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LeAnn Rimes Speaks Out About Affair

LeAnn Rimes Speaks Out About Affair

Last night, news broke that LeAnn Rimes was having an affair with her TV movie costar Eddie Cibrian (pictured here).

The 26-year-old country singer took to her Web site to address the situation. Here’s what she wrote:

“This is a difficult time for me and my loved ones, but I appreciate all your continued support. I would like to assure all of you that this is a place for you to hear things directly from me and as you all know, not everything in our lives is always black and white. Have Faith, Le.”

Rimes, who is married to Dean Sheremet, got cozy with Cibrian on the set of her upcoming Lifetime flick, Northern Lights.

UPDATE: Dean is standing by LeAnn, after his rumored Twitter page was updated with: “I love my wife!!!”

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  • Kristen

    Whoa! She does not strike me as the type to have an affair. She and her husband always seemed like such a happy couple to me. What a shame.

  • K

    So she isn’t denying it???

  • Tina

    Translation: I did it.

  • Laure
  • sean

    what goes around comes around if not to you your children!

  • Katie

    I really thought she was different from all of the the other young hollywood girls. She’s acting innocent and from her message it’s clear she’s not. She needs to grow up, and I feel bad for her husband.

  • fresh

    Finally some juicy gossip!!! Sucks for the wife and kids though.

  • indiesr

    Doesnt seems like she is deny it. Wow, no one can ever tell what goes on behind closed doors…she looked genuinely happy in her marriage.

  • yuck


  • renie97

    I am shocked and disgusted.

  • jeff

    It seems to me that actors/actresses leave their families and friends to film movies or tour for a new album and get immersed in a world that isn’t real, but make believe. They get so lonely and disconnected from their real world that they are tempted by what is around them at the time. Who wouldn’t be tempted by Eddie Cibrian? But is anyone talking about the fact that he also has a wife and kid…a family that will be affected by this rumor or fact, whichever it turns out to be. These people need to understand that Hollywood allows them to sparkle and then fade…some last for generations and some fade out quickly. Fans who support these two should just pray for their families and hope that whatever happens is for the best interest of all.

  • taylor

    we did it but our marriages just happened to be over already.

  • Caroline

    That is just so sad. I just hate when children are involved in situations like this. They bot suck.

  • Jessica

    Hah, so true #12.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    be honest: WE CARE, folks?

  • marie

    you know what I find most disgusting about this? That the comments are so calm and modest… I remember Sienna Miller being insulted in any possible way for being with a married man, when she wasn’t even married. And LeAnn IS married. So shame on her!

  • leanne and eddie

    Sounds like someone else we know named Tori Spelling.. who had
    an affair with her co star.. too…Is she half asian.?? Who does care.

    Dean had a wife and 2 children when he met Tori.. Isn’t amazing how
    no one has heard from Leanne until this movie came out.. what about
    when they were making the movie..?? Video at a restuarant.. when did
    they start doing that.. See U. S weekly for the video photo.!!

  • leanne and eddie

    Marie they are both married ..! Which is why they should start calling
    Leanne a bitch .. and a cheater..!

  • Marie

    I can’t wait to see the movie this weekend on Lifetime.

  • LolaSvelt

    The ratings for this crappy TV movie will be through the ceiling.

  • Annie

    There is no such thing as bad publicity..

  • karissa

    Wow, I can’t believe sweet, innocent Leann had an affair. This is some juicy gossip. Sad for their families, though.

  • joe jonases

    He is standing by her because he is probably get some (dick) on the side too. Have you seen his pictures? It’s obvious she married one of her gay back-up dancers.

  • noelle

    hah! very brad and angelina hahaha

  • Logan

    I am more shocked over him than her. He always seemed very into his with.. Of all the people to cheat with, she would have been my last guess.

  • Porsche


  • have_faith

    come on people, not every rumor is true!! the media will tell u ANYTHING to get your attention…These photos prove nothing! “holding hands” doesn’t mean they are romantically interested in each other and/or involved. like someone posted earlier, friends do that too. or it could’ve even been “mistaken” for a hand shake or a friendly touch (and i put it in quotes because, like i said, even if people know it’s not true if there is money involved in order to make an interesting story, they’ll exaggerate it)…
    and the “kiss” was, i’m sure, either a friendly peck on the cheek (like a lot of people do as a way of greeting one another) or he or leann could’ve been whispering something to the other one.

    i know in my heart that leann didn’t do this! …and deane is not gay! u can just tell that they are happily married, and leann is a smart gal so even if there was a possibility that they weren’t as happy as they seem, she would never cheat on him. and vice versa.
    i’m sick of the media making up stories and hurting celebrities just for a story!

    you guys are being way too harsh. besides, none of this is proven!

