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Nadya Suleman Admits Lying To Herself

Nadya Suleman Admits Lying To Herself

Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, leaves her new house with her children and one of her nannies on Friday (March 20) in La Habra, Calif.

In her latest video blog, Suleman admitted she’s in denial about her life.

“I’m using denial…it’s a defense mechanism,” Suleman says while playing with her child Isaiah. “I keep telling my head and rationalizing over and over that next week that [interest in my life] is going to die down.”

“My goal is to write a book and everything will be disclosed in that,” Suleman also says. “Since it’s me and I’m single, [people are saying] ‘How on earth could she handle it,’” she says. “It’s going to take a long time to prove not only to myself but to the world I can be a very good mother and I can take care of these children.”

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    Pls NO comment
    STOP talking about her

  • Sybilla

    why is this woman being treated like a celebrity?

  • hotnspicy

    The fact that anyone is interested in keeping up with her is disgusting! She’s deplorable, not a celebrity.

  • chels

    i agree number 2 besides..
    she is a really sick woman right? why dont they just send her to jail or to a mental health hospital?

  • Alyssa

    No….she wants to exploit her children and make money.

  • beka

    y is she waring hollister clothes that’s for teens this women needs help

  • mR. nORRIS

    my best wishes for nadya suleman and her family.

  • I love DuR. P hil

    Dr hphil is the most noble person in the world for helping this lady.
    a nhge lin a w h o re lina is nothing in comparison to Nadya.

  • Charly

    Damn Octomom is looking fine, The black hair and the fleshy lips make my think of her sister who is filming in New York. Too bad sister does to much He ro ine.

  • mocksure

    “I keep telling my head and rationalizing over and over that next week that [interest in my life] is going to die down.”

    It won’t if you keep opening your yap to talk about yourself. This woman is so full of it that it’s astonishing.

    “I rationalize”, “It’s gonna take along time to prove myself” – where did she get the idea that’s what people wanted to hear, from watching Survivor and Big Brother?

  • me

    Need toleave her along already. And let her raise her kids.

  • Shakira

    She will do just fine and manage because that is what mothers do. I wish her well and all of her lovely children.

  • jill

    the only people she needs to prove to that she can be a good mother are her children!!! not to the public. she is digusting and it sucks how she is getting attention based on that.

  • Enough!

    Can’t someone JUST shoot her and be done with it? Please? It truly would be in the childrens’ best interests! Stop reporting on this PARASITE as if she deserves to be a “celebrity”- Enough!

  • http://justjared gracie

    Jared, you need to stop posting about her! Nobody cares about her! Not even her own mother cares about her! Sad, physco woman. Needs help, hope her children are taken away from her.

  • Karma-kameleon

    #13, EXACTLY what I was thinking.
    I would like to know, though, how she is going to accomplish raising them without means to support them. It takes more than “love” to grow a family. Is the state going to help raise them? Oh wait, she’s going to write a book about how she’s raising them with no money and no means to earn any. This is a messed up situation that I don’t want to know anything about, I just wondered why she was even being featured on Jared. It pisses me off to think I work my tail off every single day so that the state can give money to people like her who crank out kid after kid. Sorry, but I see it all the time.

  • Jaye

    When the heck will she have TIME to write a book. Oh, I forgot all that FREE child care, will loosen up her schedule. This woman is still in denial. I don’t know why she hasn’t been ordered to have a psyche evaluation. She loves the attention, if she didn’t she would stop having these interviews and she would stop blogging.

  • blahblah

    why do they give her SO mucha ttention!!!
    she doesnt work
    she has 14!! kids that didn’t ask to have nuts-o mom!

  • teri

    It makes me ill this stupid cu** lives better than 65% of Americans. I know the children don’t deserve to suffer but she makes me sick. The home,cosmetic surgery, her nails, expensive clothes plus 1,000 in makeup is rediculous living on public assistance and getting food stamps. No different than getting food with stamps but paying cash for cigs and beer and getting in your 60,000 car. I’m sure a huge portion came from Dr. Phill who’s behind alot of others contributing to her selfishness.

