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Violet Affleck Has a Notable Nanny

Violet Affleck Has a Notable Nanny

Violet Affleck gets picked up from her nursery school in Santa Monica by her nanny on Monday (March 16).

Looks like Ben and Jen are tied up for the moment!

The three-year-old cutie’s dad covers the April Issue of Esquire and commented about his boring ways, saying, “What’s the most radical twist – or the most surprising thing about myself – is that none of the stuff you read, none of it has anything to do with me, with my life, my work. I’m a very straightforward, pretty boring guy!”

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Credit: Fapian/Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • sunny


  • alias101

    shes so adorable!

  • Ivelisse

    ITs just not RIGHT to publish pics of a child when she’s (or he’s) not with their famous parents. There is no reason for this post (other than I guess they were cheap pictures for JJ since their is nobody famous in them!)

  • Ivelisse

    ITs just not RIGHT to publish pics of a child when she’s (or he’s) not with their famous parents. There is no reason for this post (other than I guess they were cheap pictures for JJ since their is nobody famous in them!)

  • Ava

    Please leave Violet and the nanny alone. I think a three year old should be off limits from the photographers. It’s a shame that these photographers seem to hang out at her nursery school.

  • cutiepie32

    Love the expression on the nannys face in the first pic. Its like ” Greatn now I have carry around this brat!

  • ae

    Dang…they make the nany carry this kid too. I know Violet always like to walk and run so the parents want the nany to pick her up. how stupid

  • a realist

    Aww, how cute. Hair pulled back out of her face, with barrettes. Jennifer is a good conscientious mother.

    Unlike ditsy Katie, who allows hair to be in the eyes of Suri all the time.

  • pics should be removed

    JJ, love your site, but again you should not post pictures of a child without their parents.

    “carry this brat”. You don’t know this child. And you shouldn’t call names to a 3 year old child.


    it amazes me that some people are b!tching about brad and angie having 1 full-time and 1 part-time nannies for 6 kids and look at ben and jen has a nanny for only two kids.

    this is just a comment not an attack on jen and ben.

  • Double Standard alive/Well

    This is stupid why is my comment in moderation.. i said nothing wrong or ugly.. That sucks big time.

  • sass

    I saw Jennifer Garner and her daughter this weekend at a children’s event and neither is as cute in person. Have to say, Violet was drinking out of a baby bottle and holding a blanket and acting like a brat most of the time.

    She also had a pacifier in her mouth. seems way too old for a bottle and pacifier to me…

  • reed

    lol sass….what a liar you are!

  • uglysexy

    she looks kind of severe??

  • viv

    # 6 cutiepie32

    u need glasses and more education/experience

    the nanny’s expression is more likely bec of the annoying pesty papazz.

    dont be an idot #6


    Oh No! is this woman illegal/ celebs have millions but they settle for immigrants because it is cheaper shame on you ben and fugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Life_is_the_Pitts

    they take pics of brads kids and we all eat it up.whats the difference?…….that nanny looks mean to me.

  • sass

    sorry Reed it’s true- sat behind them for a solid hour at the Dan Zanes show at UCLA on Sunday..

  • pics should be removed

    #6 Charity event this weekend???????? REALLY which one?

    don’t believe one word of it.

    B/C a nanny is of a different nationality, she has to be an illegal immigrant? WHATEVER!

  • Charly

    With a nanny who looks like this Jennifer Garner never to worry to about her husband cheating on her with the nanny. Jennifer’s choice of nanny shows how insecure she is and that she doesn’t trust Ben because she hired an old, unattractive mexican nanny, I wouldn’t trust Ben either.

  • Halli

    Charly #20 – LOL!

  • Becca

    They were photographed at that event and Violet did have a blanket. I want details on how they acted!!!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Why not a HOMO-SEXUAL?
    That way she get used to her own dad, folks!!

  • faye

    # 8, your standards are extremely low if all you have to do to be a good parent is to keep hair out of a child’s eyes. And Suri is a beautiful little girl.

  • peach

    20# And Angelina Jolie,”the perfect woman”, has beautiful, young and curvy nannies to proof to everyone how confident she is,right??
    show us the pic of Angie’s sexy nannies then…

  • YES!

    Why aren’t they paying an American woman to be the nanny?!

    They must be so cheap to take an illegal woman to be the nanny.

  • YES!

