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Liam Neeson Mourns Natasha Richardson

Liam Neeson Mourns Natasha Richardson

Liam Neeson leaves the American Irish Historical Society (where his wife Natasha Richardson‘s body is being held) and walks through Central Park on Friday (March 20) in New York City.

Richardson‘s body was taken from the funeral home in lower Manhattan to the historical society on Friday morning, where private visitation is taking place.

Alan Nierob, a spokesman for Richardson‘s family, said he had no information yet about funeral arrangements. The family has asked for donations to be made to the amfAR foundation for AIDS research, which Richardson had been a trustee of since 2006.

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  • a total fan

    My prayers are with him and his family.

  • susan

    my heart ached for him and his family esp their kids

  • mrsosborne

    This woman should not have died taking a ski lesson!! It is crazy and leaving behind so much sadness. Life is short!

  • Susa

    Making and showing pics of a man who is in pain about losing his wife: DISGUSTING!

  • Susa

    Leave this man alone!

  • The Shiznack

    Don’t the paps have any respect or dignity or are they just interested in lining their own pockets

    I know times are tough but at least let the Liam and the rest of the family mourn in peace

    The video footage at the hospital was so disrespectful. Correct me if I’m wrong but were one of Liam and Natasha’s sons in one of the videos?

    I find it amazing how snarky blogs and various other sites suddenly have a sensitive side but still wish to exploit someones personal loss

  • sara

    why would you post these?!

  • ok

    that women is way to close to him her hands are in his coat
    man bring the gf to your dead wifes place of rest

    I would hope that if they had problems and we did not know
    and has a gf she should still be out of sight


  • My condolences

    Who is the slut in the pic(grabbing Neeson)? I guess some women can’t wait for a man to go through the grieving process before they try to make a move. If she is a relative it looks very improper to hold a widower that just lost his wife like that.

  • On Ralph Finnes behalf

    That woman is too close for comfort. I feel for Natasha’s children and Natasha herself, also for Ralph Finnes who never had a chance to express his love for her.

  • MiHay

    Seriously, leave this poor man alone. His wife just died for pete’s sake!

    #6- you took the words right out of my mouth.

    These paps have no respect or dignity..especially in the time of death. I couldn’t even imagine what this man is going through and these jerks are pressing a camera in his face.

    In the end though I wish all of the best for Liam and his whole family. RIP Natasha

  • caro

    Wow. Way to go paparazzi for hounding a man who just lost his wife. Your respect for others is overwhelming.

  • Nora

    To the fools insinuating that something inappropriate is happening between this grieving husband and a family friend/relative should give it a rest. No one knows who she is and it’s obviously a time for them to support one another. Get your minds out of the gutter for once.

  • kellirc

    That is more than likely a female relative….maybe his sister? Find out who it is before calling people names.

  • Matt

    SHAME on you, Jared. For Christ’s sake, leave this poor fck’n man alone. Have some dignity and self-respect, even for a paparazzi whore. The guy is grieving for the wife he just lost, how morbid can you get??

    I know that by coming here I am enabling and feeding the problem, but just looking at this makes me feel ashamed to be at Just Jared. Have some self control for crying out loud.

    If you do things like this, it just makes you (yes, YOU Jared) a scumbag, much as you pretend to be sympathetic and celeb-friendly. That’s just a facade, all you care about is money and your silly little promotions you get paid for. You’re in the gutter….reflect on that, why don’t you? And so am I for coming here, I’m gone.

    Much as I hate watching vapid Heidi & Spencer and the HSM kids, at least it’s not disrespectful.

  • Matt

    Oh, you may have blocked my cuss word, but I called you a papparazzi whóre. W-H-O-R-E. Thats what you are for approving this, Jared.

    There’s lowlife pap scum, which is the usual chasing people around and shouting crap in their faces, and then there’s subhuman pap scum, which is not even respecting grief and death. Jared, you’re in both categories now, not just the former.

