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Zac Efron: No More Musicals

Zac Efron: No More Musicals

Zac Efron stops by his hotel in London and signs some autographs for his waiting fans on Wednesday (March 25).

The actor has been shying away from musicals and is currently pursuing more mature roles. After dropping out of being a part of the Footloose remake, Efron is seeking to play a cemetery keeper in The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.

The High School Musical star will also appear in a more serious role for Me and Orson Welles where Efron plays a teen in a production of Julius Caeser, directed by a young Orson Welles. The movie will hit theaters later this year.

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  • marie

    Zac looks hot. I am gold that Zac is staying away from Musicals.

  • Stephanie

    He has to be careful not too fizzle out by the time he is 25. Those are the harder years for male actors…not too many meaty roles. And…can he sustain longevity?

  • /grefron Gre


    Why not?

    I love musicals, i love you.

    anyway…good luck with de movies no-musicals. XD


  • nikomilinko
  • belinda

    he should just do the films he wants to watch

  • Ann

    The musical Hairspray made him the star he is today. His head has gotton too big.

    Oh well, Zac stick to your refuge from the garbage dump , that is all you deserve.

  • isla

    what’s wrong with musicals? i don’t think he can really hack it as a song and dance man full time anyway. his singing is limited and he can’t really dance. good luck on being a very serious actor, zac.

  • marie

    I think Zac is doing the right thing. He really needs to stay away from Musicals.

  • desiree


    you shouldn’t talk about your mom like that.

  • Becky

    I am gold that Zac does not want to do no more musical.

  • Ann

    The musical Hairspray made him the star he is today. I think his head is getting too big.

    Oh well, I guess he should stick to the refuge from the garbage dump. She is all he deserves .

  • Becky

    Omg well you people stop hating on Zac.

  • Becky

    Ann stop stay the samething over and over again spammer.

  • Oblioo

    I hope that some day he will play again in musicals.

  • leah

    He didn’t say that he would never do another musical. He just wants to look at other things for a while. I think it’s a smart move. I love musicals also, but there are very few that would offer him enough of a challenge. He should do exactly as he is doing. Look for more mature roles so that he can show off his real acting ability. Of course, I’d go to see just about any movie that he was in.

  • londoner

    anyone know what hotel this is in london?

  • Becky

    people stop hating

  • cara

    Word is he’s VERY jealous of Robert Pattinson rise and his career and fame Zack probably envies him the Twilight series which appeals to older teens, not super young kids and young tweens like HSM. Maybe why he is going for the messy hair look now, trying to compete with Rob. I know my nieces (13-14) say Zack is old news and love Rob now.

  • Becky

    #18 where did you hear that.

  • mslewis

    I think he’s doing the right thing. Who wants to be just a musical star? There aren’t too many musicals being made anyway so why limit your career. I think he’s smart to be doing these small, independent films where he can grow and build a body of work. Eventually people will want him to work in good movies and he can become a real actor and not just a teen idol. Good for Zac to look to the future and not just accept these stupid musical roles to make tons of money. In the long run, he could be another Brad Pitt and stick around until he’s middle age.

  • Modern Woman

    Old news. New pictures. Wasn’t he going to some TV show there?

  • bettybaby

    i am excited for this role for him. it sounds amazing, the story has everything……heartache, drama, romance and i would think redemption WOW!

    and can i just say……………………………………..

    T.H.A.N.K. G.O.D. N.O. M.O.R.E. M.U.S.I.C.A.L.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • gerard Vandenberg

    I think he needs more time fpr his BOY’s!!
    he’s still an american celebrity, REMEMBER?

  • Naomi

    Good for him. I knew he was too sensible and smart a guy to sign up to any more musicals. He would have been wasting his talent.

    He doesn’t need to be envious of anyone, his career is doing very well. Hype is not the same as industry respect or longevity. He’s been there, done that and is on his way up the ladder to being taken seriously.

    If he wanted fame and money, he would have stuck with Footloose. But he left of his own volition. Other male hearthrobs are welcome to the space he’s happily vacating.

    This movie sounds very intriguing and appears to be a moving, romantic drama. It will give him the room to show more of his range. I need to order the book asap.

  • tiptoes

    yes, good decision ZAC – no more musicals !!!!

    looking forward to hearing more mature and drama kind of projects for ZAC…

  • Bradley

    I Hope Zac does The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud because I would like to see that movie. Zac will be amazing in it.

