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Orlando Bloom is a Motorcycle Mummy

Orlando Bloom is a Motorcycle Mummy

Orlando Bloom rides his motorcycle to the Mummy Rocks auction on Wednesday (March 18) in London.

At Mummy Rocks!, a Mother’s Day event in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, Orlando belted out a few tunes with Mick Jones, guitarist and legendary founder of punk outfit The Clash.

Last week Orlando and his sister Samantha Bloom, attended a private viewing of “Mythologies.” Orlando‘s girlfriend Miranda Kerr was last spotted en route back to her native Australia.

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  • chrity
  • http://justjared wow

    He gets sexier every time I see him the man is like the wine

  • AWW he looks very cute indeed

    he apparently went out clubbing afterwards too… and got to take to chicks home with him :D

  • karibikqueen


    Orlando Bloom leaves the Cuckoo Club with a group of friends at 3.30 am. He had arrived on his motorbike, which had been given a parking ticket earlier in the evening, and appeared not able to safely drive the bike home, as a friend pushed the bike inside the club to store it. However, after 20 minutes, another friend drove the bike out of the club to a nearby hotel where Orlando was waiting to recieve it. 3.19.09

  • @#4

    So he took the girls back to a hotel instead of back to his house? thanks

  • Emma.

    He’s hot!

  • slime

    One of those talentless actors who relies on looks(which fades) and publicities to keep his career going!

  • @3…

    I doubt it’s true, just the usual tabloid trash. Orlando would be crazy to risk his relationship with the stunningly beautiful Miranda for some b grade groupies. He knows most guys would kill to have Miranda for a girlfriend and I really don’t think he’s that foolish, particularly with the paps following his every move.

  • @JJ

    Miranda didn’t go back to Australia, but instead she went to Spain for the Barcelona Fashion Week.


    Wow, there’s again my boy partying… (who said by the way on the last post that he only parties once a month?LOL) Keep it up Orly, you’re very good at it!

  • @ 9

    Jared says she was in route back to Australia. Is she still in Spain, or back in Australia now?

  • @8

    No worries about that…

    Miranda could find a much better man (richer, perhaps) out there who is serious about relationships or marriage, if she really wants to.

    You see, most models date famous/slags actors to booze their careers, and once they established it, they will find men who are serious and want marriage and family. The examples go on and on, and miranda will be included in those examples.

    Well if you’re a miranda fan or happens to be a fan of their relationship, i’m not here to argue, but merely stating my opinion!

    p.s. Orlando imo is a noncommitment type of man who’s also lacking of emotional stability.

  • @10

    JJ is sometimes slow and inaccurate about infos. He’s been telling that statement since last week, and look where is miranda, SPAIN.

  • @#8

    he must be that foolish since he knew the paps were there and let them takes pics of him leaving the club with a car full of girls on their way to a hotel

  • @13…

    He was reported as leaving with a “group of friends” and in the pictures it showed 2 girls in the car along with other people. So this doesn’t prove he was doing anything wrong, in fact the opposite as he knew the paps were there and therefore showing he had nothing to hide!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    He can’t move his AS*S on screen, folks
    That’s why he chose the easiest way!!
    ……………more questions?

  • LunaMystika

    What happened to my boy? He looks like those hollywood tarts these days.

    Yes, my boy Orly and Cokate Moss will make a lovely couple! I can see they have so much chemistry, really look good together, and they compliment each other. Both love to party like animals and get drunk, love sleeping with different women at the same time, dress up like like retards and trashy, emotional instabilities or insecurities perhaps.

    I’m one of those biggest fans of orlando, and i appreciate all his precious works. Keep doing it orlando!

  • LOL

    What will happen now orly? You let the paps took pictures of you drunk with plenty of girls on the backseat. SHOWMANCE is over!

    Who in their right minds will believe you that you’re in a serious relationship when you’re partying like there’s no tomorrow with girls while you’re supposed to be girlfriend is miles away working?

    If i were miranda, i’ll be jealous or be mad when i know that my bf is acting like that while i’m away working. Unless miranda doesn’t seem to care at all cause she knows that their relationship is for publicity only. Well. only time will tell.

  • fryers

    Maybe orlando is trying to make a statement like:

    I have a girlfriend but i still can date or sleep with any other women i want WOW

    I really admire orlando cause he’s such a gentleman.

  • miggy

    HUM actor lol

    Isn’t his too much partying/clubbing/drinking and emotional instability in having a relationship the reasons why he ended up his relationsip ith kate? PATHETIC

  • @19

    He’s single, rich and back home. He hasn’t seen his friends in a while, why SHOULDN’T he go out and party? Besides, he started out the night at a charity event. I guess he should stay home and not do those anymore, either?

