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A-Rod Kisses Himself In Details Magazine

A-Rod Kisses Himself In Details Magazine

Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez kisses himself in the mirror in this new photo spread from the April 2009 issue of Details magazine.

The interview happened just hours before the steroids scandal broke wide open. Despite being confronted by Sports Illustrated about steroids, what was the biggest concern on A-Rod’s mind? A Madonna song. Here are some other highlights from the interview:

On everyone keeping a track record: “We live in a world right now where everyone’s keeping score. And it doesn’t stop when the games end…They’ve crossed over. And you have the Internet stuff, and all these phones…It’s very intense.”

In living in the Big Apple: “New York is one of a kind. It’s made me ask all the tough questions. It’s brought out the best in me. There are some things I have to work on. And that part is fun. Revealing the truth about yourself is always good.”

On rumored lover Madonna: “Well, we’re friends…I have a lot of respect for her…She’s very smart and she’s passionate about everything she does…if there ever was any situation, she’s a great ear to have, you know?”

The A-Rod issue hits stands next week. Until then, visit

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39 Responses to “A-Rod Kisses Himself In Details Magazine”

  1. 1
    Al Says:

    steroids or not, he’s lookin finnnnnnnnnnne

  2. 2
    Ivana Says:


  3. 3
    lori Says:

    He loves himself!

  4. 4
    NativeNYker Says:

    Its little surprise that he would kiss himself – I don’t think anyone could like him as much as he likes himself…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  5. 5
    Stephanie Says:

    Yes, he has lovely arms and is a great ball player…


    the man is a dog, who thinks with his ego driven dumb-stick.

    Get over yourself…there are bigger issues surrounding the world.

  6. 6
    lol Says:

    so gay!

  7. 7
    banjo Says:

    He seems beyond obsessed with Madonna. Quite alarming actually.

  8. 8
    jc Says:

    And so the damage control and image rebuilding starts…actually it started with him supposedly turning to his more publicly acceptable ex-wife and 2 baby girls for support and away from Mrs. M….or so that’s what his people want you to believe/ buy.

  9. 9
    aer Says:

    What you do with a mirror is your business but his lips aren’t on the glass. More like looking yourself in the eye. Much too subtle a reference for idiots to get though.

  10. 10
    blah Says:

    I dont care what people say about him, the man is hot.

  11. 11
    Hate him Says:

    He is a ****** and does not even consider himself to be Dominican. He is ashamed of his own race and hates being Dominican.

  12. 12
    cam Says:

    he’s gay

  13. 13
    Nora Says:

    He should do that , otherwise i’ll do it ! :p

  14. 14
    Angi Says:

    He seems pretty narcissistic to me to be photographed kissing himself.

  15. 15
    Angi Says:

    Even without touching the glass, it’s still heading towards a kiss. If they wanted the double image he could have still faced the mirror but further away or stood more sideways. Those poses would have been more sexy anyway…. This one just looks too posed.

  16. 16
    VNY Says:

    Those arms SCREAM steroids.

  17. 17
    gerard Vandenberg Says:

    Americans truly like to EXAGGERATE, folks!!

  18. 18
    Halli Says:

    A-Rod probably didn’t realize that a Gay publication (yes DETAILS is known to be marketing towards Gay men) are essentially taking advantage of his stupidity and making him pose for the gay pictures.

  19. 19
    jolly Says:

    so gay!

  20. 20
    rhoniluv Says:


    HOW U DOIN’???

  21. 21
    Anita Says:

    Self love – Madonna taught him well, LOL

  22. 22
    Moscow Piggy Says:

    The night before his life changes forever, Alex Rodriguez calls from Miami with an urgent request. A-Rod is worried about something he said during our interview last night. I’ve been hearing mysterious warnings all afternoon: Alex needs to talk. Alex wants to clarify something. Can’t say what. Alex will call you from his car.

    “Listen,” Rodriguez says. “I was thinking about one thing that I spoke about—it’s something that’s kind of trivial but will give me a hard time for no reason.” He pauses. “The song.”

