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Ed Westwick is Shirtless

Ed Westwick is Shirtless

Gossip Girl actors (and real-life couple) Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr have some fun in the sun together on Saturday (March 21) in Miami, Fla.

Ed, 21, and Jessica, 23, downed a few drinks before laying out in the sun poolside at their hotel in Miami Beach.

Looks like Ed‘s upper body is full of tattoos!

On Wednesday, the couple was seen holding hands and making out on a New York City sidewalk.

10+ pictures inside of shirtless Ed Westwick

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  • Imo

    Looooove Ed Westwick!!!!!!! (LLLLLLLL) *-*

  • RYAN


  • clair

    i sooo hate people judging ed like that. as if u never ever experienced being fat or as if ur not fat!!!i still like ed a lot. love him. :D

  • jennnnn

    what the hell..


  • emma

    Omg people. When they first started going out you were all like “omg he’s waaaaay too good for her!” Now ya’ll are saying the opposite. Goes to show that you all judge them purely on how they look.
    And, yeah, so what Ed’s looking a tad chubby but I’d love to see how you lot size up.
    This is NOT FAT. Get over yourselves.

  • kristom

    still luv youuu edd…. <3 u look hot no matter wat… it’s really about the way he represents himself that make him sooo hot n sexy… it’s not alwiz about the body only that makes u sexy… =p

  • Anakin

    Is this a young Austin Powers?

  • uwillnotknow

    he looks like he’s really old
    but jessica is really cute

  • laura

    omg y r u guys soo vain…not every guy has a six pack…most normal guys dnt have a six pack…luv him!

  • Jess

    he is fat, thank god not every normal guy is like him. He is fat and he is only 21. She is average but for the first time she looks better than him. Maybe because her nose and body are not in the spotlight. If he is hot, we should change the definition of hot.

  • Jess

    Omg, what an ugly couple and they starve for the spotlight. I guess it’s because they know they won’t last. He is out of shape, needs to go to the gym. And she is pretty normal, not really pretty. Not every guy has six pack as someone said, but not every 21years old looks fat like him.

  • Marthe

    They make me vomit, disgusting. . Last week they staged the kiss, now this. At least they were gorgeous and not a ugly girl and a fat boy.

  • Queen N

    he’s not hot :D

  • KAY


  • Anastacia

    oh my gosh!!!
    sorry, but he looks like one ugly homeless guy

  • Dn

    drunk and ugly

  • Laina

    Ed is cute, but he needs to lose some weight.
    Jessica is pretty, but her hair looks really messed up!
    It kinda looks like “sex hair”, she probably got some last night.

    : )

  • elisaa

    eeeeeewwwwwww he’s so ugly and fat, what happened to the gossip girl hottie???

  • ceci

    ugly , ugly, ugly, disgusting….. couple !!!!!!!!!

  • seren

    pig man and ugly woman

  • Jacqueline

    I really never thought I would say this, but OMFGG. Please, please, PLEASE put your shirt back on. And hit the gym.

    Honestly, his hair on season 2 and this body make him look like he’s a forty year old with a receding hair line, heart problems and a desk job.

    God, my dad doesn’t look like this.

  • Felicia

    If there was just a guy who has Ed Westwick’s face and Chace Crawford’s bod, he’d be so damn PERFECT.

  • mr. d

    Ed is effing ripped! Wow, look what he has been “hiding” from all his fans under all those clothes. Ed and Leonardo Dicrapio are both going to be underwear models in the near future, you just watch!

  • chell

    the hair is hot, he’s such a babe and can actually work the tattooes well.

    i’m soooooooooo jealous of j szohrs.

  • omg

    ew. im sorry but gross.

    hes my fav character but he needs to go back to loookin like he did in season 1

  • anjo

    dude put some shirt on…

  • Gloria

    Ed is real, not some prissy, waxed, Ken-doll look-alike that so many people on here seem to idolize. He’s comfortable in his body, and does not take drugs or steroids like certain other 21 year old stars do in order to look a certain way. And I usually hate tattoos, but Ed keeps them small, and carries them off.

  • ****

    21 year olds are not supposed to look like THAT!

  • Betina

    eeeeeew, what **** ????????????????????
    DECEPÇÃO! :/

  • JTzbitch

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! my eyes burn!!!!

  • EdwestwickisfatLOL

    One, not much of a word, “eww”.

  • Kiwi

    I love Ed like this, I guess I just like boys with a bit of meat on their bones.

  • Garfield_90

    damn i do love chuck, Ed whatever…… dont get me wrong, he is one sexy ass biotch…with his clothes on. Ed we do love you but you need to cover your coat up. you shirtless=not sexy.

  • anonymous

    He’s alright, I think he needs to lose a tad bit a fat though. I’m not even talking muscle here, he just has to lose some weight. The hair is really unattractive to me too.

  • Random

    Whatever, he is still so freaking hot
    love him
    he looks normal ….
    still love him

  • IrishYobbo

    Personally I like my men “toned” but I don’t think you could call Ed fat @ all. He just looks like an average guy who doesn’t go 2 the gym to me. So whoever is sayin he’s fat really doesn’t know what their on about, he got a little beer belly but thats it. As I said I prefer my men more athletic but I don’t hate on Ed for it. He looks like a typical Pom not a plastic L.A. type. “Good on you buddy”

  • mave

    I think Ed is hawt as Chuck

  • may


  • may


  • Pamela

    he is ugly

  • Grossed out


  • http://justjared oHemmgee

    what the poo happened to him ewwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!………….. now thats just gross………. what a turn off >:(

  • marcelle

    he’s so gross…X_X

  • itsme

    his body is not crack a lackin

    jess is pretty though

  • Cherry

    Ok for the people who keeps saying that Ed is fat you’re a bunch of idiot idiots. I can honestly say and I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people out there in the world who will agree with me on this when I say that Ed Westwick is a sexy beast. And that he doesn’t need abs of steel or large muscular thighs strong enough to crush a mans head or biceps bigger than your head to be a sexy beast. And if that’s the kind of man you want to ogle and drool over all day then by all means go watch wrestling or some body builder competition and leave us all here to peacefully think about how incredibly gorgeous Ed really is.

  • MMA

    Oh wow. This is extremely dissapointing!

  • christine

    i think he just broke my heart a little..

  • jaycee

    i thought he was in jamaica now, wasnt that him at ritz? idk

  • jaycee

    wasnt that him in jamaica? i thought he and jessica wer at the ritz…idk, i rlly think it was them tho…lol

  • G.

    i love him! ♥