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Miranda Kerr is Beautiful in Black

Miranda Kerr is Beautiful in Black

Miranda Kerr is out and about in New York City on Thursday (March 26).

The 25-year-old Aussie model was recently added to the Who’s Who directory for the first time. The annual Who’s Who recognizes people who have reached excellence in their respective field.

Miranda‘s boyfriend, Orlando Bloom most recently filmed Sympathy for Delicious, a movie about a newly paralyzed DJ who turns to faith-healing and mysteriously acquires the ability to cure the sick.

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  • hOTT


  • shenanyginz

    yea he’s not filming that anymore…

  • marissa

    i envy her

  • @ 2

    rumor has it, he is in North Carolina learning how to play a cop for his next film – Main Street

  • mili


  • shenanyginz

    Yes I heard…. soooooooooooooo very excited for that!

  • cuntsmacked

    LMAO Orlando hasnt been with her for 5 weeks, and he hasnt been working, only effing other girls! hahahaha

  • cuntsmacked

    Jared stop making excuses for why they arent together- he has been having teh sex with younger girls than her, he is NOT working and hasnt been for about 7 weeks or more- he is in talks for a new movie but he is NOT working so quit making excuses hun!

  • mrs. p

    I want to poke her in the pooper all night long!

  • sandra

    What a beautiful woman!


    Who is she?

  • i’mwatchingyou

    There she is!!!!! I’ve missed her so!

  • alex


  • alex

    She just keeps getting more beautiful every day

  • Riz

    shes HOT!

  • Stunning

    she has the face of an angel

  • Gerard

    She is the hottest VS angel and quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world. I could melt in those eyes

  • fameho

    the sidewalk is not a runway or a photoshoot. such desperation for attention is not attractive.

  • She’s back

    Such a pretty girl. Yes, Orlando is lucky to have her and I suspect he knows it too. .

  • @18

    OMG you are sooooo right.
    Only famehos walk on the sidewalk in NYC!
    How desperate can she get!
    The next thing you know she will taking a taxi!
    Only famehos take a taxi! Every idiot knows that!
    You’re just mad because she is so naturally beautiful that she even makes pap shots look like magazine spreads. You wanted to have something to complain about, and couldn’t find anything wrong, so you came up with the stupidity that you posted above.

  • @ 18

    The only one who says she is using it for one is you.

    Could be that she is just going about her day.

    If she was really a “fameho” as you say, why isn’t she down in North Carolina with Orlando?

    If she isn’t working and she is not where he is, why not? Does the affection between them really only run one way.

    If I wasn’t working and could be with the one I was in love with why not spend every moment you could with them. I’m sure that’s what poor Liam Neeson is thinking right now. Poor man lost his wife recently.

    There is no tomorrow People! There is no tomorrow!

    Love waits for no one!

  • @18……

    So according to you any celebrity, Jake, Reese, Geiselle, Heidi, Hugh, Bar, etc., who has their photo taken by the paps when walking along the street or entering a building are all suffering from “desperation for attention”…….or is it just that you have a very severe case of Miranda envy???……lol.

  • wow

    Hysterical much? She’s a famewhore because she’s so desperate for attention that she’s posing for the paps on the sidewalk as if it were a photoshoot. Like all the other famewhores do, look at the other threads and you’ll see more of them, all posing for the paps, all famewhores.

  • One of the prettiest

    I really think she’s one of the prettiest VS models currently working. She and Alessandra – and maybe Marissa Miller although Marissa isn’t as exotic looking as Miranda.

  • @22

    No, of course not.
    #18′s rule only applies to girlfriends of Orlando Bloom.
    These idiots have their own set of double standards for any girl thta he sees more than twice. And a whole other set of standards for any girl that he admits to have feelings for.
    You have to remember that these ‘hatrez” make no sense, what so ever.

  • Angela

    so preetyy..

  • beautiful

    She is way too good for Orlando

  • @23

    So any person who smiles at a pap while they KEEP WALKING is “posing”? How can you be posing if you keep walking? That must be a skill that most people don’t have.
    And the only person who is “hysterical” is you. Hysterically funny in your desperation to criticize a woman that you have never met.
    Miranda is gorgeous. Inside and out. That’s why Orlando loves her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    those sweat stain pits of hers will never get out of my mind when i see her lol
    i think she looks cute, i just dont like the lipstick, it doesnt really suit her, or her outfit

  • Aussie Girl

    #18 She looks like that all the time! I have seen photos of her on her parents farm, looks just the same! You are being very picky, she also could be on her way somewhere for lunch and just smiled at paps! Big Deal!!

