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Lindsay Lohan is Fornania Fierce

Lindsay Lohan is Fornania Fierce

Lindsay Lohan is featured in a funny new commercial for the Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign for Fornarina.

In the ad spot written and directed by Marco Bragaglia, La Lohan is a modern “Alice in Wonderland” who explores three metaphysical settings characterized by fluctuating geometrical shapes with neon colors. The commercial was shot earlier this year in Los Angeles in the famous “Hollywood Center Studios.”

Glam, pink, heart… Fornarnia! Check out the brand’s official website and the commercial below!

Lindsay Lohan is Fornania Fierce

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  • m.t

    she is back….
    goooo lindsay you loook sooo cute love u sooooooooooo much ;****

  • jah

    Glad she’s back…hope this is a sign of things to come. I’m happy for her.

  • m.t

    i love u lindsay

  • danni

    wtf, she needs a burger. and whats with the christina aguilera/lady gaga hair do. argh!!! who is styling these people. go away lindsay, you’ve lost it.

  • Pida

    ewh… she doesn’t look attractive at all in this video!

  • Laure

    She’s so yesterday!

  • Wendy

    Fornania, Fornarnia, or Fornarina? Which is it? Heh

  • Georgio

    lindsay lohan had this hairstyle at her movie confessions of a teenage drama queen!so she didnt copy the hairstyle of lady gaga or xtina etc!
    go lind <3

  • hello italy

    it’s FORNARINA :)

  • hannah

    that was awful. she looks pathetic as usual.

  • dundies

    what an insult to alice in wonderland wtf

  • Laura

    I didn’t recognise her at first, she looks good, I like her hair.

  • ummmm

    for real people, “she’s back”??

    this is her first work in awhile….and um, not so great. Actually, basically this is her career right now. Wow!

    More like, she’s back to being an addicted piece of trash

  • m.t

    she is the best in Hollywood soooo
    leve lindsay alone fans of lindsay lohan IN KUWAIT

  • Dani

    so happy to hear about!!!! go lindsay, love you!

  • Andy

    She’s really skinny.

  • Maren

    Not sure what I think about her, but I love Fornarina jeans!

  • bella

    It is so sad she is a great actress and now she has let everything around her destroy her. She is waaaayyy too thin.

  • Vannie

    She is not a great actress and this piece of shi*, what is this? She looks stupid, too skinny and sounds stupid, she cant even do a simple commercial. She acts the same in everything with her ugly raspy voice!

  • Cara

    Some comments here show the depth of sickness of a certain aspect of our society when you can express worship of this actress who is an addict and needs permanent psychotherapy to get well. The reason she is so “skinny” is the fact that she is using cocaine. She’s absolutely no different than Brittney Spears and neither one of them should be worshipped nor used as product spokesmodels.

  • conniefrancis

    Back from where? she was never relevant to begin with.

  • lala


  • m.t

    patient people she will take her career up
    she is learn of her mistakes soo give her a Break
    PLz don’t Judge her if door close other door is Open
    That is the Life “Nobody’s Perfect” people make mistakes soo they have to forgive…..
    love u lindsay and I wish her the Best of luck ;******

  • Sara

    I actually like the Ad, it’s kid of retro and she looks good, she looks very “model”

  • grool

    lindsay you are Awesome
    i love you ” CADY HERON ”
    you re the cutest face in the world

  • claire

    marco bragaglia, who? lindsay is gorgeous!!!!i love fornarina,

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ANYBODY who needs to visit the restroom now.
    GO ON, I understand quite well now, folks!!

  • sté

    uaaau, she’s realy back õ/
    so cute *-*
    i love you lindsay lohan

  • m.t

    i love the commercial and lindsay look sooo cute

  • m.t

    Big love For LINDSAY

  • Killroy

    I thought it was her mother.. eew

  • Just Interested

    she looks older way older than her actual age :P
    i suppose it’s because she’s a smoker

    i don’t like her much now

  • Faith

    LOL. This is a really weird commercial!! Looks like something that belongs on zoolanders


  • Mee

    it’s so sad this is the only work she managed to get these days
    she’s such an has-been..

