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Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Naked Model Tops Zac Efron

Zac Efron instantly sheds his Disney by getting down and dirty in the April 2009 issue of Interview Magazine. Lithuanian model Edita Vilkeviciute even gets naked and lays on top of the 21-year-old actor in one of the shots.

“I think it went pretty cool,” Zac said of the shoot. “There was, like, a giant sandbox in the middle of a studio, and then I just got to roll around in the dirt for a couple of hours. I got pretty dirty by the end of it, so that was fun. It was definitely different from anything I had ever done before.”

The former High School Musical star gets interviewed byMilk director Gus Van Sant in the cover feature. Pick up the latest issue, on stands next Tuesday (March 24).

For more Zac goodness, visit the official mag site at

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Photos: Mikael Jansson/Interview Mag
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  • me

    Kelly, because there’s several pictures of it, of Vanessa on set in Austin, and in SLC, besides, how do you know that’s what she did? Who are these supposed people you know who live in LA? Or let me guess, they are the little voices living inside your head, well tell them to go take a nap or at last come up with something that’s actually believable if they want to bash Vanessa or anyone else, because hun, that just won’t work because people here aren’t stupid enough to believe you.

  • Becky

    Me I Totally agree with you.

  • tizzfan

    that kelly is one dumb poser…. ahahhahahha

    anyway, glad to see zac back in LA…

  • Kelly

    #303 Fuck Off

  • zaclover

    omg!!!!!!!!!!! hes so hottttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lejla

    Wow..Let me just say something, he is a retard!
    i used to love him and now i will never support him again.
    this is just my opinion.
    I get if he wants to get on with life because he is 21 but this is too far!
    i don’t like him and i think he is unappealing to me now.
    i hope Vanessa dumps his stupid self!

  • gracemarie

    I’m glad he’s home now maybe we can focus on something else. Maybe if we see some pixs of him and a smiling V some of you will not be so harsh about the pixs and give him a break.

    Let’s hope

  • lynn

    #299 what is GG

  • robert

    OH MY GOD , I wish I could SUCK his COCK or DICK ENTIRELY.
    I like him shirtless , imagine how much I like him NUDE.

  • please

    He is such an ass.. Vanessa don’t think so low of yourself you can do SO much better then him.Get a REAL man.

  • poppy

    I just love that he did this. I just think it’s beautiful. I think the people who are saying it’s dumb are only serving to answer their own questions. It’s not even sexual. Not in any way at all. It’s actually very raw and vunerable. The fact that he is looking into her eyes, shows true beauty and portrays a vunerable and real picture. The black and white elements, only serve to enhance that. It’s stunning. This is art, this is Inteview magazine. It’s a fashion magazine, where the boundaries are tested, and where it’s the norm to be naked. It’s stunning, and I couldnt’ be more proud of him.

    I think where V is concerned. All you so called ‘fans’, need to stop thinking that you can tell her what to think. V is a very secure woman, very strong and very asured. She won’t think twice about this. It’s work, it’s just a photoshoot. It’s essentially harmless, and it means nothing. Please don’t for one minute think that V did not know, or had not seen the pictures before they were released yesterday. I can assure you she will have known.

    You have to remember that Interview magazine’s readership would not have accepted anything less than edgy. That’s what the magazine is. It’s not a mainstream magazine, it’s not mass marketed or avaliable everywhere. It’s not a carry round magazine either as it’s larger than normal mags. It’s an art journal in a way. And art is the name of the game. The fact that Gus did the interview is also brilliant. For once Zac got to have some decent questions aksed of him, and he answered intelligently and with insight beyond his years. He is remarkable really.

    Compared to his counterparts, this is nothing at the end of the day. It’s a photoshoot. Not really something that should cause this reaction. Compare him to Rob, whose new movie includes full on gay sex scenes, or to Shia, who drinks and has been arrested for dui’s. Compare him to them, and Zac is a god damm saint. I can’t express enough how this is just an arty shoot. It’s brilliant, and beautiful, but’s it’s just one picture. That’s it.

