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Violet Affleck: Higher and Higher!

Violet Affleck: Higher and Higher!

Violet Affleck goes airborne as her mom, Jennifer Garner, swings her aroundon UCLA’s campus after a playdate with several other kids on Sunday afternoon (March 15) in Los Angeles.

Check out Violet‘s own cute baby sling! She’s ready to help out with baby Seraphina!

Meanwhile, the three-year-old’s dad, Ben Affleck, will be at the Kennedy Center in D.C. on Thursday to help salute five international women leaders at the Global Leadership Awards.

20+ pictures of Violet Affleck going higher and higher…

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violet affleck higher 01
violet affleck higher 02
violet affleck higher 03
violet affleck higher 04
violet affleck higher 05
violet affleck higher 06
violet affleck higher 07
violet affleck higher 08
violet affleck higher 09
violet affleck higher 10
violet affleck higher 11
violet affleck higher 12
violet affleck higher 13
violet affleck higher 14
violet affleck higher 15
violet affleck higher 16
violet affleck higher 17
violet affleck higher 18
violet affleck higher 19
violet affleck higher 20
violet affleck higher 21
violet affleck higher 22
violet affleck higher 23

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  • ‘Mandise

    She’s such a happy girl….always smiling and laughing…sooo cute. I Hate it when people call her rat-ugly, she’s adorable. I’m happy Jen is not stick thin right after her pregnancy like most celebrities do.

  • bral
  • Twifanatic Amanda

    She is the cutest, happiest girl

  • joy

    Jen is soo huge

  • Sheri

    Wow ~ little Violet is getting tall all of a sudden! She’s the most precious little girl ever … and Jennifer is such a wonderful mother … you can just tell. Can’t wait to see pics. of little Seraphina, too.

  • Lynn

    Violet is so sweet and all smiles all the time! such a sweet sweet kid

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.

    I love seeing this kid. This is how all little kids should be .

  • Charly

    Hey Toto your not in west virginia anymore so stop channeling Tom Sawyer and roll down those hideous jeans and while your at it when you get home burn that awful stripped sweater it makes you look like a slob. You’re a rich celebrity, hire a stylist you need one to stop you dressing like a fat slob.

  • lips,tits smack that old ass.

    I heard she very smart too. Good job guys.

  • nikomilinko
  • bea

    Violet is adorable, but Jennifer clothes are horrible, Jennifer is so pretty, so she must be dressed in another way.

  • rihannafan

    i think i it is weird that Jennifer is still so big. After her first pregnancy it was also like this, she never lost the weight she put on. Of course she`s just had her second baby so it should take some time but i just don`t think she`s gonna be slim again. To bad, cause she used to have a rockin` body in alias.

  • Damien

    leave her weight alone!

    She will loose it don’t worry but for crying out loud she just had a baby in her stomach for 9 MONTHS!!

  • Holly

    Get real people .. not even 50% of REAL LIFE mothers ever lose all of their baby weight in a year. It takes them 10 years or so.

    It isn’t healthy for those celebs to be stick-thin after less than a month.
    You know what they did? Liphosuction

  • Sonia Wu

    This is what I’ve heard, the six months after giving birth is the golden time to lose weight.
    But hey! Jennifer is not insecure with her body type, so why hurry?
    Why not enjoy the big sister and baby sister? Love Vi!
    How cute, she’s assigned to carry her own stuff!
    And the woman next to Jen is also a hottie.

  • cawed

    Her weight is fine, she will have plenty of time to loose it. She stated after having Violet she was in no hurry and didn’t have the motivation (LIKE most new mothers with infants). I’m sure once the baby is a bit older she’ll get a trainer and do what she does best which is get in great shape. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity not feel the need to rush into a gym and starve herself to get into her size 2 jeans a week after giving birth. Plus she looks much better with a little meat on her.

  • Laure
  • ben/jen fan

    It is wonderful to see a Hollywood Mom that isn’t back into size 2 clothes 2 hours after giving birth.

    Kids grow up way to fast, enjoy having them as babies. She will loose the wieght but why does it have to be on our time frame? Plus it is harder to loose weight with a 2nd birth than the first.

    Way to go Jen for taking the time to do things in your own time and not give into the hollywood pressure.

    Besides she looks good, it’s not like she is 250lbs or something.

  • Jen vi and friend back

    Ben and her friends loves her the way she is that is all that matters..
    She does not need to lose the weight.. But where is Serephina..??

    Bea do we need to join your website to see his pix..I have tried and
    could not get them..

  • ass

    she looks like a gremlin, the only beauty in that family is actually a male and his name is Ben Afflec. THe mother and daughter are hideous!

  • cam

    That’s because she didn’t have a tummy tuck like all the other celeb moms right after giving birth! Dr. 90210 said that they have special packages for celeb moms who just give birth, it includes doing a tummy tuck, breast lift, and recovery in their premises. After they recover from giving birth and all the surgeries they go home. Two weeks later they walk out on the street looking like they did before they were pregnant. They are no super women, it’s all nip and tuck.

