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Ashley Greene Talks Taylor Lautner Shirtless Scenes

Ashley Greene Talks Taylor Lautner Shirtless Scenes

Ashley Greene didn’t have to use the intuitive powers of her Twilight character, Alice Cullen, to know fans will love Taylor Lautner’s shirtless scenes in the upcoming sequel The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

“He looks like he’s in 300!” Ashley tells In Touch of the 17-year-old, who packed on nearly 30 pounds of muscle to play Jacob Black again.

“I was in the makeup trailer and I looked over as he was taking his shirt off and said to him, ‘You’ve got to be joking!’” Ashley recalls. “He looks fantastic. The girls are going to be satisfied, let me tell you!”

Ashley’s also doing her part to make girls’ dreams come true: She’s a spokesperson for, a charity where teens can donate a gently used prom dress for a girl in need to a Saks Fifth Avenue store through March 31 and in return receive a store discount.

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242 Responses to “Ashley Greene Talks Taylor Lautner Shirtless Scenes”

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  1. 151
    Michael Says:

    Hmm its funny how the Cullens are all basically half human//half vampire. And that Jacob is an Animagus(A large hound) The Cullen’s might seem immortal but they are not they can be killed but in a certain way. While Alucard spelt backwards is Dracula is immortal and cannot be killed. You can tear him apart and burn his body but it will make no difference he will just regenerate with special hell hounds. But he wouldn’t just use the hell hounds to eat the cullens, instead of burning them. He would also use his dual pistols which are 13mm explosive steel rounds. He would destroy everyone in the twilight series like they were nothing. Laughing as he killed each one horribly.

  2. 152
    Graycie Says:

    creepy mannn…

  3. 153
    Isabella Says:

    OMG i love yoou <33 your like way sexier than Robert. *growls* lol
    i love twilight you were like so cute in it with the long hair haha.

  4. 154
    cutie patootie Says:


    i so agree with you
    taylorlautner <3
    so hawwt yummy

  5. 155
    danielle Says:


    i share your same thought :P

  6. 156
    Carly Campbell(: Says:

    yuuuum :P
    he is soo sexxxy (:
    Team Jacobb(:

  7. 157
    Mrs. lautnerr(: Says:

    ahh look at my baybeee(:
    talk about drop deadd georgeouss!
    go werewolves not blood suckers :P
    Team jacobbb[:

  8. 158
    mrs. lautner[[[: Says:

    you are the cutest boy i meeen man evaaa(:
    way sexierr then edwardd *growlll*
    i meen another reason to love you is that you have real abs rather than a certain vampire i know *cough*ed*cough*warddd
    you were cute in twilight and your going to be way hottttter in new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn!
    i still wish bella picked you and not married and
    had a baby with yucky edwarddd(:
    taylor lautner&&carlycampbell=♥love♥
    ilyy forevaa [:

  9. 159
    kori Says:

    GOSH DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Taylor is so freaking HAWT! *sigh* Love him. ;] RPattz is a hotty, too, but, CRAP! Taylor’s just got something….irresistible. <3

  10. 160
    Tea Says:

    Taylor is my man <3

  11. 161
    ashlynn lilly black Says:

    OMG!!!!! TAYLOR FREAKIN ROCKS!!!!! who cares about age restrictions on boys his age working out. Do you not want to see him lookin to die for sexy in new moon? people sometimes need to think it through! And I think that rob an taylor are both just as sexy. I loved rob as cedric an I love him as edward. someone said you only love the characters they play. not true. people can loe him for ho he is even if you dont know him that much. gosh! Also kristen is kwl. I was watching this thing on youtube an rob was going like ‘oh um yeah ~I’ve had loads more boys coming to get my autograph. but yeah its kwl how we get more boys’ seriously!!! But seriously loving taylor lautners glorious pecks and glistening abs. *drool*. Loving robert pattinson. *drool*. lol!!!

  12. 162
    jasmine j butcher babie Says:

    okay for all u hobo’s tht think u gunna get with him ima tell u now, we were ment to be! i love this kisck ass hoe! he is so hot! seriously i love him!
    -biggest lovin fan-
    i LOVE him;)

  13. 163
    alex Says:

    just two words o my god

  14. 164
    team jacob Says:

    nice abs ]

    way better than rp
    rob looks old as
    taylor looks young nice n hooottt

  15. 165
    cbeast(: Says:

    Kid Nap me is a definate yes for him(:

  16. 166
    Emosis^^ Says:

    I looooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tayLor !!!!!!
    he’s soo hot!!
    And ash is too perfect…
    Love them <3

  17. 167
    phoebe Says:

    omg!!! u r sooooo f***ing hott!! me and my bestie hannah luv u sooo much!!! i cant wait 4 new moon 2 come out!! OMFG!!! :)

  18. 168
    phoebe Says:

    omg!! u r sooo f***ing hott!! me and my bestie hannah luv u soo much!! i cant wait 4 new moon 2 come out!! OMFG!!

  19. 169
    hannah Says:

    LUV U BRE LUV U JARRYD !!!!! (hayne)!!! *)

  20. 170
    hannah Says:

    im soo funny tee hee hheee ha that rymes not im a blonde noottt !!!!
    i got to say ROBERT PEESON pees alot and his a HOB KNOCKER because he killed ur shark named HOB and he likes to play KNOCKERS!@#$%^&*()_+ tee hee hee PEEACE IMM OUT HOMME DOG I LUV U JARRYD HAYNE

  21. 171
    Natasha Says:

    hey he looks so gud he is such a hotttie OMG he so sexy im gonna go c New Moon TWILIGHT ON DECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. 172
    Dunja Says:

    I love Taylor!!!! :) <3

  23. 173
    cassie Says:

    i’m pretty sure that he is the hottest guy i have ever seen and did you see his abs now i would like to see if robert had those then he still wouldn’t be as hot

  24. 174
    hannah Says:

    Taylor Lautner is way hotter the Robert,no efense to Robert,but taylor is mouth droping hot!!!!! HE IS THE HOTTEST GUY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 175
    Clara Says:

    2 mr. d, lauren, and goddess–ditto. i am intending absoludly NO OFFENCE to robert fans—this 100% my opionin— every1 has diffrent taste, rite, but rob may be a good actor, but in my opionin he was a bit dramatic 4 twilight…on other hand, jake was perf!

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