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Salma Hayek Covers "InStyle" April 2009

Salma Hayek Covers

Newlywed Salma Hayek gets glamorous in Gucci, taking front and center on InStyle‘s April 2009 cover, the mag’s “color issue.”

“Any color can look beautiful on you,” the 42-year-old actress says. “It’s like a relationship. You just have to embrace it and work with it… When you’re petite, what color you wear doesn’t matter so much but big prints are probably not the best idea.”

Of her 17-month-old daughter Valentina Paloma, Salma says, “She’s a little dictator! (laughs) She is unique, magical–definitely the most colorful person I’ve ever met. I feel so connected to her, but at the same time, we are completely different. I discover something new about her every day.”

On Friday (March 13), Salma and husband Francois-Henri Pinault took Valentina to the Chris McMillan salon. The day before, Pinault was seen showering Valentina with kisses at Westfield Century City Shopping Center. 10+ pictures inside….

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  • rhoniluv

    super-cute baby. i love her combination of his eyes and nose & salma’s everything else.

    suri’s got some compe-ti-tionnnnnn. lol.

  • all natural

    oh boy, somebody got photoshopped a lot…

  • hah

    is it just me, or do many latino babies look alike? Honor, Valentino, Levi (Matthew’s son) all look related.. I’m just noting it, not hating.

  • http://www Caty

    Beautiful family

  • kate

    Um – where’d her boobs, hips, and thighs go? It looks like they photoshopped her head onto a waifish starlet body. It’s all wrong….

  • blah

    3 words for Salma: Gold- Digging Whore

  • rhoniluv

    re: hah

    it’s just you. Honor looks like a big-headed Monchichi

  • Halli

    I don’t blame Salma. I would marry a billionaire too! Valentina is one of the cutest babies. Valentina, Shiloh and Suri are the cutest Hollywood baby girls

  • Porsche

    This woman is so hot! Her husband should color his hair, then he would look his age instead of 20 years older. He’s in his mid 40′s believe it or not.

  • Countess von zinzendorf

    Some guys look better with gray hair like my husband. Not every man has to die his hair to look good or try to impress 20 year olds.

  • elle

    gorgeous but she a gold-digger for sure!

  • elle

    #3 I agree with you, they all look related

  • just me

    #3 No your’e not hatin but your ‘e not too bright.

  • jc

    I agree with #10 on the hair issue. My man is older than I am tried dying his hair when he want grey – hated it. They look like they have the same reddish brown hair colour on older faces. I love George Clooney’s hair and my partner just updated his cut and glasses and he looks younger than his friends who colour their hair. I this man looks great…impeccably groomed, great cut, healthy, successful and he looks very in love with his daughter and wife. Dont assume Salma didnt marry for love – that’s a teenager’s view.

  • jc

    I agree with #10 on the hair issue. My partner is older and tried dying his hair when he went grey – I hated it. Men usually look like they have the same reddish brown hair colour on older faces. I love George Clooney’s hair and my partner just updated his cut and glasses and he looks younger than his friends who colour their hair. I think Francois looks great…impeccably groomed, great cut, healthy, successful, confdient enough to NOT need to look 10 yrs younger and seems very in love with his daughter and wife. Dont assume Salma didnt marry for love AND security – her life, her choice.

  • just me

    #11, LMAO, when she saw him kissing that white girl off a yacht, she took the first plane to France to meet with him…She said Beeotch ain’t got nothing on me let me get that man…good for her, she got him to marry that is a hot latina , momma mia!!!!!

  • jolly

    i don’t know if she’s really a gold digger, cause she actually makes a lot of money herself. But seriously, who doesn’t want to be a gold digger? don’t tell me you would not do anything when a goldmine is right in front of you.

  • British Latin American

    hah and elle, if all ‘latino’ babies look alike, at least like the babies mentioned, then they must all be beautiful. I’d love to know what you two look like. Not hating, just observing.

  • British Latin American

    I think Francois-Henri’s hair is nice as it is. Its nice to know there is a mature man who isn’t trying to impress twenty-something bimbos and teen-age airheads.

  • zk

    How adorable is Valentina?!?! OMG she is super cute………JJ, you need to show this little doll alot more…….she certainly is much cuter and happier than that hideous, miserable cruise baby who gets forcibly dragged all over the place.

