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Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle Return to Urth

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle Return to Urth

Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle shoot smiles at each other and have a romantic lunch together at Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills on Thursday (March 26).

Camilla, 22, and Joe, 19, were playful on their date and seemed to get right back into the mood since their last spotting in Los Angeles last month.

The 10,000 B.C. actress was hanging out with Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco last week and it looks like they’re just friends!

Watch the hilarious video of Jomilla below!

Joe Jonas & Camilla Belle Return to Urth

15+ pictures inside of Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas returning to Urth…

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joe jonas camilla belle urth 01
joe jonas camilla belle urth 02
joe jonas camilla belle urth 03
joe jonas camilla belle urth 04
joe jonas camilla belle urth 05
joe jonas camilla belle urth 06
joe jonas camilla belle urth 07
joe jonas camilla belle urth 08
joe jonas camilla belle urth 09
joe jonas camilla belle urth 10
joe jonas camilla belle urth 11
joe jonas camilla belle urth 12
joe jonas camilla belle urth 13
joe jonas camilla belle urth 14
joe jonas camilla belle urth 15

Credit: Zodiac; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Jane

    Damn! He looks good when he hides that God awful haircut.

  • Suzanne

    Why does it look like he’s trying to look like Rob?

  • shepaintsmeblue97

    How convenient
    Sigh… I am really beginning to doubt his sexuality. All of this seems so peculiar. First she’s seen all over the place wtih Fernando and now, coincedentally, her and Joe are spotted again once rumors of a breakup have begun. Aren’t they going to address those pictures? It wasn’t like the pictures that had her and Rob in it. I genuinely felt that she and Fernando were more than friends. This is stupid.

  • sydne

    he needs to get away from her. there is no wayy that camilla and that fernando dude are “just friends”
    looks like she gets around

  • feltonfixation97

    This is so pathetic.

  • alex

    how are we supposed to believe that these were taken today if the pictures you posted of them last week werent really from last week???
    this is soo annoying.. everywhere on the net and on entertainment tv their talking of a breakup.. whats with this?

  • chels

    he is being used by this skank…. joe is trying to be and dress like rob pattinson just too call her attention =|

  • chels

    he is being used by this skank…. joe is trying to be and dress like rob pattinson just too call her attention =|

  • Nika

    Bitch! Everyday other boy! Joe How can you be that stupid?

  • Nani

    Nana, he’s pulling a Zac Efronish look.
    Duh! Who else wears those “hats”?+
    UMM… ZAC!
    Stop trying to make it happen.
    Besides, Camilla is getting on my nerves, reaally. WHO IS SHE DATING?! One day with one guy, and the next one with another.

  • hannah

    he is looking really hot here.

    maybe trying to look a bit like ROBERT?


  • marissa

    of course this is a photo op

  • Angela

    this whole thing between them, is weird and confusing..

  • jojo

    Funny that is the first thing I thought….. why is he trying to look like Rob P…..
    She sure has alot of guy friends

  • mju8

    What I don’t understand is why would you choose v-licenced Joe Jonas when you can have your pick of hot men like Fernando or Rob? It boggles the mind.

  • Jazzy

    They look like brother and sister!!

  • his mother

    He wears a ring back off girl……u aint gettin any

  • tynutnuty

    dang, they look like twins.

  • Cals


  • sara

    now it just looks like she wants attention.

  • vulgarity

    not cuz im jealous BUT CAMILLA IS CHEATING ON HIM!!!
    ok joe come on now!
    ugh put some sense into ur head

  • vulgarity

    not cuz im jealous BUT CAMILLA IS CHEATING ON HIM!!!
    ok joe come on now!
    ugh put some sense into ur head

  • cocoa

    #3 exactly what i thought! How convenient! LMFAO

  • Key

    # 3 What? HIS sexuality? u mean HER SEXUALITY?>??..!!!! Camila is with every friend and friend and Maria Sharapova?? suppose girlfriend of Camilla.. sooo?? ..not Joe!! he is straight..!!!

  • high


  • vicc

    which is which.

  • cash cash!

    this girl confuses me.

  • 8

    she was fllirting with that tennis player the other day and now she’s with him.

  • kara

    it’s weird.
    ever since joe has “been with” camilla,
    or whatever they are with eachother,
    he’s changed. like alot. he seems like
    such a bad boy now. oh well.

  • Sam

    Maybe they did break up and got back together. Furthermore, I doubt he’s trying to be like Rob. He looks too clean cut. Besides Rob would never wear that hat or clothes.

  • sheis

    oppotunistic beeyotch.

  • Bea

    he looks… different.
    but i like it :)
    about her… mixed feelings…

  • Thatslips

    dang it.
    where’s their eyebrows.

  • Marcella

    you guys are all just jealous…let them be happy!

  • Chelsea

    Nevermind, you were right. UGH. i HATE her. shes a dirty WHORE. :| back off of joe you skank! shes cheating on him and changing him and its not good! :[

    ugh i want the old joe :[ the one that was an individual and didnt have to dress like someone else to get a girl to keep liking him. :/ The one that was a free spirit, idk…he just seems so unhappy. :[ i want him happy! he deserves it!

  • VICtoria

    I don’t even like ‘em jonas brothers.
    so I can’t be jealous.
    wow they look so much alike.

  • lola

    Okay seriously who is this girl??? What has she even been to make her so bloody famous? She is always everywhere, even before she was dating this Jonas dude, she was always at fashion shows and she didn’t even have a film to her name. She must have family connections or a really good PR machine, because she is way too famous for some one who really hasn’t done much.

  • ashlee

    don’t you knows you ain’t sposed to gots no guy friends if you’s dating a high profile dude like a jonas bro or zac efron. and joe or zac ain’t sposed to gots no female friends either. got dat dudes????

  • GRANT johnson

    Black & White.
    Who are these people?

  • Laura

    am i the only one to think that this whole Joe/Camilla thing’s becomin kinda weird?… idk why, its probably all these rumors about camilla that make this relatioship look awkward.. but it seems to many of us that camilla’s using joe, & maybe is dating that tennis player.. & isnt that weird that just after pictures of camilla & that tennis player have been shown, we see pictures of joe & camilla?

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    OMG he loks exactly like Rob here! hahaha!

  • tina

    this looks like when joe and his brother nick, went to a common concert.

  • Laura

    i think she’s pretty, but there’s something i really dislike about her, maybe its the fact that she’s using Joe for publicity, she seems very strategic, i know you cant judge a book by its cover, & she’s probably very talented & everything but that’s my opinion, & it kinda hurts me to know that our little innocent Joe is a little toy for Camilla, but anywaysss, i REALLY hope he’s happy with her & he seems to be, so I’m happy :)

    & Joe we love you to death but PLEASE, if you’re reading this, OPEN YOUR EYES!!

  • Emily

    i am so confused.
    and I agree they look like
    brother and sister.

    if they didnt break up
    then she’s cheating on him

  • Elias

    I know that joe jonas dude,
    but who’s the girl? I never heard of her before.
    I’ve watched 10,000 B.C. and I didn’t recognize her.

  • pinkrose


  • deepdeepdeep

    There’s something about her that makes me dislike her.
    I don’t even know her and him. o_0

  • maaahh


    i love you though =]

  • kiki

    how can joe be so stupid?! i think this is gonna end bad…

  • krystleblah

    They look SO GOOD togeth!! But this does not take away from the fact that I will be his future wifey. In due time…in due time.