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Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr: Kissing Costars

Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr: Kissing Costars

Gossip Girl stars (and real-life couple) Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr give passersby something to gawk at, getting their kissing on under some scaffolding on Wednesday afternoon (March 18) along a New York City sidewalk.

Ed, 21, and Jessica, 23, aren’t shy about PDA at all! The couple was spotted kissing face at a basketball game at NYC’s Madison Square Garden on February 2.

Mr. Westwick and Ms. Szohr are also featured in the April 2009 issue of Rolling Stone.

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# 1

The greatest thing about these talentless nobodies? Their dog

# 2

she deserves someone hotter

# 3

They’re cute together.

# 4

They are so adorable.

# 5

Agree with Chels but, they still cute

# 6

Why do celebs get those silly tiny dogs, if i had money to spare i’d get a fat old st bernard. good times.

# 7

im a little jealous tho lol

# 8

she is the ******* most annoying girl on the planet. urrggggh.
youd think after shooting wraps up everyone would just RUN AWAY

# 9

they look absolutely adorable together!

he is fugly, and she is not much better, yeah, agreed, the best about them is their dog

ed is so hot!!


I agree, He is fugly and she is the same. Fantastic god.

beautiful couple

They’re so f***ing cute!!!

ed is so effing hot! i love him

cute couple

This Jessica is annoying as hell!
Right after CB kissing pictures there she goes smooching him
We got it your dating him!Jeez!

ed is really hot and jessica’s gorgeous

What’s so annoying about her? She seems okay to me.

jessica is lucky to be kissing ed’s sexy self

they look really cute together!

he will look better with leighton. nothing against jessica

What’s the matter with Jess

Why people don’t like her ?

When I first saw this, I was like, Wow, she’s so gorgeous! And she really is. They make a cute couple.

Do I like it or what? I’m not sure… Ed is THE hot guy right now!

But I guess I have to agree with Amy; we get the picture, let us have ur CB dreams now.

love them, they’re soo cute!<3

oh. ed and jessica are perfect together .

christina @ 03/18/2009 at 6:36 pm

they are gorgeous

Jessica always looks so much better outside the TV show. Ed needs to do something with his awful hair… the showing of the forhead look does not work on him. he was sooo much hotter during the 1st season.

umm, people don’t like her because they confuse the real life person with her character on GG and oh, she’s keeping ED away from LC. I really hate fans who think just cause they like a couple on TV, they must be together in real life. Thank God all CB fans aren’t like that. Geesh.

I don’t like them together.
He is hot she is ugly

they make a beautiful couple

Ed is fat, I never realised before. And tiny.

there soo cute 2gether! =]

I can’t stand her

They both look very hot here.

ed looks better with his hair messy
is that hes natural hair or does he put jell
anyways id rather see ed in the morning

they look really cute together! ed looks hot like always and jessica is very pretty! they should make her look like this on the show! she looks gorgeous

Aw they are a cute couple

god he’s beautiful!

wow!!!such a lovely couple!!! i love them.

He deserve better girl!

o they have matching styles, so cute!!

What an adorable doggy for an adorable couple <3


I like them! Ed is cute and Jessica is gorgeous. Though I am going crazy or how can people judge people they don’t know or just seen on television and based their opinion by that. I think that is kind of pathetic. Ed/ Leighton together? Seriously, go wash your mouth! They have the biggest chemistry as C/B but they are friends. And Jessica isn’t ugly. Nowhere near…

But Ed..he is getting chubbier by the day. I remember once he said that he ate himself fat or something like that. It’s a shame, really.

gossipgirl @ 03/18/2009 at 7:59 pm

ed is hot
jess is fugly

shes so beautiful!

She’s so exotic, I love her.
Ed is sexy. He’s sexier when he speaks with his English accent. Yum.

WELL, you guys can’t tell a person who they can & cannot date. Her character is a bit annoying but you DONT know her in real life so.. back off. BTW, the look amazing here !

