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Jennifer Lopez Jumps to Japan

Jennifer Lopez Jumps to Japan

Jennifer Lopez (in Thomas Wylde boots) arrives at Narita International Airport in Japan on Friday (March 27).

The 39-year-old Lopez is in Japan to promote the Japanese fashion company, Samantha Thavasa’s new line.

Lopez, who’s a mother of twins herself, is currently working on Plan B (aka The Back-up Plan), a romantic comedy about a woman who is artificially inseminated with twins, only to meet the man of her dreams the same day.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez arriving in Japan…

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# 1

are you sure that J.Lo?
she looks like a gay on most of the photos.

# 3

she looks really really beautiful

# 4


# 6
Fashion Icon? My foot @ 03/27/2009 at 12:06 pm


# 8

PLEASE, try to “WALK” decent first!!

# 9
felixelgato @ 03/27/2009 at 12:11 pm


she loks great :D

please, J.Lo comeback :D
she recording a couple of songs in L.A. this week :D can’t wait to heard it

Not a good face lift. She looks stretched.

Ew what is this outfit???

Why is anything about this woman still newsworthy?

cassandra @ 03/27/2009 at 1:43 pm

She looks young again.It’s because she left her cadaver husband at home.I don’t know why she’s still with him.Put him to rest Jlo!!nail the coffin shut and let him R.I.P for another 1000yrs

omg !!!!! the skirt is ugly, the shose are ugly, the jacket is ugly, the bag is ugly AND and least all of the combination is ugly!! I guess the outfit is all made by herself and she thinks with this “real JLo” she rocks the world and sets new trends. she is so ridiculous!!! with this selfmade outfit she figures out her fat ass and her really short legs … she tries hard to look like 20 and she THINKS IT. please, anybody should tell her the truth! I guess everybody who does this gets fired and look what she earns …!! and please, JHo, don´t give us every single time the RIDICULOUS OPEN MOUTH LOOK !!! I know, you think you are sexy as hell, but wake up! go home and pretend YOURSELF that you want to have more kids …

I miss the old J-lo. Now it’s just J-lo looking old.

pretentious @ 03/27/2009 at 2:24 pm

ugly who cares?

she is so beautiful! can´t wait to see her again in the top
I think it´s her first travel without max and emme

Jen looks really good here.
Go here for more pix on JLo

worst mother awarded to...JLO! @ 03/27/2009 at 5:30 pm

Why did she have children if she never stays home to take care of them?
Because everyone else was having twins and she wanted to jump on the bandwagon so that magazines would take photos of her. Fake star, fake mother.

Jennifer has a nice bubbly personality, she is pretty and all, but lately she has gained too much weight, and her acting is sloppy. She should take voice lessons also because she can sound really annoying and monotone.

she is just so fake! what’s that sex tape of jwhore?

ah, what comes around goes around. she married a manwhore too!

please…it´s the first travel without the twins!!she has been one year and a half without working to take care of them. We are in the 2009 year, women don´t have to be in their houses with their children cooking and cleaning and nothing more, you are a reactionary!All the celebrities that are mothers are in the bussiness too, halle berry did a movie, alexandra ambrossio is working, angelina jolie is doing a couple of movies!!But is always jennifer,jennifer,jennifer, please haters, go away, women are able to be mothers and hard working persons at the same time, especially miss jennifer lopez.

J-lo needs to get rid of the fat ASAP, that if she wants to get any movie roles. She is disgustingly fat and materialistic.

She looks cute in this picture.

I don’t like the clothes she is wearing they make her looks a little heavy, but otherwise she looks charming…You go J.Lo!

I am happy to see her without skeletor and the ugly twins.

Jennifer should make more movies, instead of locking herself up in the Big Island. I still think she has it. With ther right acting coach and the right movie role this girl can go far.

she looks fantastic for a 39 years old woman

Now what is JLo trying to sell….

Vero from Vermont @ 03/27/2009 at 7:13 pm

I like jlo but she looks fat and haggard in this picture, yikes!

Where exactly do you see fat? She looks great as always. Just wish she’d get rid of Skeletor!

TIRED OF HATERS @ 03/27/2009 at 11:32 pm

What is it with all you haters out there!! One, his name is not “SKELETOR” it’s Marc Anthony, so don’t be jealous just because he has the great life and a beautiful wife. Especially, the voice that makes these beautiful songs. Plus, their twins are not ugly their the most beautiful creation GOD has given to both of them. So, before any of you start talking, take one look at yall self before criticizing some else.

P.S. How much skinnier do yall expect her to get? At least she doesn’t look sloppy like some other mothers that let themselves go after their first birth…

From: Someone that is tired of haters….

lose weight fat ass shallow *****, before you show your elephant face and huge ass to the paps.

Ugly round face, YUCK @ 03/28/2009 at 1:13 am

I bet this square face pig is pregnant with octuples.

Yeah she can totally go go girl…
and # 28..imagine if it were ur kids beingcalled your wife..
how wuld u feel ?/
some people left their hearts in there loos..and come online with and ugly yellow heart…
can u please show some humanity ??
yes if the man is ugly…but not even the kids ??

shame shame on you…for calling innocent babies UGLY…
i guess you u r an alien..cos if u were born with a mother then u wuldnt call a child ugly..since u were once a child !!!

gee …im ****** pissed off with people who pick on other babiess…
these are the real racists in this world….
cos u can hate an adult…but even a child..a baby ????

eeeh im SHOCKED !!! whatever you R ..or Wherever you come FROM !!!

shes probably dressing like that cause shes pregnant give he a break she gave birth

She’s dumb and looks like a clown.

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1. its guy not gay…its grammatically incorrect to say she looks like a gay.
2. Please….get ur eyes checked I am saying this for your own good….
3……actually I am not saying this for your own good I am saying this so you don’t post other dumb comments like this…

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