    I’d actually like to focus on the interview. The fact that he says he’s ‘fallen in love’. To say you’ve fallen in love with someone means you fell in love with who they are. It shows that himself and Van have grown together in their near 4 years, have grown from strength to strength. It’s a beautiful and insightful quote. One which connotates that he is still faliing, there’s probably something new he learns about her and them, everyday that makes him fall even more. The fact that he has been with V for nearly 4 years, shows how serious and strong they actually are. That shows him to be a real man, very mature for his age, considering most 21 years don’t have a clue. As he says in the interview, he is quite the old soul, and it’s wonderful to see. I just love how he is free to be himself, be grown up and not some Disney puppet. You can tell that V enjoys it too, hence all the ‘looks’ and touching on the red carpet. They are two young adults, and only deserve to be themselves. Because at the end of the day, that’s all you can be. If people don’t like it, then so be it. As I always say, detractors are only further reason to succeed.

    That quote, and the way he looks at her, say more about who he is than this photo. Taking a little risk every now and then, is all about having fun, mixing it up. It’s harmless when all is said and done. But your family, friends, and loved ones, are who count at the end of the day. Because without them, life would mean nothing, And I truly believe Zac knows that. Hence his stark contrast between his public and private self. This picture is public Zac, it’s work. Who he is with V, is his private self. There is a difference, and it’s very evident. But, when all is said and done. He is still Zac. Charming, funny, charasmatic, intelligent, talented and above all, committed to V and his job.

  • peace

    I do not have anything against the photo. Now if Zac is trying to grow away from his teens/tweens fans or his heartthrob/Disney images, he could of do what Daniel R. (Harry Potter) did was to get naked on stage infront of live audience while performing his theaterical acting role. Or just have a sexy picture of himself naked.

    By having a naked model on top of a fully clothed Zac makes it degrading to women. It is saying in order for woman to get ahead, she has to take off her clothes and make a man look good or satisfy the man. I know this 20 or 21 years old model has been posing without clothes infront of camaras since she was under 18 years age, which she is probably very use to it. I know it is tasteful art work, but it can damage an actor like Zac or it may promote him. It may turn off older women audiences and his teens/tweens fans, but will not make any different to male audiences. Male audiences looks at male actors in terms of their acting abilities and skills not their looks or how fit their bodies are. Male audiences do look at the female actresses in terms of being sexy and their looks, but they still appeals to the qualities of their acting skills. I believe Vanessa has capture more and more of the younger and older male audiences each day. Of course, she still retained her loyal female fans, young and old. Vanessa still have to climb mountains as her goals to the top, but she is well on her way because of many movie offers from directors and producers that are for more mature audiences like Sucker Punch, Dead@17, and many more. And maybe Zac is not getting movie roles offers for more mature audiences, therefore, this photo shoot is to prove that point.

  • vacrazed

    The thing about Van is that she is 100% been true to herself. Even with her pictures. NO denial, public apology, everything. She is who she is. It’s refreshing. It’s awesome to see someone know themself and not try to be something else. I think the same thing of Zac, but I feel for men this industry can be especially cruel to a heartthrob, and he has to figure out how to move past that stage. He will make mistakes granted along the way (not that this is one) but, he is learning, and I think he is doing an admirable job. He also has a slew of people he has to listen to on career advice, so let’s see where this takes him and as a fan I don’t plan on taking my support any where else. These two are very mature for their age. They have weathered amazing things together and as individuals, and this and the controversy that goes with it will be one more.
    In the end, Zac has to be true to himself. And I hope that in this message he sends, we don’t lose the real authentic Zac that we have all been able to get to know the past few years. I hope that Zac sticks around, cause he is a pretty well spoken respectful guy who seems to be pretty content with a normal life, and I like that side of him. I think most of us want to relate to those we follow, so far he has been that, let’s hope he can find the balance, not go too far, and yet move ahead.

  • rentonsgirl

    I think a lot of people are reading WAY too much into something that is just a photo shoot. They’re just nice glossy pictures that accompany an interview, these ones inparticular are very arty in their tone but essentially they mean nothing to the casual reader.

    They’re not personal photographs and they’re certainly nothing for him to be ashamed of, and definitely not a mistaken career move.

    I don’t think they cheapen who he is as a person.

