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Jennifer Aniston Hides Under Her Hoodie

Jennifer Aniston Hides Under Her Hoodie

Paparazzi shy Jennifer Aniston hides under her wizard-like hoodie while exiting her hotel in New York City on Tuesday (March 24), en route to work on her latest romantic comedy, The Baster.

A casting call on Craigslist is looking for ugly extras for the film.

- A Heavy set women who is able to ride a bike and comfortable in provocative wardrobe who is comfortable having profanities shouted at her
- A woman with a round face, small eyes, and upturned nose who is comfortable having profanities shouted out at her in a comedic scene
- A rail thin teen boy with bad skin, bad acne

Apply now!

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jennifer aniston hoodie 01
jennifer aniston hoodie 02
jennifer aniston hoodie 03
jennifer aniston hoodie 04
jennifer aniston hoodie 05
jennifer aniston hoodie 06
jennifer aniston hoodie 07
jennifer aniston hoodie 08
jennifer aniston hoodie 09
jennifer aniston hoodie 10
jennifer aniston hoodie 11
jennifer aniston hoodie 12
jennifer aniston hoodie 13
jennifer aniston hoodie 14
jennifer aniston hoodie 15
jennifer aniston hoodie 16
jennifer aniston hoodie 17
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Photos: Steffman/Curd, INFdaily
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  • http://justjared naty

    why is she hidding??? is angelina near???
    just kidding!!

  • http://justjared naty

    fucking karma!!!! i hope one day everybody moves on

  • Debra77

    What screams more then look at me, look at me. I’m covering my face. Look at me. Why is she hiding. This is just so stupid. Everyone knows what she looks like. Attention Who** anyone?

    Gosh this woman makes me sick.

  • bet

    now the loonies will start with thier burn burn burn this woman because she is walking on the street. i mean they can not even see her face. let see with a lot of shouting yeiling why why why nada nada nada crap.

  • pinkrose

    Ha, Ha, Ha , Bitch, please!!!

  • @

    why is she covering her fugly face? she probably had her chin done.

  • bet


    you can not even see who she is , yet you are happy to complain. the only thing that you notice, becuase jen always wear jeans and ofcourse that ass and the perfect body.

  • pinkrose

    Ha, Ha, Ha… Bit-ch please !!!!

  • Wow

    she looks beautiful!

  • pinkrose

    come on, no serious movie star does this…only fame w hores

    so damn juvenile

  • vajayjay

    you don’t need to cover up jen. if the papz aren’t there, for sure nobody will notice you’re a starlet.

  • bet

    i can not blame her, her picture will be posted in every blog , everybody will give thier opinion. loonies will be the usuall rant in her thread. so who will not be tired of that.

    every tabloiid magazine will give thier verstion of split. all of them have different verstion. that is so sad. i realy admire this woman.

  • sabreen

    What a great way to not draw attention to yourself….dumb a.s.s what the hell was she thinking? freakin retard

  • cougar

    midlife crisis?

  • bet


    i mean you notice even her that amazing ass. ha ha ha ha.

  • Sasha

    I don’t blame her.

    Now this thread will be full of stupid comments from the Santa Mother Angelina lovers. LOL!!

    Poor Jen, when will they leave her alone?? They’re so obsessed with her Hahahaha!!!

  • alexis

    wtf is that old dUmb b!tch doing?

  • http://Goawaybeyonce LOL


  • bet

    good luck loonies with your usuall crap of nada nada nada, hate comment. have fun with your crap. nice day.

  • Angel

    Nice to see that one of Brad’s women arent camera hounds…pssst hint: Not Angelina Jolie(the ultimate camera hound)

  • sarah

    You go Girl!!! I envy that bangin’ body!

  • bet @ 03/24/2009 at 4:59 pm

    boo hoo. bet is having a meltdown. your idol is a dumber and media whore than her x. why is she covering her fugly face? did she have her face done? c’mon, spill the beans…

  • meg

    i have the same hoodie!

  • Jillian

    Cant wait to see her movie! Yay Jen!

