lies low until he gets back and then let him take the flack for a change.

    These photo’s also show that he’s not the bloody goody two shoes that everyone thinks he is, yes Zac will do photo shoots just like Vanessa will but I highly doubt that you’ll see Vanessa doing a photo shoot like that the poor girl would get cruicfied eve more than she has done in the past.

    Zac was quick enough to say that he nedded to clear up the story about the sex shop well I’ve a feeling that this is another thing that will need to be cleared up by Zac or his PR people, as he’s going to end up getting talked about for all the wrong reasons.

  • sheila

    don’t kid yourself, the condom comment was meant to come out. it wasn’t just some slip of the tongue. he could have easily explained the sex shop photos without bringing up the condom story. for someone who has so carefully guarded talking about his “private life” in the past to all of a sudden tell the world that he goes through condoms by the bucketful is no coincidence. i’m not saying he’s wrong, it’s just these things are not accidental. he’s been media trained, so you can’t blame it on lack of PR instruction either.

    it’s is all part of the “i’m all grown up” campaign.

  • desiree

    rosalie their relationship is clearly over even that girl Poppy or whatever who is always playing that “zan is a nornal and in love couple” and calling ME a freak has flown the coup without a word

    For Real has taken the same train. zanessa are done he wants to screw everything in hollywood he’s not an actor he’s just another cute guy who tried pretending to be serious and decent but can’t cause all he cares about is getting laid and if he makes a fool out of vanessa he could care less.

  • kelly

    His fan base is children, I think he should stop doing Disney and anything aimed at children if he is going to try to prove he’s grown up by using sex and sexuality. Yeah we all now that when you start screwing your now a grown up right!

  • Karen

    For goodness sakes some people must think he did something deceitful or dishonest. I don’t understand some equating him to Lindsey Lohan status about the bars and nightclubs. He never did anything remotely like that to be noticed, etc. He did a photoshoot for a magazine which is viewed by many art loving individuals as classy and artistic. So, to make him sound low and vulgar would be to imply this magazine which has been around for some time and respected as a source of art is also questionable. Zac has always been careful in his choices and I believe he chose this one because of it’s reputation. This is a far cry from Bop and PopStar and I’m sure he understands that. But the truth is, when it comes to such magazines much of the population will be divided.

    As far as Zac having his hands in any questionable spot? Well, it is easy enough to debunk that accusation when you look at the picture as I’m sure all of you did.

  • ayen

    I posted this in VABN, so…I’ll post this here:

    Hmm, you Zac fans need to learn how to respect each other’s opinions. If you guys can’t handle people not liking or disagreeing Zac’s choice in his career advancement, how are you going to handle it once Zac does more extreme roles/shoots and you get even louder disagreement from fellow fans? Are you going to call them out again and alienate his fellow fans? Instead of calling out people’s names and slandering them for not agreeing, maybe you should back it up with good arguments to counteract it instead? That way they can think or sleep over your arguments and maybe…just maybe they’ll change their minds?

    Whatever happens, happens… not every career decision that Zac (and Vanessa) ventures out are going to be met with applause. This is how you as a fan, determine whether you want to stick around and support him (or her) and those that are willing to stick around, instead of pushing those fans even further away, maybe you can debate and articulately let these fans know what they’re missing. Back it up with knowledge and history… There are other actors that have done the same and have reached the ultimate high of stardom.

    That’s just my take. I am enjoying reading the articulate post from different views, despite people pointing fingers and calling out fellow fans ‘haters’. Me as an audience is gaining knowledge and my own stance in this ongoing debate.

    I just want to add one thing too…

    For those that are against this photoshoot, open your mind and actually read some of the ‘points’ that fellow fans are trying to counteract your disagreements/disappointments. You’re in this for the long haul, and Zac is only 21. This is not going to be the first time he’ll be doing this.

  • Pfft

    Karen, you would still see Zac as a saint if he were caught in bed having a foursome with 2 hookers and a horse.
    You are so incredibly biased that it’s hard to take you serious. We all know you’re not going to speak out for what’s right…you’re just going to side with Zac no matter what.

