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Madonna Dumps Jesus Luz

Madonna Dumps Jesus Luz

Madonna has reportedly decided to dump Jesus Luz after a short time together.

The 50-year-old singer/actress’ decision to end the relationship was finally made after lingerie model Luciana Costa and Jesus spent a romantic weekend together in Brazil, the Daily Star reports. Madonna also broke things off so it wouldn’t affect her chances with adopting another child from Malawi. Madonna recently said said, “Many people, especially our Malawian friends, say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister. It’s something I have been considering, but would only do if I had the support of the Malawian people and government.”

“She was drawn to Jesus. But it was just a bit of fun and she’s enjoyed herself,” a source close to Madonna said. “But she is growing bored of the relationship and her family comes first. He would ruin her chances of adopting again. And the pictures of him with Luciana made her realize that he’ll be better suited to somebody his own age.”

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# 1

haha she’s the best , seriously

# 2

did Madge actually think this guy is going to be committed to a 50 year old wrinkled grandmother? ahaha sucks to be old and alone, especially if u spent your life being a *****, and now no one wants you anymore, and if a guy goes out with you it’s not because he’s attracted to you but because he has an eye on your money.

# 3

She is stuck on herself. She does not appear to be a very nice person. Also, she seems like the type of woman that is very jealous. Her friends must worship her or they can not be her friends. As you can see I am not a Madonna fan.

# 4

I LOVE MADONNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we all knew this was going to happen anyways!!!!

# 5

Looks like Jesus ain’t gonna come again lmao

# 6

You know what? Good for her. This relationship obviously made her happy, cheered her up, and now she’s on to bigger and better things. I’m thinking another Latin hunk, probably someone a little more famous than Jesus but less famous than A-Rod. Love her! You go girl!

# 7

I thought that was just a publicity stunt!

# 8

# 16- how stupid. R u really that closed minded too?

just use people and then throw them away?

one word for this woman- a nutjob that acts like an old s l u t.

she should be ashamed of herself and should not adopt another kid. She lacks respect.

# 9

oops….I meant nbr 6

mmm I never saw a photo of them kissing or at leat hand in hand, it’s the press who said they were a couple. the only photo of them kissing was made for a fashion portfolio for W magazine, I mean, they were working… I don’t believe they were a couple.

I think Madonna needs to get all she can because she is getting old. But she also needs to spend more family time with her kids. They are at the age where mom needs to be there for all of them. Madonna needs to find a companion her own age. One who won’t let her control him, after all it seems as if she is a control freak.

I hope he was well paid for his services.

Since when did her family come first?

Ale ferro @ 03/20/2009 at 3:57 pm

Im so glad she dumped her, i think we would be a problem is she wants to adopt again, also for her custody of lola and rocco…i hope this is true, MADONNA is awesome but i hated her dating him, even if it was just for fun or whatever…

[~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 03/20/2009 at 4:10 pm

of course he was paid well.

She’s finally seen sense.


LONG LIVE THE QUEEN :D May her reign be long :)
Family comes first !!!
Bye Bye Kido !!

He is very Well. If you go to, You going see him with another Girl. She is so Beautiful!!!

Well, I guess I’d get bored with my ‘boytoy’ if he went on a trip with a beautiful, young woman. Is it possible to actually dump someone who is already over you?

haha dumb *****
i hope he cheated on u, that’s if this wasnt all for the publicity

cant stand 2 see her nasty face

Is anyone so gullible as to believe SHE dumped HIM? Logic dictates that if he is spending a “romantic weekend ” with a young, beautiful model, some significant DUMPING has already been done, and not by Madge.

Hopefully he gave her gonerhea

She’s an old wh*re.

Karma-kameleon @ 03/20/2009 at 6:05 pm

#19, that’s what I was thinking, too.

Also, how very calculating to say I’m making a change to sucker the Malawian government to let me adopt a sib for David, just so she can go back to some other boytoy later? I hope nobody allows her to adopt. Ah well, that wouldn’t keep her from buying one, though.

She seems like a cold, brittle, b!tch.

