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Suri Cruise: There's No Place Like Home

Suri Cruise: There's No Place Like Home

Suri Cruise holds on tight to mom Katie Holmes as they pick up some treats at Le Pain Quotidien bakery in Beverly Hills on Sunday morning (March 22).

The two-year-old sweetheart looked cute in her red ruby shoes that looked just like Dorothy’s from The Wizard of Oz.

Katie, 30, and Suri met up with Romeo Beckham and Cruz Beckham later in the morning at the Children’s Art Center in Brentwood.

UPDATE: Katie is toting around her favorite Parker Large Convertible Hippie Bag by Coach.

20+ pics inside of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise picking up some sweets…

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katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 01
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 02
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 03
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 04
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 05
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 06
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 07
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 08
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 09
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 10
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 11
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 12
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 13
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 14
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 15
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 16
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 17
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 18
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 19
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 20
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 21
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 22
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 23
katie holmes suri cruise red shoes 24

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  • geez

    Hello Katie,
    wake up,
    Suri needs a hair cut.

  • annie

    Why is Katie all bundled up in hat and scarf and Suri isnt even wear tights or a coat?
    Just wondering..

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    …suri has peeps. hahahahahaha – the fly crew.
    all the other celeb kids are poor looking and swag-less.
    suri, the beckham boys, and kingston are the cool kids.

  • jolly

    the older suri is, the more she looks like tom.

  • Aussie Girl

    Those Beckham boys are def going to have lots of girls around when they are older, they are so cute LOL. Looks a little weird, Katie has a wooly hat, a huge wooly scarf and pants & once again Suri in a thin dress and no tights. I know TomKats will cry “stop picking on poor Katie”, but come on, even she must relize that Suri needs her hair cut or hold her fringe back with a clip on something if they are trying to grow it!!!

  • mslewis

    Annie, I was wondering the same thing. Suri looks dressed for summer and Kate looks like she’s ready for a snow storm. She also looks a bit sick. Oh well!! Nice to see Suri has friends to play with, even if they are the kids of Crazy Vicky B!!!!

  • Jill

    Two? She’s almost three and a half.

  • mia

    Suri is wearing leggings and a sweater. I think she is fine. It’s not that cold in L.A. Great to see her out with the Beckham boys. All 3 kids are so adorable!

  • http://ISRAEL lisa rose

    ROMEO BECKHAM IS GEORGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SUCH AN HURTBREAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karena

    Suri does have tights on. She looks pretty bundled up to me, aside from no coat, but if you look at what the Beckham boys are wearing, she looks perfectly dressed for the outing. As for Katie’s scarf, it looks more like an accessory, than actual warmth. I think the pair look lovely. And Suri’s hair: I agree that a clip would be nice, or just pulling it back in a rubber band. But, it’s long enough now to sweep to the side, which is what they do for her often enough. Pretty soon, it’ll go behind her ears. Ah well. She looks adorable IMO. And yep, nice to see them meeting for a playdate. Cute!!

  • diaper the wet troll

    This looks like a photo spread for homeless folks. At least we can’t see Suri’s wet and dirty diaper.

  • babybabybaby

    Suri is looking adorable as always.

  • gum

    these families are all lovely

  • 911

    Katie and Suri are so precious and happy and the Beckhams boys are growing up so fast too.

  • twilight


  • kolasa

    awwww…thanks jj

  • zooey

    adorable families

    love them

  • Vera

    AGAIN it’s in the 50′s & really really cold wind in L.A.
    Suri is again under dressed. UGH

  • T!

    #7 Suri is still two, she turns three on April 18!!! Katie get Suri either a haircut or a hair-clip!!!

  • !!!

    get a life few jealous trolls acting like wonnabee perfect parents but their whole life is spent on celeb bashing than with families and your own kids

  • weather

    Its sunny where I am and where they are its sunny and it gets cold. The weather is unpredicatble and changes a lot.

  • beltway

    lovely girls of Tommy

  • w


  • geez

    #20 get a brain, you are not the only one entitled to an opinion

  • sd6

    Good for them! They all look wonderful!

