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The O.C. Crosses Over With Gossip Girl Spin-Off?

The O.C. Crosses Over With Gossip Girl Spin-Off?

Costars Brittany Snow and Krysten Ritter take a break behind-the-scenes of the Gossip Girl spinoff, tentatively titled Lily, in Los Angeles on Wednesday (March 11).

According to EW, producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are looking to resurrect young versions of Kirsten Nichol and Jimmy Cooper, from The O.C. Josh tells the mag that they are discussing the idea of having teenage Lily interact with earlier versions of the roles, especially Julie Cooper, played by Melinda Clarke in the 2007 FOX series.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the O.C. crossing paths with Lily?

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Credit: KO; Photos: FlynetOnline, Jody Cortes / WENN
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  • diana

    Omg! I miss The OC! That would be amazing and that would mean that I would definitely tune in!

  • Emma.

    I’d love it! OMG.

  • tyra

    I miss The OC

  • lala

    that would be greattttt

  • M

    That would be so great!

  • buzz

    I want to see Ben!

  • Carly

    It would be great

  • lovey

    Brittany is already wearing those cute pink Givenchys…. I want them!!!

  • Jamie

    Love it!

  • bob S.

    NO NO NO! I love the OC and I love Gossip Girl, just not together.

  • tao

    I miss The OC. But that’s the worse idea ever ! JS should concentrate on Chuck because all the Gossip girl’s things are so lame.

  • steph

    OMG I love it!!! DO IT!!!

  • Hair!

    where’s the 80′s hair?!

  • bam


  • uglysexy

    them is some boring ass white chicks ;p

  • Caio

    I would love it — I mean it!

  • Michelle

    omg GENIUS

  • dundies

    ug i kinda wanted to see a fresh new face take on lilys role but w/e. whats up with amy winehouse 2.0?

  • guest

    That is a great idea!
    Just make sure that he doesn’t forget about the original Gossip Girl. The ratings are really low, the storylines are incoherent, the guest stars are awful. Please bring back Chuck and Blair. Everyone sleeping around with everyone else is not good. You are disappointing your fans.

  • emma

    Hmm I dunno if that would would out, seeing as they are from CA and Lily would be from NY? They don’t link.
    Because I’m a massive OC fan, I wouldn’t want them to wreck it. There were younger versions of Sandy, Kirsten and Jimmy in Season 4. If they re-cast them for a third time they’re likely not to get the same actors and OC fans would be sceptical.

  • dfdsf

    # 20
    julie cooper grew up in New York so yeah.

  • diana

    Hey #20 and #21, Lily is orginally from Los Angeles, but moved to New York… Julie Cooper is from Riverside, but married rich, and moved to Newport Beach. This show will be fabulous if everything goes according to plan.

    This Gossip Girl spin-off is filming in Los Angeles right now (because Lily is used to live there before moving to New York).

  • chels

    greaaat ideaa=)

  • Conrado

    I would be awful!!

    I really dont understand why JS care so much about the parents,,
    He did the same he did with the OC giving storylines to the old people,,, Concentrate about Chuck going to high school please!! School storylines in GG are the best!! We’ll miss them since Season 3!!

    GG books are way better because Lily, Rufus, Eleanor, Bart, etc. are just secondary characters,,,

    About crossing-over with the OC is crap!! They ‘d ruin the “GG Universe” becuase Willa Holland was Agnes Andres in some GG episodes,,,

    I’d be like: Kaitlin Cooper has an alter ego!! The same mistake happened during 90210 franchise when they gave Rob Estes the role of Harry Wilson when he was Sam Towler in Melrose PLace, ruining the “Beverly Hills, 90210; Melrose Place; Models Inc. (Whatever) and 90210 Universe”,,

    I love THE OC!
    But I love GOSSIP GIRL more!!! and I hope to love the spin-off (I doubt is gonna be a sucess)

  • jackie

    omg that would be AMAZING!!

  • ~m~

    that would be absolutely amazing!
    Julie was one of my fav characters on the OC she was hilarious!

  • nikki

    THE OC is the best show ever! but i don’t want them to ruin any of the characters for me. i don’t think they would mix well. however if he does, i would definately watch it which is probably the reason they are doing it.

  • Ashley

    the oc went down the drain and so will this show if they try to combine it..
    gossip girl is a hit, let’s keep it that way.

  • saudia

    exciting!! I’m ready for that !!

  • arantxa

    i just want The OC again :(

  • jen


  • c

    OMG I love Britney Snow’s outfit!
    Love the leather jacket, the pink high heels, the dress, the leggings, just everything about it!
    Plus she is beautifulll :)

  • steph

    Honestly, I think that would be awesome! The OC is still one of my favorite shows and it would be pretty cool to see how Josh would get Jimmy and Julie into the mix. =)

  • shiaishot

    please !!!!! that’d be so cool…my favorite series together:) and beside, with the oc on, i’d definitely tune in=)

  • elizabeth

    so they want to make the characters from the oc and this new show to cross paths.. um what?

  • queen bee

    #24 (And so many more people here) OBVIOUSLY didn’t get it.
    This is not about Gossip Girl main series, this is about the SPIN OFF!!!

    I’d love to see it! I’m not the best OC fan, because I didn’t seen it all, but I’d love to. For some reason, I think Julie would be like a Georgina type of girl xDD

    I love Brittany, she looks gorgeous. But not exactly 80′s o_O And Krysten looks weird, like Quasimodo o_o LOL… but I love her too.
    I wasn’t really excited about the spin off, because I hate RL with passion, but now I want to see it :D

  • Betina

    that is such a good idea :D

  • anon

    OMG that is seriously like the best idea ever
    i miss the oc so much, it would be perfect!!!


    No please don’t ruin my Oc please!
    It’s way too hot for GG

  • me

    Why didn’t he give rachel bilson a part in the spin-off? She’s from the O.C. too. Don’t see her getting any other roles anywhere.

  • c

    It could work as long that he bbring back some of the other cast too.Not fair if he don’t do that.

  • LolaSvelt

    If that’s true, then they need to get Emma Stone for Julie!

  • Patricia

    it will be amazing

  • Mia


  • ocsethummer


    TEAM ADAM pleeeeaaaaasssseeeee!

  • queen bee

    #39, YOU WISH. GG is WAY better, hotter & juicier than The OC. I like The OC, but GG it’s just better.

    #40… WTF? I love Rachel, yeah she’s gorgeous and great, but your comment was REALLY pointless. It’s the 80′s spin off, to see the “adults” teenage life, why Rachel?

  • ashley


  • emma

    i miss o.c! i thnik it would be fun to see younger versions of kirsten and jimmy!

  • MMA

    This is absolutely genius! This is the best thing that has ever happened to TV!!


    josh schwartz: i know you read the message boards, and im really hoping that you read this one.
    im maybe one of the biggest fans of the oc out there, i watch it religoiusly, even 2 years later. i think it would maybe be the most amazing thing ever for me to see the cast of it return to tv, even if its only 3 of them. it would mean SO much to me, and im sure a lot of other die-hard oc fans. just please please please, if this show happens, do not mess it up.
    please include things like kirsten’s abortion, julie’s porn video, kirsten and jimmy’s relationship and all that stuff. and if you could, use the actors and actresses from “the case of the franks” because im sure other oc fans will be skeptical about that stuff haha. yeah, as you can see im still obsessed with the show and i know i sound like a psychopath for writing this on a blogging/gossip site. but please, im begging you, just dont mess it up. make us diehards proud =]