  • betsky
  • NativeNYker

    At last he made an honest woman out of her! LMAO….

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • lucy and Ethel


  • Porsche

    I have nothing against gray hair, I just think for HIM it makes him look older, especially since Salma looks so young and vivacious. I would mistake him for Valentina’s grandfather rather than her father. But maybe that’s just me!

  • wtf?

    they photoshopped her elbow!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i like the cover
    but im not liking the other pics
    ive never found her pretty honestly
    i just think she has some nice boobs, altho ive heard they maybe fake sadly

  • ‘Mandise

    Salma is so beautiful. I love her. She’s gorgeous. And Oh my gosh, Valentina is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable. Such a cutie pie. She’s my favorite celebrity tot along with Nahla Aubry. They’re the cutest. awwww <3 look at those chubby legs and cheeks…. aww I could eat her up right now. Too cute baby

  • Paige

    The people that mention her being a gold digger must date
    hamburger flippers………..

  • mexican

    andale andaleeeeeee lupitas cagonas .. salma enana lupita cagonaaaaa gold digger ..

  • Jennyfer

    Estupidos tús comentarios…mexican.

    I Love Valentina, class and beauty…yeah!!!!!

  • rEecey pieces

    Salma is one of the most beautiful woman in the industry, I want her to stay authentic to her Mexican heritage (her body is beautiful w/o photoshopping). The baby is a cutie patutie…..not that Honor….no words.

  • mimi

    31, Salma is also Lebanese, She looks more Lebanese than Mexican especially before her nose job. She really didn’t need the anglo nose job she was just as beautiful with her bigger nose.

  • Jen

    to #3 not all latino babies look alike.. Valentina doesnt look like honor at all.. honor and levi do however.. but i have to say that the Valentina is super cute and these pics are adorable!


    Go salma all the univision fans are salivating in their pants, what they don’t understand is that salmita to her fans had to do a pre nup, he has alot of kids prior to valentina, so her fans are in denial, to think that all the money goes to valentina or salmita is laughable, some univision fans think that the french billionaire, can help mexico , w.t.f. I laugh whenever i go into the univision blogs they love when meican women marry outside of their race as long as money is involved. as far as valentina is concerned she is one fugly lil. girl, what is up with the afro flat nose, what the hell is she feeding her she is fat and fugly . too many tacos, the french hubby is fugly as well. her fans don’t care because salmita married a billionare, and that makes her better than any one else not!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Grace

    She’s already rich so how does marrying a guy richer than her make her a goldigger? Maybe she likes powerful men.

  • maddison

    Grace, totally agree. Salma is one of those rare Hollywood actresses with brains and looks. She has a nice little empire for herself sans billionaire hubby. But, lordy-lord, her baby is extremely fortunate to have money on her side. Plastic surgery will be her oyster. Don’t get me started on that Honor chick. She already has Premium Gold membership with Dr. 90210.

  • Kuky

    So cute ty JJ ;)

  • paisley

    love the pictures! Valentina is so adorable!!! Love Salma,she has class, beauty and substance. I’m glad they are together and happy.
    Francois is hot and his hair is just fine, kind of like Anderson Cooper, Richard Gere, George Clooney and my silver fox husband who is only 43. They do look in love in the paris fashion show. Hope it last. Felicitacions et bonne chance! More Valentina’s pictures JJ!!!!

  • @ maddison

    you are not much better than those you criticize. just by reading you, you come across as a bi*ch and as a bitter h*ag.

  • Salma and Francois rock

    Salma , Francois and valentina make a sweet couple. I like seein g their pictures in Paris and NY.
    For some reason some of the co mme nts sound like they are written by p here z Hi lton# like the one by M a NN y. He’s so je alous of salma cuz she is not C u@ban

  • maddison

    #40, Umm…why so personal? This is a site for celebrity gawking for chrissakes! You must either be one of the celebs criticized by or a sensitive family/friend of. Boo freakin’ hoo hoo hoo! Remove that sourpuss expression from your mug and go have some fun ‘kay? Still love ya!

  • MMA

    That baby is sooo cute!

  • victoria

    I loved the little white bag on page 300; I believe it is a Liz claiborne bag; where can I buy it?