  • !!!

    #24 you get a heart

  • TRoy

    God bless them
    God bless the fans
    God bless JJ
    “Most of all God bless America
    and our troops”

  • emma

    Suri looks sweet. and there is nothing wrong with her hair or what she is wearing. Katie has no coat on either. and suri does have leggings or tights on. leave them alone. if it was shiloh you would all be saying ahh shes so cute and sweet. get a life people.

  • sunday

    Katie is a great mommy and so pretty. A natural beauty. So great to see Suri with the Beckham kids.

  • daphne

    They’re beautiful and Im happy both
    are growing their

  • $$$

    #26 in this case brain is more important.
    You should know this is just entertainment and Katie & Tom are selling fake public images, like the rest of Hollywood fakers.

  • chels
  • lakers fan in boston

    katie looks pretty cute
    the outfit is ok
    this time her face was glowing imo, she looks pretty young compared 2 other photos of her
    love suris shoes lol =]

  • cross

    cute photos & jj thanks a lot

  • пфт

    she is sooooo BORING!

    and no matter how hard she tries she’ll never be fashion icon. ever!

    she have a horrible legs, posture and walking with bended knees is just ugly to watch.

    no where near the ex Mrs. cruise. tom have downgraded pretty low.

  • inb4raphael

    Why does this couple continue to infantize their daughter by keeping her in diapers? Carrying her so much? Keeping her on the bottle so long? Dressing her like a doll? Yes, her dress and shoes are pretty to look at but not the type of practical outfit a mother would choose if she wanted her child to be comfortable. She’s going to a childrens art center. She’ll be walking around and playing. Those shoes are not easy to run and jump in….like a normal 3 year old would want to do. Those shoes hurt. What is so wrong with sneakers and a cute sweat suit for little Suri Cruise?? Her parents think she is just so much better than these poor middle class people who dress their children this way, thats why. Don’t we get it? TC and family is better than everybody! Poor girl will pay for her parents mistakes……

  • SOS

    Same ole sheet here….. Suri is freezing…it’s obvious. Homely must have robbed her daughter of her gloves, hat, and scarf.

    I wonder if Homely even changed Suri’s diaper (yes, she’s still wearing a diaper at almost 3 and a half years old). Probably not…..Katie Homely is too wrapped up in her own fugly self.

  • almost forgot

    I wonder if Tom and “the blonde” are still seeing each other?????

  • dianel

    Katie is so pretty and Suri is just a little cutie pie the Beckam boys are cute too

  • michelle

    She’s almost 3, but yeah she should be off diapers for at least 6 months. But hey, that’s Cruise family, they are weirdoes…

  • KAY


  • shakeys

    Holmes sweet Holmes

  • Trix

    The only happy one that doesnt look like a robot is the Beckham boy. Least the “Spice girl” had enough common sense to run when the gay boy Tom came a knockin about scientology.

  • express

    Suri is so cute and the boys of Beckham. Suri is the spitting image of Tom and Katie!

  • gwen


  • kit

    Super cute kids….Katie is really class,grace and beauty.

  • Sal

    If this happiness of Katie’s continues, we may have to call the cops!

  • Raphael

    Let the PARENTS decide what THIER child needs, #5.

    Right, #28.

    Why do people whine so much about celebrities carrying their kids, #36. While it’s (sort of) nice to hear that TomKat isn’t the only singled out in this silly complaint, it’s still absurd to cry about this as if their kids will be hurt.

    For reasons that are their own, they don’t want to THEIR child out of diapers yet. That simple.

    She’s been long off that bottle. And if you’re wondering why she didn’t get off that bottle sooner, that’s not your business/ Only her parents’.

    Her daughter seems to and has always seemed to be pretty comfortable in her formal attire. It’s not your kid to worry about.

    Don’t make up things like that. TomKat has said or done nothing to suggest they’re better than anyone.

    She’s freezing, #37?

    They never were, #38.

  • KD1206
  • perst

    The paps should be laying off this families especially the children. And the miserable haters keep your nasty comments to yourselves.