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Katie Holmes is Pretty in Purple

Katie Holmes is Pretty in Purple

Katie Holmes keeps warm in a purple sweater as she leaves a dance studio in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (march 24).

The 30-year-old actress was heard singing inside the studio. Could Katie be preparing for another Broadway run?

Katie was seen out and about this weekend with daughter Suri, 2, and good pal Victoria Beckham‘s two sons, Cruz and Romeo. The foursome plus their nanny met up for a day at the Children’s Art Center.

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  • zappo


    Cankles walking across!

    she has NO ankles! legs connect right to feet!


  • Just my opinion

    At 30 Katie is still young but lately she’s been looking shabby,
    even depressed. I hope she is okay because Suri is beginning to
    look the same way. I mean in Hollywood looks mean everything,
    and we live in an age of technology where cameras are everywhere,
    most people have camera phones yet these last few days Katie
    doesn’t seem to care how she goes out in public.

  • marie

    For chrissakes, she is leaving a dance class. What do you expect her to look like? I think she looks perfectly cute and normal here. I’m glad she doesn’t feel the need to dress up for the cameras.

  • gross

    i can’t help but notice those hippo legs.
    she old but ok.

  • gross

    ^she looks old but ok.

  • Just my opinion

    Marie, did you see Katie at the bakery? At the ballet on Friday?
    At the Children’s Art Studio? She looks very sloppy. Yes, this
    time she is coming out of a work out but lately she’s been looking
    like this even at the the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

  • boring


  • dabu

    How can one person who has her money and her resources so consistently choose outfits whether they are casual, work out clothes, and even dress to the nines outfits–choose so consistently poorly for her body type?
    This work out get up emphasizes all her bad areas which are numerous.


    Here we go again!……Picking Katie and Suri apart as usual…Maybe her money does not matter or how she dresses to impress all of you haters…. Obviously, she wears what she likes and what is comfortable, and NOT what is expected of her OR what she SHOULD be wearing because of how much money she makes……
    Why can’t people leave her and Suri alone?

  • mju8

    Singing???????? But she has a horrible voice! My eardrums were permanently scarred from hearing her performances in DC and Eli Stone

  • mi

    I think she’s pregnant.

  • bb

    I guess those pics willstop the prego rumors. Her tummy is as flat as an ironing board.

  • scarletsascha

    Leave Katie and Suri alone. We all have our share of fashion faux pas.

  • o

    honey please get a tan. no need to go j.aniston, but just to look healthy… I mean, alive.

  • y

    classy and all around talent

  • red

    She is a natural beauty with or without makeup. WTG KATIE!

  • :)

    Thanks JJ! Must be that Finding Neverland musical or a musical from the makers of Hairspray mentioned by People magazine long ago.

  • movies


  • just saying

    God bless her & her

  • 2009


  • WhAtever

    Definitely one of my faves.She’s gorgeous!

  • AIG sucks

    I miss her on the bigscreen and I hope she makes a movie first before returning to Broadway so soon.

  • zzzz

    I’m not a fan, but I think she looks fine here, for leaving a dance class, and she does not need a tan to look healthy. A tan is a sign of sun damage, so it’s just the opposite.

  • rola

    … I’m not sure if singing lessons will improve her voice much she has the most horrible singing voice ever

  • fact

    Katie Holmes had amazing reviews for her performance also singing and dancing on Eli Stone.

    She got cheers from TV Guide and 88% loves her vs only 12 that didnt

  • chessa

    Lovely as always

  • alyssa

    Trolls are so desperate and mean. Pity really because karma is real and it aint good.

  • rick


  • oknow

    Unfortunately Katie chose to marry an A plus lister. Therefore her dress will be scrutinized. You don’t have to be a hater to really hate what she wears. If the women certain posters like to compare her to dressed like Katie, they would also be crucified. Princess Diana, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn–you would never see any of those three in the tacky, unflattering outfits this woman chooses.
    She doesn’t have a bad body, she has flaws like most of us do, unfortunately what she does wear often emphasizes the flaws. It would be just as easy (especially with her money and resources) to choose the same types of clothing in more flattering colors, contours and styles.
    Even D-listers dress better than this woman. And many of them look very very comfortable. You can be stylish and comfortable. Katie chooses outfits that compare to running your nails down a chalkboard when you look at her them.
    Again, it has nothing to do with liking her or disliking her. It has to do with common fashion sense.