  • ed

    natasha you’re always in my heart. an actress who enriched those who watched her.

  • Matt

    They really need to pass laws in this country banning this paparazzi garbage….are people’s lives so empty and meaningless than they need to find their fix in spying on a decent man who just suffered a tragic, devastating loss??

    You should be put out of business, Jared. And I’m as much to blame as anyone for providing traffic to your stupid site….I’m gone.

  • Matt

    They really need to pass laws in this country banning this paparazzi garbage….are people’s lives so empty and meaningless than they need to find their fix in spying on a decent man who just suffered a tragic, devastating loss??

    You should be put out of business, Jared. And I’m as much to blame as anyone for providing traffic to your stupid site….I’m gone.

  • mimilala

    Wow is obviously just some sad idiot…

    Regarding the pictures, I am disgusted that people wouldn’t respect his privacy at this terrible moment, and disgusted that Jared would post them. New low.

  • babybabybaby

    The paps should NOT be taking any photos of her family right now, and these photos should not be posted. This is sickening.

  • arantxa

    I stil cant believe it :( !
    Poor Liam & his family
    She was so pretty & talented
    i miss her !

    Prayers for her family

  • kbab

    he doesnt seem too grief stricken in these pics
    he looks like he is enjoying a stroll with his woman
    in the 5th pic he even looks like he is smiling at her

  • Olivia

    Wow. The people accusing him of having an inappropriate relationshipt with the woman in these pictures have some balls. Neeson has three sisters. How do you know she isn’t one of them?

  • MickeyVonDutch

    This man is mourning his beloved wife and yet he gets a camera shoved in his face. I love my daily shot of celebrity gossip, but this lead doesn’t qualify as such. This is nothing short of harassment.

  • Charlene

    Jared, i’m sorry – posting about official statements to the press regarding Natasha Richardsons status and then about her death and peoples’ reaction to it is one thing and what i, at least, wanted to know and read about. But this makes me sick to my stomach to see. I nearly cried when i saw it was about Liam Neeson just THREE BLOODY DAYS AFTER HIS WIFE DIED. I normally can’t stand it when celebrities whine about the papparrazzi but to be fair, sometimes they really can be totally inhuman in their thirst for pictures that sell. To be honest, i wish i could be shocked even by the papparrazzi for having the nerve to follow him to the door of his wife’s resting place -but nothing they do shock me anymore. I’m only shocked at you Jared, for posting this damn trash and i sincerely beg you to remove these pictures at least. In fact, even the fact that you have to be asked to remove them is quite appalling. You often remove photos for copyright issues or whatever reason and this time the reason should be to show your readers that you don’t support the hounding of this poor, poor man. He looks so calm about it all – which obviously shows how in shock he is. Just because he isnt lashing out in the pictures doesnt make it OK to show these.

    And all you sadistic scum judging him and insinuating he’s with that woman and calling him names simply for being comforted by *shock* someone of the opposite sex really can go to hell. For all you obviously sexually frustrated neanderthals, yes, it is in fact possible for a mature man and woman to be close and friendly without meaning theyre having sex or are lovers. You’re almost worse trash than the papparrazzi and you all sound like the tabloids. So nice to know that that that unfortunate part of our modern culture has been so ingrained into people that they can’t even leave a grieving widower alone. F**k you and f**k off

  • Mousse

    @27 Very well said Charlene.

  • Logan

    I don’t see anything inappropriate between him and that woman. She is probably just a relative. I’m sure he is still in shock. As for the pictures, in fairness to Jared, most of the other sites had them up all day.

    Wow! You are a fool and a moron.

  • jess

    Why would you post these pics and support the jerks who took them? For some reason I expected better from this site. Not sure why.

  • “THAT WOMAN”…..

    …is family !

    How ugly and presumptious, and you KNOW who you are !


    That is Liam’s sister.

  • jules

    Really…leave him alone. show just a little respect and take the pictures off the website.

