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Taylor Momsen Gets High and Lowe

Taylor Momsen Gets High and Lowe

Gossip Girl cutie Taylor Momsen and model Daisy Lowe help launch Carrera Vintage Sunglasses at The Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York City on Friday night (March 13).

Catch Taylor on tonight’s new episode of Gossip Girl, entitled “The Age of Dissonance”. Be prepared for some surprises as the Upper East side gang returns! Sebastian Stan (aka Leighton Meester‘s off-screen boyfriend) makes another appearance tonight as Chuck’s nemesis, Carter Baizen.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Momsen getting high and Lowe

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  • get over yourself

    how old is this twat. Im sorry you’re not playing dress up? and yet every outfit seems like an attempt to be nothing but pretentious

  • phil

    yikes…what a trampy 16 year old!

    she should be ashamed of herself and her parents- have they no mercy?

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    she’s young – living the life everyone of you old ass bishes wish you could have lived in the city you wish you lived in. hahahahahahahahaha
    young, fly, with no cares in the world.

  • lily


  • amiee

    omg she looks sooo dead. i used to love taylor but lately im believing the rumors of bulemia. i love her clothes though.

  • lala


  • Lena

    ha nice joke jj

  • Summer

    I love her, she’s so edgy, and doesn’t give a sh**t lol

  • yup

    She really did used to be so adorable! I loved her look on tonights eppy! I also loved the short scene she had with Nate! :D

  • Sarah

    fierce! I love her!

  • Ava

    Courtney Love at 15.

  • erik

    i totally agree w you 11!!

    it’s like she’s trying to prove to a world that DOESN’T CARE that she’s something super hard core. get over yourself!!!

  • cutie

    Cute girl. Too much lipstick.

  • lillian

    Horrible. FUG.

  • sam

    # 3- you must be a bimbo like momsen. tacky trashy and knows no better.

    pity you!

  • http://Goawaybeyonce ok then

    please don’t end up in Rehab.

  • groovacious

    girlfriend looks FIIIIEEERRRCCCEEE

  • emma.

    She’s a cute girl with her own style. She’s growing up, people leave her alone.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    be sure: “A-HA” too, folks!!

  • lulu

    oh dear.

  • tinsky

    why are you in a hurry to look old? enjoy your youth, dress your age and be a happy, carefree teenager. sure, you get the media’s attention by being “different” but this can only go on until somebody else catches the media’s attention & where will that leave you? you’ll be known as the media-hungry kid with a sick fashion sense whose only claim to fame is looking horrendous in photographs.

  • Hannaly

    I personally love how she looks!
    Except all that lipstick.But anyway,
    stop judging her,I bet if you guys had the chance to dress
    or look how she does you guys would!
    Stupid Bitches.

  • raena

    I’m 16 and i have to admit, i would kill to look like her
    ,and i’m pretty sure most guys i know would eat her up

    shes just toooo pretty/tall/old looking to be my age.

  • haha

    isn´t it curious to notice how fashionable people often look simply ridiculous?

  • that’s hideous

    memo to taylor:
    you’re NOT courtney love!!

  • blahhhwaa

    woah, anyone who is saying that she is trying to look older and seem like she doesn’t give a shit or what ever, you obviously know nothing. do you realize that any actor/actress that attends a hollywood event does NOT get to plan exactly what they look like. there are people in charge of her wardrobe. personally, i think she looks hot, and she is better dressed & more successful then any 16-year-old girl i know. the only reason your bashing her is because your jealous!

  • Lol

    What exactly does a 16 year old dress like?
    I’m 16 myself and I admit my make-up isnt like that, but for her style, I can tell you that it’s a fact that 16 years old do dress like that.
    But if you disagree, tell me what 16-year-olds dress like…

  • anonymous

    Looking as trashy and wh0rish as ever, I see. Not to mention, she looks like she’s about as coked out as can be. She’ll be the next celeb in rehab, if she makes it that far without overdosing.

  • ashley

    She looks hot, stop hating!!!

  • 현지


  • SChwetty balls

    She looks good, if a little old for her age but c’mon, teenage girls often experiment with their looks. I know I did at that age and couldn’t wait to get older, look older. I competed with my 4 years older cousin for family attention so at 15, I piled on the lipstick, wore tight clothes and 4-inch heels!

    It’s what girls do at that age. Give her a break. It doesn’t mean she’s on drugs or trashy (WTF?) or promiscuous.

  • MMA

    She’s so Rock-’n-Roll!

  • E

    she older than me in one year. and she look so older than 15-16 years old. when I started to watch gossip girl I thought she was like 22.. she’s beautiful but she looks really older, and all the make up she puts on herself… come on she’s just 15..!!
    she really pushed the line..

  • http://taylormomsen max

    ilove hert haters are bitches f u u just wish u were her. u have no life talkink about someone ui jealos about imk hear loking for new styles not gosdsip u low life bitches

  • http://taylormomsen asia

    you low life bitches have nothing eklse to do but judge

  • S

    Oh that’s a shame, I dress like that. I can tell you I am not a whore or a coke addict. I’m the same age as her, I look older. It just comes down to peoples sense of fashion. If you are seriously saying an obviously down to earth, successful teenage girl is a whore or whatever else you are calling her because of what she wears, you seriously need to take a good look at the impression that you are giving out to people by judging people so crudely.

  • =Logan=

    I think people forget that Taylor Momsen is an ACTRESS and a CELEBRITY!!

    She stars in one of the most fashionable TV shows, Gossip Girl, were everything is about fashion, taking fashion risks and making style statements. She may be 16, but in hollywood you grow up fast!

    I LOVE LOVE those Red Carrera sunglasses, they look so hot! The sunglasses look amazing on both Taylor Momsen and Daisy Lowe, i’m going to buy myself a pair of those red Carrera sunglasses.