  • e

    I don’t know ’Interview’ magazine and how they work, and we haven’t yet been able to read the whole actual interview with Zac but I did find it funny how he and Gus were spending a lot of time talking about videogames and Zac said that he used to skateboard inside, and then you see this photoshoot that’s supposed to come with it, I guess it does show a bit that even if he starts growing up, he still is young inside.
    It was a good interview, and it was fun to read the parts you could read, and he did say that the interview was done after the photoshoot, and I do think after reading it that he might have been more exited about the interview itself and not as much the photoshoot, even if he did say that it was different, but what do I know, I did love those solo pics of Zac though, they were amazing and the photographer did a great job with those.

    And I agree with some who said that the for example Elle photoshoot he did with Vanessa (and Ashley but I’m mentioning Vanessa here because it was really them that played the in love couple) was way more intense and sexy then this, because it felt like then that they were both really into the photoshoot and their chemistry made it sexy without having to have the pictures scream it out.

  • fan

    I have been reading ‘Zac is a Rat’ and ‘desiree’ comments, and it sounded like they are supportors for Vanessa. I know they are not Zanessa supportors or Zac’s fans, however, they seem to be protecting Vanessa. I just hope their concerns for Vanessa is in good and positive way, and not using this as tactful act to be negative towards her and to bring her down. I see some of the fans that call themselves Vanessa’s fan and said negative comments in a very tactful and polite way towards her.

  • hudgens.efron.lautner

    Omgggg all I can say is one word…WOW! simple as that :D That and hes damnnnn sexyyyy lmaooo! x

  • may

    OMFG she’s from my country!!! I can’t believe that!!!!! Just one lucky b*tch!!

  • ayen

    lol. Zac is a rat, and desire aren’t Vanessa fans. I’m sorry, but they’re embaressing. Both are insecure women. Both have different tactics, but in the long run they like to drag Vanessa’s name down.

  • kami

    you think that pic with the neked boob hanging over zac’s face will end up in popstar or teen beat?!?!?

  • desiree

    i am supporing a woman who is being screwed by a man who is supposed to respect her . damn he didn’t even bother to come home and see her even though he has a few days off and some poster on this board- poppy, grace, karen, well someone said that australia was a shorter plane ride to lax than to england

    if he was soooo happy and content with her he would have spent his free time with her not whoring through australia or england damn even she came home to him on her days not having a concert

    he’s a joke and he’s a cheat and he has no respect for his gf even though he dumped her so he could use up his box of large condoms

    if that makes me a vanessa fan to you then i am but it’s about a woman who loves a man whose a pig

  • SnOopy

    lol…u guys are really funny…that’s only another photoshoot…zac’s juts showing the world he had grown up, he’s not troy bolton anymore….i can’t get where is the problem…obliviously vanessa knew it be4 it was published…-.-’ they’re a couple, and they’re supposed to talk…u know ‘what will u do tomorrow?’ ‘a shoot with a naked model on me’ ‘nice!’…there are NOT probs, u are just getting pathetic, this is not a p*rn movie, it’s just a shoot, nothing special, i didn’t remember that kate winslet was eaten by fans when she posed kinda naked…and guess what?i’m pretty sure in me and orson wells it will be a sex scene…so u ppl are gonna blame zac for this?plz, remember he’s not a disney star anymore…he’s a young man…get over it…

  • ljh

    Why does the model have to be naked for the sake of art? But Zac is way hot!!!!!!

  • gracemarie




  • rosielee9

    Also I think that becuase Zac and Vanessa seem to have such a sacred relactionship as Zac put it that they would talk about a shot like a women laying naked on Zac and that I’m sure that Zac would want Vanessa to be okay with it as I don’t think he would knowingly upset her from what we have seen of them over the past three years, and it’s not like it is a every day thing that Zac does as his job posing with naked women so I’m sure that they talked about it.

    But like anybody else Zac will make mistakes and some things he does including films will do down well and other’s won’t and it seems that if you take out the naked woman then the rest of the photo’s would’nt be a problem but I can see why it has turned out to be, as I have said I personally don’t see the need or point for the naked woman and I’m no prude but Zac opn his own is just as sexy if not more than him with a naked woman.