    I really don’t understand all the personal attacks that are flying around and calls for V to dump him just because he was doing his job.

    Do you feel bad for the non-famous wives of actors when their husbands/boyfriends pose for pictures like this?

    If you’re going to be in a relationship with a performer of any kind then you’re going to have to put up with the fact that this is part of their world. Vanessa is part of this world too and she knows exactly what to expect.

    I agree so much with what Poppy has said, I’m so glad that someone with sense has come on here to leave a comment.

    There are plenty of actors that do films that are family friendly that have done lots of much more mature projects. Its not his responsibility to make all his films suitable for younger audiences and no one should expect this of him.

    I’m sure he’s hoping to be able to make all kinds of films that are suitable to all different ages.

    What he’s doing is senseible, tween and teen audiences quickly grow out of their chosen idols and some just as quickly move onto the next hot thing.

    His shelf life with this audience would fast be coming to an end and he’s just made the decision to jump before he’s pushed.

    He has done no one any harm. He’s not constantly getting photographed falling out of clubs drunk in the middle of the night, getting in trouble for breaking the law, smoking in public, getting caught taking drugs, getting ready for a stint in rehab or even hopping from one girl to another.

    The way the younger members of the Hollywood circle have been behaving the last few years Zac Efron is a fricking Angel.

    Leave the poor guy alone to be his own person.

  • gracemarie

    Thank you Poppy I said before it must be my NY raising that keeps me from thinking it’s something it’s not . Although I didn’t love the model one but I’m not tripping over it either, my reasons for not being crazy for it I’ve stated before and below.

    I’m more interested that people see him as an actor and not just a nice face and bode (V also) and that’s why I wasn’t in love with the model shot, people are so narrow minded about these things and I’m concerned it could backfire. My other concern was how rude the paps are going to be over this to both of them and I don’t want either of them to feel bad

    And your right Interview Magazine is known for this, the mag is all over NY all the time, no one thinks much of it except as an artistic vision.

  • perry

    #283, Zac Efron doesn’t have to ask Vanessa squat! In case you haven’t noticed he was an actor before hudgens and will be one long after she fades away. His career choices are really none of her business. they are kiddie gf and bf and I’m sure that will soon end.

    loved this photo op! he’s really maturing and I bet he loved doing the scene with that gorgeous model. lots of fish in the sea for him and soon he will be swimming towards them.

  • mirjam

    nice pics, just the wrong girl

  • gracemarie


    If your not going to contribute anything of value to the conversation except your V hatred and man love for Zac then spare us and go away.

    Oh just so you won’t seem as dumb next time V has been working since she was a child younger than Zac, both in theater initiallyand she broke into movies first while he began on TV.

    At the moment she is being sought after or rumored to be sought after by 3 separate major movie projects and has a movie coming out just like Zac

    I think they are both going to around a long time and together.

  • http://justjared alc

    dont like it at all

  • Tree

    Someone made a comment about Zac not wanting to be a hearthrob. Well this photo does not get away from that by any means. He is just feeding it. As for the paps they are going to be all over him even more with the rude and crude comments, what did he exspect. I hope he prepares himself for the fallout.

  • Tiptoes

    i enjoyed reading all your posts – those made by the mature fans, not the haters. we may not agree on the timing or rationale, but one thing for sure – it elicited a lot of controversy and hype for Zac.

    i finally found the date and pic he did his photoshoot :

    And for those observant enough, he is wearing the cartier ring on his right hand. even when he is embracing the model…

  • vacrazed

    gracie marie…thanks for comments to the poor soul of Poppy. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • omg

    I realize it is meant to be an artsy photo shoot but I do not know how comfortable I would feel if I knew my boyfriend had a naked model on top of him. I wonder how Vanessa feels???

  • Tree

    Tiptoes, what is the Cartier ring mean?

  • Tree

    There Is no ring on any finger or hand

  • Trina

    I know it’s hard to see past those boobs, but yes, Zac does have a ring on the ring finger of his right hand.

  • isabela

    who cares about vanessa??

    good…zac is SOOO hot in those pics…I’m dying here!

  • sheila

    vanessa kissing cole sprouse? lmao. yeah…right.

