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Suri Cruise is a Crumbs Cutie

Suri Cruise is a Crumbs Cutie

Suri Cruise shows off her sweet side as her mom, Katie Holmes takes her to buy cupcakes at Crumbs Bakery in Beverly Hills on Sunday (March 22).

The two-year-old sported her favorite princess dress and even held a cute pink bow in her right hand!

Earlier in the day, the pretty pair also went on a carb run as they stopped for some treats at Le Pain Quotidien bakery in Beverly Hills in the morning.

UPDATE: Katie is toting around her favorite Parker Large Convertible Hippie Bag by Coach.

15+ pictures inside of Suri Cruise, the Crumbs cutie…

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suri cruise crumbs cutie 01
suri cruise crumbs cutie 02
suri cruise crumbs cutie 03
suri cruise crumbs cutie 04
suri cruise crumbs cutie 05
suri cruise crumbs cutie 06
suri cruise crumbs cutie 07
suri cruise crumbs cutie 08
suri cruise crumbs cutie 09
suri cruise crumbs cutie 10
suri cruise crumbs cutie 11
suri cruise crumbs cutie 12
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  • Hannah


  • james

    get her bangs out of her eyes!! poor girl sees the world thru her hair.

  • Dina

    Cut the child bangs!

  • sara

    gah! i am so sick of pictures of katie holmes!
    that poor child doesn’t have a chance of being normal.

  • Foxy

    Seriously Katie-what the hell are you waiting for? For the love of all things holy-cut that childs hair! If it grows any longer she’ll start looking like cousin ‘It’ from the Addams Family.

  • Catwoman

    Katie looks like Suri’s nanny. She should let that child walk, otherwise she”ll be using every ounce of her energy. No wonder she looks tired, it’s time that she realized that Suri is growing and so is her weight. But at least she truly shows how she’s hands-on and i doubt if they have a full-time nanny. Now Victoria Beckham, this is a devoted mother-take note ! Not someone who is more concerned about the pap getting a good shot of her Christian Lacroix heels.Seems Katie got tired playing dress up after se became Tm Cruise. She hardly looks like a celebrity anymore.

  • a realist

    Now, I am convinced, Katie is a bonafide nutcase. I can’t believe that ditsy woman is continually letting that child’s eyes be covered over with hair. It is just insane.

  • Jane

    Get that hair out of that kids eyes, you fruitcake. And let her big ass walk.
    She is not an infant you fruitcake.

  • Suzie

    While I agree that she should cut her bangs, look at the headband in Suri’s hand. It’s obvious that she can’t stand to have anything in her hair. She has beautiful eyes though.

  • Jaz

    i know her shoes are off in the top photos but why is an almost 3-year old still being carried and babied? Suri- do you see your friends Romeo and Cruz being carried by their parents? LOL

    i bet shes a cute child underneath all that hair in her face

  • dfad

    suri can’t see with bangs in her eyes! she looks scary w/ those bangs and also older than her age. maybe it’s her eyes, but she always seems so sad.

  • monigue

    Poor kid. She is being neglected. Eye doctors will tell you, that it is not good to let hair hang in from of your child’s eyes.

  • LALA

    um theres something called shows and haircut

  • monigue

    Correction: Poor kid. She is being neglected. Eye doctors will tell you, that it is not good to let hair hang in ‘front’ of your child’s eyes.

  • T!

    She has to be carried for two reasons- 1. Most obviously she cannot see because she has taken her hairband out and her fringe is so stupidly long. 2.- While dressing Suri in a frilly designer princess dress to go cake shopping, Katie forgot to put the diamond slippers on the princess(no shoes)!!!!

  • Tatiana

    # 4
    sara @ 03/23/2009 at 1:14 am

    gah! i am so sick of pictures of katie holmes!
    that poor child doesn’t have a chance of being normal.
    I couldn’t agree more.

  • bald outing

    Suri is adorable!

  • W.

    Suri looks like a mini-Tom in a wig.

  • P!NK

    poor Suri! Isn’t Cruz Beckman younger than her & he acts like a big boy!

  • Aussie Girl

    I actually don’t think bad of Katie for carrying Suri so much. What we don’t see in these pics, is that their are prob 50 paps out front and many people stopping for a look-to see whats going on,yelling and screaming!! Kids do run around when they are not supposed to!! Also there are lots of nuts around so I guess in Katies mind she is being protective!!! But get Suri a haircut-it’s getting beyond a joke now!!

  • She’s Gone Full Retard

    let suri walk!

  • hag

    don’t want the public to see that that child is looking more like her father Josh Hartnet! also that is NOT a 2 yr old!! that kid looks waaaaayy older!!!!

  • carlos

    Cut that bangs for goodness sake!

  • eteleete

    poor baby,why dont they just cut the freakin bangs so she can see like a normal baby should?

  • hag

    if they cut the bangs everyone will see that the kid is much older than 2. more like 3 1/2. not tommy-toons kid.

  • Vixen

    I hope she teaches that child life isn’t all about sparkly shoes and designer dresses. You won’t get a mother-of-the-year award just because you can afford to buy her Gucci frocks.
    What you teach and expose your kid to is going to influence who they’ll become in the future.
    Just saying…

  • trisha

    It seems strange that she doesn’t have shoes on, or at least socks, it was pretty cold and windy today.

  • Mousse

    Well said Vixen. Couldn’t agree more.

  • tom

    It’s been pretty cold in LA. Wonder why Suri is just in that thin princess dress….
    Man, all Katie buys her to eat is cupcakes.

  • ali

    pretty ladies

  • amway

    The only insane ones are you lowlives. All your hate will backfire on you.

  • 2009

    Precious family in Hollywood.
    But I prefer Sprinkles than Crumbs.

  • pam

    God bless them always :)

  • enough

    Its high time the paparazzis stop following them everything they do and everywhere they do. Let them be and let them live.
    The only thing we dont see is them going to the restrooms.
    This is invasion of their privacy.

  • JAzmine

    Katie is so thin! Suri is cote as well.

    Suri looks like a mini-Tom in a wig.

  • secoyas

    thanks a lot
    jared and have a
    great day

  • nyny

    So low that some Kidman,Michelle Williams and Brangelina fans trash other stars and families because they are soooo envious.
    It only shows they are sooooo threatened. Sad really.

  • anonymous

    Katie and Suri…classy


  • surfer

    Lovely as always. I miss Tom.

  • a realist

    Suri is indeed a cutie and so
    is Katie.

  • bob

    CUT the Kids’s Bangs already or put a barette.
    You looney tune robot. & dress her properly for
    the chilly weather & let that 3 yr old walk apready!!!!
    shame on you.
    She wil have eye mother ever lets
    a kids bang in her eyes that cares. are too out of it.

  • bEa


  • Leah

    Cut the kid’s hair. Bangs are cute, not bangs that come down to the poor child’s nose.

  • James Yang

    Cute girl, Tom and Kate are blessed

  • Sheri

    Katie looks so miserable ever since she married Tom. And, please, will someone give me some scissors? I will fly to L.A. personally and cut this poor child’s bangs!!!!!!!!

  • lisa

    can’t wait to see another family photo of the cruise’s out and about!

  • saudia

    where are Suri’s shoes?

  • xeroz

    why katie always carrying suri???does she doesn’t know how to walk by herself????

  • nora

    It was windy and chilly today in L.A. Why is that child in a thin dress and not wearing any shoes? She is not your personal doll, Katie.

  • ayj6m6l

    suri’s ugly in these pics but she’ a cutie !!!!