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Matilda Ledger is a Flower Girl

Matilda Ledger is a Flower Girl

Michelle Williams and soap star Kane Manera hold hands with her daughter Matilda, 3, on Wednesday (March 18) in Brooklyn, New York City.

Matilda was seen carrying back a pot full of flowers. How cute!

Michelle recently told UK’s Observer about a possible move across the pond. She shared, “I don’t want to make my life any more complicated. I don’t want any more paparazzi outside my door. I want it to get better as my daughter grows up, not worse. If it makes a difference, if doing smaller movies means less of that stuff, then I’ll adjust my life so that we can still have a life in the city and not totally disappear. If not, I think they have laws in France – I’ll go there.”

FYI: Kane has been playing Grady Foley in CBS soap Guiding Light since June 2, 2008.

10+ pictures inside of flower girl Matilda Ledger

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  • The Narcissist

    So gorgeous! Such a cute kid.

  • mg519

    Pretty sure the “mystery guy” is Kane Manera. He’s been on Guiding Light and spoke at Heath’s memorial service. He’s an Aussie.

  • Jessica

    Such a cute girl.

  • michele

    that’s kane manera, friend of heath ledgers. he’s on guiding light.

  • michele

    that’s kane manera, friend of heath ledgers. he’s on guiding light.

  • bea

    I think Michelle is one of the best celebrity moms. Her kid is always dressed weather appropriate, never has a pacifier or a bottle and walks on her own most of the time. Very refreshing.

  • anna

    and lets her button her own sweater, even if it is not right.

  • Michelle

    OMG. Matilda’s wearing the cutest Doc Martens!

  • Charlotte

    that’s Kane Manera.. he’s on Guiding Light

  • Weight

    She is so cute

  • gerard Vandenberg

    For “refresh” the grave, folks?

  • The Shiznack

    In England the paps are just as aggressive and unforgiving

  • lovely

    This little girl is so cute and full of personality. Looks like her late dad.

  • to 12

    you’re right about the british paps, but….she’s amost unknow in UK..LOL that may help

  • common sense

    Matilda looks like she has a rich imagination! She always looks like she is playing a game with someone that we can’t see. Adorable!

  • stella

    she’s so cute! She totally looks like her daddy! :)

  • very sweet

    This child looks so sweet.

  • laura

    She’s so cute. I think Matilda buttoned her own sweater ;) It’s all mismatched. Michelle looks like she’s doing a great job with her.

  • lis

    she is the spitting image of heath ledger! so cute :)

  • tori
  • Junofirst

    Yep, undeniably Heath’s little girl.

  • sj

    are those doc martens?? matilda is the cutest! i love how michelle is encouraging the “heath” in her.

  • Susan

    Love Michelle and Matilda! Such a cutie carrying that flowerpot, and oh my goodness, those shoes!

    Anyway, cue all those hateful comments by foreigners + all heath ledger loved gemma ward theories. *rolls eyes*

  • sj

    and i just realized – kane and matilda are wearing matching band-aids! they’re all over her fingers naww

  • Peach


  • http://MatildaLedgerisaFlowerGirl Jamie

    Lets hope she can grow up normal

  • laura

    i’m sorry, #26, a matilda forum? thats just creepy.

    definitely heaths little girl :-) LOVE the shoes

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    Adorable style this kid has

  • ali

    beautiful young girl!

  • me

    Looks lke her father and her mom.I know what about the paz hanging her front door to take a picture.Iknow she don’r want that for kid. And about the mytery man she can date other guys if she want to.Just like rachel bilson srill dating diffrent guys.

  • shurly

    Why are you speaking of England ? Didn’t she mention France ?

  • regina

    Matilda is the girl Suri should look up to.! NOT stupid Katie!!
    matilda is beautiful, and happy and acts her age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • karinefrench

    Sure there are laws in France but the paparazzi don’t even abide by the law.

  • dianel

    Pretty little girl

  • Mousse

    Little Matilda looks healthy and full of joy.
    Her mother is a good mother to protect her child like this, AND to appreciate her daughter’s efforts to put on her jumper by herself.
    Funny how the man and Matilda have both the kids’ bandage on a finger. It shows how involved friends can be what happends to this little girl. Indeed a very good example for Katie Holmes, how she should give Suri more space to grow and develop herself in a kids’ way!