  • gossipgirl

    This is what usually happens when an actor is becoming hasbeen, can’t sell a film when he’s the lead, can’t be hired by bigtime producers unless he’s on a supporting role, can’t land a good/potentially box office movie these days…

    1. attends charity events for publicity
    2.goes to clubs for pap pics
    3.dates tons of women
    4.pose for paps or call them

  • @ fryers

    How do you know that he was actually there with those other girls? Were you there?

    Just because he shares a car with others does not mean he is spending the night with them or dating them.

    As far as being emotional, lots of people are. What about it?

    His picture here looks like he’s getting very emotional – scroll down to post # 16

    He could have heard about his friend’s wife’s death – Liam Neeson’s wife, Natasha Richardson.

    For those of you who are able to “control” your emotions so well, Get Off His Back!

    Excuse those of us who are not able to “control” how emotional we get about certain things.

    It doesn’t matter whether we know the person or not. We remember the pain we felt when someone close to us past away. It’s the same no matter who you are.

    Everyone deals with things differently. However I highly doubt that Orlando uses sex and cheating on his girlfriend as a way to cope with feeling emotional.

    After all wasn’t he all emotional when he proclaimed his love for her on live television.

  • leni

    He looks… no comment

  • to all miranda fans

    Don’t be upset… I’m sure pics like these are nothing to miranda cause she’s used to these. She’ll find a better man very soon!

  • crybaby

    So when the girlfriend is miles away working, the boyfriend is partying hard and getting drunk and take some girls home.

    I wonder what the girlfriend will feel about these…

  • Wondering

    Why is it my man johnny depp and a lot of talented/respectable actors don’t have lots of pap pics here at JJ? considering that they have tons of fans as well…

    Maybe their talent and movies are enough to secure their fame.

    Why is also the pap pics of my man orlando is here at JJ regularly? considering he’s not doing any movies at all… oh wait there’s SFD & NYILY(supporting roles again?)

    Maybe his talent as an actor and movies are not enough to secure his fame.

  • jujubee

    @22 Wow, are your legs tired from jumping to so many conclusions?

  • geez

    He looks like the boy toy of madonna…

  • @jujubee

    Common prove them that orlando indeed took a bunch of girls to the hotel where he was supposed to wait for his motorcycle…

    Miranda will be really upset if she’ll know about this LOL She’s away working, and her supposed to be bf is partying, getting drunk, and sleeping around!

    They really have a serious relationship, haven’t they?

  • kim

    I pity miranda cause her boyfriend is sleeping around while she’s away!

  • http://justjared @30

    You know this how?

  • IMO

    Where are all these girls he’s supposedly with? I don’t see any girls. Anyway, he’s back ‘home’ and I’m sure he knows plenty of men AND women there — it’s his ‘home turf’ after all. Doesn’t mean he’s automatically having a bunch of torrid affairs. Besides, it’s not like he’s engaged to Miranda – and according to People Magazine, she doesn’t want to be engaged to him right now. I think she’s mainly concentrating on her career at present – which IMO is something HE could certainly afford to do more of as well.

  • zitto

    i was in Cuockoo night club last night, he had arrived on his motorbike and got into the dance floor with an army of gorgeous girls and start dancing dirty stuff with them after that he left with two another hot chicks in a cab ” NOT group of friends” probably he went back to his hotel, the club stuff store his motorbike inside the club when he left for safety reasons he was a bit drunk, to be honest he’s such an ass stunning GF like Miranda and partying like an animal last night in front of everybody its just like so foolish.

    p.s. he was in Maddox night club for rock n roll party before he come to Cuockoo.

  • @33

    You embellish a rags comments, and lie about being there yourself.
    Do you feel better now?

  • @34

    yaaah riiiight i were there and some friends saw him before at Maddox as well lamo.

  • @33/35

    L I A R

  • @ 36 / 35

    @ 36
    I don’t know sounds like it was a pretty acurate account to me.

    @ 35
    Question is why are you posting about it? Do you spy on Orlando for Miranda when she is not around? Orlando does not have to drink to act like he is drunk. He is always that silly. Haven’t you ever noticed that. If he did drink he wouldn’t even be able to even stand up, let alone do any dirty dancing with anyone.

    When a guy is generally shy and nervous around women, they tend to over compensate for it by doing exactly what he has been photographed doing many times. They don’t know how to express what they feel so they let their actions speak for them. Unfortunately this course of action can send some very mixed signals to certain people (ie possible girlfriends)

    Just an observation. Orlando is not the only guy who has ever gone thru this.

