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Ed Westwick is Shirtless

Ed Westwick is Shirtless

Gossip Girl actors (and real-life couple) Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have some fun in the sun together on Saturday (March 21) in Miami, Fla.

Ed, 21, and Jessica, 23, downed a few drinks before laying out in the sun poolside at their hotel in Miami Beach.

Looks like Ed‘s upper body is full of tattoos!

On Wednesday, the couple was seen holding hands and making out on a New York City sidewalk.

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Ed Westwick

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  • Jess

    Ed is still THE hottest guy of the UES, and Hollywood. I’m so jealous of Jessica…

  • dundies

    LOL @ the ppl calling him fat. fat ppl only WISHED they look like mr westwick

  • loll

    He should keep a shirt on….

  • kelly

    That was unexpected I could never tell he was British with his accent or looks until now!!!! (Im British to) It’s great to see a regular successful guy

  • KAth

    He isn’t fat, but hes not bone thin or toned, which is. He just looks like he likes the jesus juice, you can tell he drinks alot. I think Jessica is gorgeous, but I still dislike vanessa. But honestly…I just dont find his body sexy. I dont ever really think hes sexy at all, except occasionally on a good day of gossip girl.

    either way, just let them do what they want I guess. I would prefer if they didnt do it in public though bahahahaha

  • smoochy

    pudgy, ugly, gap toothed, dwarf shoulders (with apologies to actual little people).

  • bitchetta

    fat and out of shape…..what a turn off……….he needs to lose weight and pump some iron….

    fat out-of-shape bastard……no way, I’d have his fat ass on me.

  • H

    he’s a normal guy
    id rather him his fat self than chace gayface model crawford
    he’s hottt
    and adorable!

  • me me me

    for all the girlies complainig here, i bet your boyfriends look way better than he does…. yeah right.

  • H

    wow people
    this is what people in hollywood should look like
    people who like chace crawfrod will never get a guy like him
    i love chuck he’s the best
    its all about personality anyway
    who cares if someones fat the nicest peopl in the world are fat and dont judge people
    you should be ashamed of yourselfs for calling ed fat and disgusting
    your not better
    alot of skinny people are bitches and dicks
    id rather have ed than chace crawford
    with his gay face
    i loveeee ed
    he’ssooo hot and i love him
    no matter what he looks like

  • loma

    He doesn’t need six packs to have a girl. He is English, the only thing English men need is the accent

  • SChwetty balls

    Hmmm…I agree he doesn’t look good. The UK and Ireland have different standards of what makes a person attractive. They’re not as hung-up on Photoshopped perfection the way Americans are.

    However, b/c he’s in the entertainment business, he should care about his appearance. It’s a part of the job, whether you’re a character actor or leading actor type.

    As for his body, he’s got a nasty beer gut at 21. Not good. For health reasons, he needs to look into scaling back the drinking and doing some 50 situps a day. Avoiding the open heart surgery is a worthy goal. Chest saws are nasty things. I think of it everytime I’m tempted to eat too much pizza (my favorite junk food).

    His charisma and acting as Chuck on GG are terrific. He just needs to get his body in better shape.

  • SChwetty balls

    Oh and my 46 Y.O. husband doesn’t look like that. Neither does Pres. Obama!


    I don’t care what anybody says…they are both seriously HOTSEXYGORGEOUS.

  • Elle

    I agrees with TNT.
    Its sooo easy for all you to be sitting on your computer making comments about peoples weight. Gosh, get a life. His talented, seems to have a good personality and is enjoying life. Like people should.

  • Courtney

    I love him as Chuck Bass, but this is a little gross. Jessica on the other hand is really pretty.

  • SChwetty balls

    Oh Elle, and you’re doing what exactly? Curing cancer?

    LMAO! Seriously, it’s amusing and just a bit ironic that you’re commenting on people making comments. If you really believed what you wrote, then you wouldn’t be on this site either! Face it, anyone writing about anything on a gossip blog is just being silly and superficial. :)

  • Jackie

    I don’t have a problem with people saying his body is normal or average, but I’d like to point out he’s only 21 years old and he has a body of someone 20 years older. If you’re ok with your man looking like that in his twenties then that says a lot about you and your outlook on health and fitness. And the ridiculous comments that Europeans have different standards – my husband is a Brit, 27, enjoys his beer, and while he doesn’t have Beck’s body, he certainly does not have Ed’s gut. Ewwww.

  • Cookie

    He’s hot?sexy?gorgeous?talented? Wow, some of you gals have low standards. I wonder what ya’ll look like if your idea of sexy is this sloppy douchebag.

