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Jennifer Garner is Paddington's Pretty

Jennifer Garner is Paddington's Pretty

Jennifer Garner steps out to have a girl’s day out at Paddington’s Tea Room in West Hollywood on a sunny Sunday afternoon (March 22).

The 36-year-old actress’s new flick, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, is set to be released on May 1. Jennifer plays Jenny, an old flame of a womanizer (Matthew McConaughey) who is haunted by ghosts of his former girlfriends.

Ghost of Girlfriends Past also stars Lacey Chabert and Michael Douglas.

15+ pics of Jennifer Garner having tea at Paddington’s…

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jennifer garner paddingtons pretty 04
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  • ewww

  • no wonder her husband cheats on her.

  • ashley

    What is the matter with you people. I mean seriously. WHAT. IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PATHETIC PEOPLE.

  • faye

    This woman just had a baby, it is great to see someone who is allowing her body to get back into shape naturally without the aid of plastic surgeons. Good for Jennifer, she looks just fine.

  • Just saying

    I don’t have a problem with the left over baby weight. I just do not understand why she dresses like a 60 year old woman. I know that Ben want to go into politics one day. And that he is trying to create the All American Family.. but Jennifer used to be kickass sexy. She was fierce. Now she is trying for that susie homemaker look of the 50′s. She just looks and dresses like she does not care. I get that she is a busy stay at home Mom but please. Women do not have to dress so drab to prove that they are a great Mom and that their kids come first. I just wish she would at least try.

  • Morons inc

    # 1 & 2 let’s see YOUR Pics on here, why don’t you grow the hell up, so she’s slow losing the baby weight, but she has 2 healthy kids and a lioving husband and she sure seems like a grounded wonderful mom and wife. Idiots both of you!

  • pinkydoo

    I agree with number 5. She was so hot in Alias, it’s like she’s just letting herself go and is a Martha Stewart wannabe.

  • jenny is ok

    Just saying I think Jen is the type not to really care what people say about hr looks, she is deepy commited to ben and kids..and is a BIG martha stewart fan (her dog has that name even!) so she is a suzy homemaker, and who are we to judge? I recall her always running and working out pre Violet, she was thin as a rail and always watching, looks like she’s content..I am sure she will get her body back, but it’s sickening to see posters like #1 and #2 saying such awful things. don’t these people have anything else to do? I know that hjer daughter sure seems like one happy little girl, always smiling..I guess that’s what really counts.
    Unless the name is Angie , everyone on here is fat and ugly, kids too.
    Sick and getting sicker!!

  • kate

    she probably looks much smaller in person, I am sure. Leave her alone, these horrid comments are disgusting.

  • ……

    If Angelina was all fat and nasty like that you’d be harping on it. Poor Ben, can’t even imagine the agony of seeing her undress. Keep her indoors until she’s decent.

  • sawu

    # 3 They are probably fat slobs without a dime, who worship brad and angie, same old.
    Jen looks fine, is right. they should look as good! jealousy, like when the same people put down jen a and kate holmes, and others.
    These posters have no life, and live to put others down.

  • erika

    I love her outfit, am glad she is not stick thin after just having a child, and she is very pale ~ as in not interested in working on a tan. You go, girl!

  • ellie2

    she looks very fat. and she could dye her hair too, one half is some kind of blonde the other half is brunette.

  • faye

    #10 you are crazy, she is not fat and nasty!!! She had a baby 3 months ago. Some of you are so warped by the crazy, unnatural Hollwood plastic surgery and non eating celebrities that you have forgotten what women look like this soon after giving birth. As for her dress, she is going to lucnch on a Sunday afternoon, what do you want her to wear a sequined mini dress!! please stop people

  • P!NK

    omg! where is buck-teeth rat face child? oh, jennifer doesn’t look like the same girl ben married!

  • lauren

    stop using the excuse… “she just had a baby” get over yourselves! thats obviously not the problem

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen may not have the greatest style or how to dress in the most flattering clothes but there is one thing nobody can take from her and that is that she is gorgeous. She has the most beautiful face (made even more so when she is made up) ever. She was way too thin before she got pregnant with her last baby. She was soo skinny in Juno. I hope she doesn’t get that thin again. She actually looks better with a little more weight. She does need a little help with style, that’s all.

  • ali

    Funny this is she does care about her looks – that’s why he plumped up her lips soooo much. Ditto Julia Roberts. Have you seen her E Weekly cover – those lips are about as natural as that octomom. Yuk!

  • annie dows

    Cute shoes! I don’t feel so bad about my snow white legs now.

  • ben/jen fan

    This is the problem with the world. The imagine that we pass on to our children that everyone; starting in Hollywood has to be a size 0 to look good.

    That is just crazy!

    How is she suppose to dress in the middle of a Sunday? With a low cute dress revealing half her body? Thank goodness she doesn’t.

    Personally I think she looks better now then pre-pregnancy for Sera. She was very thin in the face and arms.

    As long as people post the rude comments about weight and so on, the ongoing problems that our youth have with body image will continue to exist.

  • samigirl

    I love Jennifer and I think she looks great. It is nice to see someone in Holly wood that seems normal. She will loose her baby weight on her own time as she did with her first pregnacy. You go, girl!

  • boogie

    # 20- you are so right!

  • fyi

    She is a BORING actress and has had lip implants.

  • CHarley kane

    You know what would be funny? Candid snaps of the people attacking her looks, now that would be a riot!