  • John Casey

    EVERY BIT of the OCTO MEDIA FRENZY is the fault of OCTOmom; THIS is what she WROUGHT with relentless EXPLOITATION of those babies. HER children will NEVER be SAFE w/OCTOmom. She went into this entirely BLIND and lied her A _ _ OFF about her motives, preparation and ability to seriously CARE FOR any of the 14 kids. Her days are spent SHOPPING, spending and PLAYING. She did NOT lift a finger to move anything or help the generous volunteers who punched out the new house; Her former home was a veritable Pigsty, which seemed to suit her FINE. Rather than ADMITTING she was thinking more about HERSELF than the kids — she acted confused while allowing ANYBODY/everybody (Dr Phil) to pick up HER MESS. NONE OF WHICH she even APPEARED grateful for! She acts as though she is ENTITLED to do WHATEVER she wants — and somebody ELSE will pay. *NOT her of course, she can’t even hold down a job (too much shopping and playing to do). Whatever comes of all this, she has only herself AND Dr Phil TO BLAME. Both of who were doing what they did FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH, publicity seeking motives. EXPLOITATION OF THOSE CHILDREN as they have done only exposed the 14 to serious jeopardy. Every pedophile in the WORLD knows where to find those TARGETS of opportunity. Instead OF a large property (several acres) and larger home that could be fenced off and SECURITY insured – she picks a totally UNSUITABLE neighborhood with houses literally ON TOP OF each other. OTHER areas farther out would NOT have STRESSED the neighbors, which ENDANGERS all THEIR children.
    Traffic drawn by her RELENTLESS SELF-promotion is sure to get some innocent kid (or animal) mowed down in all the pandemonium. THIS NEVER should have been allowed to happen. DR PHIL. You COULD HAVE stepped in and gotten her SERIOUS mental help and provided advisors to guide her through financial planning and selecting a suitable property that could have been made SAFE for those kids.

  • Fox

    Jared, I seriously dont know why you even bother posting crap about this ridiculous woman! She’s an absolute pain in the ass. She’s selfish and annoying and as much i felt bad for her, she’s just giving me no reason, not to think of her as an IDIOT!

  • cheetah

    Her goal a book!? She should only have ONE goal; To get all her kids home healthy and provide them a happy and healthy childhood. Raise them well! Nothing more than that. With 14 kids among them 8 infants, and a few kids with disabilities, there is no time for writing a book. Any mom can tell you that. If you only have one, you know how hard it is to do that right, so with 14 of them you don’t have any other obligations than only those 14 young ones!

    Still hate her and hate her more every time i see her.

  • s

    it’s not about your ability to be a good mother, you moron. it’s about your INABILITY to financially support your family. you think the taxpayers should just AUTOMATICALLY have to foot the bill for you? your children should be taken away. period.

  • mia

    great, now the papz are following her. Just what she needs-more 15 mins. of fame.

  • star

    This is a seriously deranged woman. Phil McGraw is a fool for aiding this woman’s psychosis.

    No way will she be able to raise 14 children, several of them disabled, to adulthood.

  • star

    The doctor who stuffed 8 embryos in this crazy woman’s womb, should be stripped of this medical license, and if he is not stripped of his medical license, nobody should go to him as a patient and therefore put the quack out of business.

  • Vivien

    Crazy woman, if you want interest in you to die down, why don’t you stop courting the press? In other words, stop appearing on the Dr. Phil show, stop having Entertainment Tonight film in your house. I think she wants this attention. You’re one demented person … I feel really sorry for your kids.

  • Some Guy

    Stop hating on this girl, she has gone through enough critizism and insults already. She is living her life and dealing with her problems the best way she can. Now have some compassion and leave her alone. There are numerous productive things you can do with your time instead on focusing on Nadya Suleman who is trying to be a good mom. I am glad Dr. Phil took compassion on this family and offered his guidence. I think he is right when he says he doesn’t endorse or justify what Nadya did, but is already done. So the best thing to do is find a solution instead of getting stuck on accusations.

  • John Casey

    THE PHOTO of her coming out her door — THE NANNY has the kids. Nadya is STEPPING OUT (to guess where) >.. SHOPPING. MORE SHOPPING. The nanny’s taking care of the KIDS. Other nannies have charge of the other SIX older kids. The AIW nurses are taking care of the OCTPUPS. So, OCTOMOM (aka: PUBLICITY SEEKING EXPLOITER) can SHOP till she drops. AND ALL ON EVERYBODY ELSE”s MONEY!
    (GOODS, services, donations — NONE OF IT EARNED by Nadya).
    She made is THIS FAR by conning the state of CA … through WELFARE (fraud>>?), dubious WORKER’s comp claim. Her BACK was so DISABLED she had to collect almost $200,000 from taxpayers — cannot HOLD A JOB. BUT: as those GROSS PHOTOS of her PG with the 8 … NOTHING could put a greater STRAIN on her back than THAT HUGE ELEPHANTINE belly!
    WHERE IS the CA STATE welfare dept? Where are the DISABILITY AGENTS>? the irs and CA STATE tax collectors>???
    Is there ANY BUREAUCRAT in the state LOOKING INTO ANY OF THIS? This is the BIGGEST rip-off of public funds (and demoralizing FREE-loading anyone has ever SEEN!)
    Talk about your welfare CHEAT! Using student loans (fraudulent;y for purposes OTHER THAN education). Collecting DISABILITY for the EXISTING KIDS — so you HAVE MORE? (also likely to be disabled because of the PREEMIE birth OVERLOAD).