  • erika

    i’m italian and i’m sure it’s Fornarina! ;-)

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao at the ppl who say she’s back
    this has 2 be her 1st acting job in a yr
    she looks stupid as shit in this commercial
    i cant stop laughing, it’s so sad how bad her career has gotten

  • nancy

    Okay this is definitely the lamest commercial ever and she’s looks like a living skeleton again, she’s obviously not living healthy.

  • selena

    That commercial is just awful!!
    And shes way too thin!!
    Eat something Linds, stop smoking/ Red Bull/ Wodka/ Drugs.

  • vmars111

    Snap. Crackle. Pop.

    Rice Krispies.

    Bleck. Zem. Szhap. Vroom! Slap. Fart. Onomatopoeia.


  • vmars111

    What the…? All I said was “f-a-r-t” and it still got bleeped out!

  • vanessa


  • Lauut

    lindsay looks so beautiful, shes back;) i love her, i love U Linds,, pink,heart,FORNANINA,, D

  • Oli

    Everybody wants to be Lady Gaga right now…obviously cause she is super popular. And I know that Lindsay really doesn’t have a style of her own, she doesn’t even want to keep her hair her original color, (bty what’s wrong with red hair) One should be proud of who they are. In my opinion Lindsay is a total poser. Anyhow, this “commercial” is pretty lame because it is reaping off Lady Gaga’s futuristic music style, hair doe, and general atmosphere.

  • Don

    Vannie wrote (comment 19)

    “She is not a great actress and this piece of shi*, what is this? She looks stupid, too skinny and sounds stupid, she cant even do a simple commercial. She acts the same in everything with her ugly raspy voice!”

    Actually the verdict has been in on this for years; she’s been one of the better actresses. Im afraid it’s on tape, lol. Mean Girls, Confessions, Freaky F, Parent Trap. I’m a classic film enthusiast and she has been one of the best actresses i’ve ever seen. The problem is, *been* is the word in question. If, and i’m saying if, drugs, lack of personal discipline and staggering ego, as i’ve said before, haven’t warped her creative sonar, a good director and an excellent script can produce distinguished amazing results.
    The real issue at hand, for the umpteenth time, is her behavior; the deal breaker has never been the “wildness”; like other actors, that can be spun to drop off the teflon (unfortunate, but that’s life, isn’t it?). It’s the way she treats other people. She appears, or has been made to appear, that she has complete and utter contempt for others. People understand that and don’t like her. Simple as that. Folks forgive their favs. a multitude of gastly transgressions (think of the many iconic examples over the decades) but Lindsay doesn’t appear to pull utter contempt off like say Johnny Rotten, lol. It takes that sort of ill will, to desolve all that *good* will she’d built up after Mean Girls. The only thing worse would be a phony repentance.
    But behavior aside, she’s one of the greatest, to use Meryl Streeps word “preternaturally” present actresses I can think off. She could do so much incredible, *incredible* work. It’s just that she appears to be a despicable human being.

  • Don

    One quick footnote: by “preternaturally” present I’m talking about screen “presence”.



  • tammyanne

    she looks wayyyy to thin, but i think that hairstyle suits her, she totally looked best when she was ginger though

  • Hazii


  • amanda

    L-Lo or celebrity on crack girl or whateva you call her? Has lost her acting skills! I really liked her in FREAKY FRIDAY and MEAN GIRLS…other than that I just keeping seeing/reading her on the various media outlets……just partying.

    I guess the only income she get is doing commericals or hosting at clubs. PATHETIC.


  • allex

    What the hell was that? That was horrible.

  • Lauren ;]

    Lawl. She looks like Hannah Montana :DD