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Jake Gyllenhaal & Mike White's Amazing Race

Jake Gyllenhaal & Mike White's Amazing Race

Jake Gyllenhaal hides behind his shades and under his hoodie as he lunches with former Amazing Race contestant Mike White at Brentwood Country Mart’s Le Pain Restaurant in Santa Monica, Calif., on Monday (March 23).

Here’s a play-by-play of their slightly awkward goodbyes:
Mike goes in for the fist bump.
Jake goes in for the bump but Mike changes to a handshake.
Mike awkwardly winds up clutching Jake‘s fist
– Both laugh over their awkward goodbyes.

UPDATE: Mike is also a actor, producer, and writer.

15+ pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal and Mike White‘s amazing race…

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jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 01
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 02
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 03
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 04
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 05
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 06
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 07
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 08
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 09
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 10
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 11
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 12
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 13
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 14
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 15
jake gyllenhaal mike white amazing race 16

Credit: Apega/Agent47/WENN; Photos: Flynetonline
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  • se

    The comment wasn’t good in site of |Reese Witherspoon, was it?
    And the PR of Jaek Gyllenhaal put quikly this site to the people avoid to read the site of Reese Witherspoon.
    The tricks of all these dirty industry everybody knows…and the image of her and of him and lot of dirty actors whose practice nepotoism and prostitution in Hollywood wouldn’t be bettter!

    Hollywood industry try again to find another @sheet#. Uswe your head to think not your @A¨¨SS#.
    Every industry in the world select their employees. Try to make the same. Perhaps would be more sucessiful!


    Aww, closet-case fauxmanced now-straight Jake is keeping in touch with his Retail Rodeo very-much out bisexual buddy Mike. I guess after 2 years of Reeking this is to prove to everyone Jake is OK being seen with gay/bi people?

  • Hi!

    Sooooo nice to see Jake without that fugly, midget beard!

  • Tommy

    “Both laugh over their awkward goodbyes.”
    They need to practice!

  • Good Girl

    I miss Jake.
    It’s sad to see him hiding in all those showmance paparazzi photo shoots.

  • Countesslurkula`

    Also what many people forget is that Mike White wrote “The Good Girl” (Jake starred w/Aniston in 2002.)

  • June

    Jake looks good as usual.
    JJ just realised how many nutters your site attract.

  • Q

    don’t be so hard on yourself !

  • BigBoy

    June, Jared is gay too.

  • t

    former amazing race contestant? he’s and actor, producer, and writer that’s worked on a whole lot of movies.

  • Colin

    t including The Good Girl with Jake.

  • Holden

    “The Good Girl” written by Mike White.
    Cast: Jake, Jennifer Aniston, Zooey Deschanel, John C. Reilly and Tim Blake Nelson.

  • :)

    New Picss :)

    he even looks good hiding in his hoodie and shadessssssssssss


  • ogal

    haha that’s awkward

  • wHortensia

    They sure look like two normal guys to me. But I suppose someone will start up the “Jake is gay” nonsense again. Actually Good Girl was one of Jake’s very best roles. He was super in that movie and it was furthermore a very good movie with great depth. An overlooked gem.

  • wHortensia

    SE your post is utterly incoherent. I have to think you have suffered brain damage. Did you fall down and hit your head when you were younger?

  • Lola

    #15 You stupid, ignorant b**ch !!!
    Gay people ARE NORMAL.

  • stupid fangirls

    do f**k off.

  • Hortensia is a Homo Hater

    Mike White has stated he is bisexual. His father, Mel, is gay. Hey Hortensia, does Mike still look “normal” to you now?

  • Mike is gay

    Last night Mel White and his son, Mike, avoided every reality show contestant’s worst nightmare: being eliminated first.
    The openly gay father and son team finished fourth put of 12 on the first leg of CBS‘s “The Amazing Race.”
    “Being gay and having a gay father definitely has its advantages,” Mike said. “You don’t feel like you’re disappointing your parents since they beat you to the punch.”


    Look at Jake’s crotch in Pic #11. Just the slightest touch of a man’s hand gets him excited and gives him an erection. Never seen that with the 2 years of walking, shopping and coffee pix with the fugly midget.

  • wow


  • Hello there!

    A bigger and better picture LOL Jake’s Little Jakey

  • WICked wench

    Did someone say “Jake” and “fisting”? (Looks around)

  • madmax

    actually #23 Mike looks like he’s pretty excited to see Jake as well :D

  • Perfekt

    Yet another PR setup to help prove that Jake is still “okay” with the “gay!”

  • gerard Vandenberg

    …………………..they watched “ROAD RUNNER”, folks?

  • wHortensia

    Well if Jake is gay then he is normal, isn’t that what you think? I don’t quite see how having lunch with a gay makes one gay unless you think it is a disease that is catching. You probably do think that. I have to laugh at people who think because some stars in Hollyweird are gay that everybody there is gay too. It must be something in the air. ROFL.

  • wHortensia

    #23 If it’s his wand it looks big, not erect, to me. I think you confuse size with elevation. But in any case you wil need more than just having lunch with a gay to convince me he is. If he never could do lunch with a gay, he couldn’t do any business in Hollywood, dear heart.

  • Tommy

    stop playing stupid, you are boring as h**ll.

  • Pat

    Tommy not half as boring as you.

  • minimouse

    I rather see him with a hot georgeous guy than to seem him with chin Witherspoon, she is so fuglie and has that annoying baby voice, what’s with these women and their baby voices, I don’t get it!!

  • Ivana

    He can’t even breathe…. without being accused as gay…

  • Jake’s hot!

    Gay, bi or straight, Jake has matured into one helluva sexy dude.. The cute kid is gone replaced by a stud!

  • wHortensia

    Stupid. dear Tommy. You must be projecting. You’re the stupid ass who believes things he doesn’t know.

  • wHortensia

    IN COLD FACT Jake is good looking, or all you silly people would not be here to look at him, and so is Reese, or you would not be so eager to say, with sour grapes, that she is “fugly”. You are all envious nobodies who make yourselves feel better by dissing people who are richer, happier, probably nicer, and much more beautiful than any of YOU. Get over it.

  • wHortensia


    1. You don’t get to be a top earning female movie star in Hollywood by being “fugly”. If you think that, you need to see a shrink.

    2. You don’t get to be a sought after male movie star in Hollywood by being gay. If you think that, you need to see a shrink.


  • Lola


  • GG

    “He can’t even breathe…. without being accused as gay…”
    Poor Jake,
    he has the dumbest fans ever.
    Dumb fans and dumb, butt ugly beard Reese Witherspoon.

  • se

    This men has bad character!

  • wHortensia

    This men has bad character

    Well at least he’s not crazy like…

    What is stupid, Lola, is to believe Jake is gay without knowing that at all. Have you seen him in bed with a guy, or even kissing one….not in the movies of course where one does all sorts of things one doesn’t do in real life? Or do you just follow the stupid crowd and believe anything you read without thinking? The latter, undoubtedly. Like many low IQ people, you get movies confused with real life and actors acting with actors as they really are.

  • wHortensia

    Lola, I presume because Daniel Radcliffe is a magician and wizard in the Potter movies you know that he is also a wizard in real life? Of course you do, becuase you have a very low IQ.

  • MMA

    I think Jake is just naturally awkward.