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Ed Westwick is Shirtless

Ed Westwick is Shirtless

Gossip Girl actors (and real-life couple) Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have some fun in the sun together on Saturday (March 21) in Miami, Fla.

Ed, 21, and Jessica, 23, downed a few drinks before laying out in the sun poolside at their hotel in Miami Beach.

Looks like Ed‘s upper body is full of tattoos!

On Wednesday, the couple was seen holding hands and making out on a New York City sidewalk.

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Ed Westwick

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164 Responses to “Ed Westwick is Shirtless”

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  1. 26
    Thomas Says:

    He is doughy…and gay.

  2. 27
    Wtf Says:

    He looks better with a shirt on LMAO But his face is still super sexy! And he’s still a good actor. In fact, I’m glad he’s not all muscled-up. He’s a real person!

    …Jessica is so fug though LOL

  3. 28
    ggholic Says:

    truth is yes that is what a real guy looks like. what’s interesting is how come CW superficial whores let him get like that? either it’s a whole new ‘chuck bass is sad and eats’ thing or they rely too much on hiding it under the expensive clothing. either way i’m willing to bet, a bunch of CW execs are currently calling up his manager telling him ‘ed needs to lose the weight for season 3. the fans don’t like it’ :p

  4. 29
    Joy Says:

    He is horrible, fat. Please, keep your shirt on! And she is fug, but I already know it. Too gross

  5. 30
    TNT Says:

    It is not that bad… gosh he looks like a normal guy. All you complaining must have perfect bodies. He seems to be a great guy with a lot of personality and still a Great actor. So leave the guy alone. This is why there is such body image problems in the world.

  6. 31
    Bea Says:

    They are 2 nobody and really fugly. The ugliest pics of the week. I will have nightmares of them. EW is fat and gross, who said he is hot?

  7. 32
    cecile Says:

    that’s what a real guy looks like ? I don’t think so ! there are a lot of sexy guys out there, but Ed is not sexy at all ! he spend too much time in the U.S hahaha stop burgers and beers before it’s too late man !

  8. 33
    FU Says:

    that is nasty nasty nasty..just GROSS

  9. 34
    Jessica Says:

    Jessica is gorgeous, but Ed needs to keep his shirt on.

  10. 35
    Osakhomen Says:

    Wow, He’s not fat, but his chest is so small… I’m not asking for a six pack, but maybe left some weights so his chest gets a little bigger.

  11. 36
    chels Says:

    but fugly! ew ed and jessica is such an annoying person as vanessa

  12. 37
    LolaSvelt Says:

    Fat? LOL. Go ********** to Chace Crawford, little girlies.

  13. 38
    just saying Says:

    GROSS! he needs jake Gylenhalls Personal Trainer and his Personal chest hair trimmer. Jake is perfect.

  14. 39
    LolaSvelt Says:


  15. 40
    Ale Says:

    that’s f*cking disgusting.

  16. 41
    Aubrey Says:

    I think he’s sexy like a rockstar, but honestly, if he’s going to be in entertainment, he needs to watch his weight.

    Such a talented young actor, with a brilliant future ahead of him.

    Jessica is beautiful, a rare beauty, a harmonic combination of foreign features really work to her advantage.

  17. 42
    Sarah Says:

    Seriously . this is is jus disgusting

  18. 43
    robirdie Says:

    She’s drinking a Mojito! I like them they display their love freely and who care guys can lose 10lbs in like a week so Im glad he’s not shy!

  19. 44
    rocknmovie Says:

    He is nearly fat, certainly not thin or slim, he is chubby. He is gross, and needs to keep his shirt on. He should work his fat a** off!

  20. 45
    Jess Says:

    Sorry #28, not all “real” men look like this – at least not the ones who take care of themselves. I’m not talking about vanity either. Ed’s 21 and has a gut like that? His torso’s like a barrel for f*cks sake. This slob better get a better diet or else he’s looking forward to a heart attack in the future. And lastly, whoever thinks this guy is hot is blind – not all guys who speak with an accent is sexy!

  21. 46
    hrhkat Says:

    Now im positive he and chace arent a couple, because I know chace would never hit that because he has higher standards. Chace is way to hot to have an ugly hairy boyfriend.

  22. 47
    naria Says:

    okay eww
    he is no chace

  23. 48
    Myesha Alom and lamisah salam Says:

    no offence but thats a little gross i mean we all expected his body to be some sort of god because his face is like that but im a little dissapointed. doesnt mean hes not a good actor!

  24. 49
    t Says:

    yummy i want a guy like this

  25. 50
    rizzo Says:

    i flove them together but jess needs to get her man to the gym…and with a quickness!

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