  • amway


  • gents

    I have ground zero respect for people that commits adultery.

  • AM

    Publicity stunt! No one cares about her and she keeps wishing we did


    Why blast her.? They both are married so both are guility. Why is it that it’s worse if a woman cheats than it is if a man cheats.?

  • sky

    I’m not surprised this happened. . .eddie has been a dog from back in the day. I don’t know how much you all know about eddie but he was in a band call 3Deep with actor Joshua Morrow and a fellow canuck CJ Huyer, they had one hit single “so into you.” The band was really popular in Canada and they when on tour to all the collages and university campus singing their one hit songs. They hooked up with girls in Montreal Quebec and they came to my campus Mcmaster university to perform and I was a member of the all girls residence…to get to the point, while Eddie was engaged to Brandi, he and his bandmate Joshua hookedup with two of the girls that live in my dorm house. It was so disgusting because these two Scanks could not shutup about sleeping with Joshua and Eddie. Basically I’m saying it’s sad that it took Brandi two babies later to figure out what a douchbag Eddie really is. The things that him and Joshua made these girls do to them would make that R.Kelly sex tape look like a PG-13 movie on the Disney Chanel

  • Shawna

    Are the supposedly adulterous pictures online anywhere?

  • mos

    seriously I never thought a statement would make a situation look worse than it is but she ask for my faith ?! faith for what ? that her hubby ignores it . or that the other guy leaves his wife ? why in the world shall I give her my faith . there is no half cheating so she rather tells why it happened or shut up . but never ask for my faith when you don’t say the truth

  • isla m

    Who cares about LeAnn. All along, everything she has done is all about publicity to make her look sexy and grown up. LeeAnn is an idiot.

  • marri

    So LeeAnn Rimes is a CHEATER!!!! LOL!!
    I would think Eddie could do better then her country mousiness.
    Wonder what her Christian based Country fans think?

  • rivke

    Eddie is HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!
    LeeAnn is NOT, NOT, NOT!!!
    I bet LeeAnn is thrilled she is fodder for gossip. She strikes me as the type that would do/say anything to get her name out there and change that country image.

  • keLLY

    Say it ain’t so Eddie!!! Leeanne RImes!!!??? OMG
    The country singer girl is a CHEATING HO!!!!!!

  • CLAudine

    I have never liked LeeAnn. It does not surprise me at all that she is having yet ANOTHER AFFAIR. You do know this is around # 3 for her. LeeAnn is a well-known S___T here in Nashville. She will do ANYONE to get ahead in the business and she has always been desparate to change her image. Way to go LeeAnn. Another ruined family!!!

  • julia

    What the HELL – LeeAnne says ” have faith”. Yeah right!!!Have faith my A__!!! LeeAnne RImes is such a hypocrite. And she just HAD to put out that statement to the public. You know, because she is sooo torn up inside. She is so pleased with herself. She reminds me of that awful Tori. She did the same thing to her husband. 2 words – KARMA

  • sunny gurl


  • amanda & eva

    So LeeAnn puts out a statement that makes the situation worse. She is just the dumbest person ever! Way to pick um ED!!!!

  • demi

    Is this going to be another one of those “tragic” on set hook-ups
    (anne heche – tori spelling) where “you can’t help who you fall in love with, So forgive me I’m so torn” stories? GIVE ME A BREAK!!
    LeeAnn is now full blown trailer trash. Congrats.

  • dacker

    An affair with Leeanne Rimes? If this wasn’t so sad it would be a total HeeHaw joke. Come on Eddie?? Leeanne Rimes!?!?!

  • michelle

    Eddie is a well known player in Hollywood. Only the dimmest and dumbest will do for him. So LeeAnn must be one hell of a dimwit.

  • angela

    Seriously? LeeAnne Rimes? Never really liked her or her music. but I repeat, LeeAnne Rimes? Anything for publicity I guess.

  • jen

    They are both LOSERS and they are both LOVING the headlines!

  • lotsa luck

    Hey Noelle:
    Yeah, they both wish they were as interesting, talented and most important, as gorgeous as Brad and Angie. No, this coupling is in the Tori Spelling category. Just down right gross.

  • guy

    Leanne is trying so hard to become a sex kitten. I don’t think so. Leanne reminds me of a country Lindsey Lohan. HAHAHAHA
    Me thinks you try toooo hard!!

  • tj

    Another whacked out couple that think they are all that and more!