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Jude Law: Back From Isle of Wight

Jude Law: Back From Isle of Wight

Jude Law arrives back to his home in London on Thursday (March 19) after attending the Minghella movie marathon at the Isle of Wight.

During the Oscars, Heath Ledger‘s older sister Kate was interviewed. She was asked, “This isn’t the last you’ll see of Heath on screen. We still have Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I was wondering if you’ve seen any footage and what we could expect. What would be the final thing we see of Heath on screen?”

Kate responded, “We have seen a little bit of footage. He only completed I think about a third of the film. And then we’ve had some incredible actors — Johnny Depp and Jude Law and Colin Farrell step in to complete it. And I think it’s going to amazing. [Director Terry Gilliam] is amazing and Heath always had such enthusiasm and interest in whatever Terry was doing so.”

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Credit: WCI; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • AnnieRich

    He looks so great lately. BEAUTIFUL JUDE!!!!

  • AnnieRich

    Oh, I forgot. What a great and stylish outfit.

  • Sandy

    Annie, you are right he is bursting with beauty but i must admit the
    outfit is something else! But he carries it off so well because he can
    make any outfit outstanding. Such a happy and unusual combination of things would never occur to anyone else but then Idon’t know if he
    consciously plans an outfit like this or just says: pants (Check)
    shirt (check) Vest for added warmth (check) etc. etc. He is absolutely
    the sum of some very good parts so the whole are wonderful too.Thanx Jared for keeping up the good work.

  • gay maybe?

    EXCEPT for the STUPID hat! I hope he at least washes it!

  • elle

    this anger on his face i can imagine how hard it isif someone starring at You
    Thanks Jared
    yes he is stylish Annie.

  • Emma

    Yes girls, me too. Love this man. Always have. Always will.
    Thanks Jared for this treat!!!

  • dolorescraeg

    oh boy….oh boy…..jared you’ve done it again. given us jude….i feel like i’m living with him…I WISH. keep on keepin’ on jared…. jude is unique, lovely to look at…always was…always willl be.

  • Pole

    It’s hard to enjoy these photos when you can tell how annoyed he is with them being taken :-(

  • LT

    Hot Man, he looks edible!

  • Sara

    Love Jude ! ♥

  • uglysexy

    I don’t like him or tim roth and maybe even paul bettany…hugh laurie and ray winstone are allright….and that guy from “Withnail and I” who is
    a ringer for hugh laurie

  • AnnieRich

    You are right Sandy. Not everyone can carry of this outfit, but it looks smashing on him.

  • sheryl

    He needs a good tongue lashing. Okay, I’ll do it.

    *winks at Jude*

  • Pole

    Sheryl ha,ha, ha :lol:

    I’m not crazy about this outfit but at least the shirt is white not gray..

  • sheryl

    Pole, I think this outfit is alright. But I can see where you assumed I meant that. :)

    Ahem…but when I said “tongue lashing,” I didn’t mean with words….. ;)
    He just looks like he’s begging for one…or maybe I’m projecting…

  • dolorescraeg

    i was praying he wouldn’t be wearing the grey tee…prayers answered…that third picture is delectable….what must life be like to walk around with a face like that…..jude…jude…jude….jared keep these pics coming. we’re all addicted to mr. law…we don’t want to go into jude rehab…

  • nikki

    Jude back from the at the Isle of Wight, and remain sexy doing so.

    Love Jude

    Thanks Jared

  • dolorescraeg

    here is a video of jude on the isle of wight at the minghella film festival.just wait a few will come on.

  • Pole

    Sheryl, I wouldn’t mind giving him some tongue lashing either.. I guess I’ll have to wait in line after you ;-)

    *sips a margarita and brings out the nachos while waiting*
    *brings a toothbrush too*

  • jill

    My boo is looking good.
    Jude fix complete.

    Thanks Jared

  • dolorescraeg

    here is anothervideoof jude at the event for those of you who like to see him in action. simply gorgeous.

  • sheryl

    :) Pole
    *sips margarita while waiting for Pole to pass the nachos, images of Jude and tongues and lashing dancing through her head*

  • sheryl

    :) Pole
    *sips margarita while waiting for Pole to pass the nachos, images of Jude and tongues and lashing dancing through her head*

  • james

    wtf? when did jj become a chat room for role playing haha

    jude i love you! you are the sexiest man alive every year in my book!!.