  • to fact 26#

    Yeah, right! That’s The Reason why they stop the show

  • Raphael

    She’s never cared, #3.

    Right, #4 and #10.

    That’s a lame excuse and you know it, #30. Just be honest and say you like to slam her. Don’t try to give some ridiculous justification.

    I think you mean she has flaws like ALL of us.

    They’re just clothes, what’s their to get worked up about?

  • zappo

    victoria- you over glam things.

    I’m sure people don’t hate her silly. Just comments on this site about how she dresses, how she raises Suri…etc…

    go huff and puff elsewhere

  • aimee

    # 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27

    LOL… are all the same!

    go get a life!

  • busted

    Good catch Aimee, I agree with your theory!

  • oknow


    No it isn’t a lame excuse. I modeled thru high school and college and was a fashion major so of course fashion and style is something I notice.

    Katie dresses like cr*p. And there is no need for it. Princess Diana who had a lot of body flaws as did Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn–they all managed to find styles, colors, and contours that made them stand out as a fashion leader. But Katie Holmes can’t? Look at Angelina Jolie. She has a body with more flaws than Katie Holmes yet she manages to dress stylishly for her body type. Same goes for Kidman, Witherspoon etc. All of these ladies knows what looks good on them and they rarely make a fashion faux pas. Katie’s fashion life is made up of fashion flops.

    And Raphael what is your excuse? You come on these blogs criticizing posters and telling them what they mean, what they think, what they shouldn’t think etc. You set yourself up as the authority based on what you consider legitimate publications. You tell people who have worked in the media and have run across folks like the TomKats that they did not. That they would not read an entertainment blog (wow, do you think they read political or scientific blogs?).

    You know nothing about these people either. Critiquing Katie’s style is critiquing what is front of us all. I did not say she looked unhappy. That she looked like a brat. That she looked like a snob. I said she dresses like cr*p for her body style. And that with her money and resources there is no excuse for it.

    Good thing for you that Mr. Blackwell died. BECAUSE I’m sure Katie would have landed on his worst dressed list this year!

  • bintk
  • KT’s Gone Full Retard


  • grace

    class act

  • Susie

    I agree with you. Katie is beginning to look like a walking skeleton. And please, everyone, don’t compare her to Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn. They had class and she doesn’t. ‘Nuff said.

  • lurker

    #34 and #35 you’re all going to hell. How you judge and hate others will come back to you TENFOLD.

  • sweet

    Love her bag and even her drink has purple shades in it like her blouse. hehe.

  • IMHO

    Kudos to her for living her life for her family and herself not for the critics,for show and even the paparazzis. Not all celebs do that but live on the pressures of tabloids and media scrutiny and they can handle it so they drive themselves to drink,rehab,anger issues,you name it but not Katie. She rises above it all and lives her life gracefully.
    Katie does errands and goes to work like us human beings and its pathetic some judge her like its a catwalk on the runway.

  • zzzz

    Hahahahaha! #34, you are absolutely right. This one person comes on here pretending to be all these different people who adore Katie, and it’s Raphael, for sure!

  • teela

    thanks jared & keep them coming. Hope to see Suri and Tom soon.

  • yeah right

    Oh please let people and the media compare Katie to others. Katie,like all of us are not perfect even Audrey Hepburn,Grace Kelly,Jackie O and this so called glamourous A listers.
    Its like FDR had a mistress and Abe Lincoln and his wife were not perfect. Have you heard of the Jackie O curse? Jackie was criticized for her real reasons marrying Onassis, Audrey Hepburn was not all innnocent. Read her real BIO when they talk she’s not the lamb in the bedroom. Grace Kelly was notorious for sleeping with most of her leading men.


    what’s wrong with her dress? any dress she’s wearing is cool except of her getting naked in the gift with that horrible titties, no way! :)

  • g’luck

    I hope she gets a nod for the Tony’s with AMS play.

  • pinkrose

    She’s lovely and she seems like a pretty cool chick.

    Not to mention a great wife,mother and person.

  • Aussie Girl

    #46 People were commentating on these womens fashion style, not their personal lives! Lame comeback!!!!