  • BEA

    To Jen vi and friend back :

    I don´t know why, because I think there isn´t any problem with my forum, please try again, maybe the server was busy and you can´t go in , tell me anything.

    I din´t say anything about his weight, I think she is very beautiful, and is normal, she has two , and the body takes time in come back. Only say, that a lot of times, she wears a horrible clothes, and I adore her, but is a sincere opinion.

  • sheila

    holy crap, i can’t believe you are giving this woman crap for keeping her post pregnancy weight for awhile. how about she might be focusing on being a mother rather than worrying about her own appearance. i’m sure that if you give her some time, she will get her svelte, athletic figure back in no time, espcially if she is offered a movie role.

    jen has never been one to “dress” for being in public when she’s with her daughter. she always looks like she’s ready to get down and play with in the sandbox with violet, which is what a young, active, hands-on mother should be doing. she’s often seen wearing running shoes and jeans and a some kind of comfortable top. she’s clearly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and has always come across, at least to me, as a fabulous mother.

  • Pretty princess

    She is a Hollywood princess like her beautiful mom.

  • lily

    I love suri don’t get me wrong but Violet has that extra touch. She is always happy and smiling and looks to have a pretty normal childhood.
    I’m glad her mum takes her places she is great!
    Violet is so cute and looks to be very happy and normal

  • Molly

    They look so cute, i just wish Ben was there with them insead of in Washington trying to impress Angelina jolie. BTW the man has a mega crush on her.

  • Jennifer garner

    Ahh sweet Violet. I love her. Ben and my Girls are my life. Mummy says hi Violet and Seraphina.

  • kati

    What a beautiful little girl! She looks so happy in these photos. That smile is exactly the same as mum Jen´s. She has become a tall girl. I´d much rather see Violet and Shiloh having a playdate than Suri and Shi. Thank God that story was all fabrication. Both Violet and Shiloh have the most down-to-earth parents in Hollywood (Violet Ben and Jen, Shi Brad and Angie). Those little girls and Zahara sure would bond quickly. They´re not little divas like Suri who´s also beautiful but must be a little bit spoiled by her parents. I would love to see more photos of Seraphina too. She seems to be a beautiful little girl just like big sis Violet.

  • shamrock

    Thanks Jen and Violet for the adorable and touching photos. We take our kidlets there often to walk around the grounds, basketball games, and shop at the bookstore. So cute to see little Violet having fun with Mommy.

    Jen looks awesome after having a baby only 2 months ago. Much happiness to the familia.

  • a realist

    Violet is such a happy child. And her hair is always out of her face.

    Katie Holmes should learn something from Jennifer, on how to do a child’s hair and keep it out of her face.

  • This site keeps craashing on m

    My computer how the hell does it happpened.
    posting from my ipod touch LOL

  • lakers fan in boston

    not to be mean but it really looks like jen is pregnant lol
    but i have 2 say she has been looking pretty good the last few posts compared 2 when she was pregnant, i find her cute tbh =]
    and i love how violet is always smiling and happy

  • bitchetta

    White trailer trash. Nasty and always looks like she never bathes. Her figure’s horrible……one that only her husband would desire. She used to be one of my favorite actresses but, not anymore.

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen and Vi are both beautiful but to be honest, these pics are o out of focus and horrible. I hope you did not pay a lot of money for them JJ. Jen is not as big as she appears in these photos. It’s true she does not put much effort in her clothes. For some reason, she does not seem to be concerned with being stylish as she rarely dresses up for outings with her family. But I hope she doesn’t get as thin as she was before her last pregnancy, she looks better with a little weight on her face and upper body. She has always had that lower body weight (booty) going on. She wears her jeans too big and too long. I would love to dress her. She is so gorgeous and a very sweet person. I adore her. Please JJ try to give us better pics of this great family. I see better ones on other sites.

  • Darya

    When she was on Alias she must have had incredible workouts and the show was demanding and strenuous. It would be very difficult for her to maintain that now with a new baby. She’d have to be at the Gym hours a day working out and that would mean being away from little Seraphina who is what? a couple of months old….give the lady some slack for heaven’s sake. Also, a breast-feeding mother is not supposed to starve herself…grow a brain and think before you post your untrue nonsense.

  • seus

    She’s gotta be the ugliest post partum mom. She always looks stank nasty. Middle age women should not wear bangs and ponytails it makes them look ridiculous, Why she so fat., Damn no wonder A@s ho is in Washington pursuing Angelina.

  • pinay79

    Violet is such a cute kid.She is the happiest celebrity kid ever. I am glad that ben chose this jennifer .He picked the right jen.She is a great mother…

  • Soffie

    Katie, take a clue from Jennifer. See how she plays with her daughter, instead of shaking stupid stuffed animals in her face, making stupid voices. Now Suri thinks her stuffed animals are her friends. It’s nuts. Violet is awesome! She’s so funny.

  • MMA

    That sweater is not flettering on Mommy at all!

  • s.i

    @seus: Why are you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid? Since when does Affleck love Jolie??? LOL