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Ashley Greene Talks Taylor Lautner Shirtless Scenes

Ashley Greene Talks Taylor Lautner Shirtless Scenes

Ashley Greene didn’t have to use the intuitive powers of her Twilight character, Alice Cullen, to know fans will love Taylor Lautner‘s shirtless scenes in the upcoming sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

“He looks like he’s in 300!” Ashley tells In Touch of the 17-year-old, who packed on nearly 30 pounds of muscle to play Jacob Black again.

“I was in the makeup trailer and I looked over as he was taking his shirt off and said to him, ‘You’ve got to be joking!’” Ashley recalls. “He looks fantastic. The girls are going to be satisfied, let me tell you!”

Ashley‘s also doing her part to make girls’ dreams come true: She’s a spokesperson for, a charity where teens can donate a gently used prom dress for a girl in need to a Saks Fifth Avenue store through March 31 and in return receive a store discount.

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  • sanfranclubkid

    Thus just in… Taylor Lautner is officially the hunkiest guy on the planet!

  • Awo

    he is well fit and better looking than every1
    lush abs

  • azhley

    woooooooow!!!!!! taylor is really great!!!!! how come bella chose rob over him!!
    yeah i know why!!! but taylor is cooler than RP… think about it!!!

  • azhley

    go Jacob black…. i cant wait for new moon!!!!!!
    just don’t like the wig though………
    i love taylor!!!!

  • JD

    i was a total edward fan…untill i saw taylor without the wig! then i was partial…untill i saw his freaking sexy abs!!!!! now i am team Taylor allllllllll the way

  • Ana

    OMG fittatude 100.. rob is nothng

  • livnhan

    geez he looks fine in the
    pics he look cuter younger

  • mrs cullen

    ok ill admit hes HOT! and i may change to team jacob in the middle of new moon, but HOW can he be better than edward?!?! (no offence taylor)

  • Lannie

    oh my freakin GOD look at this kid i would totally do him………A LOT

  • Alissa

    Taylor all the way !!!!! Can anyone say hot??? “HOTTTTTT”

  • jayci

    yeah, im madly in love with taylor lautner =)
    bring on new moon!!!!!

  • ms jada lautner

    Please don’t say that because it might come true. But if he like died now I would be crushed. I would cry for like days because thats how must I am obsessed wit him. I’m gettin emotional just thinkin about it.

  • jane

    ok i will admit that taylor is HOT…
    BUT this is not taylor it the guy that plays james (Cam Gigandet)
    he has nice abs same as taylor

  • Alex

    oooo!!! he is so damn fine!! i was team Jacob when i read the books even BEFORE i saw Taylor!!! and as for the photos, HE IS HOTT!!! yum yum yummy! is it healthy to drool this much?

  • Alex

    oooo!!! he is so damn fine!! i was team Jacob when i read the books even BEFORE i saw Taylor!!! and as for the photos, HE IS HOTT!!! yum yum yummy! is it healthy to drool this much?

  • tabatha

    O M G he got fit!!!! who cares about rpatz he is not fit but woahhh how the hell did he get so fit that quick???

  • ~*alice*~

    I wonder if he took any sterroids to help with the muscle gain???
    i hope not… and yeah i’ll admit he is pretty hot
    i mean nice abs, but IS it healthy??
    and whats all this about him bein hotter than Rob? who cares
    well anyway cant wait to see New Moon!!!!!

  • lillie

    damm i think ur really hot n i love ur eight pack write back i love you

  • lillie

    damm i think ur really hot n ilove ur eight pack keep working out!!!!!! I KNOW EVERBODY IS IN LOVE WITH YOU CUZ U GOT ALOT OF MESSAGES . HAVE YOU READ DEM’. PEACE, LOVE,AND CHICKEN GREACE. I LOVE YOU PLEASE WRITE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • xsarah

    he’s delicous ♥
    qo Jacob.

  • korina

    He has gr8 abs and he doesnt work out, he does karate. he did karate since the age of six and i no dat people in martial arts have br8 abs and muscels.

    he looks…. hott! (topless ofcoarse) and he is sooooo much hotter den Rob Patt!

