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Sienna Miller Finally Sees The Light

Sienna Miller Finally Sees The Light

Sienna Miller gets giggly in front of cameras at the First Light Movie Awards held at the Odeon Leicester Square in London, England on Tuesday (March 17).

The 27-year-old British actress born in New York City, recently talked about her recent piano lessons, saying, “I used to play the piano when I was younger and I’m going back to it. I can’t read music, so I play it by ear. I need someone to play it first, so it’s a little complicated to do on my own. But it’s fun!”

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller finally seeing the light…

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sienna miller first light movie awards 01
sienna miller first light movie awards 02
sienna miller first light movie awards 03
sienna miller first light movie awards 04
sienna miller first light movie awards 05
sienna miller first light movie awards 06
sienna miller first light movie awards 07
sienna miller first light movie awards 08
sienna miller first light movie awards 09
sienna miller first light movie awards 10
sienna miller first light movie awards 11
sienna miller first light movie awards 12
sienna miller first light movie awards 13
sienna miller first light movie awards 14

Photos: WENN, Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
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  • gerard Vandenberg

    ……IT WERE FLASH-LIGHTS, you dumb *SS!!

  • lol

    wtf is she wearing? so ugly.

  • lily

    Is she really only 27? She looks more like 40.

  • charlotte


  • charlotte


  • yves

    I think she’s pretty and if she could just have straightened up her life…

  • sunseeker

    Just lately we hear a lot of trivial comments from Miss Miller is she trying to tell us she is just a ordinary girl like us not a homewrecker, well, she is failing miserably.
    Once a trollop always a trollop.

  • bral

    She is pretty!

  • mslewis

    Is this woman relevant? What has she done lately? I mean, besides breaking up a marriage where there are four small children? Has she actually acted lately? Nevermind, I don’t really care. She needs to go back to England and stay there and JJ, you need to stop posting her ugly mug.

  • ????

    where’s daniel craig?

  • c

    Playing the piano isn’t going to distract people from the fact that she is waging war against a mother and her 4 kids. It’s good that they are trying to whitewash her image, but it’s not going to work if she keeps associating with the married man. These means that she should not stage any photo-ops with him until he has filed for a divorce. She already started the year on the wrong foot by staging PDA photos with BG at LAX, whining about there being no sisterhood as she released photos of herself kissing another sister’s husband, pops up in LA after pictures of the BG dining with his wife come out, stages photo-op with JH to punish the married man for dining with his wife, and tips off the papz so that they can capture her leaving and arriving at LAX.

  • sadie

    ugh! the s l u t is back!

    go back to Britain and stay there!

  • Laura

    Sienna looks cool, she has a beautiful smile, and I’m sure she doesn’t care what any of the haters think about her!

  • courtney pearson


  • sunseeker

    LAURA I am sure she doesn’t, people like Miller do not care as long as they get what they want and no thought for who they hurt in the process. And being pretty does not make her behaviour right, and I do not hate her just think she is egotistical and selfish.

  • jules

    “Sienna looks cool, she has a beautiful smile, and I’m sure she doesn’t care what any of the haters think about her!” \o/


  • caine

    She looks high. Outfit is embarrassing. She’s just a mess, period.

  • sadie


    laura = jules

    yup…she sure does not care. That is what a s l u t is like.

    and get a life, People don’t hate her. Just hate her behavior and you should too if you are decent.

  • aimee

    I agree.

    The reason is bec she has shameful behaviors and no respect at all….therefore….most, if not all people have no respect for this trashy female.

  • lucy and Ethel

    Are those boots attached to her with cement?

  • Toby

    I can’t beleive this ugly, trashy, talentless H O is still hanging around. Nobody wants to see you, so no one is hiring you! Go take your homewrecking self back to your cheating boyfriend, get drunk, and have sex. That’s all she knows how to do, anyway!

  • Donita

    I can’t remember how to play the piano so I guess I’ll just take my top off again…..

  • Perez

    She’s an actress? What does she act in?

    Who dressed this idiot this morning?

  • Truethat


    Do you think she wonders about what the four children and wife of the very married man she’s boning think of her…nah. probably not

    oh and btw he’s a butthead as well. They both are, and I’m glad neither of them have work anymore. Isn’t the recession a beyotche? Guess she’ll have to sue someone again to pay the rent.

  • Robert

    Quit smiling, S L U T!! Nobody likes you!

  • Steph

    I think she looks great!
    Check out mys ite !

