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Gwyneth Paltrow Has Leggings for Days

Gwyneth Paltrow Has Leggings for Days

Gywneth Paltrow shows off her gorgeous gams as she leaves the Byron & Tracey hair salon in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (March 25).

The 36-year-old actress is getting ready to reprise her role as Pepper Potts in Iron Man 2. Robert Downey Jr., Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson are set to co-star in the film.

Gwyn will also be trying her hand at fashion designer, as she will collaborate for a fall/winter 2009 capsule collection called “ZOEtee’s Loves Gwyneth” with the French label ZOEtee’s.

Another entry was also added to Ms. Paltrow‘s blog, GOOP, where she shows a new dance cardio routine courtesy of Tracy Anderson.

15+ pictures inside of Gwyneth Paltrow’s leggings for days…

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gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 01
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 02
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 03
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 04
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 05
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 06
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 07
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 08
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 09
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 10
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 11
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 12
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 13
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 14
gwyneth paltrow leggings for days 15

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  • Jon

    She’s cute but looks older than her years.

  • V-fan

    I would not call her legs gorgeous. They’re nice but not spectacular. Her face looks really mean in those photos.

  • Tealeaf

    And A shitty attitude for years

  • Kassie

    Gwyneth Paltrow is starting to look like Calista Flockhart.

  • pisces

    What’s going on with Paltrow? Her legs are great but her face looks so tired and bloated. Pregnant?

  • Lark

    Not a fan of her hair….her top is pretty though.

  • heather

    She looks best as a dark blonde.

  • skittles

    California casual. I would like the look if you could just get rid of her face. It’s always been a bit strange to me.

  • MK

    The Fish is very bland looking.

  • NEXT

    Gwyn P. must time these. A new photo-op. Like clockwork. Every Thursday.

  • Ripley

    Really don’t like this hair color on her. She would look so much better as a brunette.

  • vivid

    She does looks pissed. If you don’t want your pic taken, Gwyneth, don’t go to one of the most high profile salons in Beverly Hills. You’re rich and famous enough that they would come to your house.

  • kate

    she’s always got such a sour puss look on her face and what’s with these broads who don’t wear their wedding rings

  • basilla

    Holy smokes!! WTF happened to this woman?

  • Mr. Ed

    It doesn’t matter what she wears. She is plain ugly.

  • Mr. Ed

    She reminds me of a horse.

  • lily

    I think she isn’t wearing much make-up. When you load on all kinds of make up, you can transform your face. Without it, Gwyneth’s pretty plain. That’s why she looks so different in her everyday photos.

  • alive

    the fourth picture is weird

  • groovalicious

    Wow, she does look like Ally McBeal here! Same skinny chick, puffy face thing going on….Calista has a genuinely pretty face, unlike Gwyneth as evidenced by these photos, but it’s hard to notice beyond the scary skinny frame. At least Gwyneth seems to be a healthy weight.

  • just saying

    GP looks like crap.

  • Tony Stark

    Why the glum mug? Paltrow is probably thinking about how the gorgeous, boobalicious Ms. Johansson will be starring with her in Iron Man 2. Not a happy thought. Luckily for her, SJ is not much of an actress.

  • too much

    That salon charges $800 for a hair cut. What a rip off!

  • Comic Con

    I wish they had cast Emily Blunt in Iron Man 2! She’s beautiful, sexy and can act! Gwyneth lucked out. Blunt would have completely upstaged her and been a believable Natasha. Scarlett is a bad actress and not good with accents. Her Black Widow will suck.

  • Special K

    You’d think with all that money she could afford a better stylist.

  • gigi

    Gwyneth needs to eat a granola bar or something…

  • sweetheart

    Her face has lost its baby fat. Gwyn works out a lot. She has that worn-down look runners often get. A few restaurant visits will put her right.

  • 123

    She has weird facial features with a whiny voice. I’m glad that Brad Pitt didn’t end up with her.


    she looks wethered

  • Movie Watcher

    Well, Gwyneth and Scarlett have something in common. They were both second choices for their Iron Man roles. Favreau wanted Rachel McAdams and Emily Blunt, but McAdams passed and Blunt couldn’t get out of other contract commitments.

  • true blue

    Remember when Gwyneth used to have that cute round face? What happened??

  • asa1

    nice legs..she has always had those

    looking quite old though

  • Serge G

    Scarlett Johansson “actress”actually is a clone from original person,who has nothing with acting career.Clone was created illegally using stolen biomaterial.Original Scarlett Galabekian last name is nice, CHRISTIAN young lady.

  • bigolelegs

    Cankle legs ewww.

  • ali

    terrible hair cut and the color seems off too.

  • sasha

    ummmm TRANNNYY!!!!

  • sasha

    ummmm TRANNNYY!!!!

  • jaye

    She can’t even dress herself.

  • entrails

    She looks very fit, but her legs certainly look quite different here than when encased in those 5 inch heels she likes to wear. They’re not nearly as sexy here (shoes make the legs), but she does look much more comfortable. Flats rule!

  • csxyz

    She actually does always wear her wedding ring. It’s just a SUPER thin band. You have to enlarge the photo to see it.

  • islandgrl

    #13 … Some of us broads who are married and don’t wear our rings are just confident in ourselves and our relationships. Jewelery does not equal happiness or commitment.

  • Amanda

    The usual wrenches are back on I see. Your sour words are a reflection of the person you are. Sad.

    I love her top and would like to know the designer. Not too many woman–particularly G’s age–could pull off the no-makeup look. G definitely had great legs; I’d kill for those long and toned legs. Who wouldn’t? And how many 36 year old women do you know who still have baby-fat faces? Idiots are aboard again.

  • Georgia

    # 41 – Grow up and stop attacking people who don’t share your opinion.

    Gwyneth’s thighs look very toned here – those workouts with Tracy are clearly paying off big time – but her face is not looking so good. Harsh and a tad manly actually. She’s starting to resemble Tilda Swinton minus the wacky but fierce fashion style.

  • MMA

    Those leggings cut her legs in half and she looks like she’s wearing some kind of nasty wig.