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Zac Efron: Don't Use Beano for Appendicitis!

Zac Efron: Don't Use Beano for Appendicitis!

Zac Efron signs autographs for screaming fans as he attends the UK premiere of 17 Again at the Odeon West End in London, England on Thursday (March 26).

The 21-year-old actor spoke about getting appendicitis and what his co-star Thomas Lennon advised him do! “I didn’t know what it was at the time and I was just trying to get through a day’s work,” said Zac. Tom [Thomas Lennon] kept telling me, ‘Dude, just eat some Beano; it’s gas, eat Beano,’ ” and I’m like, ” ‘I don’t think so, it doesn’t hurt like that.’ ” And he’s like, ” ‘No, I swear, if the worst comes to the worst, hang upside down.’ ” That was Tom‘s advice. [laughing.] He’s like, ” ‘Go hang upside down in your trailer,’ ” and I’m like, ” ‘What?!?!’

15+ pictures inside of Zac Efron being 17 Again in London…

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zac efron 17 again london 01
zac efron 17 again london 02
zac efron 17 again london 03
zac efron 17 again london 04
zac efron 17 again london 05
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Photos: Dave Hogan/Getty Images
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  • marisol

    El se ve cansado vivan los latinos

  • Bubbaness

    Gas and Beano? Sex-ay.

  • mark

    This is really starting to pi$$ me off. I feel like this is some gay kiddie zac fansite now. Enough pictures of him already!!
    Jared, if you really love this guy that much, open up another site for him. Dude, you seriously need to hire more photographers and get them out on the streets to get pics of real stars.

  • nazi


  • Ja

    He looks very handsome. I love how all the people he works with, especially the really important ones love him and want to continue working with him. He has left some great impressions and along with his intellligence and talent, he’s going to have great career. He’s been pretty gracious with fans too and charming on all the shows. This must be an exhausting nonstop promo tour.

  • marie

    He looks so beautiful! and Tom’s advice was great lol

  • cubur

    I cant breath
    zac looks amazing as always

  • GRRR


    but ahhhh, that audrey girl from za needs to freaking go awayyyy. she’s even in with the zikis, I guess shes probably part their crazy hateful game stuff too. she actually calls herself a zac fan.I left that stupid site months ago but NOooo she is fcuking EVERYWHERE on the fcuking internet. Like every SINGLE damn site!like nowhere to fcuking avoid her. UGHHH can she GTFO!

  • Tiptoes

    he looks great with that slicked back hair and suit….very grown up…

    can’t wait to hear about your next non-musical project…

  • Tiptoes

    reposting this from Zac Lands in London thread in case some of you (specially you immature haters) missed it

    For Real @ 03/26/2009 at 11:44 am

    To clear up a few misconceptions that are being spread by a few delusional—or perhaps I should say—self-doubting people:

    1. Zac Efron is not alone on this promotional tour. His PR representative and two of the PR’s assistants travel with him at all times. And in each city, a security detail of at least two men is assigned to the group.

    2. Because Mr. Efron is on another continent and you don’t see his every activity detailed, some of you fear he is being unfaithful to you. Oh, forgive me, I meant you believe he is being unfaithful to Ms. Hudgens. Or perhaps some troublemakers are simply hoping such is the case. Not true. Greeting female fans and smiling at them does not equal infidelity. Nor does doing a spoof on a television show.

    2. Both Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens receive far more scripts than they have the time to read. Right now they can pick and choose. It appears there is always someone or their relative who “works at a studio” and has the inside scoop. Read those petulantly written words carefully to discern where such postulations are coming from.

    Lastly, Mr. Efron has a stringent moral fiber when it comes to his loyalty to Ms Hudgens. I realize such allegiance is a foreign concept to so many of you who have been raised in a reality-show-world of daily changing partners. So, I will spell it out for you, hopefully in words you can comprehend:

    Mr. Efron is a well-brought-up young man with a good heart and a sound constitution. He is not being unfaithful to Ms. Hudgens in any way, shape or form.

    Though Mr. Efron does not visit blog sites, he is aware of and very proud of the older, level-headed, and loyal fans who support him.

