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Daniel Craig is The Alpha and The Omega

Daniel Craig is The Alpha and The Omega

A solo Daniel Craig is seen out and about in London on Tuesday (March 17).

The 41-year-old British actor was seen carrying around a shopping bag for Swiss Luxury Watch Manufacturer Omega, for which he is a spokesperson.

Last year, the James Bond star donated his personal Omega watch to be auctioned for BBC Children in Need. It was similar to the one he wore in Quantum of Solace.

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  • The Comedian

    My GOD, what happen to him ?? he looks so..tired, and old all of a sudden….

  • susan

    no satuski? i thought that she was permanently attached to him. she never let him out of her sight. maybe she was waiting in the car.

  • nosy bag

    I’d love to know what he has in his front pocket!? he always has a square lump in there!

    *bets its a packet of cigs, lol*

  • tigerlily

    Still looking as gorgeous and sexy as ever i see!!

  • n.o.l.a

    anustain would totally RUIN a bond movie.

  • freethinker

    He does look tired, and his face is a bit puffed. Maybe he’s got a cold?

    I still wonder why he wasn’t at the First Lights Movie Awards ceremony. It was definitely announced in the press that he would be there, but he wasn’t mentioned on the official site. The young filmmakers must have been disappointed… :(

  • the man

    An outing without Satsuki? There was another person there but not her…GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The man CAN survive without Satsuki the Klingon.

  • skaur

    what has happened to sex god daniel i mean i know he is blind 4 going out with satsuki fugly but that hat is unforgivable! sorry dan had to say it

  • smart head

    ciao posters!
    I noticed, Daniel maybe has not good sleeping, he looks haggard last time.

  • New House

    I see he is still at his old house. I wonder if he is going to move into his new after the press releasing its picture?

  • Satsuki

    Satsuki the Old Wrinkly Bag is in the Omega bag.

  • smart head

    Danny is a bit funny is his style of mode, but I love his taste.
    He has original taste and imagetiveness.
    But his japanese gf is like a total scarecrow, she never will be a proper woman because she has so strange taste or she ha not taste at all. Her clothes and shoes are ridiculus, what she wore for Oscars, it was akward and she had droll looking.

  • smart head

    to 11:
    are you wannabe????

  • smart head

    Really Daniel has not good sleeping, look at him

  • smart head

    Hey, Satsuki does not live is his new luxurious house in Regent´s park?? this is old house in Maida Vale.

  • lol

    Daniel is the Alpha and the Omega…LOL!
    The Beginning and the End?

    …of whose Universe I wonder??? His own?

  • sam

    he looks like terrible. not the man he was 5 years ago and pre Bond.

  • paparazzi

    Interesting fact but not surprising that it says in one article the press are “perched” outside his house. So the press are constantly there watching him.
    Gives creedance to the fact the man cannot go anywhere without the press snapping away.
    What a life.

  • to 7

    Too funny-love the nickname-$at$ Klingon!! He is going to have to take the Hadrian part-it is the only leading lady Daniel is allowed to be alone with. He does look old but he still is very sexy. So happy he was able to break free and walk out the door all by himself!!!

  • to 19

    Well Hadrian means NO leading woman issues and possibly no sex scenes with a woman. I’m sure Satsuki would be very happy he takes that part.
    As for the Bond girl. She will not be single that’s for sure. Look for actresses who are in relationships or married.

  • re info on JJ

    He wasn’t solo, he was with someone else in the car. JJ get your story straight. Obviously to provoke the Sat dislkers into throwing a party.

  • Tired

    Looks tired-maybe the stress of living with a Klingon is taking it’s toll. I am sad that he looks so unhappy all of the time.

  • omega

    I wonder if a watch he bought stopped and he was returning it or maybe a present for someone? He was leaving his house so it wasn’t as if he just bought it from a shop.
    I hear he preferes Rolex so may this is a PR campaign for Omega?
    Wasn’t he was nearly sued as he stated he preferred Rolex in an interview?

  • TO 614

    The square thing in his pocket is probably his wallet. He looks terrible. He is probably missing Sats:)

  • smart head

    to 20:
    As for the Bond girl.She will not be single that´s for sure.Look for actresses who are in relationship or married.
    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – — – - – - – - – — – - – - – -
    I think producers don´t look for actresses if they are relationship or married, but for qualities, if they are able to act.l Olga is single-divorced, Gemma had break up before filming Qos, Caterina Murino was single, only Eva has an hungarian boyfriend. If the 23.Bond girl is single or she has a boyfriend and she´s beautiful, so Satsuki will surely guard her and Daniel like a dog.

  • Yummy mummy

    As usual, he is male perfection. Sex on legs.

  • freethinker

    to re info on JJ

    On the 3rd picture, there seems to be somebody standing beside the car, or at least it looks like a person, probably somebody wearing a black coat. I thought at first it is Sats, but then why would JJ say ‘a solo’ Dan? Maybe it was his driver?

    to paparazzi

    >Gives creedance to the fact the man cannot go anywhere without the press snapping away.
    What a life.