  • Steph

    I think she looks great!
    Check out mys ite !

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Stay away, I never want to see your ugly face ever !!

  • dirty boots

    Dirty boots on a dirty girl.

  • c

    SM most definately cares what people think of her, that’s why she has been depicting herself as the victim from the start and is now releasing these “I’m human” stories (ie-playing the piano, being involved in a childhood accident with a horse, being friends with KK, etc…). People don’t hate SM, they are tired of this war that she is waging against 5 human beings who have done no harm to her, of SM never taking responsibility for her actions, and of SM always playing the victim (ie-people are picking her on her for no reason at all).

    A hater is somone who sleeps with another woman’s husband, whines about how others are mistreating her as she shamelessly flaunts the affair, and spreads lies about the married man’s wife to justify her actions with him. SM is her own worst enemy and no would have anything to comment about if she kept her private life private. If she doesn’t like the fact that people won’t condone her actions with a married man, then she needs to LAY LOW and don’t tip off the papz so that they can capture her next adventure with the married man.

  • Emma.

    She has a pretty smile. Though she would have looked better if she lost the jacket and the shoes.
    Still A pretty girl.

  • Lucky

    #31 and still a nasty one, no matter how pretty.

    Everybody has to like meeeeee meeee meee everyone look at meee I’m Sienna Miller the famous actress!!!

  • Movie Awards

    “Movie Awards” ??? what is this? a d-list event? who all those people are?
    where are Oscar’s photos Sienna??
    and where is your career?
    courtesy of Ridley Scott?

    the answers are obvious.

  • c

    Being “pretty” and wearing “cute” clothes doesn’t exempt people(ie-SM/BG) from the consequences of their actions.

  • h

    I wonder.. not IF but WHEN any amount of consumed alcohol will stop helping her to deal with her daemons? And when that happens, and I’m sure it will, and she suddenly realizes what she has done in her just 20′s something, oooooooohhh it’s gonna be really unpleasant experience, and it’s gonna be living in her for the rest of her life. and when the substitution game just doesn’t work anymore.

    because, you know, those three little daughters of Getty’s will never forget the summer of 2008, they will never forget Sienna Miller, and they will never forgive her. what those three little girls did to her?

  • Denise

    She wasn’t the one who made a vow to the wife. Why always blame the woman when he is the one who cheated on her?

  • A

    cos you’re stupid Denise. You don’t know how the real world works.

    “If all the women in the world practiced their God-given gift of sexual restraint and if women respected and loved each other……sexually weaker men would have noone to cheat WITH.”

    in other words men are sexually weaker. got it?

    also, how ’bout this scenario:

    he was just drunk at the moment and she f*cked him. and then she started blackmailing and pushing on him to finish with the wifey. it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how womens mind works.

  • sunseeker

    DENISE Of course he is to blame nobody ever said any different, but he is not the only one it takes two to tango, as Getty said himself ,didn’t take all the blame himself did he? But Miller knew he was married and just ” NO” would have been enough. How many woman have been told by a man ” My wife doesn’t understand me ” And who is stupid enough to trust a man who runs around Italy etc with another woman while his wife is minding the children and then sees photo’s of her husband with a woman having sex with his trousers round his ankles on the internet. Give me a break, Miller knew exactly what she was doing.

  • sienna2

    All these haters here make me laugh lol

    Who the f*** are you to judge her, MORONS?!

  • siennarocks

    Must be hard, girls having no life. And can’t even do their maths, lol. Sienna Miller did not force B Getty to be with her!

  • sam

    # 39 and 40 (same poster) ha ha

    man…you are one big idiot/bimbo!

    sienna miller has ” a life” ??? LOL LOL LOl

    It takes TWO to tango you idiot.

    If Sienna was smart and a real woman- she would say NO to the jerk.

    But no, she does not. She is a town s l u t and that is her pitiful life.

    No one except other bimbos/s l u t s like her. IDIOTS

  • c

    Sleeping with another someone’s spouse is CHEATING. SM is EQUALLY responsible because she is ENCOURAGING the married man to dishonor his vows. What makes SM even more responsible is her hypocrisy. And don’t forget that she is doing the exact same thing to RG that she blasted JL nanny for doing to her.
    She blasted other women for dishonoring the code of sisterhood and here she is commiting the ultimate violation against the sisterhood by sleeping with another sister’s husband and shamelessly flaunting it.