  • ashlee

    the beano story is kind of old news. well at least three days old. anyway, zac looks really good at the uk premiere. very grown up and well rested. yeah zac!!!!

  • Malia

    I agree, Zac does look good here. So grown up and polished. Very proud of him.

  • Marie

    Zac is looking good.

  • Lora (UK)

    What a fittie!! :P
    Just watched him on the Graham Norton show, it was soo funny.

  • krystleblah

    I want his appendix. No joke.

  • Emma

    he looked so gorgeous at the premiere. just watched graham norton and zac was so funny and brilliant with david walliams. he is so much better now that he isnt as disnified.

  • rosielee9

    Graham Norton was brilliant both Zac and Davd had me alughing from start to end, especially when Zac was leaving and David was holding onto his leg, David’s such a brilliant comedian.

    Wonder why Matthew Perry was’nt there tonight as it was confirmed that he would be attending the premier with Zac. Maybe he and some of the other’s will do the LA. one, eitgher way both me and my daughter can’t wait to see 17 Again and even my son said it looks good.

  • go sox

    Zac looks SOO good in these pictures. He looks very mature and handsome. I know we all like his hair, because it’s what makes him Zac, but you have to admit this look is great for him too. It really draws attention to his features, and THAT is not bad. Not bad at all.

  • Queen Bee

    I am counting down the days till “17 Again” comes out in the US. It’s like 21 days. April 17th on a Friday.



  • int

    #10 – did you come over from the Orlando thread? I thought Bloomworld was the only one to turn out celebrity essayists.


    What happened to his bone structure? Did it disappear with the make-up? Apparently so – the boy is still rockin the baby-face visage.

    Don’t worry Zaquista – it’ll come in time. Till then, keep the puberty-fuzz and slick back the hair – both add a masculine touch.

    Worse comes to worse, ask Chace Crawford where he got his – or do a few cycles of low-dose testosterone. Hey, you may even grow some balls in the process.

    I’m givin you another two years till you’re cougar meat. Right now the green is still on the banana – you’re not quite ripe for picking.

  • sarahi

    um #3 and #23 need to take that bull to perez cause we love zac at jj! love this man he’s beautiful and so talented.

  • Marie

    #24 I Totally agree with you.

  • colee

    his hair looks gorge

  • athena

    Glad he didn’t take Thomas Lennons’ advice….LOL…where oh where would Zac be now…LOL…He looks great as always, dressed up or down.

  • pop86

    I love it when Zac wears a suit. He’s soooo good in grey and his hair slick back.

    I been wondering did Zac finally trimmed his hair? From the Paris premiere, his hair looks shorter.

  • Tennessee Girl

    Zac looks awesome in these pic. What a guy.

  • Malia

    So proud of Zac on the Graham Norton show. He really fits in with the Brits and his comedic timing is great. Not to mention his “I want bitty” accent.

  • Lady Cougar

    He does look yummy. But, I’ll restrain myself cause he belongs to Vanessa. The lucky chick. :)

  • gerard Vandenberg

    lance bass’ eyes?

  • JR

    So he’s like…
    and then I’m like
    then he’s like
    and I’m like
    but he was like
    so i was like…

    can’t these kids speak english properly?

  • LALA


  • Just Interested

    Zac you are a star, I was in the audience at Graham Norton and it was amazing – very funny.

    Keep up the good work Zac!

  • Bethany


  • Bethany


  • Queeen Bee

    Zac Efron has Paul Newman eyes.

  • MMA

    That is absolutly horrible advice!

  • rachel Ward

    i had my apendix out to i feel like we are connected :D


  • http://true.COM temmy


  • Malia

    I’m scratching my head. Isn’t this story like seven months old? It was in one of Zac’s interviews when he was promoting 17 Again back in February. Guess all Zac news has to get recycled, including the engagement rumor. :)

  • http://justjared.jr Chrisyloo

    o my u kidz are OBSESSED with this guyy!! lord helpp hes a human like evryone else. I bet if he had a choice weather he should become president of america or britain (where i live) there’d be a flipping tug of war!!!