  • sheila

    ok, so what are you trying to say with respect to the ring? was he sending a subliminal message that he’s wearing a ring that’s supposed to symbolize his commitment to vanessa while he has a naked model on top of him? sure, whatever. the guy hardly ever wears that ring. i have not seen him wearing it the entire time he has been in aussie, the oscars, golden globes, watchmen premiere or even pap photos. if the ring really meant anything to him that was super significant, he’d make a point of wearing it slightly more frequently. i know people became crazy obsessed about looking for his hawaii ring and that’s probably what has caused him to stop bothering with it ( ie. if he didn’t wear it, that must have meant they broke up…stupid stuff like that). either that or he lost it.

    sorry, i think this was just a case of happenstance. he happened to be wearing the ring to the shoot and kept it on, or was advised to keep it on because it looked good. i don’t think he wore it to the shoot with the intention of sending out some kind of coded message like, “don’t worry fans, i still love my girl.” he has never really cared about fans’ opinions of his relationship status so this would be a rather odd moment to suddenly take that into account.

  • tree

    Sheila, I agree with your opinion on the ring situation. His Kuippo ring is gone, this so called Cartier ring has no meaning that I have heard and he barely wears it so I don’t think it means much other than he wears it when he wants to.

  • Boji

    Amazing, how just one picture could command paragraphs and passages of posts!

    Gracemarie, thanks for the thumbs up and likewise, I find your posts very noteworthy.

    Sorry, I’m not as literary prolific but here goes. It is only one of many photoshoots albeit a good one. They were only posing for the photog and I don’t find anything erotic in it with the exception that the model was completely unclothed,in her birthday suit with her tits showing. I would say that this is the selling factor for the magazine. If she had her clothes on, it would have been a different story.

    Now, I would like to see Vanessa in a similar photoshoot scantily clad with a young greek god or more surrounding her or fawning over her unlike Jennifer Aniston who had not a stitch on.The photographer would have to have an artistic eye, someone like Annie Liebowitz . This would be very interesting and I’m a Vanessa fan. : )

  • sheila

    no way, i would not wish this kind of scrutiny on vanessa in any way.

    however, if she choses to do something like this down the road, then its her choice.

  • Boji

    Puhleese, as I said it would have to be an artsie/artsy photoshoot. One which you could hang on your wall. Geez, lighten up. How many celebrities have had such photoshoots. I liked the one Annie did of Miley. It was innocent enough, unfortunately, she being a disney protegee (is that how you spell it) and a tweenie idol caused an uproar over the pic.

  • Zanessa4ever


  • Karen

    I already said on JJJ how I liked this post. It has so much sense to it. I just wish people could “get it”.

    Likewise to your post. Does anyone ever think about a non-acting significant other when the “star” does these photo shoots? And it happens a lot if people would frequent magazines like Interview.

    Also, I would say Vanessa will listen to the comments from those supposed fans who are telling her to break up with Zac just as much Zac listened to those type “fans” when they screamed at him to break up with Vanessa over her picture. I would hope by now that people would understand just how stupid that was when they told Zac to do that and so hopefully some of you might get a hint to how stupid it is to tell Vanessa to do it too.

  • Tiptoes

    # 329 sheila, i am not implying anything with the presence of Zac’s ring; i am just pointing it out.

    And as for the timing of this photoshoot, here is a good article :

  • Boji

    Karen, you tell them. Zac and Vanessa are young adults and the unfortunate thing is they started out under the Disney umbrella and garnered alot of tweenie fans and parents supported them who think that they are ideal role models for their children. Well, they also have to accept that Zac and Vanessa are growing up and are making this transition and are not infallible to making mistakes. Whatever, I’ll always be there for Vanessa and Zac, too as he is her choice.

  • go sox

    I just want to make clear, that I am a Zac fan, and this does not change that. But I call things as I see them, whether positive or negative. It’s “constructive criticism”. Not everything Zac does will be perceived as wonderful by fans. I’m on the side of thinking this was not tasteful, not the right time for this kind of picture. Geez, he’s ONLY 21….I could have even understood this from a 30 yr. old, but to want to be seen like this so young is still weird to me. The timing of this picture, with a movie being promoted right now, is strange to me too.

