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Eddie Cibrian Denies LeAnn Rimes Affair

Eddie Cibrian Denies LeAnn Rimes Affair

Eddie Cibrian shot down reports that he had an affair with his Northern Lights co-star LeAnn Rimes.

“Other than being friends and two actors who were romantically intertwined in a movie-for-television we filmed last fall, there is no truth to the reporting initiated by US Magazine,” Eddie said in a statement to Access Hollywood. “It is a fabricated story that is using random snapshots as connective tissue to create a scandalous relationship.”

A Rimes friend tells People, “There are some feelings there but it’s too early to tell if it’s going to develop and if she’s done with her marriage… The situation that she’s grappling with right now is not the cause for her marriage troubles. There have been issues brewing for months prior to meeting Eddie on set.”

Rimes, 26, and Cibrian, 35, have their upcoming TV movie Northern Lights, premiering this Saturday, March 21 @ 9PM ET/PT.

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  • mitsie

    this is just publicity a week before the premiere of their movie

  • Jan

    It’s all a stunt to get people to watch their movie. Otherwise, the public would not have noticed. He would not leave that beautiful model wife and 2 kids for her at this time.

  • Laure

    Like she’s going to actually admit it.

  • Razorback

    I hope he didn’t make the mistake and cheat on his wife. I mean seriously, his wife compared to LeAnn. That ugly tra&p.

  • Tsk, tsk

    How come she isn’t denying it then?

    Even if it is just a publicity stunt, it still makes me think less of them both that they would go along with it.

  • malibumom

    Hang in there gurl! I’ve been in almost 20 years-it gets better!

  • P

    First of all, are you people serious? No way is this a publicity stunt. Would this guy expose himself as a cheater and humiliate his wife and kids for a movie of the week? LR friend’s comment sounds so selfish. EC is married, who says he will leave his wife for her? I’m sure it’s not the first time he has cheated.

  • http://justjared roro

    He would be stupid to cheat on his wife she is so much better looking and carries herself well. besides LeAnn is still a little girl. I am a huge Nora Roberts fan and i doubt she would approve of this publicity stunt. Oh and LeAnn needs to find another way to get out of her marriage, that doesn’t involve others.

  • Weight

    Ofcourse he will deny it

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Some people get paid to write just RUBBISH.
    be sure: HOMO-SEXUALS DO NOT DATE GIRLS, folks!!

  • Aussie Girl

    A publicity stunt for a TV movie of week? Come On! Also their is security footage of them kissing in a restaurant!!!!!

  • corrupted

    I see this guy at an UCLA bar every tuesday hitting on young girls.
    Sometimes he fills up his porsche with three different girls at once.
    He is married? haha

  • corrupted

    If anyone needs more info in this just posted, leave a comment under this one…

  • john

    do u attend ucla? which bar is it lol

  • give me a break!!!

    wow i could cheat with him he is so H.O.T!!!

  • daisy

    There are some feelings there? From both of them or just LR? The “friend” makes it sound like LR has feelings for EC, but that it’s not mutual. In other words, something probably happened, but he doesn’t have any intentions of leaving his wife. Does this “friend” even understand that 4 people are being hurt by this (LR husand and EC wife and their 2 kids)?

  • moveon

    LeeAnn never denied it. She just talked around it and said she is going through a difficult time right now. If it wasn’t true, she would have just denied it and said it wasn’t true. Most Men tend to just lie when they get caught. So i believe there was an affair.

  • chez schmay

    Typical man – gets caught -denies affair – admits affair – divorces -shacks up with other adulterer. Reminds me of Julia Roberts affair with the guys she’s married to now.

  • Ket

    She was probably having problems in her marriage to begin with. Who doesn’t? And that makes it all the more easy to get close to someone you have to spend a lot of time around. If they were/are having an affair, that is their business. Usually that means marital problems have been going on for quite some time.

  • lakers fan in boston

    who the f is she?

  • cassie

    LeAnn is just trying to get out of her marriage by causing so much hurt to her husband he will Have to divorce her. What a stupid be-ioch. Does she not get that their are children and other lives involved besides HER selfish needs. She is trying to drag her husband down. Next up, she will probably claim she is a victim.

  • penelope

    Using random snapshots? So he is not denying that he was at that particular restaurant with her or even that the two people who appear on the tape are them. He can not explain away the kiss or holding hands as something that the magazine “pieced together”. Besides, LR practically insinuated that there was an affair with the statement that she posted on her blog. So did someone get a case of “Since I can’t force him to leave his wife, I’ll force his wife to leave him”? It won’t be long before we see the two of them out and about as a “loving couple”.

  • Kelly p

    Does being a celebrity automatically make u prone 2 cheat? Im afraid so! C’mon ec n lr! Keep it n ur pants! Remembr those little things called marriage vows?!? U shoud know ur always being watchd!

  • Kelly p

    Celebrities seem 2 b running up the divorce rate n this country with every new movie love scene. Wat do u expect?!? When u get naked and grind on another hot naked person, things r naturally going 2 happen. Call it “acting” all u want!

  • Kelly p

    Is anyone else completely disgustd w celebrities lack of marital commitment?!? It seems that no one can keep it n their pants long enuf 2 make a marriage work. If u have that strong of a libido then u should steer clear of any wedding chapel!


    agree with Kelly p. I do have to say LeeAnn is only 25, gee she looks much older. In taht movie I thought she was the mother. Eddie if its an affair you think you need, show .more respect for your vows and wife. Also Lee Ann Rimes UGH!! Eddie show some class

  • Bellanie*Twelve

    I kno a lil of Eddie’s work, mosty, I remember him from Third Watch. And Leann, I kno her from her music, I am, and still am a fan of hers. Whether or not there is somethin going on between them, I feel the public always takes things to the extreme.Just because someones in the spotlight and is somewhat recognized as a celebrity, doesnt mean they arent subject to go through hard times with ther loved ones, and in general. No ones perfect, and the public can be so cruel.

  • ttuGIRL

    I totally agree with Bellanie Twelve… everyone goes through hard times. And, if they are having an affair it is none of our business, some of the best things happen in a bad situation and sometimes even a person finds their soul mate when they are married to another. I did. LEANN YOU STAY STRONG AND DO WHAT EVER YOUR HEART TELLS YOU!

  • MMA

    If you’re that unhappy that you have to have an affair then why not just get divorced?