    Why aren’t they paying an American woman to be the nanny?!

    They must be so cheap to take an illegal woman to be the nanny.

  • Jennifer lOPEZ

    #27 are you really idiot ? What is the definition of an “American” for you ? Where do Americans come from ?
    I am sure the nanny is a legal woman speaking both English and Spanish and taking good care of Violet.

  • http://aol susan

    How many pictures do we have to see of Violet being picked up from school? It is getting really old.

  • ****

    Ugliest celeb child EVER!

  • teri

    Didn’t we just see another nanny yesterday swinging violet by the arms? She was loaded down with bags plus still had an extra hand to swing her with mom who was carrying nothing. Oh yeah I bet this is the woman Ben is sleeping with, I’m sure it will hit mags this weekend. Violet doesn’t come accrossed like a little brat like suri though.

  • Anna

    I wasnt to know Teri when accrossed is an actual word? Maybe you should spend less time online and more taking english 101.

  • Lolla



    It was a children’s event at UCLA…It was not a charity event..No Vi did
    not have a bottle or a pacifier …she did have a sling with her stuffed
    dog inside.. and she did have JEN’S ASSISTANT WITH HER..

    As for Jlo she does not fit in this equation..She is a long time friend
    of both of them.. And no Ben is not sleeping with her.. Her name is

    No the nanny is not a illegal but Gwen Stefani’s and
    all the other nannies out their who take the celebrities kids out are.


    # 2.. NOT NOW.. And that there are website photos of any of Jen’s
    events on her website Jen

  • mason

    #12- you did not tell the whole truth.

    no bottle and the blanket was for her dolly baby..and no , she acted like a 3 year old. not the brat that Suri Cruise is.

    My family was there too.

  • LOL!!

    My God they hired JLO to look after their beautiful kids!!

  • cam

    So basically to get a well paid job as a nanny you have to be overly unattractive.

  • sass

    sorry but she had a bottle. I saw it and a pacifier. My five year old even asked why she had a pacifier in her mouth- “aren’t they for babies?” Maybe she took it out of her mouth when she went up to the stage to dance with her mom and the assistant but she had it in her mouth as she ran back and forth up the aisle right next to where we were sitting. The blanket was hers as well. She was also wearing a diaper.

    She actually acted like a 2 year old.

    enough of this.

  • Ivelisse^^^

    Sass you are one liar. Violet never has used a bottle – she was a breastfeed baby who went to a cup. She also has had on panties since she was 2. You are one pathetic woman who has to talk smack about a 3 year old on a website. Your (so-called, who even knows if she’s real) 5 year old daughter must be so ashamed.

  • Free Trade

    I wonder if they pay her more than ten cents an hour.

  • relax…

    Kids do sometimes regress when a new baby comes into the house, which would explain the pacifier and bottle. The diaper is a little more extreme, but if Violet is having a difficult time adjusting to a new sibling (and it happens to a lot of kids), then it’s certainly not impossible.

  • mandy

    #27, that nanny is american! just like you, dont you lnow what’s the definition of american? you people from USA aren’t the only one’s who are Americans!! you forgot the people form suramerica and central america. Loser

  • ben/jen fan

    Violet was born December 1, 2005, therefore, she is a young 3. Turning 3 this past December.

    There are such things as pull-ups that aren’t actually diapers. Could it be possible that she was wearing something like that?

    Also, I am sad that the person calling violet a brat and saying she had this and that, was spending more time paying attention to what Violet Affleck was doing then having fun with their own children.

    Children grow up to fast, have fun with them instead of being so judgemental of another mother. Regardless if that mother is famous or not.

  • Barbra

    Why must you bother this poor child when her parents aren’t even around? This is exactly what gives you “photographers” a bad name!

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol how cute =]
    i like her more than suri, because violet just seems 2 be happy all the time

  • popozao

    i take it jennifer is scared ben will have a fling with the help, that hag is BEAT

  • Kat

    Not fair. The parents aren’t even there. What’s the point of showing the kid alone? This is prohibited by law in Europe. They can’t show the kids faces without parental consent.

  • Erika

    How do you know the nanny is Mexican?? how do you even know that she is an immigrant??? she could very well be an American and not speak Spanish.
    This kind of comments are very racistic and ignorant !!!

  • lauren

    hey kat-GOOD FOR EUROPE!!! this isnt it!!