  • Mousse

    correction: can be with* what happends

  • Not impressed by JA

    karinefrench @ 03/19/2009 at 7:59 am Sure there are laws in France but the paparazzi don’t even abide by the law.
    True but they are definitely much more respectfull about the kids pictures than anywhere else. Especially when you don’t live in Paris. They don’t go after kids mlike they do in the US and the UK and if a pic is taken they blurr the kid’s face in magas.

  • lala

    WOW….the guy she’s with……plays CYRUS on the Guiding Light….!! Matilda is a cutie……..:-)

  • Sarah

    Matilda is so cute!

  • brenbren

    I’m beginning to really like Michelle. She seems down to earth not a media-whore and a good mother to try to shield her daughter from the spotlight. Matilda looks so happy.

  • kvb

    Never forget that Princess Diana died in France with the paparazzi in hot pursuit so mom’s rambling is senseless. I don’t like the paparazzi but then I’m here looking at photos with taglines so go figure, eh? The actors/actresses who are not over-the-top pursued are the ones who set a foundation with the paps (with an occasional friendly smile, etc.) What’s she going to do raise her daughter like Cristina Onassis’ daughter was raised? I think Michelle is a good actress and has a beautiful face but there has always been something very sad and complexed about her and it has nothing to do with Ledger’s death. So far, it would appear she is a decent mother to their daughter who appears to live in her own world and is adorably learning to care for herself, i.e. the freedom to dress herself, etc.

  • Raphael

    You have no idea how TomKat is raising their kid, #36.


    Matilda is such a cutie! I love the way Michelle dresses her


    Decent mother of course she is.. she was before Heath died.. He was
    not allowed to see her before he died.. That is why he was showing everyone her pix.. and saying how much he missed her.. WILL MICHELLE EVER GET PUBLICITY ON HER OWN.. AND NOT ABOUT


  • Mousse

    @Raphael, oh I do dear defender of the Cruises. You obviously cannot read children’s body language and I even think you have no children. Otherwise you would see what everyone sees when you look at Suri and then look at little Matilda here and other celebrity kids who are playing and being who they are meant to be: just kids.
    Wait and see untill we’re 10 years further….

  • Brooklyn neighbour

    I personally can’t stand Michelle Williams. She has been rude to friends of mine. Heath couldn’t stand her, nor her him in the end, so it must be one of life’s ittle ‘punishments’ that Matilda looks just like Heath. Heath was a lovely guy, very popular in the neighbourhood, unlike Michelle. I’ve seen her around with Spike Jonze and she seems totally into him, much so than she ever was into Heath, though I guess by the time they had moved to Brooklyn there wasn’t much love there between them anyway, especially from Heath’s part. Lately there is a rumor in the neighbourghood that she’s going to marry Spike Jonze as she wants to do things properly this time and give Matailda a little sister. Another rumor suggested that a couple of months ago her nanny told her where to stick it in a huge row and I don’t blame her if that is true. I feel sorry for Matilda. Heath would have been a much better influence on her than Michelle Williams would ever be. Trust me, she seems to have serious issues.

  • sw

    Yes,sure. Matilda must be so much happier than Suri!
    A farherless child can have the better of lives as long they are aloud to button their own coats

    At least the Cruises are actually MARRIED and together taking care of their kid as a real family

    MW seems to be a good mother, there is no need to trash Katy Holmes to afirm that.

  • nyny

    i use to think michelle williams would be one of those actresses on those teen shows that would have theirtime in the limelight and be completely forgotten. whenever you see katie holmes, you still think dawson’s creek. unfortunately she hasn’t done much to break out of that mold besides being tom cruise’s wife.

    michele williams is a really promising actress. she hasn’t been with every guy on the planet, she’s not in it for the publicity or money it seems, because she always chooses smaller indie films, she lives in ny, far away from the attentionseeking washed up ‘actors’ in hollywood.

    annnddd….she and her kid are occasionally seen. pretty rarely. matilda is always dressed appropriately, like a little kid. she isn’t a flaunter of her riches like suri cruise, who is always dressed in luxury labels.

    i think heath ledger would be proud.

  • Elise

    We’d be happy to have her in France !