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Vanessa Hudgens Pays At The Pump

Vanessa Hudgens Pays At The Pump

Vanessa Hudgens wears a brown Kathmandu t-shirt as she pumps gas into her car while Zac Efron waits in the car on Thursday (March 19) in Los Angeles, Calif.

Zac Efron and Vanessa recently worked with Annie Leibovitz in a portrayal of Prince Philip and Princess Aurora’s true love kiss in Sleeping Beauty.

A new trailer for Vanessa‘s upcoming dramedy Bandslam has been released. Bandslam also stars Gaelan Connell and Alyson Michalka.

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  • Cals

    heres a question for Zac… what the heck do you like about her??? She is pretty though. ill give her that but she’s soo annoying

  • tizzfan

    cals, have you EVER MET HER ?
    then how the heck do you know she’s annoying ?

  • jojo

    wow zac is so so so hot! if i were vanessa i would be jelous about the naked model and zac photos :S

  • mitsie

    how is this important???
    they belong tu JJJ, if you made that page for teen stars then use it Jared.

  • ladysdsandiego

    she looks gorgeous!

  • http://VanessaHudgensPaysAtThePump rubyred

    She looks great!!!!!

  • ayen

    The girl knows how to accessorize. ^^

    I like the whole outfit except for sandals. Then again…I’ve never liked sandals at all.

  • suzy


  • sweetstars

    Gabriella looks absolutley gorgeous!
    I am sooo jealous:)
    But what is Zac doing in the car? They should be out together, or him pumping the gas.
    Unless, they were in a hurry.
    Either way Zanessa is the best couple, and they are both incredibly gorgeous!
    GO Zanessa!

  • jazmin

    love seeing them…

    Thanks JJ

  • simba

    shes hott.

  • jojo

    love her jeans

  • Foxy

    It’s sad when a man takes longer to get ready then the women.
    Looks like someone perfected the technique of hair straightening.

  • Faith

    vanessa hudgens seems like she wouldn’t mind eternal servitude to zac. she’s like the man in this relationship and he’s the woman.

  • pink

    Zac’s not the one pumping gas cos he doesn’t wanna break his wittle nails.

  • cuTe

    Hot and they look adorable when they’re sitting in the car laughing.

  • whatever

    WOW SHE IS SOOOO COOL…”rolls eyes”

  • perry

    Aw poor Vanessa, she has to pump the gas while he sits in the car hiding. Guess after his recent photo shoot with the gorgeous naked model she would do anything for him.

    My suggestions……drop him, your too sweet and too good for him.

  • Tiptoes

    she looks hot in that outfit….

    happy to see Zac and Van out and about….they look so carefree and so together….

  • LOLOLz

    LOLOLOL you JJ readers are so pathetic and easily manipulated. He puts something in the title and you all come in with your sad attempts at insults.

    They’re great and still going strong. It really is funny that some of you actually think anything you say will deter them.

  • cocoa

    love the outfit

  • Becca

    she’s so pretty! great outfit too.

    I’ve never even seen her act – but I like her.

  • rama

    cool! i wonder when gosox and her ppl are gonna come out n if they attack zac for not pumping the gas since he is the root of all evil now appparently

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    beautiful, beautiful
    not to deny them to form a beautiful couple

  • mitsie

    zac is not pumping gas because vanessa needs to get some attention from paps, she is not working, and everyone knows that she is zac’s shadow, that’s why zac is in the car

  • teee

    Not a surprise zaangels couldn’t be bothered to include Vanessa’s name. That main girl esp. and her friend sure despise Vanessa and are so overtly rude and hypocritical about it.

    I love love her earrings.

  • chels

    she is so cutee and i really like zanessa

  • bettybaby

    oh jesus……….

    they gates were left open again………………………………

    LMFAO, just goes to show what people will resort to when they have no basis for their hate….

  • mimi!!

    Vanessa look SOOOO HOOOOOT….

  • kgg

    Wow, how is it possible to be that gorgeous while pumping gas? She looks amazing! No big deal about Zac not pumping gas….she probably volunteered to do it so that he wouldn’t get harassed by the paps. What a sweet girlfriend and they make an awesome couple. Nothing like riding around in beautiful weather in a convertible with the top down.

  • kristi

    did you guys ever stop to consider that maybe she’s the one pumping gas because that’s HER car? geez

  • vanny14

    vanessa you are so gorgeous!!!

    I can’t wait to know the confirmation for your role in SUCKER PUNCH

  • vanny14



  • natasha

    i love u this girl

  • Tiptoes

    amazing how a simple stopover at the pump can be made sensational by such a headline…its her car, peeps…

    love their matching smiles….good to see that Zac is driving her car, and having a good time before he leaves again….

  • Becky

    They are so cute together.

  • christine x3

    how does she make everything she wears look so good?


    if me and my bf are in my car and i need gas i pump it….does that mean i should dump him lol….god it’s really not a big deal that shes pumping her own gas.

  • Zanessa Fan!!!

    YES, FINALLY SOME ZANESSA!!! This totally made my day!!! I love zanessa, they are both soo hot!!!

  • go sox

    rama, I totally resent your crap. I have been here for TWO years, giving Zac UNCONDITIONAL support. Have you????? NO. I have, except ONE TIME. So lay off.

    So glad to see Vanessa looking so great, and getting some time with Zac before he takes off again. And I think it’s GREAT that she pumped the gas, to spare him the stupid paps questions. They ALWAYS have each other’s backs.

  • roma

    vanessa looks beautiful and am sure zac looks handsome too.
    People relax its not a rule that says the man has to pump the gas and the woman sets and waits. Maybe vanessa wanted to pump the gas maybe she offered to do it. May be zac was tired or they were in a rush to go somewhere. Its not a big deal, zac has been a gentleman to her plenty of times, this one time is not going to mean anything.

  • Malia

    Hmmmmm . . . I didn’t realize there was a law in California that prohibited women from pumping gas. When I lived there, I pumped my own gas. Or is there a different rule for Vanessa Hudgens?

    Or could it be the haters are desperate to find some fault with this girl? Sometimes they really have to dig.

  • Kar

    way to be chivalrous zac. make the girl pump the gas.

  • Bee

    Vanessa looks amazing. Love everything she’s wearing
    && she should continue to put her hair up, it looks gorgeous.

    Girls got swagger for daaays.

  • Karen

    The insulters and bashers always hit the new thread of ANYBODY as early as they can so they can be sure to be seen being obnoxious. They do it to all the celebrities featured on JJ.

  • pop86

    It doesn’t matter who pumps the gas as long as there’s gas in the car.
    Vanessa and Zac look great. Glad they are spending alot time together before Zac leaves for Paris.

  • Boji

    I’m glad to see Vanessa looking hot in something so simple. Love her earrings. The fact that she’s pumping gas instead of Zac shows that she’s his equal.

  • Foxy

    JJ why do you have to post this here and at JJjr? All the damn annoying little teens and their mommas come flocking here and nag at people for not liking their idol.
    It’s called opinions. They differ. Get the f__k over it.

  • zanessa4everrr!

    shes so pretty! uhh! i LOVE her style!!