Jude Law: Vail Film Festival Feature!

Jude Law: Vail Film Festival Feature!

Jude Law is picked up from his London home in a chauffeur-driven car on Wednesday (March 25).

The 36-year-old British actor will be featured in the upcoming 6th Annual Vail Film Festival, hitting one of Colorado’s ski resorts from April 2-5. One of the programming highlights includes the documentary The Day After Peace, which images a worldwide “Day of Peace.” The Dalai Lama, Kofi Anon, Angelina Jolie, and Jude, among others are featured in the documentary.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, Jude won’t be at the festival, he’s just featured in the documentary. VIPs being welcomed this year include: Kevin Smith, Michelle Monaghan, Jason Biggs, Kaitlin Olson, Tricia O’Kelley, Ashley Jensen, Jenny Mollen and Giancarlo Esposito.

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  • Stephanie

    Hair or no hair, he is still hot.

  • Stephanie

    still hot.

  • Stephanie

    still hot.

  • teri

    Hmmmmm still waiting for Angelinas new thread………

  • dee

    So that where my boo is going, The Vail Film Festival, I hope that
    the movie Peace One day get to be shown in the theater.

    Love you Jude

  • nikki

    Jude going to the Vail Film Festival in Colorado and (wait for it) Remaining sexy doing so.

    Thanks Jared

  • jill

    Jude is rocking the leather jacket love him.

    Thanks jared

  • Liesbeth

    Oh, I just can’t resist that man.

  • sheryl

    Love you, Jude
    *winks and blows kisses*

  • Jezy

    oh nooo jude’s old!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, when did he become an old geezer???

  • Sandy

    I saw these pictures yeterday and wondered where he was going – I
    think it’s wonderful , all that he does for this Peace project. The headlines about Afghanistan continuously worry me and Peace seems so elusive – but it’s SOO impportant..As for how he looks
    MM-m mm-m GoodJust don’t forget the helmet if you do go sking Jude,but I think everyone will think of that more in the future. Thanks Jared.

  • dolorescraeg

    you are too much…giving us jude every few days….the heat is so intense. so my baby is headed off to ski country. i know how important the message of peace one day is to him…he’s gone to afghanistan twice to observe the situation and speak with the people, children and dignitaries. jude you are not getting older…like fine wine you are getting better. good luck in vail baby…..

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Hottttttttt, Smacks… Love you, Jude!!

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  • Fred

    It’s snowing like a beyotchee in Colorado. Unless he came in last night, he’ll never make it in.

  • dolorescraeg

    fred, i have a feeling jude may have some business in l.a. before heading to vail…..i hope peace one day is fully appreciated and wins some awards. with jude being there he could certainly raise it’s awareness.

  • Annie rich

    He is soooo yummy lately…

  • shamrock

    Sounds wonderful that Jude and others at his status are bringing attention to this topic for our world. Very proud of you Jude!
    PEACE DAY=September 21st

    Also, you look like a dapper dude as always with those beautiful eyes and spirit of nature.


  • kim

    Grown and sexy people post right this way.
    Love you Jude. Good luck in Colorado with the film festival. I hope that
    the film can bring more awareness about what is going on in Afghanistan. I lost a friend there.

  • Carrie

    I love me so Jude. I miss seeing him in movies, can’t wait til his new ones are released. He’s yummy. I just want to lick him.

  • Pole

    I’m really happy he’s stil working with POD – the movies is great so I hope his work makes a difference.

    He’s been looking really sexy lately. I liked the mustache but it’s great to have 21st century Jude back – he’s hot *melts*

    Thanks for the pictures Jared!

  • Sandy

    Jesy – what got into your OJ this morning – youre seeing things if you think Jude’s an old geezer. Every woman posting here would welcome
    a chance to have her some Jude and you need an opthalmologist quick!

  • dolorescraeg

    i’m sure they’ll be plenty of photos of our love at vail…..can’t wait to see them. if you are going skiing jude, please be careful….you are very important to most of the female population and i would guess some of the males…..love you mr. hotness.

  • Brenda

    Hot man, he’s my favorite DILF!

  • elle

    thanks jared : )

  • purpleworm

    I always get a good feeling whenever Jude is on my side of the pond. Then again, I love to see him @ home in London too. I wonder what he thinks of the US when he’s here……..

  • Pole

    @purpleworm: I’m sure he likes being in the US – he’s certainly often there… I do think he misses the kids though.

  • dolorescraeg

    a thought just occuirred to me. the item says he will be featured at the vail film festival….that could mean that his appearance in the film the day after peace. it doesn’t neccessarily mean he will be there in person….what do you think?

  • Jamie

    If so, that’s the worst written article ever and is extremely misleading since it says “The 36-year-old British actor will be featured in the upcoming 6th Annual Vail Film Festival, hitting one of Colorado’s ski resorts from April 2-5″ which implies HE’LL be hitting the resorts. What shitty wording if that’s not the case.