  • Anna sharone

    oohh emm geee taylor lautner is HOTTT as heccckkkk!

  • macie

    OMGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is fine!!! :) i liked rob cause he was cuter but dayumm boi taylor witt out is wig…. :) wow!!!


    Team Jacob! Rob’s okay but Taylor is frickin hot. Holy Cow! I didn’t know it was possible to be that hot!

  • Mrs. Annie lautner

    he is so hot! But, im thinking of what the other Annie said. It makes sense… but he is dedicating himself to NewMoon. Determination is hot XD. BTW, what is that? A 8-pack? :O Yummy! my friend Erin likes to lick people. (and nibble my toes) … she would be all over him! … Yea, back to my first subject. Soo hot. hot. hot. hot. hot. hot. hot. hot.

    Can’t wait for NewMoon!! :D :D

  • molly

    OMG is so f****** HOT

  • stephanie

    I think it’s interesting that Taylor is getting concerned fans for doing what high school football players do….I’m sure he’s working with a health coach.


    MANN… HE iS S0 FiNE MAN iM LiKE iN MAd L0VE WiTH HiM.. aND HiS CHESt..WH000000!!

  • Lexi

    Taylor is better than Robert by a long ways!!!!!!!!!! :DDD
    I love him and his sexiness!!!

  • livvi

    cum on tht cant be healthy for him spend his life in the gym. Very hott tho !!!!

  • Rebecca h.

    wow! thats a lot of muscle. boy’s got a six pack now! i love him to death. i love rob too but taylor and him are just cute in their own ways. plus taylor is closer to my age so yayyyyy!

  • kassi

    dude, if i didnt have a boyfriend, id totally tap that..twice. maybe a third time ;]

  • gabbygirl


    Oh decisions?!?!? =(

  • Angel

    OMG Taylor is soooooooo HOT! I really want 2 meet him

  • lol

    hes a skinny bastard, why are people calling him big… Big = Ronnie Coleman

  • Lena

    yea, yer right. he’s better then rpatz or whatever people call him



  • Future Mrs Lautner

    OMG he is super hot !






    taylor lautner


    : )

  • Alayna

    omg taylor is soooo hawt :]]
    I <3 loveeeeee is abs lol

  • celine

    u r so fine i love you so much

  • flissy

    omg he is fine ome r-patzz has a bit of a compititin i have limitless pictures of them both on my wall

  • Allison

    Taylor is amazing! Robert Patterson’s face looks like he ran into a wall, and his hair makes him look like he was struck by lighting

  • Maddie

    Man he is 2 hot 2 be true. Did u even look at those too sexy abs? Robert P. Is okay, but compared to Taylor he is a j@ck@$s. I heard Taylor is going out with selena gomez. I can tell u rite now she is the most luckiest girl alive ( and any1 else who went out with Taylor). Man I wanted 2 go out with him ever since I saw him as Sharkboy. I LOVE U TAYLOR

  • Allyangel14

    This is my man so back offf…….. and just so you know annie and minny it is healthy for him to work out. Yall are just jealous cuz he don’t want you lol, he wants me. Him , his smile ,eyes, and 8pack belongs to me so back offf okay

    Sign ( Allison Lautner)

  • Juice

    Ooh yes please!!!

  • lolipop321

    He is soooo fine! he looks so much better then robert patison but then again ive always thought that lol YUM! :)

  • twilight fan

    I love taylor! but not jacob, and rob is cute as edward, but i love edward! hate jacob! not his look! just his character and taylor is just fine w/ his working out because he’s still eating! if he wasn’t he couldn’t get muscles like that so get off taylors back! oh and by the way, taylor is SOOOOO HOT, FINE, HANSOME, SEXY, DELICIOUS, CUTE, LOVABLE, MUSCULAR, GOOD LOOKING, AND AWSOME GUY! LOVE HIM! =D 8) ;)

  • Jackie

    WOW he looks fantastic OMG he is so hot i can’t wait for newmoon when he is shirtless really i can’t wait

  • dinglegerg300

    hello he’s freaking 17! he had his birthday on the 11th of febuary you knob! IF YOU’RE GOING TO CRITISIZE AT LEAST HAVE YOU FACTS RIGHT!