    Being “not the one who took the vows” doesn’t give SM the right to disrespect another woman’s husband. The “not the married one or didn’t take vows” excuse is a double standard because it implies that women do not have to take responsibility for THEIR actions when they participate in affairs and that they don’t have to respect the relationships of other women. If it takes two to tango, then why are people always trying to ignore or diminish the role that SM is playing in this affair?

    Contrary to belief, SM does have some responsibility to RG. It was her duty to tell the married man “no, go home to your wife, or wait unitl your divorce”. Since she didn’t do that she is EQUALLY responibile. Since she didn’t reject the married man, the next best thing was to keep it discreet. She didn’t do that either and insisted on staging photo-ops with him even after those “embarassing” photos surfaced. Even now, she continues to stage PDA photos with the married man or flaunt her affair by staging photo-ops at LAX. Much of this fallout could have been avoided had she laid low and not used the media to rub the affair in the faces of RG and her 4 kids.

  • lakers fan in boston

    no lie, but bitches need 2 get over her being a home wrecker
    that shit happened so get over it, and honestly i think she gets most of blame when its also his fault
    GET OVER IT, I DID! =]

    she has really pretty face =]
    and she looks really beautiful when she smiles but im not digging the outfit, not 1 thing, not even the chanel bracelet
    if she would have worn something else then she looks have looking great

  • Dom

    Man, she just looks tired and used up. She could pass for 35, easily.

    The wages of sin catching up with her. Maybe she should quit drinking and horing around. Lay off the smoking.

  • Pole

    Is she high here? She looks over-the-top-silly..

    She has a nice smile and pretty hair but that’s about it. She’ll have to do better than list lame irrelevant facts in order to stay relevant.

  • Dude

    #43-she’s pretty, so get over it? huh? Yeah it’s his fault but she’s the one rubbing it in everyone’s face. She was there at the time and plenty willing. I’ve seen the pictures. Then she cries cause everyones so mean to her.

    Who cares if you’re over it, what about his family?

  • sheryl

    It seems to be the assumption that Getty came on to Sienna, but it’s just as plausible that she came on to Getty and he’s the one that didn’t say no. Big deal. Regardless, she’s always been the one chasing the fame, she’s the subject of this post, so of course people are going to comment on her and not Getty. If Getty was the subject, they’d be commenting on him, and it wouldn’t be pretty, either. Not a hard one to figure out if you really, really try.

  • sara

    Sienna is a slut. She went after Jude law when he was still MARRIED and having problems with his wife. She dumped her boyfriend to go after Jude.
    She starts messing around with the Actor Ifan whats his name, got engaged, and then dumps him for Getty.
    In between all of this, she’s trying to move in on Daniel Craig(after the whole nanny public apology crap), and remember even P. Diddy’s woman left him, and took the kids, after seeing pictures of the two.
    It’s her M.O. If you’re taken.. have kids…and are going through a rough patch(or Not)she wants you…them out come her tits. Sisterhood my ass.

  • c

    People will GET OVER IT WHEN SM GETS OVER IT. Her photo-ops (including the ones she stages at LAX) with the married man are insensitive. People would be more receptive to these attempts to whitewash her image if they could trust her to not use it as an opportunity to wage a war against a mother and her 4 kids. People will get over it if SM would LAY LOW, owns up to her bad behavior, shows remorse, stops whining about how she is being mistreated by the press and women, stops tipping off the papz so that they capture her leaving or arriving at LAX, stops staging photo-ops with the married man, and stops blaming others for her poor decisions.

    Being “pretty”, “really beautiful” , or wearing a “cute” outfit doesn’t exempt SM from the consequecnes of her actions. SM is to blame because she keeps playing the victim, won’t LAY LOW or SHUT UP, and is forever trying to rub the affair in the faces of RG and her 4 kids. She slapped herself in the face when she blasted JL nanny for sleeping with her fiancee and blasted women for not supporting the sisterhood . SM should get over the fact that people will never be impressed by her antics with the married man, so telling stories about wanting to play the piano or being kicked in the face by a horse will not change this.

  • Yours truly

    Why on earth is this woman still on JJ? She’s not popular… She didn’t even get invited to the Oscars… instead, she shows up like all the other Paris Hilton wanna-be-taken-seriously actresses – at the pre and post Oscar bashes and heaven knows how she got access to those parties! I suppose every party needs a good w h o r e to kick things off right.

    “SM, you’re career is over – go back to London!”