YAY! I love them together.

why do you have to be haters

i don’t like jess at all. enough of them already.
and i heard that jess is mean and pretty protective of ed.
(although i might be protective of him as well– that boy does get crazy)

rebbbizzlee @ 03/18/2009 at 9:04 pm

jealouss of herrr

is that an american apparel sweatshirt that she’s wearing? does anyone know? i like it.

Okay, the PDA is a little tacky.

they look cute together!~

[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 03/18/2009 at 10:31 pm

cool couple.

ed is looking hott
he is the hottesst thing alive
jessica is cute
dont judge her on her character
i cant stand vanessa, but she’s pretty

Whachagunnadoboutit @ 03/18/2009 at 11:21 pm

first of all they are both very talented… i am amazed at the fact that ed is BRITISH but does the accent so goooooooood on GG!!! Jess is beautiful. Love them!!

RL Couple? LOL @ 03/19/2009 at 12:48 am

What?! Oh I get it. PR has these pics come out right after the pics of Ed last week at a basketball game snuggling with his guy. Ed is gay: clean up on aisle 1 = post pics of Ed kissing female.

they are so cute together… love them! ed is so hot!

I’m glad that kissing another boy still is “NOT DONE” in america, folks!!

luv youuu ed… <3 sooo hot… he is the perfect boyfriend.. sooo romantic…

Finally some PDA! It was about time. I guess this means they are official now? Good. I think they look good together.

Cute couple..!! Jessica-Ed or Blair-Chuck..both are great for me..Ed is hot!!

Okay Ed! I’m convinced that you’re not gay, you can stop doing that now.

ed and jessica so sweet together
how long are they together?
and the dog is so cute

They are cute but I wish he was with Leighton, but he seems happy :D

such a cute couple! they both look great!

i never realized how pretty jessica is cuz they make her look so bad on gg but she’s absolutely gorgeous! ed looks hot like always!

ed is hot..but chace even more…and jessica is not that a big deal

just so jealous lucky gal

just so jealous lucky gal

These two are really growing on me. <3


they are cute, but the best is the dog. what a lovely dog!

epic fail.

SO CUTE!!!!!!

they are so cute! absolutely love em! :)

but seriously, on the kissing pic…ed’s legs are so funny. that jss made my day!

i am probably going to be the only one to say this…but what does she see in him? i met him, and i don’t see what all these girls see in him. he is nothing great ladies, trust me. i use to be ohh chuck bass, and love ed. he is a nice enough guy, i don’t really like chain-smokers though. Now if you want a good catch, Chase has good looks and has an amazing personality.

jared where did these pictures come from? they are everywhere?

I just wanted to say…NOODLES if you thought they were talentless why would you:

1. even bother looking at the pics
2. and oh i don’t see you on t.v so i guess your the talentless one

on the contrary i think they make a cute couple and Jessica is a very pretty girl.


i wish them all the best they’re so cute and dog ;].

but CB all the way [ed&leight it will be dream come true!!] xd

wow no idea, didnt see that coming.

Someone hotter? He’s the hottest thing in the world!

No offense ‘britleaf’ everyone may hate her character but doesnt mean thats how she is in real life. Maybe the storylines she gets are stopping certain couples from getting back with each other but it creates tension. I think they are a good couple I was suprised when I heard about them but everyone always hates on her. Giuve her a break!!!!

No offense ‘britleaf’ everyone may hate her character but doesnt mean thats how she is in real life. Maybe the storylines she gets are stopping certain couples from getting back with each other but it creates tension. I think they are a good couple I was suprised when I heard about them but everyone always hates on her. Giuve her a break!!!!

they are great together
jessica is a got black chic.

@noodle: wow ur just jealous cause you dont act loser. dont hate just cause your the talentless nobody. y the f do u look them up if u feel that way? she sucks but his awesome. and he deserves someone better…she looks like a *****.

i think hes realllyyy uglyyy.. shess wayyy to prretty for himm!! and i wish i was that skinny.. ehh day i will ..hahaa

porra ta foda né eu sou apaixonada por ele e fico super triste em saber q ele fico com essa garota super chata mas antes ter perdido ele para a Leighton Meester por q eu acho q eles combinam muito!!

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