  • Sara

    Jude (my heart ♥), I love You !

  • kim

    Maybe we just jump to conculson that Jude would be at Festival.

    The only thing we see in the pic is a limo picking jude up from his house. Everything else is just speculation.
    Anyway we got pic of Jude, that is always a good thing.

    Love you Jude

  • james

    i cant beleive i missed this thread!! i was just about to give jared a peice of my mind! i was gonna be like, “where the F*ck is jude jared?” haha i want that grey shirt when hes thru with it :p love you jude!

  • Pole

    @James: I think you’ll have to wait a while for the shirt – he wears it so often it’s a wonder it’s not attatched to his skin :-D

  • dolorescraeg

    the good thing is that jude has about a dozen grey tee shirts so if you don’t get this one take heart you’ll get another.
    i spoke with a gent from the vail film festival….he said that he was being swamped with emails and phone calls wanting to know if jude was going to be there in person…..the answer is no….. we joked….they would have had to put up an extra theatre to accommodate the influx of jude law fans…..

  • natalie smith

    …so I wonder..if he wasn’t going to vail..where than…? and there’s no sign of him ever since….!..snif

    he is lovely

  • dolorescraeg

    i was wondering if jude is taking a vacation with some lovely lady friend…he worked long and hard on sherlock holmes with robert downey…he will be on holiday with his children for easter vacation….then he hs to rehearse for his role as hamlet which is opening at the wyndham theatre on may 29th. so….i would not be surprised that he is holidaying and getting some r and r…..and yes you are so right. he is lovely…that encomances his beauty, sexiness and sweetness.

  • http://righteous.bz/ MMA

    Of course Angelina’s in the documentary…annoying!

  • Pole

    MMA – she’s only in it for a minute or two. It’s a wonderful film and I think Jeremy’s work is very admirable as is Jude for supporting him :-)

  • natalie smith

    Dolorescraeg hello!

    thanks for getting back to me…I was sure…that if anyone it would be you!!! :) :) …you are probably right…holidaying with his children seems more likely..!!…I am really excited about Hamlet…since I ve got tickets…..I only hope I keep my cool and don’t faint !! :) …
    Keep us posted when you ve got info on his whereabouts and wellbeing :):) Thanks soooooooo much! see you around!!

  • azlyn

    thx again Jared..jude seems busy lately..he is such a workaholic..do take care of your self Jude..eat well and be happy..im coming to see u baby…..my holy hotness jude.

  • dolorescraeg

    i will be seeing hamlet in july……they will have to restrain me from tackling him on stage…..nope…i’ll be in a state of paralysis….i’ve got fourth row center. can you imagine looking into those eyes up close….the dane may be melancholy….but i won’t.
    natalie have you ever gone on jude’s site on imdb…alot of great people who adore jude.

  • natalie smith


    ….really..??? I ve got third row center and 5fth of July!!!!!

    ..I am sure we ll have something to talk about after that experience!!!!!!!!!!

    I think someone mentioned the imdb once and I tried to get to jude’s page ….but I don’t know… I probably did somehting wrong…I could’t really register….I was clicking and clicking and it was like a vicious circle I didn’t get anywhere and gave up!!!

    any suggestions??

  • dolorescraeg

    a friend at imdb offered these suggestions. i copied her reply to me verbatim…i hope it helps.

    All she has to do is click on “Register” at the top right portion of the screen, then enter the information it asks for. I don’t know how to help her because I don’t know where she is getting hung up. If she has already registered in the past, it might not let her register again…she will need to find and click on the “Forgot Password?” link to get her password reset. This might be her problem.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Hotttie! When will we see more JJ pixs of Jude Law?? Love Jude!

  • james

    i think the jude fns have spoken jared!! where are our pics?!! lucky you natalie!! i wanna see jude in hamlet:(

  • dolorescraeg

    after i see jude in hamlet i will definitely tell everyone here about his performance. i am also looking forward to seeing jude, rachel mcadams and robert downey in sherlock holmes opening on christmas day…..that should be a hoot.

  • natalie smith


    Ok I managed to register…at imdb…:)

    As for Jude and Hamlet…what can I say?..after I had booked the tickets…I just couldn’t believe it…have you ever been at the Wyndham’s Theatre…I could’t make out by the sitting plans on line …how the arrangement is…I mean how far is the first row from the stage..you know if the stage is on a much higher level or not much…if you have any idea let me know!!….are you based in london or will you be flying in?

  • dolorescraeg

    natalie i saw a plan of the theatre…you’ll see fine….you won’t miss jude…he’ll be practically in your lap…..now that’s very interesting. we can deal with that right???

  • natalie smith

    …..well…I belive we can definately deal with that…and enjoy it …the only setback is that it will only be for a couple of hours…and after walking away …that will be strange….let’s hope he ll make a habit of performing in the theatre!!! :)

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    who is Jude s mystery lady on ramey.com?