  • HOt

    HOT HOt hot Body

  • Emily

    She is my favorite celebrity! So cute and seems to be someone you could count on as a friend.

  • ithink

    she’s is seeking for attention. what a camwh0re!

  • London Girl

    She doesn’t need to hide, she’s beautiful.

  • plastic surgery anyone?

    Jen recently had some work done and is still a bit swollen. It will take just a few more weeks to heal. She will be fresh and young looking. Luv ya jen!

  • Angela

    Thank Jared!!! Nice to see the Good Girl for a change! I am so looking forward to seeing all of these movies she is doing! She will forever be America’s favorite!!

  • debra77

    bet @ 03/24/2009 at 4:55 pm

    I stated my opinion just like everyone else. You have had your say several times. My one comment was my opinion and my observation. Right or wrong it is mine, and I have the right just as you to say it. So you should focus on your own opinions not mine. I don’t have to agree with you. and I don’t mind that you don’t agree with me. Again Perfect body a matter of opinion.. YOURS.. not MINE>


  • wt?

    she looks creepy with that ridiculous hood.

  • anthony

    wow must be great to be one of those extras…

  • Hee Hee

    Hide Seek! Love It! I agree nice to see that Jen is not looking for PR all the time like some people.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    ..that casting call described damn near all of manistons fans. hahahahahahaha..
    damn her unromantic unfunny comedies.

  • anthony

    oh yeah forgot Jen was there! Wonder why. She seems like she may only be happy when there is a man around to love her. This may not be true but it’s the impression I get at times

  • #29

    I wonder if she went to the same plastic surgery office as Angelina aka Morticia? tummy tuck… botox…nose job..boob lift… the list goes on and on.

    Weird that you would think that Jen would have plastic surgery the day before she is to start filming – ya big dummy #29 !

  • peace

    i hope she covers her face the entire filming! she look so much better with that hoodie covering her face.

  • bet


    if that face cover of your idol. that body yike.


    I don’t blame her at all
    She’s had it.
    Humiliation is her BFF

  • bob

    she looks like those terrorist prisoners
    or KKK ..terrible
    ego from a fug woman.
    beyond Streisand.who does she think she is?
    I’m so happy Brad ran before she turned this krazy
    Every guy runs from her. Brad was probably nice
    and stuck around the longest cause of his
    decent mid-western upbringing.

  • bet


    it is my opnion of yours post. so i keep my opinion about you too. that what you call it a blog with any kind of comment allowed. so deal with it. she has perfect body. ass kicking ass too.

  • Anonymous

    jen is sweetheart!she is beautiful and sexy.

  • The pundit

    sarah @ 03/24/2009 at 5:05 pm You go Girl!!! I envy that bangin’ body!


    Instead of envying a “banging” body that you can’t even SEE under that giant, idiotic comforter (what is she, 12?), why not get up off of your a$$ and work on your OWN body? Nothing is more ridiculous than Aniston and her psychotic behavior, except her equally psychotic

    The only use she would have for any of her FAT FANS is to ridicule you, as she is planning to do to other FAT women in her new film. Wake up, idiots.

  • bet


    i hope she make you more sick. We love you getting sicker by day becuase of her. ha haha

  • truthtiness

    MADONNA @ 03/24/2009 at 5:15 pm

    You are 100% correct. Her BG told the paps she had not had her hair or makeup done yet so the need for the KKK hood.

    Gue that $56,000 fee needs to be doubled and the stylist on call 24/7.

    This behavior is just rediculous in a 40 year old woman.

    And yes, that is her.

  • sorrybut

    she is effin’ retarted.

  • hideous

    she knows she’s ugly without make up. good! hide that f () c K face. pretentious, attention-seeking LIAR.

  • pokeman

    good thing she hid her face otherwise she would have scare everyone away. who wants to look at that old ugly and hideous face.

  • fanscanbestupidsometimes

    bet @ 03/24/2009 at 5:19 pm Debra77

    i hope she make you more sick. We love you getting sicker by day becuase of her. ha haha

    you’re an idiot.