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Gossip Girl Covers Rolling Stone

Gossip Girl Covers Rolling Stone

The cast of Gossip Girl take the latest cover of Rolling StoneBlake Lively, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick, Jessica Szohr, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley and Taylor Momsen.

“He had some [giant balloon] hot dogs. I’m worried what’s gonna happen with the hot dogs,” Badgley said upon arriving at the shoot. “I was thinking the exact same thing!” added Momsen.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of the cover shoot at

In related news, W is reporting that Westwick is currently collaborating in a secret multimedia collaboration called “Places To See” with artists Todd DiCiurcio and Richard Phillips.

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Photos: Terry Richardson/Rolling Stone
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  • Tiffany

    They’re just TOO EFFING HOT for the rest of the world.

    Yes, envy them all


  • megan


  • flutters

    Being on the cover of Rolling Stone sure doesn’t mean what it used to. The JoBros, the cast of The Hills, Taylor Swift, and now the cast of Gossip Girl…’s like Rolling Stone wants to be the new Tiger Beat.

  • Jessica

    Cute pics of Leighton & Blake.
    That cast is gorgeous.

  • Annie

    that cover is disgusting

  • Bubbaness


  • diana

    omg! the best/most gorgeous cast on television! can’t wait to buy this!

  • nat

    trashy show

  • Fox


  • Russian girl

    Cover is Amazing! Another pics are good too. But photo in the bed is SUCKS. There are just Leighton looks Perfect.

  • Lara J


  • emilie

    why does taylor have to look moody and depressed in every picture of her?

  • cecile

    this cast is so HOT ! the parents inclusive !

  • marissa

    best fucking cover ever!!! omg im in love leighton!!!!!

  • T

    PB looks hot. Ed leave the shirt on!

  • tiffany

    these pictures are too effin hot!

  • Kim

    That picture of them all in bed together is so tacky and…weird. It is like the GG orgy or something. Strange.

  • ck
  • Annie

    Those pics have too much of a seksual undertone to them..
    The thumbsucking and the orgy in bed??
    DSont they know that they have young kids watching this show..
    Very unappropiate..
    And no, im not a prude American, actually European here..

  • Countess von zinzendorf

    Pathetic pictures. Hollywood has stooped to a new low.

  • du


  • ashley

    That cover is hot!!!!! Hottest cast and I love the show.

  • Raphael

    You mean INappropriate, #19?

  • ~m~

    love it!

  • dave

    IS SEXY AS HELL!! ;)

  • cheryl

    the picture of Leighton sucking Blake’s thumb is so gross.
    Ed looks hot!

  • Halli

    Yeah that bed pic is incredibly tacky. These “actors” look cheap and dirty. Its like an American Apparel ad gone wrong. Orgy pictures aren’t “hot”. They’re gross

  • whut

    Gimmicky, pornish and not very creative. Looks like anything you find in any stupid teen’s myspace (with much hotter people of course). They should’ve brought Leibovitz, but then again, she only photographs real celebrities

  • Charlie

    they look gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! the whole cast is beautiful and this show just happens to be my guilty pleasure……

    lighton is really pretty

    if you like gossip girl check out my blog!

  • lala

    Leighton is so cute and the pics are awesome!

  • noodle

    Under-aged pathetic nobodies licking ice cream, sucking thumbs and eating hotdogs.. That’s super hot. Plus, it’s not like we have seen anything like that before, right? Til the next cover of under-aged pathetic nobodies.. Licking ice cream and sucking sausages.. The greatest thing about modern trash is no matter how much it stinks, it will get recycled in no time..

  • jughed

    that pink scoop of ice cream is very suggestive looking ;)

  • TaylorSwiftfan

    Rolling Stone lost its credibility a long time ago.
    Two girls featured with phallic shaped objects in their mouths in several shots. How original *roll*

  • Damien


  • yup

    ew… ok, I don’t really like these pics. the cast is absolutely amazing. and for the person who said rolling stone is the new tigerbeat.. well, it’s because the most popular people are the teen heartthrobs now.

  • Jezy

    these photos are so hawt. sexy in all the right ways ;)

    girl on girl is sooooo raw!

  • Oprah

    The cast of Gossip Girl, Jonas Brothers, the Hills girls, Taylor Swift…Rolling Stone is trying too hard.



  • Laure

    Don’t like the cover.

  • Maria

    leighton looks hawt :)
    i love her

  • Maria

    leighton looks hawt :)
    i love her

  • kylie

    ew whats with all the leighton love, shes FUG! same with ed!

  • Taylor Amos

    Kylie I agree..its weird that the shows fans seem to favor Ed and Leighton but non-viewers prefer Chace and Blake…I know I prefer them and I don’t watch.

  • Sienna

    LOLOLOL theres something about Legtons face that reminds me of a pig! HOT SHOOT THOUGH

  • k

    i love it! and i love GG!

  • k

    i love it! and i love GG!

  • karen

    love it ! the entire cast is gorgeous!

  • Crystal

    The Blake and Leighton pics are kind of creepy way more then the behind the scenes pics of them showing excessive public displays of affection towards each other.

    If they didn’t have boyfriends, I would be wondering if they where more then friends.

    How do you know that non viewers prefer Chance and Blake, Taylor Amos. Did you talk to every non viewer? Thirdly why would anyone put much thought into which cast members they prefer on a show they don’t watch.

    Beauty is subjective and based strictly on opinon, Kylie. It’s just your opinion that Leighton and Ed are fug, just like it’s my opinion that Ed, Blake and Taylor are extremely plain looking. Neither opinion is fact.

  • stacey

    i love them! can’t wait to buy this!

  • yolayohe

    well all you guys have your opinions!
    this is what i think
    1.ed looks the sexiest in the picture
    2.Leighton looks pretty but not hot(better dark hair)
    3.chace looks the hottest and the more typical American
    3.Blake looks gorgeous and fun in pict
    4.penn looks okay not so good looking but okay
    5.tayor looks terrible