    Give the man a break already. Just because he is not working or living up to other people’s standards of what he should be doing or who he is with, does not mean that he is doing anything wrong. He is the one who has to live with himself and his actions. It’s up to him to make the change in his life.

    If he is hurting Miranda or any other girls by his words or actions that is their personal business. My condolences to those girls he may have hurt by his words or actions.

    Funny how no one is calling anyone a Jealous Hater anymore. I know I’m gonna sound like a Hypocrite for saying this. I really don’t care.

    But in all honesty, What is there to be jealous about?

    I don’t condone his actions. At the same time I am in no way jealous of any of the girls he spends time with be they considered his girlfriend or one of the other women.

    Been cheated on and lied to too many times to be jealous of what he is doing.

    Yes it does hurt seeing pictures like that, if you happen to be the girlfriend. I know from personal experience. Doesn’t matter if he does anything with them or not. The idea that the one you love is not being honest with you, or is just using you for whatever reason. Yes it does hurt, a lot ! It is very difficult not only to forgive but also forget !

    My reasoning for ranting about my own personal experiences is a reminder that Orlando is just a regular person like anyone else. No better or worse really.

  • @37

    Who’s to say that he is lying about anything? He has lots of friends in England, and those may have been just as reported, his “friends”.

  • @33

    Hmmm, that’s funny. There are pics of him at a charity event before going to “Cuockoo”.
    maybe you should get your facts straight before making up lies.

  • @ 38

    Good point.

    Actually I was just really responding to 35 claims that he was drunk and the way he was acting toward those he was with.

    It could go either way actually. Even if those “friends” are just that, you never know how someone is going to take something.

    I was just offering my condolences for any friends of his that may feel something more for him than he does for them. It’s not his fault in any way. The point I was trying to make is that it can happen.

    How do any of us know how Miranda may or may not feel if she sees pics of him and hears of these sightings the way the media phrases them?

    I was just pointing out how it would make me feel. She may or may not feel the same way. But everyone is different. And no one is any better than anyone else.

  • cory

    I’d like to sincerely say I hope she does get away from him soon. She’s been dragged down in all his muck and mire for too long. He treats his gf’s with disrespect and seems selfish and unsteady.

  • lea

    IMO any normal girl who’s in a relationship wil be hurt or feel mad if you happen to know that your boyfriend is playing around (with pics of evidence) while you’re away. But in miranda’s case, i’m not sure she’ll feel any of those. He’s done this to her many times before.

    My advise for you girl if you really want a boyfriend who cares, get away from him and find a better one. Orlando will be forever like this in terms of relationship.

    p.s. By the way, orlando seems to act like a tart these days, going to the road of has been actors. Keep it up boy!

  • lameculos

    es un gilipollas

  • lameculos

    en un lameculos

  • golda

    Now i know why my dear Orlando wasn’t on that list of top 10 best boyfriends… He’s one of the worst, if not the worst boyfriend out there!

    Anyone who will see those pics will immediately question his status. If he’s still in a relationship and acting that way, shame on him cause he shows that he has no respect to his gf’s feelings. Unless his gf doesn’t seem to care at all, as long as she has her career going, life is happy for her.

    Lastly, my dear orlando, are you foolish enough to be doing that to yourself? (getting caught up by the paps in that kind of situation for many times) Not only you do seem to have no respect, but as well as self integrity!

  • Vodka

    If someone is on a relationship, only an as’hole will act like that.

  • Hey guys…


    Miranda isn’t bothered by these at all. Her feelings for orlando is not actually love, but rather more of a crush or infatuation. It’s not a big deal for her, besides she won’t settle for someone like orlando who seems to have no life direction at all! I bet my 2 cents on it!

  • gullible

    #29 Common prove them that orlando indeed took a bunch of girls to the hotel where he was supposed to wait for his motorcycle…

    Course he didnt. He would NEVER do that.
    My bet is he probably just offerd to drive them all home, buy ‘em a cup of hot cocco on the way and then left to go pick up his bike and then drive home by himself….

  • ???

    So he partied, got a little tipsy and was in the company of women? Oh my God! Send him to prison! How dare he have some fun?
    And how dare he have female friends while dating someone? Every man should tell his female friends that he’ll never see them again once he starts a relationship.

  • @48…no prooof

    The pics show him sharing a taxi with “a group of friends” then him leaving on his motorbike ALONE surrounded by about 30 paparazzi, but keep trying to twist the story if it makes you feel!