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Natasha Richardson Dies Of Epidural Hematoma

Natasha Richardson Dies Of Epidural Hematoma

Natasha Richardson died of a blunt impact to the head, the New York City medical examiner’s office announced on Thursday afternoon.

Medical examiner spokeswoman Ellen Borakove said the cause of the accidental death was “epidural hematoma due to blunt impact to the head.”

The 45-year-old actress was not wearing a helmet when she suffered a head injury after a fall during a private lesson Monday on a beginner’s ski slope in Quebec, Canada.

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  • Hugh jackmans lover

    Uh am really so sorry for her God Bless Her soul..

  • me

    Sorry that happen to her. God be with her.

  • HA!

    What a horrible, random way to die. We all bump our heads all the time, don’t we? You just never know when it’s your time. So Sad.

  • tragic loss.
    may she rest in peace.

  • http://none maria

    My symathy to natasha family.may her rest in peace.We all going to miss you.

  • Lauren

    this is terrible :(
    R.I.P Natasha x

  • blahblah

    this is very sad.
    she was too young!
    amazing actress, my condolences to her family.

  • h.

    Condolences to the family. Thank you for not posting the pics of the family going to and from the hospital the past few days, Jared. Other sites have been posting them and the poor family was being surrounded by paparazzi during such a sad time. Simply disgusting that they were not given privacy during that time. So, again, thanks for not posting them.

  • ajfan2009

    Such a tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with her surviving family.

  • Celia h.

    The ski instructor should not have let her ski without a helmet! This is so sad. I still can’t believe this.

  • LolaSvelt

    Awful. Wonderful stage actress.

    It was revealed that only 30% people don’t wear helmets. I think that it will increase, for sure. Though I heard that if you have an accident with a helmet, it’s still dangerous if you fall.


    This is so random and tragic. If only she could go back three days. Life is so fickle.

  • my3musicalnotes

    she must have taken quite a spill – these types of injuries don’t happen to people who just “bump their head” as the original report was that “she fell – but it was not a major fall.”

    My heart aches for their family. She was a beautiful person with a wonderful heart.

  • cass

    Man, this happened to a girl I knew when I was growing up, too. She got hit with a hockey puck, walked out of the building on her own two feet, and was dead by the end of the next day. It’s so tragic. Just goes to show you should always get yourself checked out, even if you think you’re okay– it doesn’t have to be a lethal injury if you get to it quickly. God bless her family.

  • Jaz

    i agree with #10.

    and i didnt know who she was but i remember seeing the parent trap with her as the mom as a kid. im so sorry for her kids theyre in my thoughts & prayers

  • feebz

    it’s so tragic and can’t believe that she’s gone… our thoughts go to her family.

    not a lot of people really wear a helmet which i noticed in canada and in europe. i try but it’s more of a hindrance than help – but what happened to Natasha is now making me think twice.

  • Casanova

    So sad. She was an amazing actress. Loved her in Evening (with her mom!), Maid in Manhattan and Parents Trap. I’m devastated.
    Makes you want to not only wear a helmet to play sports, but also to value every single minute you get. One day you’re here, fine, happy; then the next day you’re gone. We will all die, but it’s never easy to hear about someone leaving this world, especially when the person is so young and the death is so tragic.
    My prayers go to Liam, the boys, mom, sister, and everyone who loves her. She will be greatly missed.


    Too many people make this mistake after a head injury, even if you fill ok you need to get to the emergency ASAP. Too bad about this very special person looks like a few bad decisions on her part and the people at the ski place lead to her untimley passing, my heart is with her family.

  • martyna

    May God take her to his arms in heaven.
    I’m so so sorry

  • geez

    So sad, I feel so bad for her boys It’s terrible

  • Lillianne


  • dani

    Loved this woman. A wonderfully talented actress, great wife and mother and she also volunteered extensively for charity. Thoughts and prayers to her family.

  • mkcutletsmom

    During this most diffcult time our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends…

  • marisa

    RIP we love you<3

  • sadstar

    This is too sad,i’ve been watching the news since it happet and now she is dead,so simply??This is insane!!
    I’m very sorry especially for her kids :(

  • Katie

    I fell head first down a flight of basement stairs and landed full body weight on the top of my head. Went immediately to hospital and was found to have two compression fractures in my spine, but no problem at all inside the skull. Many medical professionals commented how lucky I was. Sometimes I think that’s what it is anyway….just the luck of the draw. I feel very sorry for Natasha Richardson’s husband, sons and especially her mother.

  • emma

    Natasha was a wonderful actress. I adored her in The Parent Trap.
    Prayers go out to her and her family on this tragic loss.
    She should be remembered for her wonderful craft.

