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Caleb Followill & Lily Aldridge: Solid As The Rocks

Caleb Followill & Lily Aldridge: Solid As The Rocks

Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill walks hand-in-hand with his model girlfriend Lily Aldridge through The Rocks, Sydney in Australia on Tuesday (March 17).

Earlier this week, Zac Efron played poker with The Kings — brothers Caleb, Nathan and Jared Followill and their cousin Matthew Followill .

Zac also ran into world poker champion Joe Hachem backstage at KOL’s concert at Rod Laver Arena on Saturday.

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Credit: Carlos Costas; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Veselka

    I love Zac Efron

  • julia

    I love Kings of Leon.. Caleb is adorable. Thanks Jared

  • gray

    Followills on JJ.

    Endtimes must be a coming.

  • Brittany

    yessss more followills please

  • kati

    lol, it is wierd to see KOL on JJ… what the occasion?
    anyways caleb’s a hottyyyyyyy

  • Sophia

    I love Caleb:)

  • Cer!se

    and I agree with # 4 MORE FOLLOWILLS ;)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I’m curious: FROM WHAT IS ROCK MADE TODAY, folks?

  • Vera

    there is no guy on the planet who wears
    pants as sexy as Caleb.

  • PPL

    weird to see them here :/

    still a great, great band :)

  • http://deleted alessia

    yeh agree with above. its weird seeing them on here! i right this as I listen to the kings!

    kings of leon are just hot! lucky girl!

  • http://deleted alessia

    I meant ‘write’

  • LolaSvelt


  • lol

    Sexy mofo.

  • ina

    kings of leon are great!!

  • Dirty

    now that they’ve gone totally commercial,it’s time for them to appear in JJ…and have a ‘model’ girlfriend ofcourse….

  • me

    LOVE kings of leon

  • lol

    omg!she is so lucky
    he hust too hot and have so much talent

  • Liza

    It’s so weird to see candids of the Kings. Another blog had these also. I guess they have finally arrived, at least stateside.

  • Mable

    Does appearing on a gossip website constitute as “making it”? Still, one good thing about KoL is that they have finally realised that the fans who have jumped on the bandwagon because of “Sex On Fire” and “Use Somebody” are less important as those who have been fans from the start. As evident on their current Oz tour when Caleb mentioned that whilst he is grateful for the extra fans, it’s the original ones who really matter and proceeded to play nothing but their back-cat after getting the most obvious songs out of the way. They’re tiring of the rabid young female fans, squealing at a sickeningly high pitch all the way through and taking umpteen photos to post on their KoL livejournals/Facebook pages for other fangirls to swoon over. “OMG!!!1!!! lyke Jared’s a$$ is sooo hot!!!!” type of fans. The bigger they get the less seriously people are taking them but I guess that’s what you have to put up with when you become a commercial band.

  • Marieme

    I really like KOL, but damn I’m sick of musicians having “model/girlfriends.” My God! Even Eddie Vedder! It’s just lame that they have this need for perfection on their arm and in bed. The truth is their choices of a girlfriend would be a different story if they weren’t in a band.

  • yapyapyap

    I know, rock star dates generic model, how completely original. It must be something they all learn at rockschool. These two are joined at the hip, they’re gonna end up becoming the new Nikki Sixx/Kat Von D. of the “hipster” crowd.


    Why are they not huge? No-one I know in Canada listens to them! I don’t get it.

  • ****

    Now this is the kind of “celeb” I’m interested in. More indie rockers, Jared! More please!

  • Sarah

    Love kings of leon!
    Caleb is gorgeous

  • Michelle

    #23 – I’m in Canada and I listen to KOL!
    Going to see them at Sasquatch…can’t wait!

    Does anyone remember back in tha day when Caleb had nasty long hair and looked like a greasy 80s headbanger?….It’s amazing what one haircut can do to someone’s appearance….

  • korin

    i just went to the KOL concert at the brisbane entertainment centre and oh my god they were soooooo good!!!!!!!!! caleb is a hotty!!!!!!!! i want to marry him.

  • Rebecca

    yep – generic is as generic does – even though the band is supremely talented…how long have they been with their respective gfs now – anyone know???!

  • MMA

    KOL is awesome!

  • jajaredhot

    Caleb is a very singer and good guitarist!!
    I love him

  • JD

    I agree!! So cliche and typical for a band singer to date a “model”. At least his older brother is dating a singer. I guess model and lead singer goes like rich billionaire and young trophy wife..