  • L

    he’s not that bad

    but, i always did imagine him to be this incredibly sexy guy… with a good body!!!

    his voice and face on gossip girl led me to believe that

  • jdub

    i think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit

  • L

    i still love him though

  • Carol

    i just puked, this is the most gross guy every, and seriously, that’s not what a real guy looks like, just because Chase is pretty that doesn’t mean that all guys have to look like him, but where on earth are the guys like that?, real guys don’t look like a chunky 40 year old, unlees they’re a chunky 40 year old, and Jessica is as gross as him, a match made in grossie heaven

  • Rose

    I think somebody *cough*Jessica*cough* needs to wax his chest, its so unattractive. And maybe Ed had a little bit too much to drink. Suck that beer belly in boy!

  • bella

    not all that attractive. . .but agree with comment 30.

  • Melissa B

    umm to all comments #1-14, SHUT UP PLEASE

    like are you kidding right now? FAT?!??? he is god’s gift to this earth.
    seriously people, if you wanna see fat type it into google,
    just because he’s not WAXED [fake] and doesn’t have a 6-pack, WHO CARES?? i’d rather date average than a muscle-head obsessed with looks


    still don’t care!! He is still hot… He can always do a few sit ups… and will still be hot.

  • Betty Blue

    What do people see in this dragon nosed ogre? He can’t act for shit either. Whisper squint whisper. That about sum it up? His 15 minutes needs to be over already.

  • Tula

    Poor Ed is just bloated. That is hardly a beer gut. Get a life haters, and some decent glasses.

    All those commenting on Ed being fat make me laugh. The boy is average, hardly over the scale. He has more than 5% total body fat sure, but he certainly doesn’t have hanging fat loads or anything. Which is more than I can say about the haters, because lets face it only obese insecure ppl seat around on their computer and bash talented attractive ppl for being fat. The rest of us don’t have their body image qualms. We tend to focus on what a sensation Ed is as an actor.

    Jess looks gorgeous.

  • Nativenyker

    He is so Chubby-Poo! Have a salad, Ed. Seriously…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Shannon

    They look happy and in love that’s all that matters, also looks can take u so far in hollywood look at earlier examples of Leo, Brad and Johnny thay all had to work thier asses off to prove they had more to offer than what they look like and they all have succesful careees to prove it! IMO Ed seems to be that way the guy can act and that should matter more than some super hot guy who can’t act for shit!

  • ♥Lions tigers & Bears♥

    It’s okay if he doesn’t have a six pack but can he ATLEAST shave all that **** off?

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]


  • ceci

    ugly couple~

  • cutiepie32

    Eww, he needs to put his shirt BACK on!

  • groovacious

    lmao ed just lost his appeal.

  • uglysexy

    that scared me shirtless
    hell I’m way more ripped than he is and I’m 30 years
    older…just call me ripped van winkle ;p

  • karen

    word, Wtf, WORD!!! :)

  • pearl

    So what if Ed doesn’t have a great body with the six pack…that doesn’t disgust me, what does is his hairy chest-belly now that’s a bit gross!
    Jessica looks good.

  • pearl

    Besides its not the great looks that make Ed Westwick a good actor.
    I love his chuck bass character in gossip girl. And yes who are we to judge him he is a hollywood star and we are not. although i don’t think his hairy small belly is apealing-hot who cares? what matters is that he is a good actor. He is still attractive i think.

  • colee

    aw ed’s chubby

  • jerr234

    I bet most of the people who are critisizing this guy for his weight are sitting behind their computers chewing on their mcD french fries and sitting on their fat ___’s taking out all their anger on someone else. Does it really make you feel better about yourselves?

  • Lynn

    he looks SO MUCH better with his shirt on
    cut off the fat!!

  • Bianca

    Wow…people have we become so vain that we can’t see that he is beautiful with or without a shirt? Come on, so the famous are never allowed a cheeseburger?

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • lilly

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wtf happened to him!

  • omg

    so ya hes getting a little chubby. wth last year he was skinny and uber hot. he just needs to loose some weight and break up with jessica. i think they dont look good together. her characterr is annoying too.

    btw i am a huge chuck/blair fan

  • cecily

    And ppl say that he is hotter than Chace and Penn? LULZ.

  • salal

    who is this gross looking man? never heard of him before

  • Thirdseatfromtheleft

    He looks average. Like most guys after a NYC winter would look probably.
    These pics are at least somewhat more convincing that he and that jessica actress are actually together than those fake making out pap pics from this week.