    I think if Zac had waited for a couple of year’s before doing this kind of photo shoot it would have been received a lot better as HSM3 is still fresh for a lot of people and as I said before it just looks like the thing that brought Zac so much good things and got him into parts he might not have got that he’s running to quick to get away from it and the supportive fans in order to get the older audience, the films he does with time will also come with a older audience who will appreciate the work in a film not how much or less clothing is being worn in a photo shoot.

  • SnOopy

    @ljh…lol…guess it’s an ‘artisti choice’…

  • hannah

    zac already admitted to falling in love . i ‘m so sure it ‘s vanessa . so , whatever . and it doesn ‘t even look like anything serious anymore . because , it ‘s just acting . modeling is just like acting . so , seriously – stop hating .

  • SnOopy

    agree with u hannah…

  • yahoo

    An older audience is much more critical and brutal then a younger one. Young kids will attack you for irrelevant small things like your looks, your relationships, or your popularity; whereas an older audience will analyse you in depth and study your mental state.
    You can’t fool an older audience. We are full of questions and look for better reasons for a persons actions and decisions.
    When I look at this shoot or any other celebrity shoot, I think, what’s the point?

  • zac is a rat


    Just to let you know that I am a Vanessa fan but not a Zac fan and the more he keeps doing this kind of thing and everything else I won’t ever be.

    The pictures are no doubt all over the net and where is Zac no where to be seen but where is his gf back in the USA no doubt laying low becuase of the nasty and rude comments the pap’s will aim at her over the photo’s even though they should’nt and does Zac care NO he’s to busy relaxing and laying low and not giving a dam what his gf might have to put up with back home while he’s off doing god knows what with who ever will let him, sure hope he took some of his condoms with him would’nt want to run out while away after all he does get the economy box and by all accounts he needs to given his wondering ways.

  • kimo

    I think the woman is throwing a lot of people off with her nudity. When was the last time a totally nude woman was on the cover of a magazine besides Playboy? Now if he did something like David Beckham, then I think people would have been pleasantly surprised.
    Although David was in underwear, it was acceptable and sexy. Maybe if zac was in pants all greased or dirty from mud, he would have gained older femail fans and kept the respect of his younger fans. But who knows, maybe this move will help him gain the attention that he was seeking. Some will hate him for this, others will love him. When this drama die down, I’m sure he and Vanessa will speak of the pictures. At the momen, he is in Australia working. Maybe he didn’t come back to LA because he’s waiting for all the hoopla to calm down. Regardless, I’m sure he’s waiting to see what will happen next.

  • Olivia

    Zac of course looks gorgeous, but I was shocked with the nudity. I hope V gave him a hard time about it, cause that really isn’t appropriate when you have a girlfriend ( even if it’s part of his career ) Love u Zac, but minus two brownie points for that.

  • kami
  • kami
  • zac eww

    why some girls think zac is hot? he has a girly face and those pictures are so eww JAJAJAJA DIE ZAC!!!

  • bethany

    okay. all of you complaining about:
    “vanessa will freak!”
    “i hope v gave him a hard time about it.”
    “i’m sure v will be annoyed.”

    don’t you think that zac would have considered her feelings, asking her first and foremost if he could do the shoot? he loves her or he wouldn’t be with her right now, right? so, think of zac. he’s a sweet guy, he would have asked vanessa first.

    stop freaking out [:

  • Trina

    #256 sheila @ 03/17/2009 at 12:49 pm
    don’t kid yourself, the condom comment was meant to come out. it wasn’t just some slip of the tongue. he could have easily explained the sex shop photos without bringing up the condom story. for someone who has so carefully guarded talking about his “private life” in the past to all of a sudden tell the world that he goes through condoms by the bucketful is no coincidence. i’m not saying he’s wrong, it’s just these things are not accidental. he’s been media trained, so you can’t blame it on lack of PR instruction either.

    it’s is all part of the “i’m all grown up” campaign.
    You’re so right about the condom story. He is media trained. He’s been in the business a LONG time.

