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Marc Jacobs Engaged To Lorenzo Martone

Marc Jacobs Engaged To Lorenzo Martone

Designer Marc Jacobs and ad executive Lorenzo Martone are engaged, reports WWD.

The couple has been together for about a year and just arrived in Brazil wearing rings.

They are headed to Martone‘s native Sao Paolo to celebrate the Marc Jacobs multibrand store there, which opened in January.

Martone recently told FWD of their relationship, “It’s really early to share, but our relationship is getting stronger and more mature. And with that, some things might happen.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty
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  • lakers fan in boston

    the only good thing u do is make good clothes
    thats pretty much it, respect when it comes 2 clothes

  • Yar


  • suzz

    Gorgeous couple!

  • http://yannie/201 lakenya

    omg tat not nice to call ppl fags , they cutie happy & rrich u should ever wish slow die on anyone !!!!!!!!!!!soooooo sad

  • Rachel

    So hot! They’d have the cutest children. I’d go to their house any day. Congrats to them for being happy!

  • arantxa

    i lvoe marc jacobs
    but egaged with a guy :$

    i love his clothes

  • chels

    omg they are both so handosme to be gay
    and marc is so good as a fashion designes but def dissapointed mee with this

  • t

    great couple congrats

  • renie97

    Well Chels, it seems most of the cute and talented ones are gay these days! It does seem silly to say two men (or women) are engaged or married. I’m sorry if that offends some of you but that’s my opinion.

  • brendon

    #3: People like you don’t belong in society. No one is asking you to accept gays but how can you wish something like that upon someone. You’re disgusting!

  • uhh

    I just throw up a little…

    those two man in bed… married….

    just throw up a lil more!

  • Emma.

    What #3 said is incredibly stupid. People like YOU need to get aids and die.
    What a mean thing to say.

  • noodle

    Ignorant pigs like you are the scum of this (collapsing) nation..
    You’d better get your facts straight, @@@@@
    AIDS: leading cause of death in the us among 24-35 among heterosexuals
    Gay couples: enjoying equal rights in 90% of European countries, Canada.. US is next on the list.
    Civil rights: As defined constitutionally as equality, regardless of religious beliefs, you CREEP

    Meanwhile, you keep can your bible in your drawer. The world is changing, while you are reading backwards.. lol:)

  • Caio

    Hey JJ, just to clarify something about the post, the city is actually São Paulo and not Sao PAOLO, ok?

    Brazilian hugs to all of you!

  • Becca

    VERY handsome pair! they are truly some great looking guys.

    I wish them happiness.

  • lol

    very Attractive couple.

  • St8 guy who’s not a homophobic

    So many of you are homophobic, a few of you are downright horrid. Loving someone isn’t all about sex and getting engaged/married or making a commitment to one another is not about being in bed all the time. Sheesh. Some of you need to grow up and get over it. Making a life together is about compromises and communication and guess what, it’s not easy no matter who you are. Anyway, congrats to the happy couple! Wishing them all the best and lots of happiness!

  • sherie

    i’m getting over about brazil.



  • WIll go

    so happy for the couple! more power! :-)

  • Ann

    I love Marc Jacobs designs!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What he does in his personal life is none of my business.

  • nyob

    They both are so handsome. Why are all the hot ones gay?

  • eva

    Very handsome men, they kind of look alike. Many congrats to the succesful pair.

  • Sarah May

    wah. this is why we women can’t get talented good looking men like that. they prefer other men. so jealous. wah wah wah

  • katie n

    Congratulations!! it is always good to see happy couples committing to each other in marriage. And they are both so handsome. But which one is which?

  • Kesha

    In life it is so hard to find someone to share your life with. I don’t see anything wrong with people of the same sex being together. As long as it is two consenting adults, that’s all I care about. If you don’t like what you see or read then close your eyes or don’t read it. It’s true that we are in America and are free to say what we feel, but some individuals should just learn when to keep comments to themselves. I wish the two of them the best.

  • jj

    i just dont understand you people,if you didnt like the news then why the hell did you Comment, you should Keep Your Opinions To Yourself.because no one wants to hear them,as for that ass who wishd them aids i wonder how you’ll feel if someone wishd that on your family??

  • Sebastian


  • 123

    DEFINITELY the HOTTEST celeb couple i have seen for longggggg

  • Rosie

    Im not a homophobic at all but… these people are just getting out of hand… every single day

  • Thata

    It is São Paulo! Not Sao Paolo!

  • MaryE

    This is so sick!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Matt

    Absolutely hilarious – it’s like he got engaged to himself. They’re identical. It;s got to be more like narcissism when they f–ck each other.

  • chocsoc

    Congrats to the happy pair! =)
    It’s amazing how alike they look! So handsome & well-dressed.
    I would like for homophobic people to be bred out, like NOW, by evolution already. Come on hun, giddy up!
    (And also while we’re at it, let’s hope greed is bred out from humans too, & sheer conscientious stupidity.)

  • Pounds


  • chocsoc

    LOL at Rosie #31!!!
    “Im not a homophobic at all but… these people are just getting out of hand… every single day”

    The very fact that you call them “these people” is a BIG sign you’re homophobic, & stating that “these people are just getting out of hand”, what does that mean, are they supposed to be miserable & not be in a consenting partnership? What exactly is ‘getting out of hand’? That human rights are practised for EVERY one?
    Humans come in all shapes, sizes, “orientation” (for lack of a better word), open-mindedness (or lack thereof…speaking of which…) & intelligence (or lack thereof…) & whatever else.

    You are homophobic, be loud & proud about it, own yourself. ;)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Please be sure your AN*S is “BLOCKED & LOCKED”, folks!!

  • uglysexy

    they look like twins…siamese…conjoined at some organs….or maybe
    just a ventriloquist and his dummy in his likeness

  • Erman

    Awww..what the f.. those silly comments by these homophobes, this is exactly why Americans will always look stupid and silly to the rest of the world.

  • palvasha


  • palvasha


  • lena

    arghhhh !!!!!!!!!! Marc is so so so hot !!!!!!!!!

  • go gays!

    Great news.
    Congratulations boys!


    YEAH, congrats to the happy couple.

  • Lenny

    It is what what it is today. You keep call them a couple like this really is normal, oh well I guess with 40% births out of wedlock that’s normal too, God only knows what’ll be called normal tomorrow.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    there is no “normal” lenny you tard.
    but rofl these two look so much alike its like theyr fckin a mirror i bet

  • ****

    @@@@@ you sound jealous. Just because guys won’t you doesn’t mean you have the right to deny other gay guys. Go sulk in a closet, you repressed sadsack.

  • Damien

    Congratulations!So nice to hear new people engaged.They a

  • Damien

    So nice to see new people engaged. Marc Jacobs is an amazing designer so I wish them all my best.

  • zeek

    This is a gross act against nature.