  • Nick

    Lily hardly works and when she does it’s editorial, she hasn’t had any major campaign work other than a Levis commercial back in 2006 plus a few seconds in a Limp Bizkit video. She’s been doing the rounds in the music industry for years so it’s no wonder she hooks up with musicians. Known more for who she dates than anything else. Said to be insecure and supposedly drove Mike Einziger nuts with her jealousy when they were dating.

  • sock_it_to_me_chuck


  • numnum

    She was even skinnier in her early days and had bad teeth but has had them fixed since. She’s one of those girls who’s famous by association and models when it suits her to make a bit of money. Doesn’t appear to have any real talent nor is she especially ambitious judging by how often she goes on tour.

  • madspoons

    I’ve been a bode fina fan of KOL since 03 and they f*ckin’ blow me away every time I see them, even play them in my room, or indeed (if needs must) hear them on the radio!

    It’s interesting to look at the general groove of fans – when I first got into the Kings Of Leon I remember so many peeps couldn’t bare to hear Caleb’s (AWESOME) vocals cos they simply hated his voice… now me thinks they are beginning to appreciate the raw talent and originality of his style!

    I loved their look – they didn’t give a damn, just had the look they obviously liked.. whereas I do feel it’s a massive shame that bands can less easily express themselves, looks-wise and even sometimes musically, when they are looking to ‘break America’.. big shame.

    Hey ho.. they still give me the butterflies everytime I thinks abooot them =)

    Peas on earth xxx

  • madspoons

    Oops.. ‘bone fida’ – man I’m knackered! Hehe

  • deejaaaay,.

    No more Followills, they rock because they’re never on these sites. :P Though I am sick of hearing fangirls who only like them for their looks. Sure, they’re a plus, but thats not why they’re such a good band.

  • awesumess panda

    calebs alright, but jared (followill) is HOTTER!!!! YAY KOL!!

  • Why?

    Has anyone actualy encountered Calebs bad side or just me? Maybe he has changed for the best but not that long ago he was a complete ahole.

  • jessica

    loveeeee kings of leon and caleb!!!

  • Paul Blart

    First off #26 said Caleb had long 80′s rocker hair ages ago.
    The last time he had that long hair was only 2007. Yes eon’s ago I suppose to some. But for the general population 2 years isnt ages.
    Secondly He didnt have 80′s rocker greasy hair. 80′s rockers had big teased out hair. Ie: see Poison, Guns N Roses, Ratt, Motely Crue, Warrant etc etc. So Caleb technically had early 90′s grunge hair. The fact of the matter is since KOL debuted in 2003 they have changed thier look constantly. Their first album they looked like Lynyrd Skynyrd Allman brother’s wannabe’s. Which was refeshing at the time. The first album btw sounds nothing like the current album. Caleb must had really gotten voice lesson’s or purposely changed his singing style. I like KOL the problem is they evolve too often and too fast. 5 years ago they sounded and looked completely different. It’s hard to really get behind a band that keeps changing. Hell they could be doing big band music or 80′s new wave in another 5 years. Very unpredicatlbe band. For what it’s worth though I like the current album. Doesnt want me to run out though and put posters up and buy t-shirts. Again they seem to lack a consistant idenity.

  • Bobby Corwen

    Lily Aldrigde is generic, but gorgeous. So I don’t consider her lucky, unless she just found the forever love of her life because she is considered drop dead gorgeous. By the way…I fancy Followill’s shoes as well as, his significant other’s sundress and her handbag.

  • Sue

    I went to see KoL at o2 in June, and I must say I thought they were brill! It`s so nice to hear good music from 4 very talented musicians, Matthew is a brilliant guitarist. I could listen to him all day!

  • Camden

    I agree with some of the comments here, since KOL, have “broken” the music industry and have seemingly become pap targets and they’re appearing on JJ….they may as well be Fall Out Boy…Oh…i remember the days of “Youth and Manhood” when everyone gave them s**t for sounding like Credence Clearwater.
    As for the model girlfriend…well its cliched and typical isn’t it…i wouldn’t have expected anything less.

  • lili bald

    hey guys you rock

  • Gabbi

    cutee couple :D

  • كازينو

    Hi guys, tried loading this blog through Google RSS reader and got a strange error message, any ideas what could be the issue?

  • DairyLea

    great stuff :) missed a few typos though

  • Zwloki

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