  • desiree

    hey kimo

    what a great guy he stays away till things die down and leaves her in LA to deal with the nasty crapola the paps will throw at her or worse leaves her to field the press inquiries about the shoot and the model and how she feels and we all know they are trying to contact her that is what they do

    yeah that’s a great bf he’s a real prince he’s a pig

    even zacs biggest supporters on this board have either not shown up or are searching for answers

    i’ll help you all he’s a pig

  • Kelly

    For the People who are bashing Zac because Of the Photoshoot with the Naked Girl you people say you feel sorry for Vanessa but you don’t know the truth about Vanessa.

    I Know people who live in LA they have told me that when Zac was away Filming Me and Orson welles Vanessa was seen haveing lunch with Joe Joans. They also told me that Vanessa was Kissing Joe Joans on the lips. They also said that Vanessa was seen kissing Cole Sprouse on the Lips. So you people Think Vanessa is Perfect will there is the truth. Vanessa is the one that is Cheating on Zac.

  • Kelly

    desiree I hope you see that Vanessa is A bitch

  • Kelly

    desiree please shut Fuck Up. you and Zac is a rat and the same person. desiree You are the fuckin Pig loser.

  • Violet

    Interesting, Kelly……because, you know? When Zac was away filming MAOW…..Vanessa was in Austin filming Bandslam.
    And when she came back….she went with Ashley to SLC to film HSM3.
    I should advice you to get your fact right before insulting Vanessa.

  • Kelly

    desiree Please shut the fuck already, you are a fuck bitch.

  • Kelly

    Violet it is the truth.

  • Kelly

    Violet I know somethings about Vanessa so shut the fuck up

  • Kelly

    Violet Really and you know how this how,

  • gracemarie


    Stop passing out lies. You know nothing about V and you had to post 4 times just to get attention.

    When Zac was making MAOW V was in Austin the ENTIRE TIME and then went straight to UTAH for HSM3. She didn’t even come home and Zac joined her a few weeks later and if you check the dates you will find the Jonas Bros were not even in LA or UTAH.

    What an ass you are and a lying one at that.

  • Kelly

    gracemarie Kiss my Fuckin ass

  • ben

    huh, wonder how vanessa feels
    but then again it’s work at the end of the day so she may not be that fussed, i mean it’s just a photoshoot lol. x

  • logics

    I think he’s probably seeing Vanessa’s scandal as a plus factor. Controversy is great exposure in hollywood.
    Everything worked out great for Vanessa. It got her extreme recognition and a more mature audience. She’s getting great movie offers and is being recognized in major men magazines. If you can win over the male crowd-you’re in.
    Some women don’t like Angelina Jolie for personal reasons. You might think she’s a homewrecker or just an action flick actress, but men don’t give two s h i t s about all that drama. They see a beautiful women with a machine gun-they’re sold. It’s a lot easier for a beautiful women to be accepted in the male market. Over ten million men voted for 100 most beautiful women on earth. That’s ten million men on one site! Men may not be as outspoken as women but they are a huge contributor to the success of films and your fate in this industry.
    Women are more emotional. They get personal with an actor and their own feelings. When you see a naked women on Zac, you start to think about his wife/girlfriend. Doing photoshoots like these isn’t going to win over too many older women-trust me. His PR team aren’t gods; they will make mistakes. They will do things that THEY think will benefit their client in the long haul but it doesn’t always work out that way.
    When men see this, they aren’t going to think “gosh he’s so cool. Look at him with a naked lady ontop of him. I think I’m going to go see the next film he release cos he looks like such a smooth guy…”
    Men love a good actor who can deliver a great and memorible performance. They don’t care about your looks-they like to get down to business.
    (& when I say “your looks”, I mean they don’t care about another dudes looks)

  • Karen marcell

    God,Zac is sooooooo hot even if he is all dirty!!!!!
    Love you baby!!!

  • Violet

    Zac is back in LA….pics are on GG.

  • Becky

    Thanks Violet for letting us know.