  • Ashley

    I think he may do another muical eventually, but taking a few years off of the genre is definitly a good idea. And Zac’s a really humble guy he’s constantly talking about how he wants to work his way up in Hollywood I don’t think he’s jealous of anyone else’s sucess

  • Nativenyker

    He looks so damn yummy! I bet he’d melt in your mouth with a rich taste!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Bradley

    Zac as a great movie career a hard of him. I support him with or without Vanessa. I don’t why some of you people need to hate on Zac does your lifes really suck that Bad.

    Zac is amazing Actor and I think Staying away from Musicals are the best thing for him right now. Zac is no longer a teenager he is grown up and people need to deal with it. and Please stop calling Zac a Cheating. From what I have seen Zac really loves Vanessa with all his heart same as Vanessa. I don’t know How Vanessa would feel if she read some of thing you people say about her boyfriend. How would Zac’s mom and dad feel about you people hating on there son.

    If you are fans of Zac and Vanessa you need to support him and her. If you don’t like Zac or Vanessa please don’t comment or post.

  • Bradley

    If Zac does not want to do no more Musicals then I support him.

  • Karen

    #6 & #11–Anne:
    You are just the one-comment wonder aren’t you? Don’t you think by now people have you figured out?

  • athena

    Good move Zac, a good move indeed. I think this new role as cemetary keeper will be an interesting one for him.

  • veronica

    ohh he`s so sweet i really support both of them i wish the BEST FOR ZANESSA they are really cute toghether and i`m sure that they love each other but their jobs are very difficults sometimes but that doesn`t matter I LOVE THEM!! and the`ll be together very soon

  • Marie

    #32 I totally agree with you this is a good move for Zac.

  • Marie

    #33 I agree

  • seren

    love him!!!!!!!


    nooo pleace he is great in the mucsical

  • krystleblah

    WHATTTTT…Zefron and musicals go hand in hand !!

  • sarahi

    becky I know where #18 heard that, up her ass! I have nieces the same age, older and younger and they think joke about they think he’s hideous and they still love zac. he looks so hot in those aviators.

  • sarahi

    oops that was a typo in there but anyway it’s a good decision and he’s just being realisitic. everyone

  • Tennessee Girl

    More power to Zac. Good for him. If he’s not doing Footloose, he surely won’t be doing that gnarly Hairspray 2, which would be a thousand times worse than Footloose.

  • marie

    I am so gold that Zac wants to stay away from Musicals. I can’t wait to see 17 again and Me And Orson Welles. Zac needs to grow in his movie career beside always doning musicals all the time.

  • Just saying

    I’m not a young tween or Team Pattinson fan but one quality about him I do admire so much is his modesty and subtle behaviour.
    What makes him so attractive is that he’s completely unaware of how charming and good looking he is. He doesn’t care about how he looks or all the female attention he gets.
    Rob has millions of fans who adore him all over the world but he has not taken advantage of his heartthrob status by cashing in on being a sex object and isn’t concerned about being the envy of ever women. He keeps the focus on his career and his next gigs. That’s why he’s getting serious roles and people aren’t annoyed of him. He manages to keep the focus on his work and not on sounding cute.
    Maybe Zac should spend a day or two with him and learn to be just as coy. He sounds like he’s really full of himself. Too much self confidence is not an attractive quality.

  • tami

    Too bad for him. Gotta say I loved him in HS and musicals draw many different peoples young and old. He would have been perfect for Footloose. Maybe he’s getting too big for hm own britches.

    Brad Pitt….are you serious? He doesn’t have the chops or the talent. Just like your typical rich Disney star who thinks he’s better then he is. He will be yesterday’s new in a few years.

  • Karen

    Just because Zac decided not to do anymore musicals at the present time but to focus on different style movies doesn’t in any way show him to be full of himself. What it does show is how some people will use anything he does to try to be negative towards him.

  • christine x3

    awww but i think that footloose would’ve made him even more famous.

  • ohforfock’sSake

    good thinking, burn that bridge. what else can u do, pretty boy? know ur target audience, stupid. don’t delude urself into thinking u can actually act. how about a rap career next? before u know it, u’ll be faking an injury on dancing with the stars.

  • Malia

    Pictures of Zac at the UK premiere here:

    The dude is looking good. Love his hair that way.

  • ashlee

    zac looks really good in the uk premiere pics. like his hair slicked back that way. and the gray suit is very becoming on him. also, he doesn’t look as tired. :)

  • Naomi

    I’m liking Zac’s look here as well. He looks like the movie star he is and much more grown up.

    The slicked back hair is working well for him. It reminds me of old Hollywood.