  • Mary

    My grandma needs a dress for a funeral, does anyone know where Jen garner bought his dress.

  • Robin

    I have no problem with her not being stick figure perfect…that’s not realistic anyways especially when you have just had a baby but I do have a problem with her looking so matronly and unkempt. She looks like a slob in every picture I’ve seen posted on here. Even when she’s wearing jeans they’re way to long and rolled up and her hair always looks like it needs to be combed. She’s an adorable girl but doesn’t know how to dress. Hey Jen, you’re rich…hire a stylist!

  • shamrock

    All of the peeps with negative remarks of her appearance should be ashamed of yourselves. This society is so PLASTIC and FAKE on the outside lately. It’s about the whole package that transcends into beauty. Jen looks like a wonderful lady, great Mommy, and loving wife to Ben. Keep your head up and ignore all the negative comments.

    Look forward to upcoming films with both actors Ben and Jen.


  • Cherie

    She has such terrible fashion sense. Talk about homely-looking!

  • http://justjared Molly

    I am not a Jenifer Garner fan, but you people are brutal. She is not fat. The dress is not flattering at all.

    Not one celebrity looks the same in person without all the make up and airbrushing that they do for them.

    Why are people so hateful? I would suggest you look in the mirror yourself, before you bash others.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I wonder: WHO, the hell, IS PADDINGTON, folks?

  • someone

    QUOTE: ~~Jennifer used to be kickass sexy. She was fierce. Now she is trying for that susie homemaker look of the 50’s.~~

    She dresses the same as she always did. Alias was a tv show not candid pictures showing real life. And she said back then that the show was her top priority (which, incidentally, made me feel quite sorry for her first husband). She’s got other things going on now, although she still exercises quite a bit.

  • bintk

    She looks like an ordinary gal!

  • anon

    Jennifer is not on the red carpet or promoting a movie. She is running errands. Why should she be glamorous? So that she can please the haters. What then? If she changes her style then she will probably be criticized for being high maintenance. I am glad that she is being herself.

  • Marieme

    Paddington’s! I haven’t been there for friggin years. Wow.

    Anyway, I love how chill, healthy and slow Jennifer is about losing her weight. It just seems so…what? Natural? Normal? Sane? Yup. All of those. For me it’s such a huge turn off when women celebs start parading their post pregnancy bodies in a desperate attempt to get publicity and (fingers crossed!) a job! Pathetic.

  • bald outing

    Haha I went there when I was a kid!

  • just me

    I don’t care at all that she has baby weight. That is refreshingly normal! What I do hate is that she always has stringy, greasy looking hair and dresses like an old lady. She always look like she needs a bath. I guess that’s why you never see Ben with her. It’s just her and poor Violet parading up and down for the paps.

  • cas

    i think she look cute..esp since she just had a baby

  • YES!

    I actually like the dress, and think it’s healthier for a woman not to be too thin after giving birth.

    However, I think she is one of the ugliest actresses in Hollywood and basically never looked like a movie star.

    She always had that horsey face and always looked like a midwestern farmer.

  • alicia

    I so agree with you,,but I would take much notice of what alot of people comment here Ive come to the conclusion the majority of people that post comments are the imature 14 year old trolls that worship celeberties with eating disorders,zac efron etc… Thye havent got a clue what real person should like …

  • Adoring Fan

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. JJ always post the most unflattering photos of Jen so that they can get all these negative comments. I guess that’s how they make their money. They do the same with Katie Holmes. It’s sad but true. Those who don’t know the truth have a field day with these pix. You people should venture out and not limit yourselves to one site. Look for the truth, it will set you free.

  • Robby

    She looks like she’s pregnant again.

  • lizzie

    I really understand that she wants to be the perfect housewife and stuff, I mean I want to be the same, but I think she misses one point, she needs to also be the hell sexy for her husband. This is what I plan to do with my life, I know I planned it better than her ahah

  • Oye

    Wow, Jennifer looks very matronly and her hair is a wreck. Yikes.

  • me me me

    she looks nothing like the girl her husband fell in love with and married, and despite what all the fans here say, that can’t be a good thing. men don’t really get turned on by you being a good person and mother. if she stays this way for too long her relationship will suffer.

  • Lolla

    so boooooooooooooooooooring

  • leslie

    me me me:
    So what you saying is when you have two young kids you have to look like a sims barbie doll all the time,right?<rolling my eyes,,,,do you know Ben Affleck personally to know his likes and dislikes,maybe you date shallow airheads but lots of men find plain janes just as attractive,,,,,,,your screen name says it all


    She is plain and fugly; there is nothing good looking about this woman she is average at best. A lot of people i know do not find this woman attractive she is kind of manly looking, just look at her close up photos of her face and you will know what i mean, and yes she is fat fat fat ! and that is expected she is no angie that can lose their fat right away, and fugly’s fans the truth hurts just because you want to make her the best mom ever and doesn’t make it so this person has mexicann nannies and house keepers, my question is are they here legally or is she paying them crap money!!!!!!!!!!!

  • e

    She looks very pretty, it’s just her curvaliciousness tottering around on those ridiculous shoes! Imagine her in that outfit with some nice ballet flats or something, adorable! The shoes do not even begin to look appropriate with her dress and cardie.

  • mess

    She looks like a hot mess. Not looking good at all. Nothing she wears ever looks good on her, I don’t know maybe is those big football shoulders, she’s a huge girl.

  • saraphina

    Is it me or does she look like lurch from the Monsters???????That forehead is looking fierce.