    I think it’s important to be respectful of all the differing opinions on this as well. I do think Zac needs to hear that some things he does will not be well received by his fans, even the loyal ones, like me.

  • Boji

    Tiptoes, thanks for the link and the only steamy thing I see in that pic is she’s not wearing underwear and her youknowwhat is showing. This is the cause of controversy.

  • tree

    go socks, I enjoy reading and agree with your comment.

  • Boji

    Go Sox, howdy, yes I understand your view point. You are right in the sense that the model needn’t have been starkers. I was taken aback when I saw the unblanked picture in all its glory. I thought she was only unclothed from the waist up. Personally I’m not too keen on this pic, but it is the selling point for the magazine, what else can I say.

  • Ferdy

    OMG! ¬¬
    Efron what’s up!!!
    i mean… he need the naked bitch?
    i answer it! em…. NO!!!
    Nessa is the girl! no that THINK!
    the girl naked sucks!
    Nessa should be the girl naked
    and no the bitch! ¬¬

    i’m out control!

    Efron you’re so hot but you’re FREAKY!

  • Boji

    To add, Go Sox , well said! It is good that as mature fans we can have our own opinions without getting our knickers all in a twist over differring opinions/viewpoints.

  • fklajsd;

    Between him and the Jonas Brothers…. Thank goodness they are able to break away and do things outside of Disney.

  • go sox

    Exactly, Boji. I am not a mindless, moronic fan. I completely respect those people who think this was a great career move. I’m just stating my opinion that this really wasn’t necessary. His talent and work ethic will speak for itself. And I would have preferred he be taken seriously in that way, and not in a purely sexual, controversial way. It’s just my opinion.

    I know people will say others have done this to jumpstart their careers, like Jessica Biel and Justin TImberlake. So tell me… you really think they’ve had the desired effect they wanted with their racy pics? ( And theirs didn’t involve a naked person on top of them!!) No, they don’t have a huge amount of respect in the acting profession, nor have they been swimming in offers. So, I stand by my opinion that this doesn’t always produce results or serious respect from directors.

  • angie

    He is a joke. I can NOT believe this.First off he has NO respect for Vanessa and does’nt care about her AT ALL and I’m not talking about the shoot alone. He also needs to get an identity as well. This look he has is total fail. BTW-I can say what ever I want to say. If you don’t agree with me build a bridge and get over it.

  • go sox

    angie, he’s NOT a joke. Just a young actor trying to find his place in a cut-throat business. This photoshoot has NOTHING to do with Vanessa. NOTHING. This is all about Zac, and his decision to do this shoot. Some of us feel like he compromised his principles; others think it was the perfect way to move his career along.

    We may not agree with you, but I respect what you have to say. We are definitely not all in agreement on this topic, but it has certainly made us all talk!!

  • tree

    Go Sox, I have been commenting all day and defending my point of view as to how I do not feel this photo choice will somehow make Zac be viewed as a serious actor, but to continue the view that he is a sex symbol. I think your comparisons are right on target. I hope Zac or his team read some of these comments. Thank you Go Sox

  • sheila

    well, like i said before…i hope now that he’s played with his good boy image that he can focus on his acting roles. so far, the only ones i’m hearing about are scripts that are a long way from being ready, etc. i hope to god he’s got some options for films that are actually READY TO BE FILMED and not just being developed as concepts (jonny quest, for example)

  • Karen

    People who don’t like the photo and think it was ill-advised of Zac to do it is one thing—a differing of opinions, yes. However, those who are tearing him down because they don’t like it due to anything concerning Vanessa is quite another. It is his career but I’m sure as much as they seem to support each other that in the end it was OK with her and she knew about it and whether some of you believe it or not did not freak out and was supportive. But some would say she didn’t have a say in it anyway. But I think he did discuss it with her. And considering it was done at the end of January then Vanessa has know about it for a while and she didn’t find it awful enough not to go to the GG an Oscars with him or be at the Watchmen premiere. So, I think all of you who are outraged and think she should dump him you should see that isn’t likely. And for those of you who think the female should have been Vanessa—do we need to explain how off tat thinking is?