    Nightmare! But I suppose, you have to get used to it, because what else can you do, unless you go into permanent hiding.

    to smart head

    > Really Daniel has not good sleeping, look at him

    Yeah, and those puffy eyes – either he’s got a cold, some kind of allergy, hasn’t slept well for days, or he partied too hard the night before…

  • omegarolex

    Wasn’t he was nearly sued as he stated he preferred Rolex in an interview?
    No, just another silly rumour. Daniel has no contract with Omega. Sony has a contract with Omega and therefore Bond has to wear Omega.
    What Daniel wears as a private person is not affected anyway. And for sure he can articulate his liking.

  • to smarthead

    i was wondering the same thing about poster 11 – is she or he wannabe.

  • smart head

    Vesper Lynd: Rolex?
    Bond: Omega.

  • smart head

    Eva Greein is an excellent actress, her Vesper was super how she pouted when she looked at Bond´s watch, a good scene in CR.

  • sadly

    He looks so upset for his good friend Natasha. Terrible news.

  • alpha romeo

    alpha and omega. could be the car is an alpha romeo and of course he is carrying an omega watch bag. some thoughts. he is at his old home, no sats, very, very tired looking, no show at the awards ceremony this very same day, the corner of the leather jacket in picture is prob one of his male friends who is toting him around, maybe someone who is living in his old house and daniel is staying with????

  • smart head

    So Daniel is sad for Natasha? I already see why he looks badly.
    Any news about her condition? Why it happened her during skiing? Wrong move, fall? I hope she will be ok because she has a family and she´s beautiful young woman.

  • Natasa

    She has a son named Daniel….
    the latest report from 16 min ago says it’s a brain injury but thats it

  • no alpha!!!

    It’s a definitive BMW!

    Or it is an Alpha Romeo with a BMW-symbol on the wheel caps LOL

  • Natasha

    It seems that life has come full circle for actor Liam Neeson, who now sits at his wife Natasha Richardson’s bedside in a New York City hospital.

    The actress and mother suffered a head injury on Monday that has left the star brain dead. This wouldn’t be the first major accident for the family.

    In 2000, Taken star Neeson suffered a near-fatal motorcycle accident that shattered his pelvis.

    “It was a terrible time,” Richardson said of the accident, which saw her nursing Neeson back to health.

    The actor struck a deer while riding near one of the couple’s homes in upstate New York. He was discovered by a passing motorist, lying on the side of the road.

    “You have one life to live and you have to look after yourself,” Neeson said in 2004 to People magazine.

    Richardson’s mother Vanessa Redgrave arrived at New York’s Lennox Hill Hospital last night to join Neeson. After two Canadian hospitals and an American transfer, Neeson and Redgrave are now said to be contemplating removing Natasha from life support.

  • noodle

    Looking hideous.. As usual.

  • alpha romeo

    you are right 36. good eye.

  • smart head

    to alpha romeo,
    are you the stupid lawyer again?! (and agressive fool too?!)
    who cares for watch and car?!
    in his old house waits Satsuki like a dog!
    The new luxurious house near Regent´s Park is ready for his new woman!

    Daniel wasn´t be at the ceremony awards because surely he found out about accident with Natasha.

  • smart head

    Daniel drove BMW in Los Angeles 5 months ago, he bought it in USA.

  • smart head

    oh I forgot, right and left wheel! Have americans and English wheel on the same place in the car?

  • smart head

    Liam Neeson must be very unhappy. I feel sorry for him.

  • car in usa

    He surely has not bought a car in US and shipped it to UK.
    What a nonsense!
    And of course the wheels are not on the same side of the car…

  • freethinker

    to Natasha (#37)

    Here in the UK news, they say that the actress is fighting for her life, and that the family is obviously too distraught to comment right now.
    There is no more news at the moment.

    It seems the actual fall wasn’t out of the ordinary, and she seemed perfectly ok afterwards. But after an hour, she started to feel unwell, and they got her to a hospital. And from then on, things have just got worse…

    I hope and pray that she will make a full recovery.

  • smart head

    Liam talked truth about life and I am afraid he talked like it can happen all. There is rumour she has dead brain and this rumour coudn´t exist if it wasn´t be truth, skiing is a dangerous sport and her fall must have been terrible. It is in God´s hands now. I can´t understand why people goes to mountains, I have fear of mountains and surrounding, there are snowslides, ugly injuries and bad hills. I never will go to cold holiday to mountains. Damned ski

  • to sadly 32

    I did not know that Daniel and Natasha Richardson we’re such close friends that it would cause him to miss a scheduled appearance. I am not saying they are not that close, I just did not know it before you said so.

  • to thread

    Don’t care if wannabe is number 11 or 111 as long as people express their opinions in a sane and hopefully funny manner (excluding the sad story about Natasha). I like to hear other people’s opinions but hate when it gets crazy and weird. It is nice to see Daniel actually doing something on his own!!!

  • to 46

    I live on the North east coast in the US and have skied for many years. Natasha made a fatal mistake by not wearing a ski helmet. Her injury would probably not have happened if she had been wearing a helmet. I have 2 boys and they don’t go on any slopes without a helmet. Very sad!! Daniel should stop being such a grump and be thankful for all he has.

  • ay!

    that hat has to go!