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Eddie Cibrian: Love Affair is Ridiculous

Eddie Cibrian: Love Affair is Ridiculous

This new movie still featuring costars LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian doesn’t leave much to the imagination if the rumors of their love affair are true.

PopWrap just reported that Cibrian is dismissing the rumors. A pal quotes Cibrian as saying, “LeAnn and I are friends, we went to dinner, that’s it. The most ridiculous thing is that people believe I would do something like this period … much less do it in a public place. The false accusations are obviously causing a rift at home, but me and my family will get through this together… LeAnn and I just shot a movie together so it is a bit bizarre that the timing on this is so close.”

Their upcoming TV movie Northern Lights, in which they play lovers premieres this Saturday, March 21 @ 9PM ET/PT.

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    HMM I’m with you I think so too, but we should just not even talk about then. That goes for the Octo mom I had enough of her!!!!!

  • Gino

    Dude you were caught kissing her on camera! WTF!

  • Foxy

    Oh mother may I…

  • Magan

    I agree Gino. Can’t deny the pic that’s out there and no amount of him saying that its lie will make that pic go away!

  • bea

    No way was this set up by either one of them. The man has a wife and two children. Maybe someone associated with the film tipped US magazine off, but the proof is in the pudding. LR isn’t denying it and they have video. I 100% believe they had an affair.

  • baily

    Ahh…time will tell. These two fo sho were doing the hoooo down. I’ve seen the video, it’s from early march. He’s very hot, but I’ve lost respect for him (and her) for doing this the WRONG WAY! Break up with your significant other before you get caught…How embarassing. And for the record, I’d NEVER watch a movie with Rhimes in it, so this isn’t a publicity stunt in my opinion.

  • Shawna

    Where is this picture? The picture I saw at US Weekly is so fuzzy you can’t even tell who it is. It could be anyone!

  • palvasha

    #1 totaly true, this is all bullshit to make us watch the crapy firm, where the singer gone acress will ‘try’ to act. bullshittttt

  • myobservation

    um, I’d be tempted by that apple too…The guy is pretty hot if you ask me.

  • tj

    So they were actually caught kissing and it’s on tape???
    WHERE and WHEN????

  • sabra

    Check out LeeAnn-HO’s statement. The B__H doesn’t confirm or deny.
    What is that about?

  • trayden

    Eddie is a very well known player in HollyWood. LeAnn is a well known dumb-s__t in Nashville. They are both lying CHEATERS!!

  • erika

    Lee Ann is in for a big heartache … Eddie will rid himself of her pronto.

  • erika

    Lee Ann is in for a big heartache!

  • sara

    On ET they showed video of Leann arriving at a hotel (last week I think), then he arrived 1/2 hr later. They both went into the same room, had a do not disturb on the door, etc.

  • sam

    Eddie should know better then to go to motel for Gods sake! As for LeAnne, well she is an idiot.

  • pinkrose

    Where should they have gone then?

  • gieletta

    It’s sad how LeeAnn is trying to make a “headline” out of this. It’s like she is really trying to get the public’s attention and it’s not happening for her. What really ticks me is that are children involved and LeeAnn’s going for it anyway.

  • amy

    Why didn’t LeeAnne just say this is a lie or say nothing at all?? What IS the point of her weird statement? I think she is trying to piss off her husband so he will leave her. Then she will act all wounded and get more attention as the victim. LeeAnn Rimes is a NUTCASE!!!!!

  • salma m

    LeeAnne Rimes is such a stupid BI-OTCH.!!! OMG does she not have a brain in that fugley country brain of hers? Her web site post just screams “WE DID IT!!!!”. If I was Eddie I would be SO EMBARRASSED.
    I’m sure he is kicking himself all over the place for allowng himself to get involved with her.

  • jennifer

    LeeAnn Rhimes = wacked out jilted country stalker chick.
    Better watch your back Ed, those country gurls are silent but deadly!

  • kameron

    If there wasn’t an innocent family involved, this would be the funniest joke in Hollywood. right now. I mean who cares about LeeAnn WHO??
    She is butt ugly and just as boring.

  • saundrA

    LOL!! LOL!!! Crack me up Jennifer with your ” wacked out jilted counrty stalker chick ” RIGHT ON!!! That is exactly what LeeAnn looks like!
    It is very scary. Probably NOT the image she was going for .LOL!!!

  • james

    LeeAnn is totally in this for the publicity. Why else wouldn’t she confirm or deny. She is all about the attention and she wants to dump her husband!!!!

  • take this

    Doesn’t Eddie have a wife and 2 small boys??? What the Hell !!!!???
    And have you taken a look at this LeeAnn person? ARF ARF, ARF ARF! Throw the gal a bone already. ARF

  • callee

    What a mess this is. Eddie has a family and to throw it all away for a country singer who is bored with marriage to her gay husband!
    Gee, this even sounds like a country song. Maybe LeeAnn will sing it?!

  • san

    Anyone who cheats on his or her significant other and doesn’t regret doing it and doesn’t feel bad about doing it should go to hell. God willing ignorant people who want to have sex with someone else’s man or woman or cheats on his or her own girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband and don’t regret doing it will go to hell.

  • MMA

    If they did this whole affair thing for publicity then that’s just sick!

  • sunseeker

    What I find funny is that when she dined at Fred Segal in LA with a male friend she was all giddy and enthusiastic talking about the fact that Cibrian wants to be single by May his 8th anniversary and how they text back and forth all day. What kind of woman happily wants to break up a family with 2 little boys.
    Now Cibrian is denying it, so she looks like a fool. KARMA

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