  • icecream

    Have to say I’m really shocked by her death from such a minor sounding accident. I’ve been skiing a few times (still pretty terrible at it) & never worn a helmet or any kind of headgear, never been told or advised to wear one, never seen any other people I’ve skied with wear anything on their heads. Plus the number of times I’ve landed on my head or knocked my face/head…makes me think how ridiculously lucky I am & how unfortunate this whole situation with Natasha Richardson is. Awful.

  • imo

    What a tragic loss. She is an exceptional actress and an even more exceptional human beings. My prayers are with her and her family.

  • myobservation

    the problem with sever head injuries from the inside is that they don’t reveal themselves until it’s too late…as in the headache she felt hours after the fall..a it’s been said, no blow to the head should be taken lightly…poor sweet woman, she could not have ever been prepared to say goodbye so prematurely.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i never saw any of her work
    but from what ive read its pretty sad how she died
    R.I.P natasha

  • http://egotastic ziggy

    So incredibly sad,I hope that this in someway causes these resorts to make helmets mandatory no matter what your ability accidents still happen,RIP Natasha you will be missed by all.

  • Greg

    So sad, she was one of the good people. Why can’t fate take a leach on society like Paris Hilton instead.


    Greg @ 03/19/2009 at 8:01 pm

    So sad, she was one of the good people. Why can’t fate take a leach on society like Paris Hilton instead.



  • dabu

    Greg @ 03/19/2009 at 8:01 pm

    Actually Greg I was thinking the same thing, but lacked the guts to say it. The good die young I guess and the others live to leech more.

  • Shakin It

    this is TOO SAD! :(

    snark with some D peeps here:

  • Halli

    Ughhh… this is soo sad. Random way to die which is scary.

  • Jo

    I think that should be extradural hematoma!

  • Maria

    Blunt impact?
    could that mean she either hit her head on her skis or an ice patch when she fell??????

    I adore her on The Parent Trap!
    My thoughts and prayers are with Liam and sons and her family.
    May Natasha R.I.P.
    so sad.

  • susan

    it’s so sad and trajic for everyone concerned. you know, the first thing the neuro-surgeon o/c, here in the ER, said to me is “if only she had been wearing a helment. if only she had gone for medical help right away”.

  • susan

    to maria
    Blunt impact?

    could that mean she either hit her head on her skis or an ice patch when she fell??????
    Blunt trauma, medically speaking, is non-penetrating. However, it only means the trauma itself. but it doesn’ t mean does not mean that there are no internal injuries as a result. what caused her death was the epidural hematoma -a build up of blood just below the skull. that’s the problem. this can happen to cyclists, skiers etc; especially those who don’t wear helments.

    they hit their head on something, shake themselves off and continue on. at first there doesn’t appear to be anything wrong, but internally the damage is down. the thing is that if medical help is gotten immediately there is a very good chance of the patient’s life being save. as long as the patient is conscious there’s a chance.. once the patient has lost consciousness then it becomes much more problematic.

  • RYAN



  • Sad and mad

    Sad and mad here that a good one has passed away. Why? We cannot answer why this happens, death at ayoung age, to the good ones. This woman and her husband acted and stayed off the gossip and media pages. Helment or not, sometimes we must say it is simply our time togo. That is all and is unexplainable. Wear helments when sking….after you have a a bump to the head, seek emergency room help….are not the answers, but us, the public, reacting. If walking, jogging, wear helments. babies fall down walking all the time. Should they wear helments.
    You do ont seek emergency help everytime you have a bump, bruise, or stomach ache, which can be a stomach ache or an abdominal aortic aneryseum which is instant death if it bursts.
    Richardson was takinglessons and was onthebunny slopes. Verymild. Sad as it was, itwas a ragedy and hertime toleave. Not fasir. We cannot explain why or th4esense of this. Why her? Why innocent people we know.



  • M

    Sad, Sad, Sad that the world had to lose such a talented/accomplished actress, a loving and devoted wife/mother, and an all around humble and beautiful woman inside and out- truly tragic. WHY? couldn’t we wake up one day and read about V. Beckhams’ demise- there is one vile, talentless, selfish, vulgar, non-entity that the world could certainly DO WITHOUT! Such a waste that we had to lose a woman such as Natasha Richardson and the vile VB is still among us… tragic, that’s all I have to say about it as well as life is certainly NOT FAIR!

  • Regular joe

    You got it’s not EPIDURAL hematoma..It’s EPIDERMAL Hematoma…an epidural is a procedure used in childbirth to lessen the pain associated with it. YOU would think media journalist would take the time to used the correct terminology instead of sounding like dumbazzes.

  • bambamswife7

    God bless Liam Neeson and the two boys, also her mother Vanessa Redgrave. My prayers are with them.

  • whoknows

    OMG, what a sad thing! I really liked her. Beautiful, great actress and great person. God be with her.

  • Keri

    R.I.P Natasha