  • http://aol jjsjstring

    I don’t unnderstand what people are so upset about. She’s not the first woman to have multiple births are 14 kids. If we have to support them so what. we spend billions supporting illegal aliens every day. So supporting 14 kids should be ez.

  • Ava

    Octomom has a nice manicure. I only have 2 children and I don’t have time to get my nails done. Oh yeah, I take care of them myself, plus work, and take care of the homemaking chores. When my husband is home, he watches the kids so I can pamper myself by SHOWERING or NAPPING never mind the manicure!

  • deemacd

    J.C. (#20 and #29)-My thoughts exactly!!!!

  • meetmark

    i want to know why they are treateing her like a celebertiy i cant stand hearing about her anymore there are thousands of peopel who are homeless and dont have jobs.. and we are giveing a woman some money and a home to raise her kids. she is the one who descided to ahve these babies i believe she needs to figure out what to do on her own… not with the american peoples help…

  • meetmark

    i want to know why they are treateing her like a celebertiy i cant stand hearing about her anymore there are thousands of peopel who are homeless and dont have jobs.. and we are giveing a woman some money and a home to raise her kids. she is the one who descided to ahve these babies i believe she needs to figure out what to do on her own… not with the american peoples help…

  • Susie

    I heard that the hospital refused to release any more of the babies because of the crowds in Octomom’s house. The babies are supposed to be in a sterile environment, which was being destroyed by all the strangers.

    To John Casey and others: I wonder too why the various State agencies haven’t investigated her situation – her disability money and an 8-child pregnancy, money for her three kids with special needs, and the food stamps, and why HASN’T the IRA met with her regarding all the gifts of money, clothing, furniture, labor, and now AIW’s services. And then there’s the issue of the house, because if the title is in her father’s name, then she is committing fraud in regards to her income and investments to qualify for food stamps. So where IS everybody?

    This is all so wrong. As many of you pointed out, there are people whose situation is so tenuous and they aren’t getting help, but this parasite goes on and on. We don’t need any more info about her!

  • Jenny

    LOL she’s wearing hollister.

  • boogie

    I think the dr who put all those embryos in her should share the responsibility (cost) of raising those babies!

    Or…..California should place those 8 babies in responsible and stable homes with parents that have the ability to properly care for them.

    This nutty Octowoman cannot in any way do it!

    It would be a crime to send all those babies to her! What’s going to happen after the organization that is paying $ 135K a month stops…when the kids are older?? This woman can’t possibly take care of 14 kids on her own being unemployed among other things…

  • thelma

    yeah. take care of these children…with YOUR DONATIONS! $$$$$$$
    YOU F(^$#@!!whore!!!

  • http://justjared Barbara m

    If this woman pisses all of you off, start writing to the government agencies that she has defrauded. I definitely intend to. What she has done is beyond irresponsibility! The work comp fraud is priceless! And I don’t want to hear , “The children need their mother.” They are far better off being adopted to sane couples. Dr. Phil is always saying, “Children do what they see.” So, he helps this nutjob keep her children. Why? So they can learn how to rip off America. Fourteen little octunuts in training? Guess good ‘ol Dr. Phil didn’t think this one through. I used to love watching his show most of the time. I won’t any longer. He is a fraud and a hypocrit! The environment that those children are being exposed to is so unhealthy and unsafe! Every child killer and molester now knows her address because she invites all of the media into her life! Poor kids! I get sick thinking about it! All of you who don’t understand why people won’t leave her alone…it’s because SHE INVITES THE MEDIA TO DO THIS! No interviews, no money. Don’t you people get it? It’s all about MONEY. Not the children. Unfortunately.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    a serious explanation: WE’RE DEALING HERE WITH AN AMERICAN, folks!!

  • chelsey

    I dont get why people hate her. I like her. lol

    But why is she wearing a Hollister shirt? Not even teenagers shop at Hollister anymore.

  • Monique

    Even her mother said don’t want to have anything to do with the octuplets. This is why you don’t see the mother with the babies.