  • Ewana

    How could you post all these photos?! That is low Jared, real low.

    Love to Liam and his family.

  • brenda

    Well SUSA, your on here aren’t you.

  • Shemp lugosi

    Glad so many people are offended by these photographs. The press and media has ABSOLUTELY NO SHAME anymore. They’re ALL a bunch of effin hoars – this site included!

  • betty


    I’m surprised Liam didn’t knock one of them out, how disgusting is it that low life’s such as the paps and press are exploiting the death of an actress. HEATH LEDGER ALL OVER AGAIN. Let her family have space, and let the poor woman rest in peace.

    (And i’m also disgusted to read comments about how the woman with Liam is too ‘close’, or that he seems ‘happy’. U people have the nerve to even suggest it)

  • chris

    ew jared get some class… i always thought you were above the trashy blogs like perez.

    show some respect and don’t buy these pictures and put them up on your blog. let the family have their privacy. just because your a celebrity blog doesn’t mean that you can’t have standards…

  • Smilehexe

    Although I don’t think it’s right that these pictures have been taken I have to say I admire Liam Neeson for taking all this inappropriate press attention with so much dignity and kindness (also in front of the hospital a few days ago). My honest condolence go to him, the two far too young sons for these tragic circumstances, and her mother and sister. I feel with them.
    And although this was indeed a very “useless” death (like too many) at least something happens now to prevent such accidents in the future: Heard the Canadians are already busy planning a helmet duty when skiing. BRAVO to that decision!

  • Jules

    I’ve got to agree with the majority here, please don’t post paparazzi pics of Liam and his family. Please show some respect Jared. Let other sites be the slime they are, don’t stoop that low.

  • Jen

    This is sick, why would the paparazzi take pictures of him while he is mourning his wife.. and you Jared should be ashamed for posting these… this is just pathetic.. Leave that man alone…. Last time I come to this site.. This is really crossing the line…

  • McPherson

    You children should go and play on the Disney website. There is nothing wrong for Liam and his sister to walk together and comfort each other. What is wrong is the paparazzi photographing them and idiots like most of you on this site making childish, moronic comments. Americans have no class at all.

  • Neil

    Too bad he isn’t allowed any space for private grieving. We live in a sick society.

  • sheryl

    I’m disappointed first by the fact that Liam’s picture has been papped, second because you made the decision to post it here, and third that some posters have the gall to make sleazy photo assumptions.
    I don’t know which of these is worse.
    I read your site on a daily basis, Jared, but I only stopped on this one to express my sorrow that you would post these pics. Celebs deserve the same respect that you yourself would want in this time. To put these pics here is not only intrusive to this family, but it gives the opportunity for bottom feeders to make their brainless comments. Liam doesn’t deserve that.
    But….to you and your business, I suppose any post, even negative ones questioning your integrity, is a plus because the more posts, the better, right? Low.


    To all the sad, pathetic idiots talking about the woman who is so ‘close’ to Liam … Its his sister. Go and get your daily dose of scandal somewhere else. What pointless lives you all have.

  • a total fan

    ok @ 03/21/2009 at 1:37 am

    Look close enough at pics 5 and 6 and you will see that she is actually holding him by his wrist, beside she is his sister !! And even is she wasn’t she could have been a dear friend there to lend him support. Besides everyone grieves differently. Leave this man alone.

  • Cassie

    i think you should take these pictures off, he really just wants privacy and you posting these is just telling the paparazzi that people want to see these pictures, which we dont.

  • melissa

    I believe this is his sister. Her hands are not in his coat they are on his arm.

  • melissa

    Well if it bothers you about these pictures then don’t leave comments and make Just Jared money, they get money everytime a comment is submitted.

  • jc

    The woman walking with him could be a sister, for crying out loud. Why the gross comments about her and him? He obviously is heartbroken. Leave him alone.

  • nancy

    That woman had better be his sister !