  • sheryl

    Ooops, so sorry, James, it just happens from time to time, albeit usually not here :)

    So… love Jude, do you James?

  • Daphne

    Jude’s looking annoyed but dang it still so sexy.

    I dig the outfit and especially the pout.

  • james

    its all good sheryl ;) jude has that effect on me aswell.

    yes, i love him!! he is a sexy sexy man!

  • james

    p.s. i actually really like what he is wearing here. very eccentric. i like my men a little eccentric, theyre more interesting that way!!

  • ****

    Hottest 40 year old ever.

  • dee

    Hello Hotness !

    Loving Jude look.


    finally, different outfit, I kinda like it on him.
    He’s still looking good!
    Love Jude

  • dolorescraeg

    slight correction. he is the hottest 36 year old ever. please don’t rush his life away. james love your good taste. .robert downey who plays sherlock holmes to jude’s dr. watson has tagged him. dr. HOTSON for obvious reasons… jude could melt an iceberg

  • rien

    I need to kiss you
    Just once.
    For I need that the pain
    who becomes
    the queen of love
    have a pity:
    on the time that I lost
    drawing your figures
    the words that I lost
    at the time I’ve seen
    the fairness of your air

    I don’t want to guard this silence
    like before
    It doesn’t have sense anymore.

    Honestly, my dear sir. You have kept your sexy self too long! And that gray thing too. Good riddance, I would say my dear sir. White suit you better.

  • Brenda

    That’s my DILF!

  • Sandy

    The posture, the grace the perfection – THE JUDE!
    No competition, he is unique. He is my deepest dream.

  • dolorescraeg

    you should write a book of poetry dedicated to the
    LAW, send it to sara keene, his P.R. i bet she would show it to jude. he loves literature and poetry. i bet he’d be thrilled.

  • Pole

    Sorry James – Jude seems to have a certain effect ;-)

  • Daphne

    The pout and the neck… *sigh*

  • three

    All those stripes, somehow it’s all good. Nice one Jude.

  • dolorescraeg

    have any of you seen the videos i posted….i’d like your opinions.

  • jami

    OMG! Jude is the epitomy of sexiness right here! I like the outfit and the hat and THAT FACE!

  • sheryl

    In regards to The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (part of Jared’s topic of this post), I do hope it gets a U.S. distributor soon. I don’t see how it’s possible that “Mall Cop” garnered a distributor, yet this one with the combined Heath-Jude-Johnny-Colin-Gilliam-Waits factor is in question. Are we that messed up as an audience?

  • Pole

    It would be really sad and also surprising if it doesn’t make it into theaters :-( Not just because of Jude but also Heath’s last performance, Colin, Johnny AND it’s a Terry Gilliam film. I can’t wait to see it actually!

  • dolorescraeg

    as regards to your question..”are we that messed up as an audience” my answer is a profound YES. just follow the box office data as to which films do the most business in the USA? mall cop and the like. what audiences are not even asking for is quality…… sensitivity, poignancy is out the window. just give ‘em cussing and shoot’em ups and potty humour and nothing we have to think about..
    it is dumbfounding to me that all this crap is accepted and big bucks are being spent on dumb and dumber products and a film which will be heath ledger’s last combined with a trio like law depp and farrell cannot get a distributor is very disturbing. if this is the direction we’re headed i feel sorry for america’s movie goers. thinking and feeling seem to be out of date.

  • azlynaziz

    wow..hotness.thx jared.dolores..ive seen the link..thx a lot..i listen and i hear..and i feel.i also saw the one of him grogery shopping in maida vale also i love his voice so much..its slightly nasal like he has a cold or something.. the thing is i was at the beach {with my kids minus busy hubby } last weekend and every caucasian man playing in the sand with their children reminded me of jude..carefree n happy..bcos there were no paps.jude come for a holiday in malaysia..there are no quite sure.. except for me maybe..just one pic with u..hehehe

  • dolorescraeg

    listening to jude’s voice is the bonus we get for looking at him. i can’t imagine what it must be like to have cameras in front of your face everywhere you go. the adjustment one has to make in your private life. jude must go through different mindsets. he might say o.k. let them do what they want(the paps). then on another day…get those creeps out of my way…
    maybe by now he’s figured out how to deal with them….but my guess is even if he somehow accepts them there will be off days….

  • Daphne

    “Are we that messed up as an audience?”


  • MMA

    He just radiates hottness!