    The children should be adopted out to get optimum care. The nanny’s, and nursing help will not be around forever.

  • Vicki

    Shes a whore

  • basketca

    “It’s going to take a long time to prove not only to myself but to the world I can be a very good mother and I can take care of these children.”

    Oh, I’m sorry Nadia, but you need people to buy a house and food for your children, so you proved you CAN’T take care of the children.

  • mos

    please somebody kill her for good and let the children grow up without a freak . it is not hard to look like a good mother with a nanny for every child and designer cloths from the tax money the nurses who take care of her kids pay . please jared if you want to post about her then without her stupid comments . she wont be able to be a good mom it is already hard to be a good mom with 2 children and a job and a hubby but with 14 kids no man and no job she will cost the ppl billions 100 000 per month only to rais her kids so one million per year 18 years well do the math

  • Jayne

    This woman has funded this whole debacle from conception on on tax payers dime. She first defrauded the CA Workers Comp by claiming a fake injury and raked in almost $170K (nobody, not even Dr. Phil brought this up), she may STILL get more money from from them for “permanent” disability – even though all the videos and pictures show she is anything but disabled. Soon after beginning to receive the money from them she started getting pregnant for almost 6 straight years, with less than 3 months b/w each pregnancy most of the times. Once the kids began arriving, she gained further tax dollars in the name of food stamps and disabillty payment for 3 of her kids. one kid id not even 5 and has been diagnosed as ADD!!! How on earth and which idiot doctor would diagnose a very young child with ADD, another scam in my opinion to get money from tax payers. Meanwhile she is able to hire a nanny for her 6 kids at $500/week, go get weekly manicures, shop at target for diapers instead of buying in bulk at Sams or Costco, always has a store bought cup of coffee in hand in most pictures of her, she is able to wear designer clothes onto Dr. Phil’s show with shoes worth almost $300, and a top worth almost $300. She was able to buy cosmetics worth over a $1,000 at the MAC counter. Now she is able to buy a $500+K house all “by herself” yet it is in her father’s name, through a very unique seller financing set up according to her realtor, all the while her mother’s house is in foreclosure. On top of all that while she is shopping , taking kids to DIsney, her mother and maybe the nanny are looking after the others kids at home. She then has the nerve to diss her mother on video, telling the world that her mother disrespects her and does not want anything to do with the octuplets, and basically never received any love from her mother growing up. Even the Angel sin waiting don;t have the money but are relying on taxpayers to pay for either as a donation or through medicaid of California, so either way Americans are screwed. Even the church she claims to be attending denies she is a regular and has stated they are not helping her.

  • I feel for her

    I feel bad for Nadya. Everyone feels the need to pass judgment on her, but does anyone really know her? So she’s single; so she has a large family. If she was a married woman facing unemployment, financial debt and fourteen children, no one would have anything to say but how sorry they are for her. The fact-of-the-matter is a single mother is just as capable as a mother with a husband. She has several hands to help and she seems to have all of the qualities it takes to be a “good mother”– time, devotion and support. She loves her children. Who are we as public spectators to say she belongs in prison or a mental facility. She’s done nother illegal and just because you can’t handle parenting fourteen children doesn’t mean she can’t. It’s all a media circus, going around in circles torturing this woman and her family. Everyone thought to first set of sextuplets were born to “crazy people,” and now look– we have TV shows about them. It’s time to back off the “Octomom” and let her live her life with her children and raise them the way she sees fit.

  • Life

    When did having babies like a Rodent become a popular thing to do??? sick world!

  • Life

    When did having babies like a Rodent become a popular thing to do??? sick world!

  • donnazol

    On one of the cable news shows they asked if Nadya is obsessed with being a celebrity and the papparazzi. At one point it was said some time ago that she was obsessed with having children. Since she appears no longer to be obsessed with having anymore kids, she just replaced having more babies with obsession with the media. How can she keep the babies safe when she allows cameras and the media into her home and be around the babies? As far as Dr. Phil helping, he may be concerned with the safety of the babies but he is also doing it for the ratings. He didn’t succeed with the Britney Spears fiasco. What better way to boost your rating but by covering the biggest disaster. This will never go away. Nadya will find other ways to make the taxpayers pay for her mistake. I am not saying that the babies are a mistake. I am saying that her decision to give birth to 8 more children was the mistake. If the care for the babies comes from donations fine. I may be wrong but isn’t it the people of California’s taxes that pay each time the police are called out? If she was so concerned with the babies’ safety then why didn’t she call the Police before she arrived home?