I don’t think she cares about her family that much…She and Jesus were living together in a short time after she splited with Guy…and this is a very bad exemple to her kids who had a father with them and suddenly had a gigolo-ish living with them !

desperate cougar not a queen at all

We leos have to dowhat we got to doYou You go madanna girl. lookslike she wasn’t into him that much anyway. Just somebody to hang with at the time.

Looks like she lost Jesus as fast as she found him. Go in peace.

TWPUMPKIN @ 03/20/2009 at 7:53 pm

Still a couger ***** at 50! She is so gross!

I think she only “dated” this boy to cover her and A-Rod.

Watch, now she’ll start seeing A-Rod again. They’re trying to make it seem that she didn’t come between him and his now ex-wife.

I think she only “dated” this boy to cover her and A-Rod.

Watch, now she’ll start seeing A-Rod again. They’re trying to make it seem that she didn’t come between him and his now ex-wife.

is was fun while it lasted

Why wouldn’t she adopt Jesus?

luciana… wow! what a beautiful name jiji.

Is Madonna really thinking that this very young boy would fall in love with her? She must be nuts….

yeah, I think it would be better if she just adopts Jesus for Lourdes playmate…

Michele T. braga @ 03/21/2009 at 4:55 pm

Brazilians ARE NOT LATINS! Only Brazilians! They don’t see themselves as “latinos”, only the hispanics.

Brazil is another America. The Portuguese America, not the “Latin America”. Because “latin” today means people speaking Spanish. Brazilians NEVER spoke Spanish.

It’s Jehzoos Looz.

Ana Costa @ 03/21/2009 at 8:31 pm

For Michele T. braga:

A língua portuguesa é oriunda do latim. Mesmo que nós brasileiros não nos consideremos latinos, na realidade nós o somos.

What does she hope to attain by playing the fool like this? In the end her children will learn to distrust her and any new “uncle” and will probably grow to hate the fact that she moved them across an ocean from their father. Stop being ridiculous Madonna and start being the mother that your name implies to the children that you already have. I can imagine that Lourdes has to sooth her brothers at night when M is out cougaring around. So very, very sad.



i hope she didnt have sex with him cause…she would have to yell his name…and i dont want that to de true…


she is an idiot! he is so much handsome than she is, she just sucks. AND SHE IS PRETTY OLD FOR HIM TOO.

this prejudice just because he is BRAZILIAN. AND I LOVE BRAZIL , SO SHUT THE ******* MOUTH UP!

‘Chapeau’, Madonna! Just amazed me how the boy could be so stupid on thinking this could be really serious (and l am not even thinking to relate this to differences of age); the lady is a lady (even if it is not seems), and l am quite sure she realizes she will find someone of her status (l have doubts whether she needs a man -or woman- at her side anymore, since she is a very independent and self-made artist and woman).

l have seen the comment numbers 37 and 38 about brazilians being ‘latinos’ or not; indeed we have to agree with 37; this word are still considered as pejorative, linked to hispanic americans, and generalized to all central and south americas; if we would take the comments of number 38 (that portuguese language is derived from latin, then they could be called ‘latinos), we also should consider italian, croatian , french and many other countries influenced by Latin should also be callled ‘latinos’.
As l must agree, the term ‘latinos’ are very very generalized, and we could not attribute to brazilian people at all.

Y am so happy to have a webshow

HAHAHA what comes around goes around Madge!

Joe TORRE @ 04/04/2009 at 2:08 am

ARod never dated that old crow,he could have any 18 yr. old chick he wants and he don’t need her money, has hundreds of millions of his own.

Definitely nor much of a surprise…

Maybe Madonna dumped him because his ***** isn’t shaped like a crucifix!!!!!!!!!

Harlequin @ 09/12/2009 at 8:22 pm

ummm…yeah…and she could buy and sell your whole lower-class family with her ‘money’ babe…..and as for wrinkles…nope…she still looks pretty hot….and i also don’t think anyone’s gonna remember YOU or the sad poor haters you hang wid….. but they WILL remember her… ta ta tard…..

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