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Claudia Schiffer has a Clothes Hangar

Claudia Schiffer has a Clothes Hangar

Claudia Schiffer gets caught in the rain taking her daughter, four-year-old Clementine, to school in London on Thursday (March 26).

The 38-year-old German model recently shared that she had so much clothes that she had a helicopter hangar next to her $11 million home converted into her own personal closet. “I’ve kept all my clothes. I have a hangar that is normally made for helicopters and I’ve got all my clothes in there,” Schiffer said.

The hangar reportedly is heavily insured, climate controlled, and has separate closets for each designer.

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Credit: Eaglepress; Photos: INFdaily
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  • mae

    cute girl… looks like suri,blonde version

  • mju8

    That must be one massive wardrobe. I’m jealous!

  • Emmy

    There are people who have nothing to wear. She should probably give some to them instead of spending millions for a hangar.

  • bobbi

    How about donating some of the excess to a charity.

  • lela

    Why would she admit to this? Makes her sound quite shallow and spoiled.

  • marsAttack

    mae @ 03/27/2009 at 7:10 am

    no way! that child look so normal compared to robokid.

  • marsAttack

    i hope she’ll just donate some of them in the charity – there are a lot of people who needs clothes to warm them up.

  • nonnenmacher

    Why should anybody give anything to charity?

    Schiffer has all these clothes because she has worked her ass off, she’s deserved them. She really is NOT obliged to share them with others.

  • jamie

    Wow, what a brat.

  • jc

    Great to see not all celebs allow their kids to be photographed all the time. She’s very cute and unlike Suri she is wearing a coat – what a concept…and she walks. Who knew celeb kids could walk? Dont assume she doesnt give to charity in other ways that are not public.

  • sf76

    Yeah, why should anyone assume she doesn’t give to charity. Where the hell is she supposed to donate her high fashion, couture stuff- a museum or something?? I don’t Goodwill is looking for any YSL or Gucci

  • gerard Vandenberg

    explane to me please: THE MOTHER IS REAL NICE TO SEE.
    ………………………… come?

  • me

    No one is obligated to donate anything. That’s why it’s a selfless act. What a gluttonous cow. She did say she kept ‘all her clothes’. But who knows, maybe she gives money. If not, she sucks.

  • -

    children in my country dont have a decent place to sleep at rainy nights and she has a helicopter hangar only for clothes…oh the irony..

  • carly

    Imagining admitting that she has a hangar for her extra clothes! Shallow indeed. And worked her ass off! Please! She walked up and down a sidewalk on a stage! What about all the other people in this world who truly work their asses off, nurses, teachers, waiters, etc… day after day, shift after shift and get paid peanuts. Who do these models/celebrities think they are!!

  • Claudia

    She’s one of the few celebs which is really private. Is not often that you see her children in the pap’s flurry of camera flashes.
    She and her hubby seem to live a normal life. Steffi Graf is the another one which has managed it to raise up her children in a quite normal way (except the money I suppose LOL). At first I thought it is maybe a typical german thing, but come to think of Heidi and Seal… way… LOL

  • Countess von zinzendorf

    She is really sad admitting this like she’s proud of it. Yea, how about donating all this to charity. Boy is she out of touch with reality. I guess that is the life of the rich and famous. At least some of them are generous.

  • think about it

    Here’s another way to look at it:

    Are people who collect art – paintings, sculpture, etc., or people who collect cars (Jay Leno), or people who collect baseball memorabilia “shallow and spoiled”? Or, is it an investment she can be proud of?

    She was/is a *model*. In her line of work, she came into contact with hundreds of couture pieces. She either purchased them or was gifted to them by designer friends, which happens a lot in her industry. You don’t really go around donating say…. a $20,000 dress to charity. That is truly ridiculous.

    The thing is, you guys who are throwing your hands in the air saying ‘it’s not fair!’— well, yeah. LIFE IS NOT FAIR. Everyone lives through different challenges. Some people get very lucky, others don’t. Some people get out of a bad life by hard work, others don’t.

    Stop pointing a finger and do your best to live YOUR life to the best you can. It’s YOUR responsibility. You don’t know the intimate details of her life, so stop making assumptions.

  • think about it

    I got curious, so I Googled Claudia Schiffer charity work:
    Causes supported:
    Abuse, AIDS, Children, Health, Human Rights, Miscellaneous, Poverty
    Charities supported:
    21st Century Leaders
    Epilepsy Action
    Make Poverty History
    National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
    Neurofibromatosis Association
    ONE Campaign
    Whatever It Takes

  • aubrey lillian

    Clementine is a beautiful little girl

  • Porsche

    Donate the clothes to charity? Yeah because homeless people need a bunch of designer gowns! Duh!

  • katie n

    How tacky to boast about riches!! Especially in these depressing economic climate.

  • cheetah

    i haven’t heard something more stupid for a long time. Why in earth would you keep all your clothes? Why, there are 7 days in a week, 365 days in a year. Do you really need to save all 200 pairs of jeans you have bought in the last 10 years? Do something useful with it, sell them and give the money to charity or buy “normal” clothes for people who need some. Stupid stupid stupid.

  • lolwut

    looks like a baby avril lavigne

  • saudia

    wow, you’re that’s incredible. .. how does someone have so many clothes and I didn’t know she was a German

  • ink

    Did you ever think that maybe they selectively quoted her? Give people some credit and let them live however they choose. Just because you read about her on a gossip site, now you know her?
    I have problems financially but people can do what they want with their own money. Most of you given the same opportunity would flaunt everything and don’t give a crap about others who are suffering. People who are giving, they give even when they don’t have much so why don’t you donate your computers? Already you’re better off than a lot of the world’s population.
    If you want to hate then hate the people who put us in this state of economy. Models still work for their lot and you can’t put them down. Job is a job. Besides, if we got free healthcare too, we’d have more money for ourselves and not bitch at other people.

  • MMA

    That is absolutly insane! Who needs that many articles of clothing?

  • LeslieMayChak

    A friend of a close friend of mine twice met Claudia Schiffer at parties, and believe me, she apparently is “as thick as a plank” as the late Princess Diana said. Tall, all teeth, fab lushbody and hair but S-T-U-P-I-D as they come. Her late father was a well respected lawyer and Claudia was said to have wanted a legtal career – ah, don’t think so…..if she had any intelligence whatsoever, she would have found the dull, brainless, shallow fashion world to be horrific, would have stayed to make the first few million, then left to go to University. Compare this total brainless bimbo with Christy Turlington, who did not need to, but finished a University degree. Try asking Claudia about anything other than fashion and art (which you learn when you have money) and see how far you get….her sister is apparently 10 times more intelligent, but then again, you don’t require brain cells to make big money, do you? Are you reading this, Kendra Wilkinson/Victoria Beckham/Claudia? DUHHHH…..