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Roger Federer Goes Sony Shirtless

Roger Federer Goes Sony Shirtless

Tennis player extraordinaire Roger Federer shows off his pecs while going shirtless at a practice for the Sony-Ericsson Open held at the tennis center at Crandon Park in Key Biscayne, Florida on Tuesday (March 24).

The 27-year-old Swiss star is looking to get back his mojo after having a rough couple of months. Roger lost to Andy Murray in three straight sets on Saturday at the BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells. He also to Rafael Nadal at the finals of the Australian Open earlier in the year in a hard-fought five-set match.

10+ pictures inside of Roger Federer going Sony shirtless…

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57 Responses to “Roger Federer Goes Sony Shirtless”

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  1. 26
    Anah Says:

    rogerfan you’re an idiot. Men have hairy chest hello, and if they shave it it’s gonna be prickly and nasty. Why not just cuddle with a girl if you like smooth chest.

  2. 27
    Sara Says:

    I know truvy,he is #1 ATP but he is so humble,polite and nice…NADAL IS THE KING!!

  3. 28
    Halli Says:

    soooooooooooooo HOT!

  4. 29
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i hope nadal beats ur ass again, and u better not cry like a lil ***** this guy
    gotta support my spanish ppl =]

  5. 30
    nancy Says:


  6. 31
    Juila888 Says:

    A genius and such attractive man, on a personnal note: I love his chest, his legs, his hair, his eyes, his lips, can’t stop watching him.
    Complete player, a magicien, and of course he’s getting older (27) so he is losing power, but it’s normal to struggle when you are such tired of all these wins and pressure.

    Go Roger, you’re the king, long live the king

  7. 32
    mr. d Says:

    I love Roger and will continue to support him. However, Nadal is the real deal! Rafa is humble, gracious, talented and relentless. If he can avoid the dreaded injury bug, he may very well become the greatest of all time in regards to the number of grand slam titles he’s won. He’s well ahead of Federer thus far in his career. I hope Roger can overcome this latest adversity and get back on track! GO FED!

  8. 33
    pame Says:

    i love federer♥

  9. 34
    chels Says:

    gooo feed… get back to number #1=)

  10. 35
    Banjoplayer Says:

    #32 As much as I actually do like Rafa (2nd to Roger of course but still I enjoy watching Rafa & his immense physical game) but Rafa is basically doomed in my opinion, physically speaking. He already has various, incurable knee problems that flare up every now & then (he basically just has to hope it doesn’t falre up during a tournament) Unless he changes his entire approach to the game ie: finishing pts earlier so he doesn’t have to run as much, changing the actual way he moves about court etc I doubt we’ll see anymore of him once he hits 24, 25. His knees just won’t be able to take it anymore (I dread to think what he’ll be like when he’s 40 odd). He’s a fantastic tennis player but I highly doubt he’ll be around in 4-5 years time.

  11. 36
    Sara Says:

    31#sorry but André Agassi was older than him when he won many titles,if Federer is already tired….
    32#”he may very well become the greatest of all time”i agree!!thanks!!

  12. 37
    Sara Says:

    #35 WTF?I’m spanish and here EVERYONE know that Rafa will be around at least the next ¡¡8 YEARS!!”incurable knee problems”WHAT?his uncle(and coach)said that his knees are totally fine!!keep dreaming,your idol Roger is #2.

  13. 38
    LYDIA Says:

    now thats a man :)


  14. 39
    eebonysoul Says:


  15. 40
    Aussie Girl Says:

    #37 You & the rest of Spain only hope Rafa will be around in 8 years!
    I like him to, but he has had knee problems that could poss put him out at any time! Of course he’s uncle is going to say everything is fine! I hope he makes it that far as well!

  16. 41
    Sara Says:

    #40 Djokovic has phisical problems,Roddick has phisical problems,Roger has phisical problems etc they play one sport,they MUST have problems because they’re humans.

  17. 42
    zanessafan4ever Says:

    ROGER BEST OF LUCK 4 MIAMI MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    U GOTTA GET THE TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!
    COME ON ROG!!!!!!!!!

    n all the rafa fans stop sayin mean words 4 Rog…….
    he’s such a nice person n Nadal (who is also a nice person)also respects him so much.
    Rafa always says nice things about Rog so why don’t u stop writing such mean things…..
    n congrats Rog 4 winnin atp fave player of the year awards n sportsmanship of the year award.
    GO ROG!!!!!!!!!!!!


  18. 43
    Anah Says:

    I love Roger Federer, he is just an amazing player, very intelligent. However, he is losing power due to his age. Nadal is at his prime now (22 yrs old I think) and he is very very powerful. I do not like Nadal because all I can think about when I see him play is that he takes it up the ass.

  19. 44
    lurker Says:

    what pecs are you talking about jared? those are not pecs!

  20. 45
    postwatcher Says:

    Shaving Chest? How old are you 15? Grown men should not look like high school boys. There is nothing more gross than a chest full of stubble, yes my dear, it grows back.

    Hairy Chests are Sexy….try one out sometime, you might like it.

  21. 46
    Sacha Says:


  22. 47
    Jay Says:


  23. 48
    ~m~ Says:

    no in fact im not 15, I just really don’t think its attractive

  24. 49
    anne Says:

    Wow…peRFection!!!!!You are the Best Roger!!!!!!!Keep on Kicking some Ass especially that Stuffed Shirt/Doping Murray and Asspicking flash in the pond Nadal!lol!

  25. 50
    rafass Says:

    Please feature Roger More often, JARED..pls???He is the most interesting tennis player there is!Loved HIM!!!!

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