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Rihanna To Remake 'The Bodyguard'

Rihanna To Remake 'The Bodyguard'

Rihanna was in NYC over the weekend to discuss various film projects, according to the NYDN‘s Gatecrasher.

The first is the remake of 1992′s The Bodyguard. The 21-year-old is rumored to take Whitney Houston‘s role while GI Joe hunk Channing Tatum would replace Kevin Costner.

“Before the situation with Chris [Brown], Ri was getting a lot of scripts. She’s been wanting to do movies for a while now,” our insider reveals.

Rihanna is also said to be considering the Charlie’s Angels sequel, as well as possibly starring alongside Justin Timberlake, with whom she released her hit single “Rehab.

Both projects don’t sound very plausible. Do you think Rihanna should star in either movie?

UPDATE: Rihanna‘s rep denies these movie reports.

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  • Vivien

    I’ve lost respect for her after she went back to the man that beat her.

  • enoughalready

    She cant master singing yet so why would someone want to put her in their movie?

    Regardless of what has happen, she still cant sing!

    Take a poll and ask if she can sing, the majority will say the same, HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Having songs that have a nice beat dont make you a singer…

  • Raichill

    Good grief, why the heck would they want to remake ‘The Bodyguard’? Whitney has such a strong voice and is a pleasure to listen to. Rihanna isn’t.

  • babybabybaby

    For the love of gawd NO!

  • lakers fan in boston

    good, cuz im pretty sure she’s sucked balls at acting like many ppl do
    cant stand her =p

  • amazinggg

    rihanna? actress? i wouldn’t see either movie BECAUSE she would be the star…especially not in the bodyguard..

  • lalalove

    @ 35. You loser! Beyonce is GREAT in her vids, can she act? Honestly, tell me.

    I’d cry tears if she ever destroyed “the Bodyguard”. Whitney has more talent in her cracked up finger tips than this girl will ever have!!! HELL NO!!!

  • lalalove

    P.S OMG!!!! Look at that tenhead! MERCYYYYYYYYYYYY.
    I knew it was big, but damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

  • msblknasty1

    if she goes back with breezy hell no dont give her dumb azz shit…. but if she leaves ike jr. then give her the world lolol

  • nicole b

    She can never ever never ever sing like Whitney.

  • msblknasty1

    above … ummm whitney dont sing like whitney so what is your point .. id rather here rhi rhi.. then to her crack voice ….ewww whitney

  • nicolem

    I’ll never watch it!

  • janaina

    she is beautiful in jeans, but I hope it is not using Pepe animal, peta it, if the animal skin, it should put the skin of Chris because it is an aggressive animal


    She is a loser! What kind of image is she sending out to young girls? “Sure it’s OK to knock around your girlfriend”. What a loser! She deserves Chris “Beat Em” Brown.

  • des



    Lots of good actresses have turbulent personal lives, some of it is what makes them complicated and effective. DON”T JUDGE!

    She would be EXCELLENT in Charlie’s Angels! Gorgeous, strong and capable.

    She’ll work it out, if she hits it she’ll be a huge star. Whitney was a great singer but a terrible actress. The Preacher’s Wife is another movie with an amazing soundtrack that fails miserably.

    Let her make the remake, who cares? If you love it then WOW!

  • rockinrobyn

    She better learn how to speak first & like LL Cool J when he first started n many others, take SPEECH CLASSES. I’m truly surprise she didnt care enough about her self to take the initiative yet. She’s also fallen back on her dance moves n voice being so busy spending $ n ignoring her fam bam n siblings back home. I love to hear different accents, except my own, and being an island girl from the country in Hawaii myself, haoles always try to imitate our accent. They think it’s cute, lol. Basically it’s broken-english. I heard Rihanna in an interview on a YouTube video and (not 2 b rude) but she sounds awful, also like she was reluctant to talk out of embarassment. I heard tourist from Barbados before but they didnt sound like her. Someone said she speaks w/ a ghetto Barbados accent not of someone educated from Barbados, whatever that sounds like. Be nice 2 c her in films tho.

  • Nancyd

    Of Course!

  • Jen

    riri as an actress.. nope.. she cant even sing well

  • Merrrr

    Please don’t put yourself to shame. Dont push it just because your a great singer. Id rather you sing with JT then star alongside him. Not good mate.

  • http://YAHOO.COM S

    It should be Beyonce and Channing Tatum!!!!! Rihanna can’t sing!!!!

  • ****

    Yup, anyone who wears fur should get the shit beat out of them.

  • maddison

    She has no business trying broadway. I’ll admit, listening to her music isn’t the same anymore. How can you root for someone who chooses to reconcile with a woman-beater? She’s a fool and an idiot.

  • tim

    Noooo! she shouldn’t do this! Not only because there is hardly any room for improvement in the bodyguard, and rihanna is not a better singer/actress than whitney!!

  • rita

    Even though it would be horribly cheesy, I would LOVE to see a Bodyguard remake with Rihanna and Channing Tatum!

  • casey

    i think she’ll be remaking Whitney’s crack addiction and abusive marriage to Bobby Brown first. Chris Brown/Bobby Brown, same thing. let’s hope Ri gets it together first.

  • ROO


  • Philip Wester

    So is this why she’s staying with Chris Brown? Whitney had Bobby (ironically also a Brown), Rihanna needs her Chris Brown to make her life miserably while shooting “The Bodyguard”?

  • Ryan

    Her voice isn’t strong enough!!!! I heard her sing Mariah Carey’s Hero, and it was awful!

  • Aubrey

    i think that she would be a great actress, she could do better than chris brown

  • MMA

    She doesn’t really seem “Angel” material.

  • Talia

    Go for da bodyguard chicky CHANNING TATUM!!! hw da hell can u pass dat up

  • hahaha

    ohh no,rihanna souldnt do musicals ,maybe charlies angles if she was the assasin,dont you think? i mean she got that crazy-but-in-control look. and if you dont like her singing then support her in acting cause she might just do a will smith and become a real actress lol