    Aha. Last night, he let slip his favorite Madonna song. The curious relationship between A-Rod and the pop icon makes for delicious gossip, of course. Is Rodriguez terrified that Madonna will resent the tongue-wagging? Or, better still, has he picked the wrong song as his favorite, and fears that an offended Madge might march her stilettos over his back? No: Rodriguez believes that revealing the song would lead to its being played every time he stepped to the plate during an away game. “The last thing I want to do is go to every stadium and have them play that song,” he says. Fine—to be honest, it’s not even a great Madonna song (if it had been something juicy like “Justify My Love,” forget it).

    Looking back, his preoccupation seems surreal. Just the day before, Selena Roberts, a reporter from Sports Illustrated, had confronted Rodriguez at a Miami gym, asking for his reaction to evidence that he’d tested positive for illegal steroids in 2003. And now here he was, sweating a Madonna song. It’s like worrying about the in-flight movie as your plane is belly flopping on the Hudson River.

    It must mean something that Rodriguez seems more eager to talk about Madonna. His relationship with the 50-year-old pop priestess has been a “Page Six” staple for months, though there’s been no confirmation of its exact nature. “Well, we’re friends,” Rodriguez says. “She’s an amazing entertainer. And it’s been amazing how she’s been able to stay on top for three decades. I have a lot of respect for her.” He says he’s enjoyed their conversations, and her counsel. “She’s very smart,” he says, “and she’s passionate about everything she does.” Rodriguez can’t name anything specific he’s asked Madonna for advice on, “but if there ever was any situation, she’s a great ear to have, you know?”

    Their meeting was not, as some have speculated, arranged by Oseary, who represents them both. “I met her about 12 years ago in Miami, believe it or not,” he says. “That’s how we know each other. I was trying to buy her house, and I couldn’t afford it.”

  23. 23
    Nick Says:

    Its a great photo, very memorable. More than likely it wasnt his idea, but the photographers, so relax people thinking hes narrsassitic

  24. 24
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    damn his arms r huge lol, its pretty obvious the steroids have helped him
    i kinda feel bad for him because madonna left him, but at the same time i dont because his wife was way hotter than madonna, and he left her…..
    and i also think he’s gay

  25. 25
    JENI Says:

    YUMMY! I’d eat him for dinner any night!!

  26. 26
    Monty Says:

    super gay…gay-rods a closet homo

  27. 27
    Rosie Says:

    No offense but since I heard one gay boy saying that they tend to love themselves sexually, I see this picture so gay…

  28. 28
    cute Says:

    Leave A Rod alone, he is so georgeous.

  29. 29
    **** Says:

    I wouldn’t mind sucking on his ball…luckily I have a very small mouth.

  30. 30
    **** Says:

    I wouldn’t mind sucking on his balls…luckily I have a very small mouth.

  31. 31
    ignite Says:

    There are so many problems in the world right now WHO THE BLANK CARES ABOUT A-ROID…SHEES get over yourself and let start to play some baseball.

  32. 32
    ignite Says:

    who care’s about this guy . only lonley women that cant have im are?
    i just want to see some of the serious problems in the world fixed.

  33. 33
    brina Says:

    he’s so hot

  34. 34
    MMA Says:

    His arm is wayyy out of proportion to the rest of his body..not a good pic.

  35. 35
    Buh Says:

    Questionable at best!

  36. 36
    woof Says:

    He is toooo hoooooott any pictures will stir up bad and good comments. Woof baby! :P

  37. 37
    woof Says:

    And wait a minute what’s up with this people crying foul that a man kissing himself is to be ridiculed as “Oh, so…gay (bad)” f….u homophobes b….ches. A man sexuality doesn’t make him less of a man just put your hand between his pants and you’ll see.

  38. 38
    fsd Says:

    hahaha he is on a gay magazine brb laughing forEVER!!

  39. 39
    Audrey Says:

    I mean, who wouldn’t want to kiss him?! C’mon. Have you seen his face?!

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