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Emma Roberts -- Julia's Niece Is All Grown Up

Emma Roberts -- Julia's Niece Is All Grown Up

Tanktop-clad Emma Roberts shows off her sexy side in the latest issue of GQ.

The mag’s Daniel Riley writes, “There’s a scene in this month’s Lymelife–the late-’70s-set Long Island cousin of American Beauty–in which Emma Roberts coaxes Rory Culkin to skip out of a church party, fetch a bottle of wine, and meet her in the priest’s confessional. Inside, she slips off her dress and instructs him to take a look. Instead, he tries to cop a feel: ‘I said look, you perv!’ Take heed. Emma Roberts, 18, knows what she wants, and her assuredness evokes a seasoned actress. Of her flowering career (from child star to indie darling), she says, ‘I don’t really ask my aunt [Julia Roberts] or my dad [Eric Roberts] for acting advice.’ Still, she’s not so mature that she’s ready to watch herself, say, losing her on-screen virginity. ‘The first time I saw that scene in the theater,’ she says, “I just got up and walked out.” We think you, dear reader, will want to stay seated.”

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Photos: Alexei Hay/GQ
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  • mary

    well i think she looks amazing, reeally beautiful.
    and yes she does look grown up but.. i still don’t think she’s that great of an actress yet

  • cocoa

    she’ll always be known as Julia’s niece

  • -

    i have no idea why, but when i see her, i keep thinking she would be great to play bella than kristen stewart..

  • CTiffany

    wooow, she looks really pretty. love itt./

  • Bella

    Sexy, but still classy! Love it. Lymelife looks really good. Can’t wait to see it.

  • evening peach

    Okay, she is 18. I get it, but she still looks too young to be posing thusly.

  • Lizzie

    way better actress than miley cyrus will ever be and more classier!!!!
    she is heading down the right road unlike miley cyrus who has just become so desperate to look and act older than she really is but it just makes her look like a slut. *avoids throwing objects from miley fans*

  • A.B.

    she looks really sexy

  • Angiethe playa

    When I first saw this horribleness on a different site I said “NOOOOO!” this is not a good look. She should stay cute and wholesome. And she should date Zac Efron.

  • michelle

    are you kidding? no. no, emma. i love her, but this just doesn’t work for her. and she still looks like she’s about sixteen. arg.

  • Twifanatic Amanda


  • Crimson

    I totally agree with #3 comment – first thing I thought when I saw that pic was “here’s Kristens replacement when she either quits or get fired”.

  • ana

    she’s growing on me… she can totally replace kristen as bella… kristen seems to stutter a lot…it annoys me lol

  • Porsche

    Unless she’s auditioning for Pretty Woman part 2…she needs to put on a bra.

  • uglysexy

    now that’s some isht right there….but eric is weird and it runs in the family…good actor though as mickey said at the american spirit awards

  • Olive

    Um… power to her for entering womanhood and all, but this picture just makes me super uncomfortable. She still looks really, really young… especially to go for the no-bra look. No bueno.

  • gwen

    i think she doesn’t look slutty or trashy at all with that pose.

  • Lynn

    i love her!

  • Drovered

    She looks GREAT. SEXY!!! And great that she looks sixteen. And I love seeing her without a bra!!! She is the prettiest, classiest, and most talented young actress in Hollywood.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ………………………………………………CONGRATULATIONS, folks!!

  • Shannon

    WOW! no hate on her no comments about she’ growing up to fast what kind of pose is she doing dressed like that! this is a first

  • groundcontrol

    She looks like her gorgeous father, Eric Roberts, the REAL actor in the Roberts family.

  • esegh

    She’s beautiful. :D I have never seen an ugly picture of her. lol I know Julia isnt her mother, but the resemblance is uncanny…

  • Sam

    This would be a great and sexy shoot if she didn’t still look like she was 14. I’m a year younger then her and I look older then her!

  • jain

    nice looking girl, lets hope she doesn’t spoil her natural beauty with plastic stuff. And, wasn’t it the script writter who put thoses words into Emma’s mouth?

  • ?=09

    she looks 12

  • ?=09

    she looks 12

  • annie

    So young, such saggy breasts already..
    Poor kid..

  • kathryn

    she looks alot like scarlet johnasen in this pic, just the face not the boobs

  • rocknmovie

    Maybe she could get together with GQ cover boy Rob Pattinson.

  • whoa!

    she looks really dumb in that picture.

  • chloe

    Uhhh, how is she famous? She did like what…1-2 movies?

  • http://none bruce beaudine


    Have you ever thought of getting married. Do you have a boy friend. I am available

  • essie

    woah she looks way too young to be posing like that with no bra.. eww sorta gross actually

  • gross

    The epitome of trying too hard. She isn’t edgy, dark or sexy. She likes her namedropping always riding on her father & aunts fame & success.

  • Jen

    # 13, totally agree with you

  • mimi

    The look is all wrong, too see through tee, I think she should try and keep it a little more innocent for a little while longer. What is she going to do next year come out wearing nothing.

  • g!na

    I think she’s cute but has such a young face for this pose! I think she does good for disney but i agree with Mary i don’t think she’s a great actress for more dramatic roles! Her acting in aquamarine which my kid loves isn’t such great acting from her!

  • truvy

    This coming of age, wet t-shirt contest photo is really old. Where’s the talent?

  • joyfull

    So why is this 18 year old on JJ, shouldn’t she be on jjjr. I mean after all Vanessa is 20 and still on jjjr. I mean it shows that jj don’t really care for her it’s only obvious, we would like to know what Vanessa has done?

  • skippingsarah

    but she’s pretty! and she have boobs!

  • first off

    well why don’t we all just take off our clothes and get a hollywood career? oh wait i forgot, the only reason she even has a career is because of julia! this chick cannot act and always stars in crappy kiddie movies and acts like she’s meryl streep or something

  • sweetiepie

    oh lord, she is 18 and didn’t get all naked for the playboy. its more innocent than all the pictures of miley cyrus who always tries to look like a 30 years old woman.
    emma roberts is just a young woman who gets adult and isn’t the little nickelodeon-girl anymore.
    to say, that she looks too sexy is much over the top even more when you take a look at the other teenie-stars who aren’t of full age.

  • lilly

    she’s way to young for this! come on wear a bra!
    ps: no age is right for this

  • milala


  • Thisisthat

    damn she is hot. Who cares if she looks young? Even if she wasn’t 18, she can’t be sexy? It’s not like she is doing “adult movies” (though it would rock if some Miley or Hudgens-esque pictures surfaced!). Kids can have sex too!

  • Robin

    Has she seen her dad’s movie Star 80? She’d definitely have to “leave the theater” about five times.

  • MMA

    Living in the shadows of Julia Roberts isn’t really that bad.

  • http://justjaredjr lizouna

    omg she is to young for that .hello ur 18 not 25

  • ALKA

    Emma Roberts jak była młodsza była fajna… np. w serialu nie idealna!! a teraz wygląda… jak chuj wie??