  • Seems smitten

    He seems to appreciate what he’s got. I tend not to buy into all the ‘rumors’ about these two, one way or the other, but he really does seem rather smitten with her if appearances register reality.

  • Vamp

    Girl please… don’t be so stupid and make a complete a** of yourself for staying in a relationship that’s obviously full of unfaithfullness!

    You can find a much better man.

  • Proof?

    There’s no ‘proof’ that he’s been unfaithful. I think someone would have spilled the beans by now if anything like that had happened – say, that night in London. People are always willing to ‘spill their guts’ to some cheesy tabloid for money. And celebs are always fair game.

  • mikee

    IMO smiling at the paps is not famowh*ring, i’ve seen a lot of actors (of all kinds) doing that especially when they’re are in a good mood.

    Also, among the VS angels MIRANDA ADRIANA & ALESSANDRA are the real beauties cause they justify it with less or no make up on. Unlike some who are barely recognizable without make up or even those eyeliners LOL

  • sal

    good on her for smiling most of these other celebs think they’re too cool for that. i think she’s great

  • Vamp

    Proof? Is this has to be published in any magz or newspapers to be proven 100%? I don’t think so…

    Some pics are enough for you to know what’s going on, and any man who really loves, cares, and respects his gf won’t act the way orlando usually do if left alone with some fierce women!

    Besides, i’m not here to argue with anyone, just kind of pitying miranda for tolerating all these things but if she’s really aware of all these BS and still agree to continue… i don’t need to say anymore.

    Still a fan of her though, but definitely not her relationship with bloom.

    p.s. i just observe that most miranda fans are so much into her relationship with bloom, quite funny though!

  • Who’s Who

    Who’s Who is a vanity publication. A nomination can be given by anyone (I was nominated by Dun & Bradstreet of which I declined) and in turn a letter is sent to the nominee who is then required to purchase their spot in the publication, and then purchase the publication. It used to be a thing of prestige, but just like the star on the walk of fame, the cat was let out of the bag about the person buying their spot.

  • pfft

    #36 don’t feel bad for her if shes not faithfull she cant expect orly to be. i dont know bout him but shes been around the block and back for awhile with him. no need to pity

  • FR34K

    She looks kinda old on the above pics, or is it just me who thinks that anyone?

  • kaycee

    A much needed time now miranda to move on from your stupid relationship with bloom…

    You can do much better now without bloom on your side inviting paps..

    I personally thinks that he’s the one who usually do this stuff..

  • wow

    Such a beautiful girl.
    Love her.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Because black clothes masks BODY-MISTAKES(fat), folks!!

  • lotus


  • beautiful

    She is beautiful! Love her purse.

  • She’s more successful

    I don’t think they’re serious about each other – just having fun when they can manage to get together. (Apparently she’s the one who doesn’t want to get engaged!) And to be honest she’s also the one who has the more successful career right now. Bloom’s has been going nowhere for awhile – and who knows if he’ll be able to make a successful comeback or not?.

  • Marieme

    I bet she was such a beautiful baby. Love to see some childhood pictures.

  • 24

    IMO her relationship with bloom is mainly for publicity, but somehow she’s the one who seems to be stupid for being in this relationship.

    She’s been dragged to this foolishness for quite some time now, and i always wonder if she’s really that stupid for letting all these to happen

    Gosh miranda, leave some respect to yourself! As a fan, i don’t want you to be seen running around the ridiculousness brought by your relationship with bloom. For goodness sake, GET OVER IT

  • @47….

    Your view that her “relationship with Bloom is mainly for publicity” is in your own mind and other loonies who can’t cope that Miranda and Orlando are in love and happy……You need to get over it, not them…lol!

  • #48

    24 here…

    So i happen to disagree with miranda’s relationship with bloom and now i got criticized for it. That’s my opinion and it’s none of your damn business to tell me what to do with it.

    Miranda is also one of my fave models and just wants the best for her career. But really, the claims of the “loons” about their relationship somehow make sense to me and for once, i can’t hate the “loons” for pointing out the obvious. So kudos to them cause miranda looks like a fool to stick around in her relationship with bloom!

  • anne@#7&8

    You’re right…

    You see my wh*rely is not only a fameho but rather a real wh*re LOL

    As for his gf, she needs to move on cause my wh*rely will always be the same immature, selfish, disrespectful, unfaithful creature.